1. London Types: Beef-Eater

2. Since Those We Love And Those We Hate

3. Prologue

4. From A Window In Princes Street

5. The Ways Are Green

6. London Types:Life-Guardsman

7. The Full Sea Rolls And Thunders

8. London Types: Sandwich-Man

9. With Strawberries We Filled A Tray

10. Staff Nurse: New Style

11. Scrubber

12. Orientale

13. To Me At My Fifth-Floor Window

14. Fresh From His Fastnesses

15. London Types: The Artist Muses At His Ease

16. London Types:

17. The Chief

18. Enter Patient

19. The Wan Sun Westers, Faint And Slow

20. London Types: Drum-Major

21. Visitor

22. While The West Is Paling

23. Where Forlorn Sunsets Flare And Fade

24. London Types: Mounted Police

25. London Types: ‘Liza

26. Staff Nurse:Old Style

27. In Fisherrow

28. We Flash Across The Level

29. When The Wind Storms By With A Shout

30. O, Falmouth Is A Fine Town

31. Clinical

32. Easy Is The Triolet

33. To: W A

34. Villanelle

35. Invictus

36. Before

37. Music

38. Discharged

39. You Played And Sang A Snatch Of Song

40. The Spring, My Dear

41. London Types: Bluecoat Boy

42. Etching

43. Pastoral

44. Not To The Staring Day

45. Life In Her Creaking Shoes

46. Barmaid

47. London Types: Bus Driver

48. There Is A Wheel Inside My Head

49. Trees And The Menace Of Night

50. The Sands Are Alive With Sunshine

51. Vigil

52. To My Wife

53. London Types: Hawker

54. Gull In An Aery Morrice

55. What Have I Done For You

56. Space And Dread And The Dark

57. O, Time And Change, They Range And Range

58. Your Heart Has Trembled To My Tongue

59. Scherzando

60. Tree, Old Tree Of The Triple Crook

61. Here They Trysted, And Here They Strayed

62. We Are The Choice Of The Will

63. Grave

64. Waiting

65. Envoy–To Charles Baxter

66. When You Wake In Your Crib

67. London Types: News Boy

68. The Surges Gushed And Sounded

69. Midsummer Midnight Skies

70. Some Starlit Garden Grey With Dew

71. The Gods Are Dead

72. London Types: Flower-Girl

73. The Shadow Of Dawn

74. The Spirit Of Wine

75. In The Waste Hour

76. In The Placid Summer Midnight

77. London Types: Barmaid

78. Children: Private Ward

79. On The Way To Kew

80. Nocturn

81. Ballade Of Youth And Age

82. One With The Ruined Sunset

83. The Ways Of Death Are Soothing And Serene

84. The Nightingale Has A Lyre Of Gold

85. Why, My Heart, Do We Love Her So?

86. House-Surgeon

87. Interior

88. At Queensferry

89. Under A Stagnant Sky

90. From The Break The Nightingale

91. Lady Probationer

92. The West A Glimmering Lake Of Light

93. Epilogue

94. The Song Of The Sword–To Rudyard Kipling

95. Back-View

96. In The Dials

97. Unconquerable

98. We’Ll Go No More A-Roving

99. She Saunters By The Swinging Seas

100. In Rotten Row

101. Dedication–To My Wife

102. O, Have You Blessed, Behind The Stars

103. Interlude

104. The Sea Is Full Of Wandering Foam

105. Suicide

106. To My Mother

107. The Skies Are Strown With Stars

108. Romance

109. Pro Rege Nostro

110. Time And The Earth

111. Fill A Glass With Golden Wine

112. Casualty

113. Ballade Of Truisms

114. The Past Was Goodly Once

115. Beside The Idle Summer Sea

116. Largo E Mesto

117. Ballade Made In The Hot Weather

118. Crosses And Troubles

119. Blithe Dreams Arise To Greet Us

120. Anterotics

121. Last Post

122. Arabian Night’s Entertainments

123. Praise The Generous Gods

124. Bring Her Again, O Western Wind

125. Ballade Of A Toyokuni Colour-Print

126. Anterotics

127. Andante Con Moto

128. Out Of The Night That Covers Me

129. Attadale, West Highlands

130. After

131. Double Ballad Of Life And Death

132. Thick Is The Darkness

133. Operation

134. Over The Hills And Far Away

135. Friends…. Old Friends……

136. When You Are Old

137. We Shall Surely Die

138. What Is To Come

139. Ballade Of Midsummer Days And Nights

140. As Like The Woman As You Can

141. I. M. R. T. Hamilton Bruce (1846-1899)

142. Villon’s Straight Tip To All Cross Coves

143. In The Year That’s Come And Gone

144. Allegro Maestoso

145. I Gave My Heart To A Woman

146. Life Is Bitter

147. Croquis

148. A New Song To An Old Tune

149. Ave, Caesar!

150. Apparition

151. London Voluntaries Iv: Out Of The Poisonous East

152. A Dainty Thing’s The Villanelle

153. If It Should Come To Be

154. Madam Life’s A Piece In Bloom

155. A Thanksgiving

156. Double Ballade On The Nothingness Of Things

157. A Desolate Shore

158. Margaritae Sorori

159. A Wink From Hesper

160. If I Were King

161. A Child

162. Ballade Of Dead Actors

163. Kate-A-Whimsies, John-A-Dream

164. Let Us Be Drunk

165. The Rain And The Wind

166. England, My England

167. O Gather Me The Rose

168. I Am The Reaper

169. There’s A Regret

170. Between The Dusk Of A Summer Night

171. It Came With The Threat Of A Waning Moon

172. A Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies

173. A Love By The Sea

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