Writing is the only solace I have – Yamini Kukreja

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A short and sweet introduction of yourself. *

Hi! I’m Yamini. I hail from Chamba(H.P). I have just completed my post graduation in English and now I’m working in K.M.V Jalandhar as an Asst Professor. Apart from writing my hobbies include reading, travelling and cooking.


When did you first start writing? *

I started writing quotes in 2016 and poetry in 2017


Do you remember what you wrote first? *


Spirituality is conquering your inner demons.


How did you get interested in writing? *

There are many things you can’t say otherwise but when you are writing you are free to write as much as you want. There is no limitation to your imagination or fear of running out of time. For example when I wrote my poem ‘The Nightingale Song’ I wrote about my feelings and questions that come to my mind when I listen to the melodious bird but it will be funny I think if I’m sitting with my friends and all of a sudden I start talking about the enchanting bird and keep on talking about it. Writing brings about a catharsis in me.


Who or what has been inspiration? *

I wrote my first poem in November 2017 when I lost my Maternal aunt prior to that I used to write quotes only but after I lost her I was so overpowered with emotions that the only form which I found suitable was poetry. I even performed it in my college and the appreciation of my Professors and friends encouraged me to write more and since then I’m writing poetry whenever I feel like writing.


Who are your favorite authors/poets? Why? *

I find this question the most difficult to answer. Being a literature student I have studied finest poets and authors and there is something to learn from each one of them. Many of them have even inspired me to write on various topics. For instance my quote “When this earth will be ready to receive its saintly beings, How many Christ will we crucify in every generation to wash away our sins?” was inspired from G.B Shaw’s play ‘Saint Joan’. But if I am to name one I would say Margaret Atwood. I recently read her novel ‘Surfacing’ and I’m highly impressed and influenced by the novel. In one novel you find multiple themes. I think everyone should read that novel. It’s magnificent.


How do you feel when you write? *

Writing is the only solace I have. Whenever I’m too happy or too depressed I turn to writing and write my heart out. As I said before writing has cathartic effect for me.


What are your other hobbies? *

Well, the quote if travelling was free you’d never see me again is just for me. Though I haven’t travelled much but going on a world tour is on my bucket list.


How did you feel when you got your selection mail? *

I was thrilled. This is my second anthology. Whenever readers appreciate your work it of course encourages the writer to write more. I’m glad you liked my work and made me a part of your wonderful anthology.


What do you think about poetry? *

Poetry for me is writing about your innermost and suppressed thoughts be it jovial or pensive in a way that readers enjoy as well as identify with your work.


Do you think rhymes are important for poems? Why so? *

Rhymes make the poems musical and also for beginners they are easy to write. When I started writing I was also conscious about what I’m writing and I used to follow famous poets like Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton etc. in the beginning but gradually you’ll not bother about it much. Now people write free verse more but it completely depends on the writers whether to follow any form or not.


A few words for your readers? *

Hope you’ll enjoy my work. Your support and love is a boost to my writing.


What do you wish to say to budding writers? *

Write about things you love or topics that bothers you the most. Never shy away from taking stands on things you believe are true. Lend your voice to the unsung heroes, the objects nobody talks about or just the things that are close to your heart because remember pen is mightier than the sword.


Thank you for your valuable time. Hope you had a nice time answering us. All the best for your future endeavors.

Thank you very much.

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