1. To Sir George Howland Beaumont, Bart From The South-West Coast Or Cumberland 1811

2. Translation Of Part Of The First Book Of The Aeneid

3. Descriptive Sketches Taken During A Pedestrian Tour Among The Alps

4. The Last Supper,

5. To The Memory Of Raisley Calvert

6. The Oak Of Guernica Supposed Address To The Same

7. The Martial Courage Of A Day Is Vain

8. To Lady Eleanor Butler And The Honourable Miss Ponsonby,

9. The Morning Of The Day Appointed For A General Thanksgiving. January 18, 1816

10. The Prioress’s Tale [from Chaucer]

11. To The Supreme Being From The Italian Of Michael Angelo

12. To The Same (John Dyer)

13. The King Of Sweden

14. Tribute To The Memory Of The Same Dog

15. The Oak And The Broom

16. To The Spade Of A Friend (An Agriculturist)

17. To The Poet, John Dyer

18. To The Small Celandine

19. The Passing Of The Elder Bards

20. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Fifth

21. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto First

22. To Mary

23. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Seventh

24. The Redbreast Chasing the Butterfly

25. To Thomas Clarkson

26. To—- On Her First Ascent To The Summit Of Helvellyn

27. The Faëry Chasm

28. To The Men Of Kent

29. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Sixth

30. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Third

31. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Second

32. The Pet-Lamb

33. The Waggoner – Canto Fourth

34. The Waggoner – Canto Second

35. The Recluse – Book First

36. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Canto Fourth

37. The Waggoner – Canto Third

38. The Female Vagrant

39. Upon Perusing The Forgoing Epistle Thirty Years After Its Composition

40. The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons – Dedication

41. To B. R. Haydon

42. The Waggoner – Canto First

43. Water-Fowl Observed Frequently Over The Lakes Of Rydal And Grasmere

44. Though Narrow Be That Old Man’s Cares .

45. View From The Top Of Black Comb

46. Siege Of Vienna Raised By John Sobieski

47. The Highland Broach

48. Troilus And Cresida

49. To M.H.

50. When I Have Borne In Memory

51. To Lady Beaumont

52. Thought Of A Briton On The Subjugation Of Switzerland

53. To A Young Lady Who Had Been Reproached For Taking Long Walks In The Country

54. The Horn Of Egremont Castle

55. The Force Of Prayer, Or, The Founding Of Bolton, A Tradition

56. Upon The Sight Of A Beautiful Picture Painted By Sir G. H. Beaumont, Bart

57. The Idle Shepherd Boys

58. The Power Of Armies Is A Visible Thing

59. Upon The Same Event

60. When To The Attractions Of The Busy World

61. Where Lies The Land To Which Yon Ship Must Go?

62. The Cottager To Her Infant

63. Weak Is The Will Of Man, His Judgement Blind

64. To Dora

65. Vernal Ode

66. To H. C.

67. The French Army In Russia, 1812-13

68. The Germans On The Heighs Of Hochheim

69. To The Daisy (Fourth Poem)

70. Vaudracour And Julia

71. The French And The Spanish Guerillas

72. To The Daisy (Third Poem)

73. The Primrose Of The Rock

74. To May

75. The Sonnet Ii

76. Sonnet: On Seeing Miss Helen Maria Williams Weep At A Tale Of Distress

77. Upon The Punishment Of Death

78. The Shepherd, Looking Eastward, Softly Said

79. The Stars Are Mansions Built By Nature’s Hand

80. Calais, August 15, 1802

81. The Emigrant Mother

82. The Simplon Pass

83. Michael Angelo In Reply To The Passage Upon His Staute Of Sleeping Night

84. Ode

85. Emperors And Kings, How Oft Have Temples Rung

86. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland 1814 I. Suggested By A Beautiful Ruin Upon One Of The Islands Of Loch Lomond,

