1. Many Hoped

2. The Impossible Pass

3. The Dropp And The Sea

4. The Spiritual Athlete Often Changes The Color Of His Clothes

5. Knowing Nothing Shuts The Iron Gates

6. When I Found The Boundless Knowledge

7. My Body Is Flooded

8. The Self Forgets Itself

9. Plucking Your Eyebrows

10. My Body And My Mind

11. Within This Earthen Vessel

12. My Swan, Let Us Fly

13. I’Ve Burned My Own House Down

14. The Bride-Soul

15. O Slave, Liberate Yourself

16. The Moon Shines In My Body

17. The Lord Is In Me

18. O Servant Where Dost Thou Seek Me

19. When The Day Came

20. To Be A Slave Of Intensity

21. It Is Needless To Ask Of A Saint

22. To Thee Thou Hast Drawn My Love

23. Lift The Veil

24. Oh Friend, I Love You, Think This Over

25. I Won’t Come

26. What Kind Of God?

27. His Death In Benares

28. Chewing Slowly

29. How Do You

30. He’s That Rascally Kind Of Yogi

31. The Guest Is Inside You, And Also Inside Me

32. I Have Attained The Eternal Bliss

33. Hope For Him

34. O Friend

35. Hang Up The Swing Of Love Today!

36. I Talk To My Inner Lover, And I Say, Why Such Rush?

37. O Lord Increate, Who Will Serve Thee?

38. How Humble Is God

39. Abode Of The Beloved

40. The Middle Region Of The Sky

41. Tell Me Brother

42. Tentacles Of Time

43. Friend, Wake Up! Why Do You Go On Sleeping?

44. O My Heart! The Supreme Spirit

45. Where Spring, The Lord Of The Seasons

46. Do Not Go To The Garden Of Flowers

47. Lamps Burn In Every House

48. The Word

49. The Swan Flies Away

50. I Laugh When I Hear That The Fish In The Water Is Thirsty

51. The River And Its Waves Are One

52. To What Shore Would You Cross

53. The Bhakti Path

54. Hey Brother, Why Do You Want Me To Talk?

55. When He Himself Reveals Himself

56. I Have Been Thinking

57. Hiding In This Cage

58. I Played Day And Night

59. Having Crossed The River

60. Friend, Hope For The Guest While You Are Alive

61. I Burst Into Laughter

62. Tell Me, O Swan, Your Ancient Tale

63. O How May I Ever Express That Secret Word?

64. The Time Before Death

65. Brother, I’Ve Seen Some

66. The Last Flight

67. The Light Of The Sun

68. Between The Poles Of The Conscious

69. Looking At The Grinding Stones – Dohas (Couplets) I

70. When You Were Born In This World – Dohas Ii

71. Are You Looking For Me?

72. I Said To The Wanting-Creature Inside Me

73. There’s A Moon Inside My Body

74. Illusion And Reality

75. Where Do You Search Me

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