1. Fatal Love

2. Verses- Spoken To Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles Harley, Countess Of Oxford

3. The First Hymn Of Callimachus. To Jupiter

4. Cupid’s Promise- Paraphrased

5. Written In The Beginning Of Mezeray’s History Of France

6. Pallas And Venus.-An Epigram

7. The Flies

8. Wives By The Dozen

9. An Ode To A Lady. She Refusing To Continue A Dispute With Me, And Leaving Me In The Argument

10. Written In The Nouveaux Interests Des Princes De L’Europe

11. The Old Gentry

12. By Mons. Fontenelle

13. Charity : A Paraphrase On 1 Cor. Chap. 13

14. Cupid Turned Ploughman.- From Moschus

15. Songs Set To Music: 26.

16. Seeing The Duke Of Ormond’s Picture, At Sir Godfrey Kneller’s

17. Upon Honour.-A Fragment.

18. Hymn To The Sun

19. Considerations- On Part Of The 88th Psalm. A College Exercise

20. Paulo Purganti And His Wife: An Honest, But A Simple Pair

21. Songs Set To Music: 28. Nelly.

22. On A Fart- Let In The House Of Commons

23. Cupid And Ganymede

24. Democritus And Heraclitus

25. Songs Set To Music: 1. Set By Mr. Abel

26. Venus Mistaken

27. Colin’s Mistakes. Written In Imitation Of Spenser’s Style

28. Answer To Cloe Jealous. The Author Sick

29. Songs Set To Music: 9. Set By Mr. De Fesch

30. Written In Montaignes Essays. Given To The Duke Of Shrewsbury In France, After The Peace

31. Songs Set To Music: 10. Set By Mr. Smith

32. A Simile

33. The Judgement Of Venus

34. Songs Set To Music: 12. Set By Mr. Smith

35. Bibo And Charon

36. Upon This Passage In Scaligeriana

37. Venus’ Advice To The Muses

38. The Garland

39. Cupid In Ambush

40. The Wandering Pilgrim

41. Epigram- Frank Carves Very Ill

42. On My Birthday, July 21

43. For My Own Tombstone

44. Merry Andrew

45. Epigram- Yes, Every Poet Is A Fool

46. Fair Susan Did Her Wif Hede Well Menteine- In Chaucer’s Style

47. To My Lord Buckhurst, Very Young, Playing With A Cat

48. An Ode To Mr. Howard

49. To The Lady Dursley

50. Cloe Jealous

51. To The Lady Elizabeth Harley, Since Marchioness Of Carmarthen, On A Column Of Her Drawing

52. To A Young Lady, Who Was Fond Of Fortune Telling

53. To A Person Who Wrote Ill, And Spake Worse, Against Me

54. To Cloe

55. The Viceroy.-A Ballad.

56. Her Right Name

57. To Fortune

58. Songs Set To Music: 27.

59. The Parallel

60. Epitaph Extempore

61. To The Author Of The Foregoing Pastoral- (Love And Friendship)

62. The Dove

63. Songs Set To Music: 14. Set By Mr. Smith

64. Presented To The King, At His Arrival In Holland, After The Discovery Of The Conspiracy. 1696

65. Epitaph- On Himself

66. In Imitation Of Anacreon

67. On Bishop Atterbury’s Burying The Duke Of Buckingham, 1721

68. Written At Paris, 1700. In The Beginning Of Robe’s Geography

69. An Ode. The Merchant, To Secure

70. To A Poet Of Quality. Praising The Lady Hinchinbroke

71. Epigram- To John I Owed Great Obligation

72. The Dying Adrian To His Soul

73. Songs Set To Music: 7. Set By Mr. De Fesch

74. On Beauty.-A Riddle

75. The Second Hymn Of Callimachus. To Apollo

76. Two Riddles.–1710

77. Epigram- Thy Nags, The Leanest Things Alive

78. To A Friend On His Nuptials

79. Written In An Ovid

80. The Secretary

81. Daphne To Apollo. Imitated From The First Book Of Ovid’s Metamorphosis

82. The New Year’s Gift To Phyllis

83. To A Lady

84. The Turtle And Sparrow.-An Elegiac Tale

85. Partial Fame

86. On A Picture Of Seneca Dying In A Bath, By Jordain

87. To The Countess Of Exeter. Playing On The Lute

