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A short and sweet introduction of yourself. *

Myself Monika, Readers know me better by my pen name- Monika_Indian. I’m from New Delhi, India. By the line of work- I’m Numerologist and Vaastu Counselor. I’ve 2 self published books till date in which I’ve shared my personal day to day experiences in form of learning. By the grace of God, have got very warm response from readers. As per my pledge, money coming from the sale of my books proceeds to charity. I have travelled extensively throughout India.


When did you first start writing? *

Formally from 2013 otherwise writing diary from childhood.


Do you remember what you wrote first? *


I’ve learned…that the more people try to make our existence difficult, the more blessed we become to learn.


How did you get interested in writing? *

I use to write diary from childhood. Later on, I realized that I should write how the day was passed in form of my learning experience. Then I authored two books.


Who or what has been inspiration? *

My Life Path has been my inspiration.


Who are your favorite authors/poets? Why? *

To be very honest, not much into reading but whenever I get time, I go through – Mirza Ghalib, Osho.


How do you feel when you write? *

Its a wonderful bliss to share my feelings in form of writing.


What are your other hobbies? *

Traveling and Photography


How did you feel when you got your selection mail? *

I felt good about it. Although, I already have two published books but this is my 1st poem entry for anthology.


What do you think about poetry? *

It’s a kind of expression of feelings within.


Do you think rhymes are important for poems? Why so? *

To an extent, Yes. As rhyming makes a reader sing along which makes a good connection.


A few words for your readers? *

Hello readers, my writings are an effort with whom every common person can connect. My prayers will go with all who can inspire me to write more and can present me a warm inner glow with a degree of gratification for my efforts.


What do you wish to say to budding writers? *

Write to express not to impress.


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