1. Jasmine’s Beautiful Thoughts Underneath the Willow

2. Repetitions of a Young Captain

3. Poetry Is A Destructive Force

4. The Auroras of Autumn

5. Oak Leaves are Hands

6. Tea At The Palaz Of Hoon

7. The Man With The Blue Guitar

8. Study Of Two Pears

9. Contrary Theses (Ii)

10. What Is Divinity

11. It Must Give Pleasure

12. Table Talk

13. Hymn From A Watermelon Pavilion

14. Phases

15. The Man On The Dump

16. No Possum, No Sop, No Taters

17. Sea Surface Full Of Clouds

18. Farewell To Florida

19. The Well Dressed Man With A Beard

20. The Plot Against The Giant

21. The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad

22. A Postcard From The Volcano

23. The Poem That Took The Place Of A Mountain

24. The Sense Of The Sleight-Of-Hand Man

25. Two Figures In Dense Violet Light

26. The High-Toned Old Christian Woman

27. Frogs Eat Butterflies, Snakes Eat Frogs, Hogs Eat Snakes, Men Eat Hogs

28. Another Weeping Woman

29. To The One Of Fictive Music

30. In The Carolinas

31. The Death Of A Soldier

32. Valley Candle

33. Le Monocle De Mon Oncle

34. Final Soliloquy Of The Interior Paramour

35. Nomad Exquisite

36. Tattoo

37. Bantams In Pine-Woods

38. Madame La Fleurie

39. Peter Quince At The Clavier

40. Anecdote Of The Jar

41. The Emperor Of Ice-Cream

42. The Snow Man

43. The Idea Of Order At Key West

44. Sunday Morning

45. Domination Of Black

46. The Planet On The Table

47. Of Modern Poetry

48. Gray Room

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