88. Celia To Damon

89. Nell And John

90. Chanson.- And Imitation

91. To Chloe Weeping

92. On The Same Person (Who Wrote Ill, And Spake Worse, Against Me)

93. Down Hall.-A Ballad.

94. Upon Playing At Ombre With Two Ladies

95. The Pedant

96. Songs Set To Music: 18. Set By Mr. Smith

97. To Mr. Harley- Wounded By Guiscard

98. Ode- Promesse De L’Amour

99. Cupid Turned Stroller.- From Anacreon

100. To The Right Honourable The Countess Dowager Of Devonshire, On A Piece Of Wiessen’s

101. Songs Set To Music: 13. Set By Mr. De Fesch

102. Cantata.-Set By Mons. Galliard

103. Mercury And Cupid

104. Songs Set To Music: 25.

105. Songs Set To Music: 23. Set By Mr. De Fesch

106. Songs Set To Music: 19. Set By Mr. C. R.

107. An Ode : While From Our Looks, Fair Nymph, You Guess

108. Songs Set To Music: 15. Set By Mr. De Fesch

109. An Ode : While Blooming Youth And Gay Delight

110. The Modern Saint

111. The Nut Brown Maid.-A Poem.

112. The Female Phaeton

113. Songs Set To Music: 3. Set By Mr. De Fesch

114. Songs Set To Music: 22. Set By Mr. De Fesch

115. Songs Set To Music: 21. Set By Mr. De Fesch

116. Songs Set To Music: 8. Set By Mr. Smith

117. For My Own Monument

118. Chaste Florimel

119. Carmen Seculare. For The Year 1700. To The King

120. Lisetta’s Reply

121. Songs Set To Music: 20. Set By Mr. De Fesch

122. Love Disarmed

123. The Thief And Cordelier. A Ballad

124. Song

125. Songs Set To Music: 6. Set By Mr. Smith

126. Erle Robert’s Mice. In Chaucer’s Style

127. Songs Set To Music: 2. Set By Mr. Purcell

128. Hans Carvel

129. Protogenes And Apelles

130. Cupid Mistaken

131. Songs Set To Music: 17. Set By Mr. De Fesch

132. Songs Set To Music: 4. Set By Mr. Smith

133. The Lady Who Offers Her Looking Glass To Venus

134. Songs Set To Music: 16. Set By Mr. Smith

135. The Ladle.-A Tale

136. The Remedy Worse Than The Disease

137. Songs Set To Music: 5. Set By Mr. De Fesch

138. The Conversation. A Tale

139. To A Young Gentleman In Love.-A Tale

140. An Ode- Inscribed To The Memory Of The Hon. Colonel George Villiers

141. Songs Set To Music: 24. Set By Mr. C. R.

142. Nonpareil

143. To Chloe Jealous

144. The Lady’s Looking Glass

145. A Dutch Proverb

146. The Question To Lisetta

147. The Despairing Shepherd

148. The Merchant, To Secure His Treasure

149. An Ode- In Imitation Of Horace, Book Iii. Ode Ii.

150. Phyllis’s Age

151. A Flower.-Painted By Simon Varelst

152. A Letter To Monsieur Boileau Despreaux, Occasioned By The Victory At Blenheim

153. Alma; Or, The Progress Of The Mind. In Three Cantos.- Canto Ii.

154. An Ode : On Exodus Iii. 14

155. Truth And Falsehood.-A Tale

156. An Extempore Invitation To The Earl Of Oxford, Lord High Treasurer

157. Full Oft Doth Matt. With Topaz Dine- In Chaucer’s Style

158. The Chameleon

159. The Honest Shepherd

160. An Ode- Presented To The King, On His Majesty’s Arrival In Holland, After The Queen’s Death

161. An Epistle To Fleetwood Shephard, Esq. Burleigh, May 14, 1689

162. To A Child Of Quality, Five Years Old, The Author Suppos’D Forty

163. Jinny The Just

164. A Lover’s Anger

165. A Letter To Lady Margaret Cavendish Holles Harley, When A Child

166. A Song. In Vain You Tell Your Parting Lover

167. An Ode

168. A Better Answer

169. A Song. If Wine And Music Have The Power

170. Gualterus Danistonus, Ad Amicos.- And Imitation

171. The English Padlock

172. A Reasonable Affliction

173. An Epitaph

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