X-Mas Memoirs by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Its X Mas today
My darling..
The greatest of the days
The Auspicious birthday
Of A divine child
Off a Virgin mother,
An occasion of Chorus
From a Billion lips
For the revered child…

And can you predict
My darling
How I feel and think
At present, at this moment?

Had you been in my life
Ages Ago, in some Century
Lost in the dustbin of past
We would have celebrated
This moment,
Somewhere on a shore
By the Sea,
Or Beside a table
Under the Candle light-
In some Hotel or
A modern Restaurant,
In the fading reflections
Of the candle
On the droplets of Sweat on our faces,
Like the droplets of dew of tears
Down the cheeks,
In A warm wish and
A sweet message
For the ensuing New Year! ! !

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