1. A Wooden Bow And Rush Grass For An Arrow

2. Now I Saw A Stream Flowing

3. I Might Disperse Tthe Southern Clouds

4. Ah Me! The Five

5. In Your Mother’swomb You Vowed

6. A Royal Fly-Whisk

7. I Came Straight

8. Should You, In This Body, Seek

9. Patience To Endure Lightning And Thunder

10. By Pandering To Your Appetites

11. I Have Worn Out My Palate And Tongue

12. A Thousand Times My Guru I Asked

13. Slay The Murderous Demons

14. I Didn’T Bear With

15. I Have To Suffer The Consequence

16. The Arrows Of My Wooden Bow Turned Out

17. Probing Inside, I Came

18. Ocean And The Mind Of Man Are Both Alike

19. O, Mind, How Intoxicated You Are

20. In The Midst Of The Ocean

21. The Sling Knots Of The Load Of Candy

22. I Overpowered And Subdued

23. Lalla Wilfully Entered The Garden Door

24. I Bore With All Mocking And Jeering

25. Lalla, Embarked On

26. Fondly Will They Drink Water From

27. He, Who Overcomes Pride, Greed, Vanity

28. Bathe Daily At Places Of Pilgrimage

29. My Guru Gave Me But One Percept

30. In Seeking And Searching Myself

31. Who Slays The Highway Robbers Three

32. The Dirt Of Myfilthy Heart

33. I Treaded On The Expanse

34. Intense Cold Makes Water Ice

35. Chidananda, The Light Of Absolute Knowledge

36. Just For A Moment, Flowers Appear

37. The Soul, Like The Moon

38. Meditate Within Eternity

39. Your Way Of Knowing Is A Private Herb Garden

40. I Practiced What I Read

41. What Was It You Had Sown Which Should Have Borne A Rich Harvest?

42. Whence I Have Come And By Which Way

43. Word, Thought, Kula And Akula Cease To Be There!

44. I Have Seen A Learned Man Die Of Hunger

45. He Stands Close By You!

46. Forgetful One, Get Up!

47. Draped In Stores Of Knowledge

48. Let Not Your Body Suffer

49. You Will Not Know Peace Of Mind

50. Why Have You Sunk Deep In The Sea

51. In Life I Sought Neither Wealth Nor Power

52. Which Are The Flowers And From Which Florists?

53. Ill Or Well, Whatever Befalls

54. Countless Times We Come

55. By The Highway I Came

56. Now I Saw The Hearth Ablaze

57. This Counsel To The Body Give, O Soul

58. He Who Wields The Sword A Kingdom Gains

59. Keep Your Mind Intent Upon

60. When Siddhanath Applied Lotion To My Eyes

61. Playfully, You Hid From Me

62. I Traveled A Long Way Seeking God

63. Why Do You Grope Thus Like The Blind?

64. Deception, Hypocracy, Untruth

65. Thousand Times I Asked My Guru

66. Dying And Giving Birth Go On

67. With A Rope Of Loose-Spun Thread Am I Towing

68. Coursing In Emptiness

69. Why Do You Dote Upon Someone, My Soul

70. Impart Not Esoteric Ttruth To Fools

71. Tickled By The Sparks Of Shiva Consciousness

72. Have No Fear, O Restless Mind

73. A Thousand Times I Asked My Guru

74. There Is Neither You, Nor I

75. It Is Easy To Read And Tto Recite

76. I, Lalla, Willingly Entered Through The Garden-Gate

77. The Sling Of My Candy Load Has Ggone Loose

78. O Infinite Consciousness

79. Dance, Lalla, With Nothing On

80. The Tri-Pinnacled Lake

81. Fair Or Foul, Satire Or Sarcasm

82. I Will Weep And Weep For You, O Mind

83. At The End Of A Crazy-Moon Night

84. The Steed Of Mind Speedeth Over The Sky

85. There Is A Yawning Pit Underneath You

86. I Searched For My Self

87. When My Mind Was Cleansed Of Impurities

88. Though You Are Wise, Be As A Fool

89. They May Abuse Me Or Jeer At Me

90. The Way Is Difficult And Very Intricate

91. What Is Worship? Who Are This Man

92. The Mind’s The Garden Of Flowers

93. The Joys Of Palate And Fine Apparel

94. Day Will Be Erased In Night

95. To Learn The Scriptures Is Easy

96. Five Sayings Of Lal Ded

97. If You’Ve Melted Your Desires

98. For Ever We Come, For Ever We Go

99. He Stands Close By You!

100. For A Moment I Suppressed The Bellows Of Respiration

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