Your Memory In Poem – Chance Operations: 02 by Muzahidul Reza

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I remember once while swimming with friend
To cross the local river to go to enjoy local band
Where we saw the singers sang hand in hand
In sweet voice, shaking body, hair, opening mind,
On the way home longitudinally in river we swam
All the while we gossiped and made lots of fun
Then we dove, caught fishes lately returned home
Many happy did return in every sun and moon,
Some say you are no more
How can I take it any more?
I offer them to share the fruits
If they give your proper news,
Yet I am waiting with the fruits
I’ll feed you with my own hands
I will know your all conditions
My heart beat will be promoting.
What are happening around the world, society now?
Truth spoken mouths, right hands are chained anyhow,
Fire burns water at large, water vaporizes in thirst
Toads engulf venomous snakes, snakes but get lost,
Power holders say, ‘Observe and listen everything
Live, leave or die you like but don’t say anything
We have grasped the earth gradually and absolutely
Putting out lights we’ll play death game in dark finally.’
The mysterious nature focuses the light of unknown
In the power of truth beauty in place and time both
Creation, destruction, origin of things and beings
With lots of evidence, imageries similes, legends,
Live examples, pictures, proverbs, experiments
The outputs are literature, history, logics, philosophy,
Geography, various sections of science, knowledge,
Once there was direct reflection of these branches
With the rising spirit in creativity, sensitivity, morality
Like fragrant in rhythmic life spread and surpassed
All that happiness sparkled in all as green as grass
The past disputes, misdeeds sunk in the Dead Sea
Spirituality, celestiality pervaded all hearts to please,
But a real patriot is rare seen
Whose birth is for the nations
To love, to lead the way to love
To save, to lead the way to save
Even in life danger
He thinks of other,
Not only for here
But for hereafter,
Some people may misunderstand
With patience them he tries guide,
He not only thinks of the country
And the nations
A multi virtues tree
But takes urgent care of it
Up to catch fruits
For all to enjoy the labored fruits
He is remembered
By all the nations especially.
Heaps of catkins branches
White clouds in sky valley
Message others to be fair fully,
A season only symbolizes
To teach others silently
As it can not speak totally,
Black clouds autumn fears
Black rulers that do magically
Being fair autumn sees fairfully.
The great poets are who spontaneously write their time
Their nature, environs, climate they live in,
Their lifestyles, feelings, manners, behaviors
To themselves, to servants and to all others,
Just When Definite Final Moment Shall Come
It Just Stand Behind All Of Us For All The Time
Between Us And It There Is No Any, Such Border
It Exactly Shall Come As Soon As It Does Get Order.
I am not going to forget myself
I am going to remember and find
Ever me in my country itself.
A man comes
A mission starts,
A man goes
A mission ends,
The outputs do affect
In life and after death.
You have showed
How cruel you are!
Having some weapons, poisons and powers,
You have not showed
How kind you are!
Having some kindness in true human corners,
The victims were
Half fed, energy less,
Weaponless, powerless and totally helpless,
You have caught
Those unprepared poor
As you were mighty lions, hyenas and tigers,
You are ever coward
Nonsense and barbarian
To kill thousands of men, women and children,
Your bestial power
Turning into helly fire
Have burned all with humans and their bowers,
You are going to dogs
Writing a barbarian history
In the light of modern lifeless civilized boundary.
He showed great sympathy from heart
For the harmless and little creatures
That was either at sorrow or in mirth
Accompanying with cares,
So they were seen at grave yard
In mourning on him for hours
Losing whom forever is my father.
Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │ 17 December,2017

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