You Are My World by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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As I look at the horizon
Beyond the reach of my eyes,
Your fading memories
Zoom in instantly
Into agigantic black hole
Emerging out of nowhere
That prompt my innate urges
Andthe entire being
To merge withinand disperse
Into a state ofnon existence
Into a state of ocean deeppassion
And skyhigh aspirations.
They tend to lift the curtains,
Of age-oldinfatuation
For being in your arms.
For being in your charms.
For being a part of
The air you breathe into,
The water you bathein,
The road you walk on,
The bed you rest upon,
The world you dwell within,
The dream you cherish of,
The desire you burn with,
Andeverything that you feel
Closer, Cozier and coveted.

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