Why Spare Me? -001 (Youths Of Future World-001) by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Why spare me?
I was a kid
my papa’s heart,
my mom’s soul,
my sister’s mate-
and I was only seven.

A tiny kid of seven
just new to a school,
A soft and tender heart
innocent enough to fool!

Why did you force me
to leave this lovely world
Cup board full of toys
friends, loving mom and dad?

When I was thirsty
for my sister’s touch,
when I was hungry
for my mother’s couch,
when I was eager
to meet my father,
You stole my breath
and cut my fresh feather.

What was the mistake uncle?
What else wrong did I do? ?
Why in stead of your arms
I would get your blow? ?
You are elder man,
older than I am-
How else do I know
You would do me harm? ?
Teachers taught me here-
to love and respect old.
I only obeyed these
moral lines of gold.
What else would be mine
Last few minutes’ wish?
To call and complain mom
and papa to come and punish!

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