1. Second Epistle To J. Lapraik

2. Epistle To William Simson

3. Epistle To The Rev. John M’Math

4. The Fete Champetre

5. Epistle From Esopus To Maria

6. 148. To Miss Logan, With Beattie’s Poems

7. To Miss Ferrier, Enclosing Elegy On Sir J. H. Blair

8. Elegy On Willie Nicol’s Mare

9. Prologue, Spoken By Mr. Woods At Edinburgh

10. Second Epistle To Robert Graham, Esq., Of Fintry

11. Fragment-altho’ He Has Left Me

12. Lines Written Under The Picture Of Miss Burns

13. Elegy On The Death Of Robert Ruisseaux

14. Rhyming Reply To A Note From Captain Riddell

15. Willie Brew’D A Peck O’ Maut

16. Lines On The Author’s Death

17. The Gowden Locks Of Anna

18. Epigram On An Innkeeper (&Quot;The Marquis&Quot;)

19. Epitaph For Mr. Gabriel Richardson, Brewer

20. Fragment-wee Willie Gray

21. Epistle To John Rankine

22. The Mauchline Lady: A Fragment

23. Sonnet To R. Graham, Esq., On Receiving A Favour

24. Epitaph For Mr. William Michie, Schoolmaster

25. Written In Friars’ Carse Hermitage (Second Version)

26. Epitaph On William Hood, Senior

27. Inscribed On A Work Of Hannah More’s

28. Hey, The Dusty Miller

29. Craigieburn Wood

30. Epistle To Dr. Blacklock

31. Election Ballad For Westerha’

32. Song-yonder Pomp Of Costly Fashion

33. Inscription For The Headstone Of Fergusson The Poet

34. Epigram Addressed To An Artist

35. Epitaph For Robert Aiken, Esq.

36. Epigram To Miss Jean Scott

37. Song-in The Character Of A Ruined Farmer

38. Epigram-the Raptures Of Folly

39. Song-crowdie Ever Mair

40. Epistle To Major Logan

41. Song-gudewife, Count The Lawin

42. Inscription At Friars’ Carse Hermitage

43. A Red, Red Rose

44. Inscription On Mr. Syme’s Crystal Goblet

45. Epistle To James Tennant Of Glenconner

46. Epitaph On John Busby, Esq., Tinwald Downs

47. Epistle On J. Lapraik

48. Burlesque Lament Fo Wm. Creech’s Absence

49. Mr. William Smellie: A Sketch

50. Song-poortith Cauld And Restless Love

51. Song-i’Ll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig

52. Song-the Charms Of Lovely Davies

53. The Libeller’s Self Reproof

54. Lines To John M’Murdo Of Drumlanrig

55. Song-fragment-leezie Lindsay

56. Song-the Dumfries Volunteers

57. Extempore Reply To An Invitation

58. Elegy On The Year 1788

59. On The Death Of Robert Dundas, Esq., Of Arniston

60. On The Birth Of A Posthumous Child

61. Epigram On Miss Fontenelle

62. Song-bonie Dundee: A Fragment

63. Elegy On The Death Of Sir James Hunter Blair

64. Lines On The Fall Of Fyers

65. On Seeing Mrs. Kemble In Yarico

66. Ballad On Mr. Heron’s Election-no. 3

67. Lines Inscribed Under Fergusson’s Portrait

68. Ode On The Departed Regency Bill

69. Lines Inscribed Under Fergusson’s Portrait

70. Versified Note To Dr. Mackenzie, Mauchline

71. Song-carle, An’ The King Come

72. Epigram On The Said Occasion

73. Verses Inscribed Under A Noble Earl’s Picture

74. Song-tam Glen

75. Song-the Braes O’ Killiecrankie

76. Ode On The Departed Regency Bill

77. Epigrams Against The Earl Of Galloway

78. Verses To Collector Mitchell

79. Song-the Banks O’ Doon (First Version)

80. 491. Song-Lassie wi’ the Lint white Locks

81. 320. Lines to Sir John Whitefoord, Bart

82. 233. Song-O were I on Parnassus Hill

83. 381. Song-Fragment-No cold approach

84. To A Louse

85. 329. Verses on the destruction of the Woods near Drumlanrig

86. 523. Song-The Cooper o’ Cuddy

87. Epigram-Divine Service at Lamington

88. Song-will Ye Go To The Indies, My Mary?

89. Epistle To John Goldie, In Kilmarnock

90. Song-Farewell thou stream that winding flows

91. 516. Song-I’ll aye ca’ in by yon town

