1. To Our Lord, Upon The Water Made Wine

2. Upon Ford’s Two Tragedies

3. To The Noblest And Best Of Ladies, The Countess Of Denbigh

4. Satan

5. The Widow’s Mites

6. To The Name Above Every Name, The Name Of Jesus

7. Two Went Up Into The Temple To Pray

8. Upon The Book And Picture Of The Seraphical Saint Teresa

9. Saint Mar Magdelene; Or, The Weeper

10. Verses From The Shepherds’ Hymn

11. On The Sepulchre Of Our Lord

12. The Recommendation

13. On The Baptized Ethiopian

14. Samson To His Delilah

15. Wishes To His (Supposed) Mistress

16. On The Water Of Our Lord’s Baptism

17. On The Still Surviving Marks Of Our Saviour’s

18. Charitas Nimia; Or, The Dear Bargain

19. Euthanasia

20. On Marriage

21. On The Prodigal

22. Divine Epigrams: Samson To His Delilah

23. The Flaming Heart

24. The Weeper

25. Music’s Duel

26. Divine Epigrams: On The Baptized Ethiopian

27. A Hymn To The Name And Honour Of The Admirable Saint Teresa

28. In The Holy Nativity Of Our Lord

29. On The Miracle Of The Multiplied Loaves

30. Prayer

31. On Mr. G. Herbert’s Book, Entitled The Temple Of Sacred Poe

32. But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light

33. A Song

34. Divine Epigrams: To Our Lord, Upon The Water Made Wine

35. Divine Epigrams: On The Miracle Of The Multiplied Loaves

36. Christ Crucified

37. An Epitaph Upon Husband And Wife

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