1. The Solitude Of Night

2. On Gazing Into A Mirror

3. The Ching-Ting Mountain

4. Reaching The Hermitage

5. Ho Chih-Chang

6. Meng Hao-Jan

7. Resentment Near The Jade Stairs

8. Remembering The Springs At Ch’ih-Chou

9. To My Wife On Lu-Shan Mountain

10. Lines For A Taoist Adept

11. Lament For Mr Tai

12. The Roosting Crows

13. Waking From Drunken Sleep On A Spring Day.

14. Gold Painted Jars – Wines Worth A Thousand.

15. The Moon At The Fortified Pass

16. Wine

17. Old Poem

18. Drinking In The Mountains

19. We Fought For – South Of The Walls

20. Long Yearning (Sent Far)

21. A Song Of Changgan

22. Yearning

23. Down Zhongnan Mountain

24. Lu Mountain, Kiangsi

25. Lament Of The Frontier Guard

26. The Exile’s Letter

27. A Farewell To Secretary Shuyun At The Xietiao Villa In Xuanzhou

28. In Spring

29. To Wang Lun

30. Ballads Of Four Seasons: Summer

31. The River-Merchant’s Wife

32. She Spins Silk

33. On Kusu Terrace

34. Spring Night In Lo-Yang Hearing A Flute

35. Ch’Ing P’Ing Tiao

36. Alone And Drinking Under The Moon

37. The River-Captain’s Wife – A Letter

38. On Climbing In Nan-King To The Terrace Of Phoenixes

39. Ballads Of Four Seasons: Winter

40. Resentment Near The Jade Stairs

41. Drinking Alone In The Moonlight

42. The Cold Clear Spring At Nanyang

43. Ziyi Song

44. Summer In The Mountains

45. Listening To A Flute In Yellow Crane Pavillion

46. Leaving White King City

47. The Old Dust

48. Song Of The Jade Cup

49. On Dragon Hill

50. Good Old Moon

51. Nefarious War

52. Song Of The Forge

53. A Song Of An Autumn Midnight

54. Through The Yangzi Gorges

55. Going Up Yoyang Tower

56. Looking For A Monk And Not Finding Him

57. To His Two Children

58. Parting At A Wine-Shop In Nan-King

59. Ballads Of Four Seasons: Spring

60. To Tu Fu From Shantung

61. For Meng Hao-Jan

62. Under The Moon

63. His Dream Of The Skyland

64. To Tan-Ch’Iu

65. Marble Stairs Grievance

66. Three—with The Moon And His Shadow

67. Farewell To Secretary Shu-Yun At The Hsieh Tiao Villa In Hsuan-Chou

68. Visiting A Taoist On Tiatien Mountain

69. Waterfall At Lu-Shan

70. On A Picture Screen

71. Self-Abandonment

72. Hard Is The Journey

73. Before The Cask Of Wine

74. Taking Leave Of A Friend

75. Quiet Night Thoughts

76. Moon Over Mountain Pass

77. Bringing In The Wine

78. Climbing West Of Lotus Flower Peak

79. Confessional

80. Thoughts In A Tranquil Night

81. Gazing At The Cascade On Lu Mountain

82. Farewell To Meng Hao-Jan

83. Clearing At Dawn

84. Down From The Mountain

85. Bathed And Washed

86. Chuang Tzu And The Butterfly

87. A Vindication

88. Drinking With Someone In The Mountains

89. Mountain Drinking Song

90. About Tu Fu

91. Chiang Chin Chiu

92. Amidst The Flowers A Jug Of Wine

93. A Mountain Revelry

94. Green Mountain

95. Autumn River Song

96. Alone Looking At The Mountain

97. Drinking Alone

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