92. Song-fragment-damon And Sylvia

93. Sappho Redivivus: A Fragment

94. Ballad On Mr. Heron’s Election-no. 2

95. Epigram On A Swearing Coxcomb

96. Elegy On Captain Matthew Henderson

97. Song-phillis The Fair

98. Song-a Health To Ane I Loe Dear

99. Lines On Meeting With Lord Daer

100. Here’s His Health In Water

101. Song-kellyburn Braes

102. Song-montgomerie’s Peggy

103. Song-out Over The Forth

104. Song-down The Burn, Davie Love

105. I’Ll Go And Be A Sodger

106. Song-such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation

107. What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi’ An Auld Man?

108. John Anderson My Jo

109. Scots Prologue For Mr. Sutherland

110. Song-highland Harry Back Again

111. Song-to Daunton Me

112. Song-my Native Land Sae Far Awa

113. Prayer-o Thou Dread Power

114. Epistle To Mrs. Scott Of Wauchope House

115. The Five Carlins: An Election Ballad

116. Epitaph For Mr. W. Cruickshank

117. Fickle Fortune: A Fragment

118. Saw You My Dear, My Philly

119. Song-the Rigs O’ Barley

120. The Calf

121. Inscription For An Alter Of Independence

122. The Bonie Lass Of Albany

123. The Jolly Beggars: A Cantata

124. Sylvander To Clarinda

125. Epigram On Dr. Babington’s Looks

126. The Kirk Of Scotland’s Alarm: A Ballad

127. Song-i Hae Been At Crookieden

128. Reply To An Announcement By J. Rankine

129. Impromptu On Dumourier’s Desertion Of The French Republican Army

130. The Dean Of Faculty: A New Ballad

131. Thou Gloomy December

132. Lament For James, Earl Of Glencairn

133. Pegasus At Wanlockhead

134. Epitaph On John Rankine

135. Song-the Battle Of Sherramuir

136. Epigram-thanks For A National Victory

137. Song-it Was A’ For Our Rightfu’ King

138. Epitaph On A Noisy Polemic

139. Elegy On Stella

140. Epitaph On A Noted Coxcomb

141. Song-my Hoggie

142. Song-wandering Willie (Revised Version)

143. Sonnet On The Death Of Robert Riddell

144. Song-braw Lads O’ Gala Water

145. Song-charlie, He’s My Darling

146. Song-bonie Peggy Alison

147. Song-talk Of Him That’s Far Awa

148. Song-lady Mary Ann

149. Suppressed Stanzas Of &Quot;The Vision&Quot;

150. Song-fragment-johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver

151. Ballad On Mr. Heron’s Election-no. 4

152. Epigram-the Toad Eater

153. Epigram-the True Loyal Natives

154. Address To Wm. Tytler, Esq., Of Woodhouselee

155. Fragment-her Flwoing Locks

156. Remorse: A Fragment

157. Epitaph On The Same

158. Tam Samson’s Elegy

159. Election Ballad At Close Of Contest For Representing The Dumfries Burghs, 1790

160. Death And Dr. Hornbook

161. Sweet Afton

162. Epitaph On James Grieve

163. On Tam The Chapman

164. On A Scotch Bard, Gone To The West Indies

165. 152. Extempore In The Court Of Session

166. On Elphinstone’s Translation Of Martial’s Epigrams

167. Versified Reply To An Invitation

168. Epigram On Andrew Turner

169. Scroggam, My Dearie

170. The Twa Herds; Or, The Holy Tulyie

171. Song-by Allan Stream

172. Poem On Pastoral Poetry

173. Ode For General Washington’s Birthday

174. Ballad On Mr. Heron’s Election-no. 1

175. Song-the Bonie Moor Hen

176. Epitaph For James Smith

177. Song-guid Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon

178. Stanzas, On The Same Occasion

179. Verses Written With A Pencil At The Inn At Kenmore

180. Forlorn, My Love, No Comfort Here

181. Sketch In Verse, Inscribed To The Right Hon. C. J. Fox

182. Song-the Bonie Wee Thing

183. Song-my Collier Laddie

184. Song-the Lass Of Cessnock Banks

185. Song-m’Pherson’s Farewell

186. Apology To Mr. Syme For Not Dining With Him