87. Calais, August 1802

88. From The Dark Chambers Of Dejection Freed

89. Book Seventh [residence In London]

90. And Is It Among Rude Untutored Dales

91. Young England–What Is Then Become Of Old

92. Composed Near Calais, On The Road Leading To Ardres, August 7, 1802

93. Methought I Saw The Footsteps Of A Throne

94. Inscriptions In The Ground Of Coleorton, The Seat Of Sir George Beaumont, Bart., Leicestershire

95. Is There A Power That Can Sustain And Cheer

96. Composed On The Eve Of The Marriage Of A Friend In The Vale Of Grasmere

97. Maternal Grief

98. Call Not The Royal Swede Unfortunate

99. Book Tenth {residence In France Continued]

100. Say, What Is Honour?–‘tis The Finest Sense

101. Even As A Dragon’s Eye That Feels The Stress

102. Yes! Thou Art Fair, Yet Be Not Moved

103. Written Upon A Blank Leaf In

104. Matthew

105. Gipsies

106. Artegal And Elidure

107. September 1, 1802

108. At Applewaite, Near Keswick 1804

109. September 1815

110. The Trosachs

111. Incident Characteristic Of A Favorite Dog

112. Composed In The Valley Near Dover, On The Day Of Landing

113. Book Fourth [summer Vacation]

114. Composed By The Sea-Side, Near Calais, August 1802

115. The Waterfall And The Eglantine

116. Book Fourteenth [conclusion]

117. Repentance

118. The Kitten And Falling Leaves

119. The Wishing Gate

120. Book Fifth-Books

121. The Russian Fugitive

122. The Fairest, Brightest, Hues Of Ether Fade

123. Those Words Were Uttered As In Pensive Mood

124. To Sleep

125. To The Same Flower (Second Poem)

126. Book Twelfth [imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored ]

127. O’erweening Statesmen Have Full Long Relied

128. Sonnet:

129. Who Fancied What A Pretty Sight

130. Spanish Guerillas

131. The Farmer Of Tilsbury Vale

132. The Table Turned

133. To The Daisy (2)

134. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 I. Departure From The Vale Of Grasmere, August 1803

135. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 Xiv. Fly, Some Kind Haringer, To Grasmere-Dale

136. Lines On The Expected Invasion, 1803

137. The Prelude, Book 2: School-Time (Continued)

138. To The Daisy

139. Stray Pleasures

140. The Eagle And The Dove

141. Written In A Blank Leaf Of Macpherson’s Ossian

142. Book Second [school-Time Continued]

143. The Sailor’s Mother

144. To A Distant Friend

145. Mark The Concentrated Hazels That Enclose

146. Star-Gazers

147. Memorials Of A Tour Of Scotland, 1803 Vi. Glen-Almain, Or, The Narrow Glen

148. Book Eleventh: France [concluded]

149. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 Xii. Sonnet Composed At —- Castle

150. Book Thirteenth [imagination And Taste, How Impaired And Restored Concluded]

151. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 X. Rob Roy’s Grave .

152. O’er The Wide Earth, On Mountain And On Plain

153. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803 Xii. Yarrow Unvisited

