Under Thy Shadow – 03 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Under whose shades
My jovial youth,
My dreamy evenings
Turned into autumnal landscapes?
The Tom in me stopped
Running after the butterflies and
Entered the land of Eros
With Jerry’s hand in hand?
The golden figure
Of maiden youth
Was now surrounded with moons
Enchanting and adorable,
Erotic and obsolete,
Charming yet fragile,
Hiding the next moment
Behind the clouds
For causes unknown.

Why did my heart
Made a start
To shimmer beyond
Into snowy coolness
With a single touch
Of your palms on mine?

It was you, my darling-
Who molded
My innocent eyes
Into clouds euphoric
And my childish dreams
Into evanescent droplets of silver rain,
In the ages following the day
I met you on the bay.

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