187. Song-behold, My Love, How Green The Groves

188. On Glenriddell’s Fox Breaking His Chain

189. On The Late Captain Grose’s Peregrinations

190. Song-fairest Maid On Devon’s Banks

191. Song-the Young Highland Rover

192. Song-i Hae A Wife O’ My Ain

193. Song-kissing My Katie

194. Song-stay My Charmer

195. Mr. William Smellie: A Sketch

196. Lament Of Mary, Queen Of Scots

197. The Author’s Earnest Cry And Prayer

198. Song-braving Angry Winer’s Storms

199. Song-anna, Thy Charms

200. The Bard At Inverary

201. Commemoration Of Rodney’s Victory

202. Song-sic A Wife As Willie Had

203. Lord Gregory: A Ballad

204. On Chloris Being Ill

205. Song-beware O’ Bonie Ann

206. Rantin, Rovin Robin

207. Farewell To The Banks Of Ayr

208. The Farewell To The Brethren Of St. James’s Lodge, Tarbolton

209. Verses On Castle Gordon

210. Epitaph On &Quot;Wee Johnnie&Quot;

211. Song-o May, Thy Morn

212. To John Kennedy, Dumfries House

213. The Rantin Dog, The Daddie O’T

214. The Belles Of Mauchline

215. The First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified

216. Epigram On Miss Davies

217. To Mr. M’Adam, Of Craigen Gillan

218. The Winter It Is Past

219. Song-my Nanie’s Awa

220. A Grace After Meat

221. The Rigs O’ Barley

222. Lovely Young Jessie

223. The Charming Month Of May

224. Go On, Sweet Bird, And Soothe My Care

225. Remorseful Apology

226. She’s Fair And Fause

227. The Humble Petition Of Bruar Water

228. Song-fragment-there Was A Bonie Lass

229. The Gardener Wi’ His Paidle

230. Epitaph On John Dove, Innkeeper

231. The Solemn League And Covenant

232. Epistle To Davie, A Brother Poet

233. The Banks Of The Devon

234. Song-mary Morison

235. Impromptu On Mrs. Riddell’s Birthday

236. 379. Song-fragment-love For Love

237. On The Seas And Far Away

238. Fragment Of Song-the Night Was Still

239. Song-i’M O’Er Young To Marry Yet

240. Song-o Were My Love You Lilac Fair

241. Epitaph For William Nicol, High School, Edinburgh

242. The Lament

243. Lines Inscribed In A Lady’s Pocket Almanack

244. Lovely Polly Stewart

245. Jamie, Come Try Me

246. Epitaph On A Lap Dog

247. Song-my Nanie, O!

248. Verses On Captain Grose

249. The Laddie’s Dear Sel’

250. Epigram On A Country Laird (Cardoness)

251. Epitaph On My Ever Honoured Father

252. Song-on A Bank Of Flowers

253. The Wounded Hare

254. The Brigs Of Ayr

255. Birthday Ode For 31st December, 1787

256. The Whistle: A Ballad

257. Stanzas On Naething

258. Song-the Highland Balou

259. Epigram On Rough Roads

260. Fragment Of Song-&Quot;My Jean!&Quot;

261. Song-whistle And I’Ll Come To You

262. Inscription To Chloris

263. My Girl She’s Airy: A Fragment

264. Lines Written On A Bank Note

265. Another On The Said Occasion

266. Inconstancy In Love

267. Address To Beelzebub

268. The Bookworms

269. Thine Am I, My Faithful Fair

270. Bonie Jean: A Ballad

271. Epigram On Politics

272. My Bonie Bell

273. How Cruel Are The Parents

274. O Aye My Wife She Dang Me

275. Address Spoken By Miss Fontenelle

276. To Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Mauchline, Recommending A Boy

277. Lines To Mr. John Kennedy

278. Here’s To Thy Health, My Bonie Lass

279. My Father Was A Farmer: A Ballad

280. Verses On A Parting Kiss

281. O Leave Novels!

282. Frae The Friends And Land I Love

283. Song-my Wife’s A Winsome Wee Thing

284. My Lord A Hunting He Is Gane

285. Man Was Made To Mourn: A Dirge

286. You’Re Welcome, Willie Stewart

287. Caledonia: A Ballad

288. Mally’s Meek, Mally’s Sweet

289. Open The Door To Me, Oh

290. Poem On Sensibility