154. On The Final Submission Of The Tyrolese

155. The Mother’s Return

156. Book Ninth [residence In France]

157. Feelings Of A Noble Biscayan At One Of Those Funerals

158. Invocation To The Earth, February 1816

159. Hoffer

160. On The Same Occasion

161. In Due Observance Of An Ancient Rite

162. I Know An Old Man Constrained To Dwell

163. Yarrow Unvisited

164. Laodamia

165. Inscriptions Written With A Slate Pencil Upon A Stone

166. Elegiac Stanzas Suggested By A Picture Of Peele Castle

167. Lines Written As A School Exercise At Hawkshead, Anno Aetatis

168. England V

169. Lines Left Upon A Seat In A Yew-Tree

170. Ode To Duty

171. Surprised By Joy

172. The Danish Boy: A Fragment

173. Dion

174. Three Years She Grew In Sun And Shower,

175. Pet-Lamb, The: A Pastoral Poem

176. Yarrow Visited

177. Foresight

178. Ode Composed On A May Morning

179. November, 1806

180. Mutability

181. O Nightingale! Thou Surely Art

182. Guilt And Sorrow

183. A Sketch

184. Ellen Irwin

185. Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been

186. Andrew Jones

187. Ruth

188. Scorn Not The Sonnet

189. Resolution And Independence

190. Fountain, The: A Conversation

191. Animal Tranquillity And Decay

192. Lucy V

193. To A Butterfly

194. Lament Of Mary Queen Of Scots

195. Lucy Iv

196. Lucy Ii

197. Influence Of Natural Objects

198. Address To The Scholars Of The Village School Of —-

199. The Old Cumberland Beggar

200. Michael: A Pastoral Poem

201. Inscriptions For A Seat In The Groves Of Coleorton

202. By Moscow Self-Devoted To A Blaze

203. Feelings Of The Tyrolese

204. To The Daisy (First Poem)

205. Composed At The Same Time And On The Same Occasion

206. Feelings Of A French Royalist, On The Disinterment Of The Remains Of The Duke D’enghien

207. Epitaphs Translated From Chiabrera

208. To The Cuckoo

209. Hint From The Mountains For Certain Political Pretenders

210. Lines Written On A Blank Leaf In A Copy Of The Author’s Poem

211. There Is A Bondage Worse, Far Worse, To Bear

212. George And Sarah Green

213. Avaunt All Specious Pliancy Of Mind

214. On A Celebrated Event In Ancient History

215. Brave Schill! By Death Delivered

216. Hail, Zaragoza! If With Unwet Eye

217. By The Side Of The Grave Some Years After

218. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland,

219. The Seven Sisters

220. Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803

221. Occasioned By The Battle Of Waterloo February 1816

222. Composed After A Journey Across The Hambleton Hills, Yorkshire

223. Book Sixth [cambridge And The Alps]

224. Picture Of Daniel In The Lion’s Den At Hamilton Palace

225. Ode To Lycoris. May 1817

226. The Longest Day

227. From The Cuckoo And The Nightingale

228. Hail, Twilight, Sovereign Of One Peaceful Hour

229. Extract From The Conclusion Of A Poem Composed In Anticipation Of Leaving School

230. The Prelude. (Book V )

231. Here Pause: The Poet Claims At Least This Praise

232. From The Italian Of Michael Angelo

233. How Sweet It Is, When Mother Fancy Rocks

234. I Grieved For Buonaparte

235. Song Of The Spinning Wheel

236. England! The Time Is Come When Thou Should’st Wean

237. British Freedom

238. It Is No Spirit Who From Heaven Hath Flown

239. A Parsonage In Oxfordshire

240. Look Now On That Adventurer Who Hath Paid

241. Sweet Was The Walk

242. Personal Talk

243. The Idiot Boy

244. Goody Blake And Harry Gill

245. Lucy I

246. The Brothers

247. To A Butterfly (2)

248. Composed During A Storm

249. Lucy

250. I Travelled Among Unknown Men

251. Most Sweet It Is

252. Character Of The Happy Warrior

253. Elegiac Stanzas

254. Expostulation And Reply

255. Evening On Calais Beach

256. It Is A Beauteous Evening

257. The Childless Father

258. Lucy Iii

259. The Birth Of Love

260. Written In Early Spring

261. An Evening Walk, Addressed To A Young Lady

262. Desideria

263. Upon Westminster Bridge

264. Memory

265. Nutting

266. A Fact, And An Imagination, Or, Canute And Alfred, On The Seashore

267. Lines Written In Early Spring

268. A Morning Exercise

269. She Was A Phantom Of Delight

270. A Gravestone Upon The Floor In The Cloisters Of Worcester Cathedral

271. London, 1802

272. A Jewish Family In A Small Valley Opposite St. Goar, Upon The Rhine

