1. Mira is Steadfast

2. I am true to my Lord

3. The Beloved Comes Home

4. The Five Coloured Garment

5. The Music

6. We Do Not

7. I Write Of That Journey

8. O I Saw Witchcraft Tonight

9. It’s True I Went To The Market

10. Torn In Shreds

11. O My Friends

12. Only He Knows The Bitterness Of Love

13. Mira Knows Why

14. Dark Friend, What Can I Say?

15. Out In A Downpour

16. Turn Back?

17. The Saffron

18. I Danced Before My Giridhara

19. Your Look Of Light

20. Your Slander Is Sweet

21. A Limb Just Moved

22. Go To That Impenetrable Realm

23. The Rainy Season

24. Life In The World Is Short

25. No One Knows My Invisible Life

26. The Plums Tasted

27. Friend, Without That Dark Raptor

28. I Do Not Care About Social Norms

29. In A Sudden

30. The Heat Of Midnight Tears

31. Unbreakable

32. All I Was Doing Was Breathing

33. Clouds

34. The Dark One Is Krishna

35. Sleep

36. The Arrow Of His Glance

37. Mine Is Gopal

38. Strange Is The Path When You Offer Love

39. That Dark Dweller In Braj

40. Listen

41. The Dagger

42. A Great Yogi

43. Strange Are The Decrees Of Fate

44. Mine Is The Lifter Of Mountains

45. A Cowherding Girl

46. I Will Sing The Praises Of Hari

47. I Am Pale With Longing For My Beloved;

48. Come To My Pavilion

49. Nothing Is Really Mine Except Krishna.

50. I Have Found My Guru

51. Drink The Nectar

52. I Have Found

53. O My Mind

54. Keep Up Your Promise

55. Mira Danced With Ankle Bells

56. I Am Mad With Love

57. I Send Letters

58. Do Not Leave Me

59. Why Mira Can’T Come Back To Her Old House

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