1. Pointless It Is To Lament

2. Dearer Than Life Is The Vaishnava To Me

3. She Plays With The Dark One

4. O Saints, We Are The Traders Of Rama’s Name!

5. The Sap Of The Earth Has Spread Through The Branches

6. How Merrily The Girls Watch The Procession Of The Fine Young Groom!

7. When I Wake Up, The World Recedes From My Sight

8. Recite O Parrot King Rama’s Name!

9. How Will I Worship You, Krishna

10. The Sea Of Ecstasy Has Ebbed And Gone, Dear Friend

11. As If It Was Rapture Of Rains Of Milk

12. At What Auspicious Hour Did You Stick To Me Like A Bindi , O Dark One?

13. Cherish Red, Love, For The Beautiful Season Is Tinged With Red!

14. Cover Me With A Blanket O Kanha

15. Don’t Untie The Threads Of My Choli

16. Don’T Wake Me Up Vigorously, O Madhukar!

17. Be Still, Be Still, O Moon, Do Not Make The Dawn Yet

18. This Dark Night- My Enemy

19. Enjoy This Girl And Celebrate The Night!

20. Fair One, In The Middle Of The Night

21. Her Eyes Twinkle In The Veil Like The Light Of Dawn!

22. I Went To Fetch Water From The Lake

23. I Woke Up All Of A Sudden From My Sleep

24. Last Night My Lord Went Away Seeing Me Asleep

25. Lift Your Veil, Mischievous Girl

26. Ma! The Dark Cobra With Pearl

27. My Lord, Embrace Me Deeply

28. No One Understands My State

29. Play ‘Raas’ With Us Love

30. Ravishing Is Her Youth Dear

31. Someone Silence That Bird

32. Let’s Go And Play Dear Friend

33. Sweet Flute, Tell Us What Austerities Have You Performed?

34. Tell Me Truly, My Dark Beloved

35. I’ll Tie You To My Bed With Garland Of Flowers

36. Listen, My Beautiful One

37. It’s My Beloved Over There At Midnight

38. The Dark One Came Stealthily Last Night

39. The Dark One Turned To Gaze The Moonlike Face…

40. The Flute Resonates Today!

41. This Is How I Bewitched Him

42. Today Kanuda My Darling, Has Deserted Me!

43. Who Is It Playing ‘Panchama’ At My Door?

44. By The Grace Of The Holy Ones

45. Come Friend! Let’s Go And Behold…

46. Dark Clouds Thunder And Madhava Dances!

47. Essence Of Essence Is The Birth Of The Weaker Sex

48. Great Is The Wealth Of Bhakti…

49. In The Middle Of The Night

50. It’s You, It’s You, You Are Looking For

51. Let Us Not Mind The Happiness…

52. Listen My Friend! In My Rapt Ecstasy

53. Meditate! Meditate On Hari

54. Meditate, Meditate, The Lord Is In Your Eye

55. My Beautiful Dark One

56. O Torchbearer Is Narsaiyyo!

57. Only A Few Truly Know…

58. Only Because I Truly Exist, You Exist!

59. Passing For The Wise And Faking Wisdom

60. Saints, We Are The Traders Of Rama’s Name!

61. Awake O Jadava

62. Gimme That Moon To Play With

63. With Absolute Joy

64. Kaanji, Kaanji Is What Everyone Calls You

65. The Bliss Of My Lord’s Closeness

66. In Damodar Lake

67. Unless And Until You Have Grasped The Essence Of The Self

68. Wayward Progeny Of A Lewd Whore

69. Little Hari, My Cute One

70. The Naive Milkmaid Goes Around Selling Hari!

71. The Sap Of The Earth Has Spread Through The Branches

72. Leave This River Full Of Lotuses

73. We Are Like That

74. This Is Not The Way To Find The Essence Of Truth

75. This Cute Little Gokul

76. Let Go Your Embrace For A While

77. You Alone Are The Beginning

78. We Will Simply Forsake Anything That Stops Us

79. O Mind, Acquire The Greatest Treasure

80. ‘Ananta’ Is The Name Of My Infallible Medicine

81. I Won’t Let You Embrace!

82. Embrace Me With Such A Passion

83. Cold, Cold Is My Bed In Winter!

84. Serve Me The Draught Of Love’s Ambrosia

85. Who Has Sent The Old Age?

86. What Is It About Your Eyes, Love?

87. Hold Your Immaculate Flame O Lamp

88. True Fulfillment Of My Birth

89. One Who Feels Others Grief As His Own

90. In This Entire Universe, You Alone Exist, Shri Hari

91. My Fruit-Like Breasts Are Your Possessions, My Love

92. Kanji Is Drenched In Saffron

93. The Arrow Of Desire Has Pierced My Heart!

94. Has Your Heart Turned To Stone, Love?

95. O Today It’s Diwali!

96. Look, Who Is Roving In The Sky!

97. You May Have Obtained Nama

98. Vaishnav Jan To

99. Always Up To Some Prank


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