Under Thy Shadow – 02 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Under whose shades
The anger of my youth,
The colour of my dreams,
The ambitions of my life-
Took a twist, a historic turn?

From a shy young boy
To a daring spirited man,
From a timid, confused toy
To a Do-Anything-, I-Can
From a helpless, aimless lad
To a spiriteddivine being,
From a restless reckless mind
To a nesting, blissful king,

You made a heroout of zero,
A real hero out of me.

Oh Papa, my dear father
To my land of disillusioned air
And polluted tongues
And deafened ears
You brought me
A planet of safety,
A sky of dreams,
An ocean of tranquility,
Agalaxy of friendly souls
Who sing songs of liberty.

My life is but a bud of fire,
An aspiring glow
Under thy shadow.

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