1. Are They Shadows That We See?

2. Sonnet Xxviii: Reign In My Thoughts

3. Sonnet Xliv: O Be Not Griev’D

4. Sonnet Xxxii: Like As The Spotless Ermelin

5. Sonnet X: O Then I Love

6. Sonnet Xlvii: Read In My Face

7. Sonnet Xxxi: Oft Do I Muse

8. Sonnet Xxx: Still In The Trace

9. Sonnet Xlviii: My Cynthia

10. Sonnet Xlvi: Fair And Lovely Maid

11. Sonnet Xxxviii: I Once May See

12. Sonnet Xl: But Love

13. Sonnet Xxxvi: Raising My Hopes

14. Sonnet Xiv: Those Amber Locks

15. The Civil Wars (Excerpts)

16. Sonnet Xiii: Behold What Hap

17. Sonnet Xlv: Delia, These Eyes

18. Sonnet Xxii: Come Time

19. Sonnet Xx: What It Is To Breathe

20. Sonnet Xxi: If Beauty Thus Be Clouded

21. Sonnet Xvii: Why Should I Sing In Verse

22. Sonnet Viii: Thou Poor Heart

23. Sonnet Xxxvii: O Why Doth Delia

24. Sonnet Xlix: How Long

25. Sonnet Xxix: Whilst By Her Eyes Pursu’D

26. Sonnet Vii: O Had She Not Been Fair

27. Sonnet Xvi: Happy In Sleep

28. Sonnet Xxxix: Look, Delia

29. Sonnet Xli: When Men Shall Find

30. Sonnet Xliii: Thou Canst Not Die

31. Sonnet Xv: If That A Loyal Heart

32. Sonnet Xxxiv: The Star Of My Mishap

33. Sonnet V: Whilst Youth And Error

34. Sonnet Xxvii: Oft And In Vain

35. Sonnet Lvii: Like As The Lute

36. Sonnet Xi: Tears, Vows, And Prayers

37. Sonnet Lx: Lo, Here The Impost

38. Sonnet Xii: My Spotless Love

39. Delia Xlvi: Let Others Sing Of Knights And Paladines

40. Sonnet Liii: Drawn

41. Sonnet Lii: O Whether

42. Sonnet I: Unto The Boundless Ocean

43. Sonnet Xviii: Since The First Look

44. Sonnet Xxxiii: My Cares Draw

45. Sonnet Xxxv: And Yet I Cannot

46. Sonnet Xxv: False Hope Prolongs

47. Sonnet Xxiv: These Sorrowing Sighs

48. Sonnet Xlii: When Winter Snows

49. Sonnet Iv: These Plaintive Verses

50. Sonnet Lix: Unhappy Pen

51. Sonnet Xix: Restore Thy Tresses

52. Delia: Xxxi (1592 Version): Look, Delia, How We ‘steem The

53. Sonnet Liv: Care Charmer Sleep

54. Sonnet L: Beauty, Sweet Love

55. Sonnet Vi: Fair Is My Love

56. Sonnet Xxvi: Look In My Griefs

57. Sonnet Iii: If So It Hap

58. Sonnet Xxiii: Time, Cruel Time

59. Sonnet Li: I Must Not Grieve My Love

60. Sonnet Lv: Let Others Sing

61. Ulysses And The Siren

62. Sonnet Lviii: None Other Fame

63. Delia Xxxiii: When Men Shall Find Thy Flower, Thy Glory, Pa

64. Musophilus Containing A General Defence Of All Learning (Ex

65. Delia Xlv: Care Charmer Sleep, Son Of The Sable Night

66. Sonnet Lvi: As To The Roman

67. Delia Vi: Fair Is My Love, And Cruel As She’s Fair

68. Love Is A Sickness

69. Sonnet Ii: Go, Wailing Verse

70. Beauty, Time, And Love

71. Sonnet Ix: If This Be Love

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