291. News, Lassies, News

292. One Night As I Did Wander

293. Address To The Unco Guid

294. Impromptu On Carron Iron Works

295. The Henpecked Husband

296. Written By Somebody On The Window Of An Inn At Stirling

297. The Fall Of The Leaf

298. The Vision

299. The Rights Of Women-spoken By Miss Fontenelle

300. I Love My Love In Secret

301. 314. Song-there’Ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame

302. To Alex. Cunningham, Esq., Writer, Edinburgh

303. Song-the Winter Of Life

304. A Grace After Dinner

305. To Ruin

306. The Captain’s Lady

307. The Poet’s Progress

308. Ballad On The American War

309. Behold The Hour, The Boat, Arrive

310. I Murder Hate

311. 357. A Grace Before Dinner

312. My Highland Lassie, O

313. Epigram On A Suicide

314. Sonnet On The Author’s Birthday

315. A Prayer In The Prospect Of Death

316. No Churchman Am I

317. Nature’s Law: A Poem

318. The Soldier’s Return: A Ballad

319. A Tippling Ballad-when Princes And Prelates, Etc.

320. The Song Of Death

321. A Mother’s Lament For Her Son’s Death

322. Song-farewell To The Highlands

323. 89. The Ordination

324. A Rose Bud By My Early Walk

325. The Ronalds Of The Bennals

326. A Grace After Dinner

327. Farewell To Eliza

328. Epitaph On William Muir

329. Whistle Ow’R The Lave O’T

330. Lines To An Old Sweetheart

331. Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish

332. The Bold Princess Royal

333. Wha Is That At My Bower Door

334. The Hairst O’ Rettie

335. The Birks Of Aberfeldy

336. Sketch-new Year’s Day, 1790

337. It Was A’ For Our Rightfu’ King

338. Sweet Tibbie Dunbar

339. My Eppie Macnab

340. Ronalds Of The Bennals, The

341. Bonie Lesley

342. To Mary In Heaven

343. To Miss Jessie Lewars

344. Poor Mailie’s Elegy

345. Wee Willie Gray

346. Airlin’s Fine Braes

347. The Banks O’ Doon

348. Epistle To A Young Friend

349. M’Pherson’s Rant

350. The Lover’s Morning Salute To His Mistress

351. The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre

352. Ye Jacobites By Name

353. The Holy Fair

354. The Slave’s Lament

355. The Ploughman’s Life

356. The Lass Of Cessnock Banks

357. Here’s A Bottle

358. Lass Of Cessnock Banks, The

359. Montgomerie’s Peggy

360. Peggy

361. My Spouse Nancy

362. Tarbolton Lasses, The

363. My Love, She’s But A Lassie Yet

364. Rigs O’ Barley, The

365. Ny Nannie, O

366. Paraphrase Of The First Psalm

367. The Twa Dogs

368. The Bonie Wee Thing

369. From Lines To William Simson

370. Epistle To J. Lapraik (Excerpt)

371. Address Tothe Devil

372. Last May A Braw Wooer

373. The Lass That Made The Bed To Me

374. Ye Flowery Banks (Bonie Doon)

375. Tear Drop, The

376. O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day

377. For A’ That

378. My Last Farewell To Stirling

379. A Vision

380. Tam Glen

381. Go Fetch To Me A Pint

382. The Wounded Hare

383. The Cotter’s Saturday Night

384. O Thou Dread Power

385. The Gloomy Night Is Gath’Ring Fast

386. Holy Fair, The

387. To The Wood Lark

388. My Nannie, O

389. Hark! The Mavis

390. Of A’ The Airts

391. Tragic Fragment

392. Bonie Peggy Alison

393. Oh Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast

394. Thou Lingering Star

395. Robert Bruce’s March To Bannockburn

396. It Was A’ For Our Rightful King

397. Bonnie Lesley

398. Ye Flowery Banks

399. Lament Of Mary, Queen Of Scots, On The Approach Of Spring

400. Lines On The Fall Of Fyers Near Loch Ness

401. First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified, The

402. The Tear Drop

403. Mary Morison

404. On A Bank Of Flowers

405. Here’s To Thy Health

