1. The Voyage

2. Friends, I Will Not Cease

3. The Wizard In The Street

4. The Proud Farmer

5. John Bunny, Motion Picture Comedian

6. The Rhymer’s Reply. Incense And Splendor

7. The Raft

8. The Queen Of Bubbles

9. The Doll Upon The Topmost Bough

10. The Modest Jazz Bird

11. To The United States Senate

12. On Suddenly Receiving A Curl Long Refused

13. What The Forester Said

14. Our Guardian Angels And Their Children

15. Honor Among Scamps

16. Who Knows?

17. What The Miner In The Desert Said

18. Genesis

19. What The Hyena Said

20. Incense

21. Where Is David, The Next King Of Israel?

22. Where Is The Real Non Resistant

23. What The Sexton Said

24. Once More—to Gloriana

25. How Samson Bore Away The Gates Of Gaza

26. The Voice Of The Man Impatient With Visions And Utopias

27. Edwin Booth

28. Mae Marsh, Motion Picture Actress

29. What The Coal Heaver Said

30. What The Ghost Of The Gambler Said

31. This, My Song, Is Made For Kerensky

32. The Alchemist’s Petition

33. The Sun Says His Prayers

34. The Bankrupt Peace Maker

35. The Prairie Battlements

36. The Hearth Eternal

37. How I Walked Alone In The Jungles Of Heaven

38. The Drunkards In The Street

39. On Reading Omar Khayyam

40. To Mary Pickford

41. The Congo: A Study Of The Negro Race

42. To Jane Addams At The Hague

43. I Heard Immanuel Singing

44. Speak Now For Peace

45. Ghosts In Love

46. Michaelangelo

47. Kalamazoo

48. To Reformers In Despair

49. To Gloriana

50. When Gassy Thompson Struck It Rich

51. God Send The Regicide

52. Sweet Briars Of The Stairways

53. Epilogue

54. What The Scare Crow Said

55. Rhymes For Gloriana

56. Foreign Missions In Battle Array

57. Prologue To Rhymes To Be Traded For Bread

58. The Amaranth

59. The Scissors Grinder

60. The Sorceress!

61. Parvenu

62. To Lady Jane

63. The Black Hawk War Of The Artists

64. The Knight In Disguise

65. Tolstoi Is Plowing Yet

66. What Semiramis Said

67. The Spice Tree

68. The Mouse That Gnawed The Oak Tree Down

69. Titian

70. The Jingo And The Minstrel

71. A Colloquial Reply: To Any Newsboy

72. The Golden Whales Of California

73. Upon Returning To The Country Road

74. Popcorn, Glass Balls, And Cranberries

75. King Arthur’s Men Have Come Again

76. Two Easter Stanzas

77. The Gamblers

78. The Cornfields

79. Here’s To The Mice!

80. The Dreamer

81. Sweethearts Of The Year

82. The Fairy Bridal Hymn

83. The Encyclopaedia

84. My Lady In Her White Silk Shawl

85. In Memory Of A Child

86. The Trap

87. The Master Of The Dance

88. Simon Legree

89. Galahad, Knight Who Perished

90. Epitaphs For Two Players

91. The Empty Boats

92. The Drunkard’s Funeral

93. The Firemen’s Ball

94. The North Star Whispers To The Blacksmith’s Son

95. King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba

96. The Dangerous Little Boy Fairies

97. Yankee Doodle

98. The Merciful Hand

99. The Unpardonable Sin

100. The Song Of The Garden Toad

101. The Haughty Snail King

102. With A Bouquet Of Twelve Roses

103. The Flower Of Mending

104. The Mysterious Cat

105. What The Gray Winged Fairy Said

106. The Horrid Voice Of Science

107. The Conscientious Deacon

108. The Illinois Village

109. On The Road To Nowhere

110. John Brown

111. The Dandelion

112. Look You, I’Ll Go Pray

113. Eden In Winter

114. My Lady Is Compared To A Young Tree

115. The Tale Of The Tiger Tree

116. Niagara

117. The Soul Of The City Receives The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

118. Crickets On A Strike

119. We Meet At The Judgment And I Fear It Not

120. What The Snow Man Said

121. In Praise Of Songs That Die

122. To Buddha

123. Queen Mab In The Village

124. The Eagle That Is Forgotten

125. I Went Down Into The Desert

126. What The Moon Saw

127. The City That Will Not Repent

128. The Moon Is A Painter

129. The Traveller Heart

130. Davy Jones’ Door Bell

131. The Hope Of The Resurrection

132. Why I Voted The Socialist Ticket

133. On The Building Of Springfield

134. The Lion

135. The Light O’ The Moon

136. The Beggar’s Valentine

137. Heart Of God

138. The Booker Washington Trilogy

139. Sunshine

140. Caught In A Net

141. Concerning Emperors

142. The Santa Fe Trail (A Humoresque)

143. Written For A Musician

144. The Tree Of Laughing Bells

145. Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan

146. The King Of Yellow Butterflies

147. Two Old Crows

148. An Apology For The Bottle Volcanic

149. The Rose Of Midnight

150. Mark Twain And Joan Of Arc

151. Above The Battle’s Front

152. Yet Gentle Will The Griffin Be

153. How A Little Girl Sang

154. Blanche Sweet

155. The Strength Of The Lonely

156. The Broncho That Would Not Be Broken

157. The Angel And The Clown

158. Lincoln

159. The Perfect Marriage

160. The Potatoes’ Dance

161. Drying Their Wings

162. What The Rattlesnake Said

163. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

164. Springfield Magical

165. On The Garden Wall

166. Our Mother Pocahontas

167. An Argument

168. What Grandpa Mouse Said

169. The Wedding Of The Rose And The Lotos

170. The Ghosts Of The Buffaloes

171. A Prayer To All The Dead Among Mine Own People

172. The Spider And The Ghost Of The Fly

173. A Curse For Kings

174. At Mass

175. Shakespeare

176. A Rhyme About An Electrical Advertising Sign

177. St. Francis Of Assisi

178. Euclid

179. How A Little Girl Danced

180. A Net To Snare The Moonlight

181. By The Spring, At Sunset

182. Love And Law

183. Buddha

184. General William Booth Enters Into Heaven

185. The Flower Fed Buffaloes

186. Aladdin And The Jinn

187. Alone In The Wind, On The Prairie

188. The Chinese Nightingale

189. Beyond The Moon

190. A Dirge For A Righteous Kitten

191. Darling Daughter Of Babylon

192. The Little Turtle

193. The Moon’s The North Wind’s Cooky

194. This Section Is A Christmas Tree

195. A Sense Of Humor

196. An Indian Summer Day On The Prairie

197. Star Of My Heart

198. The Leaden Eyed

199. Factory Windows Are Always Broken

200. Abraham Lincoln Walks At Midnight

201. When Bryan Speaks

202. On Receiving One Of Gloriana’s Letters

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