1. Love’s Farewell

2. Sonnet Lviii: In Former Times

3. Sonnet Xxxvi: Thou Purblind Boy

4. Sonnet Xlviii: Cupid, I Hate Thee

5. Sonnet Xvii: Stay, Speedy Time

6. To The Virginian Voyage

7. Sonnet Xxiv: I Hear Some Say

8. Sonnet Lvii: You Best Discern’D

9. Sonnet Xxxix: Some, When In Rhyme

10. Sonnet Xvi: Mongst All The Creatures

11. Sonnet Xxxvii: Dear, Why Should You

12. Sonnet Xxvii: Is Not Love Here

13. Sonnet Xviii: To This Our World

14. Sonnet Xxx: Those Priests

15. Sonnet Xxi: A Witless Galant

16. Sonnet Xlvii: In Pride Of Wit

17. Sonnet Xiv: If He From Heav’N

18. Sonnet Lx: Define My Weal

19. Sonnet Xlvi: Plain-Path’D Experience

20. Sonnet Xxii: Love, Banish’D Heav’N

21. Sonnet Vii: Love In A Humour

22. Sonnet Xxix: When Conquering Love

23. Sonnet Liii: Clear Anker

24. Sonnet Xxv: O Why Should Nature

25. Sonnet Xxxi: Methinks I See

26. Sonnet X: To Nothing Fitter

27. Sonnet Xxxii: Our Flood’s-Queen Thames

28. Sonnet Xxxv: Some, Misbelieving

29. Roc

30. Idea Xxxvii: Dear, Why Should You Command Me To My Rest

31. The Battle Of Agincourt

32. Sonnet Viii: There’s Nothing Grieves Me

33. Sonnet Xlii: Some Men There Be

34. Ode To The Cambro-Britons And Their Harp, His Ballad Of Agi

35. Sonnet Xxii: With Fools And Children

36. Sonnet Xxxiv: Marvel Not, Love

37. Sonnet Lxi: Since There’s No Help

38. Sonnet Xxxiii: Whilst Yet Mine Eyes

39. Nymphidia, The Court Of Fairy (Excerpts)

40. Endimion And Phoebe (Excerpts)

41. Sonnet Ix: As Other Men

42. To His Coy Love

43. Sonnet Xii: That Learned Father

44. Sonnet Xiii: Letters And Lines

45. Noah’s Flood (Excerpts)

46. The Parting

47. Sonnet Xx: An Evil Spirit

48. Sonnet I: Like An Advent’Rous Seafarer

49. Sonnet Xl: My Heart The Anvil

50. To The Reader Of These Sonnets

51. Sonnet Xix: You Cannot Love

52. Sonnet Vi: How Many Paltry Things

53. Sonnet Lxiii: Truce, Gentle Love

54. Sonnet Lix: As Love And I

55. Sonnet Xlix: Thou Leaden Brain

56. Sonnet Lv: My Fair, If Thou Wilt

57. Sonnet Xxvi: I Ever Love

58. Sirena

59. Agincourt

60. How Many Paltry Foolish Painted Things

61. Sonnet Iii: Taking My Pen

62. Idea Liii: To The River Ancor

63. Sonnet Lvi: When Like An Eaglet

64. Sonnet Liv: Yet Read At Last

65. Sonnet Xv: Since To Obtain Thee

66. Sonnet Xxviii: To Such As Say

67. Sonnet Li: Calling To Mind

68. Sonnet Lxii: When First I Ended

69. Sonnet V: Nothing But No

70. Sonnet Xi: You Not Alone

71. Sonnet Xli: Why Do I Speak Of Joy

72. Sonnet Xliii: Why Should Your Fair Eyes

73. Sonnet Xliv: Whilst Thus My Pen

74. Sonnet Xlv: Muses, Which Sadly Sit

75. Sonnet Xxvii: I Ever Love

76. Sonnet Lvi: My Fair

77. Sonnet Xii: Letter And Line

78. Sonnet II: I Like An Advent’Rous Seafarer 

79. Sonnet Xxxi: Love

80. Sonnet Vvii: Humour

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