1. Patience, Though I Have Not

2. Divers Doth Use, As I Have Heard And Know

3. A Description of Such a One As He Would Love

4. I Am As I Am

5. The Lively sparks that issue from those eyes

6. What Needeth These Threat’Ning Words

7. Ye Old Mule

8. The Furious Gun

9. The Country Mouse And The Town Mouse

10. Since Ye So Please

11. The Appeal: An Earnest Suit To His Unkind Mistress, Not To Forsake Him

12. Of The Mean And Sure Estate

13. With Serving Still

14. The Heart And Service

15. The Long Love

16. Since So Ye Please

17. Unstable Dream

18. Whoso List To Hunt, I Know Where Is An Hind

19. What Should I Say

20. The Long Love That In My Thought Doth Harbour

21. Forget Not Yet: The Lover Beseecheth His Mistress Not To Forget His Steadfast Faith And True Intent

22. My Galley, Charged With Forgetfulness

23. A Revocation

24. In Spain

25. Madam, Withouten Many Words

26. Madame, Withouten Many Words

27. Abide And Abide And Better Abide

28. Forget Not Yet The Tried Intent

29. Satire Ii:The Country Mouse And The Town Mouse

30. Mine Own John Poynz

31. And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus?

32. My Lute, Awake

33. My Galley Charged With Forgetfulness

34. Lux, My Fair Falcon

35. I Find No Peace

36. Farewell Love And All Thy Laws Forever

37. They Flee From Me

38. Avising The Bright Beams

39. I Abide And Abide And Better Abide

40. To His Lute

41. Farewell, Love

42. Translation Of Petrarch’s Rima, Sonnet 134

43. Is It Possible

44. My Lute Awake

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