406. Lass That Made The Bed To Me, The

407. Duncan Gray

408. Here’s A Health To Them That’s Awa

409. Birks Of Aberfeldie, The

410. Death And Dying Words Of Poor Mailie, The

411. Jean

412. Bonie Wee Thing, The

413. Epitaph On Holy Willie

414. My Bonnie Mary

415. Despondency An Ode

416. Handsome Nell

417. Winter: A Dirge

418. Lament For Culloden

419. The Farewell

420. To A Mountain Daisy

421. Cotter’s Saturday Night, The

422. Scots, Wha Hae Wi’ Wallace Bled

423. Ye Banks And Braes O’Bonnie Doon

424. For A’ That And A’ That

425. In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer

426. Battle Of Sherramuir, The

427. Up In The Morning Early

428. Holy Willie’s Prayer

429. Green Grow The Rashes

430. I Dream’D I Lay

431. John Barleycorn: A Ballad

432. Scots Wha Hae

433. Halloween

434. Carigieburn Wood

435. A Fiddler In The North

436. My Highland Lassie, O

437. Scotch Drink

438. Willie Wastle

439. Fareweel To A’Our Scottish Fame

440. Highland Mary

441. To A Kiss

442. Address To The Unco Guid

443. Address To The Devil

444. A Dedication

445. Address To The Tooth Ache

446. Ae Fond Kiss

447. Tam O’ Shanter

448. Afton Water

449. A Bottle And Friend

450. A Dream

451. A Bard’s Epitaph

452. Address To A Haggis

453. My Heart’s In The Highlands

454. To A Mouse

455. Coming Through The Rye

456. Auld Lang Syne

457. A Winter Night

458. A Man’s A Man For A’ That

459. A Fond Kiss

460. Auld Farmer’s New Year Morning

461. 148. To Miss Logan, With Beattie’s Poems

462. A Poets’s Welcome To His Love-Begotten Daughter

463. A Prayer Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish

464. Ah, Woe Is Me, My Mother Dear

465. Anna, Thy Charms

466. Banks O’ Doon, The

467. Bonie Doon

468. Ca’ The Yowes To The Knowes

469. Complimentary Epigram To Mrs. Riddell

470. Epigram To Miss Ainslie In Church

471. Epistle To Hugh Parker

472. Epistle To John Maxwell, Esq., Of Terraughty

473. Epitaph On A Henpecked Squire

474. Grace Before And After Meat

475. Impromptu Lines To Captain Riddell

476. Inscription To Jessie Lewars

477. Lines Of John M’Murdo, Esq.

478. Love In The Guise Of Friendship

479. Masonic Song—ye Sons Of Old Killie

480. Monody On A Lady, Famed For Her Caprice

481. Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green

482. O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair

483. O, Were My Love

484. Ploughman’s Life, The

485. A Prayer Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish

486. Song—&Quot;Indeed Will I,&Quot; Quo’ Findlay

487. Song—behold The Hour Etc. (Second Version)

488. Song—blythe Hae I Been On Yon Hill

489. Song—clarina, Mistress Of My Soul

490. Song—composed In August

491. Song—Composed in Spring

492. Song—fragment—why Tell The Lover

493. Song—had I A Cave

494. Song—kenmure’s On And Awa Willie

495. Song—lady Onlie Honest Luckie

496. Song—of A’ The Airts The Wind Can Blaw

497. Song—raging Fortune: A Fragment

498. Song—the Captive Ribband

499. Song—the Gallant Weaver

500. Song—the Winter It Is Past

501. The Auld Farmer’s New-Year-Morning Salutation To His Auld Mare , Maggie

502. The Battle Of Sherramuir

503. The Death And Dying Words Of Poor Mailie

504. The Epitaph On Captain Matthew Henderson

505. The Gloomy Night Is Gath’Ring Fast

506. The Tarbolton Lasses

507. Tibbie Dunbar

508. To The Beautiful Miss Eliza J——n, On Her Principles Of Liberty And Eqality

509. Verses To Clarinda

510. Versicles On Sign-Posts

511. Where Are The Joys I Have Met

512. Yon Wild Mossy Mountains

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