273. Written In March

274. Nuns Fret Not At Their Convent’s Narrow Room

275. A Flower Garden At Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.

276. After-Thought

277. A Wren’s Nest

278. With Ships The Sea Was Sprinkled Far And Nigh

279. Perfect Woman

280. Anecdote For Fathers

281. Lucy Gray, Or Solitude

282. A Poet’s Epitaph

283. Tis Said, That Some Have Died For Love

284. A Poet! He Hath Put His Heart To School

285. We Are Seven

286. By The Seaside

287. There Is An Eminence,–Of These Our Hills

288. Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802

289. A Farewell

290. Ode On Intimations Of Immortality From Recollections Of Early Childhood

291. My Heart Leaps Up

292. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

293. Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

294. Strange Fits Of Passion Have I Known

295. A Complaint

296. A Whirl-Blast From Behind The Hill

297. Calm Is All Nature As A Resting Wheel

298. A Night-Piece

299. A Night Thought

300. A Narrow Girdle Of Rough Stones And Crags

301. The Solitary Reaper

302. It Was An April Morning: Fresh And Clear

303. The World Is Too Much With Us, Late And Soon

304. She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways

305. A Character

306. I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud (Daffodils)

307. In The Pass Of Killicranky

308. The Sparrow’s Nest

309. The Forsaken

310. Alice Fell, Or Poverty

311. On The Departure Of Sir Walter Scott From Abbotsford

312. With How Sad Steps, O Moon, Thou Climb’st The Sky

313. There Was A Boy

314. The Reverie Of Poor Susan

315. Address To Kilchurn Castle, Upon Loch Awe

316. The Reaper

317. Composed By The Side Of Grasmere Lake 1806

318. October, 1803

319. The Sun Has Long Been Set

320. With Ships The Sea Was Sprinkled

321. Ode, Composed On A May Morning

322. To A Sky-Lark

323. Inside Of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

324. Remembrance Of Collins

325. England Iv

326. England Iii

327. Speak!

328. The Complaint Of A Forsaken Indian Woman

329. It Is Not To Be Thought Of

330. Admonition

331. England I

332. Yarrow Revisited

333. On The Extinction Of The Venetian Republic

334. Written In Germany, On One Of The Coldest Days Of The Century

335. Rural Architecture

336. Oak And The Broom, The: A Pastoral Poem

337. Address To My Infant Daughter, Dora On Being Reminded That She Was A Month Old That Day, September 1

338. Hart-Leap Well

339. England Ii

340. Peter Bell, A Tale

341. The Last Of The Flock

342. For The Spot Where The Hermitage Stood On St. Herbert’s Island, Derwentwater.

343. Simon Lee: The Old Huntsman

344. Written With A Pencil Upon A Stone In The Wall Of The House, On The Island At Grasmere

345. The Thorn

346. The Sonnet I

347. Extempore Effusion Upon The Death Of James Hogg

348. Composed While The Author Was Engaged In Writing A Tract Occasioned By The Convention Of Cintra

349. November 1813

350. Valedictory Sonnet To The River Duddon

351. To A Sexton

352. The Two April Mornings

353. Alas! What Boots The Long Laborious Quest

354. Indignation Of A High-Minded Spaniard

355. The Prelude, Book 1: Childhood And School-Time

356. Book First [introduction-Childhood And School Time]

357. The Virgin

358. Power Of Music

359. Bothwell Castle

360. Beggars

361. To A Highland Girl (At Inversneyde, Upon Loch Lomond)

362. To Joanna

363. Written In Very Early Youth

364. Louisa: After Accompanying Her On A Mountain Excursion

365. Yes, It Was The Mountain Echo

366. Book Eighth: Retrospect–Love Of Nature Leading To Love Of Man

367. The Green Linnet

368. Characteristics Of A Child Three Years Old

369. Ah! Where Is Palafox? Nor Tongue Nor Pen

370. The Two Thieves

371. Song For The Wandering Jew

372. Song At The Feast Of Brougham Castle Upon The Restoration O

373. Yew-Trees

374. Anticipation, October 1803

375. The French Revolution As It Appeared To Enthusiasts

376. Minstrels

377. September, 1819

378. Stepping Westward

379. Fidelity

380. Argument For Suicide

381. Stanzas

382. The Fountain

383. Advance – Come Forth From Thy Tyrolean Ground

384. To My Sister

385. A Prophecy. February 1807

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