Yesterday’s Promises by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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One Day it would…
The Sun has never set, for ever.
The moon has never betrayed,
The Clouds have never stopped flying,
The Ocean has never numbed,
The eyes have never ceased to dream,
The droplets of dew, of tears at night
Have never gone dry at all!
They were there, all along…
When you talked to my heart,
When you whispered into my ears,
When you sang in my name,
When you wrote to me each day,
When you kissed my worries away,
When you predicted my dangers,
When you felt them all strangers,
When you blew with the breezes,
When you flew over the bridges
That separated or tried to
Keep us away, alien, at bay! !
Now that you are no more,
No more with me nor with them
Mundanely no more far,
Far from your soul mate, Who-
Promised to be with, within
And without You,
Here or there, This or That far! ! !

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