1. Moravian Hymn

2. Hymn Xxv: Stupendous Love Of God Most High!

3. Hymn Xxvii: Saviour, The World’s And Mine

4. Hymn Xxx: Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin?

5. Hymn Xxvi: I Thirst, Thou Wounded Lamb Of God

6. Hymn: Thou Hidden Love Of God

7. Hymn Xxi: Ye Simple Souls That Stray

8. Hymn Xxiv: Saviour, If Thy Precious Love

9. Hymn Xxviii: Love Divine! What Hast Thou Done!

10. Hymn X: Ye Thirsty For God, To Jesus Give Ear

11. Hymn Xxii: Behold The Saviour Of Mankind

12. Hymn Iv: Ho! Everyone That Thirsts, Draw Nigh

13. Hymn Ix: Sinners, Obey The Gospel-Word!

14. Hymn Viii: What Could Your Redeemer Do

15. Hymn Xvi: Happy The Souls That First Believed

16. Hymn Xix: Rejoice Evermore With Angels Above

17. Hymn Xiii: Happy Soul That Free From Harms

18. Hymn Xviii: Father, Saviour Of Mankind

19. Hymn Xi: God, The Offended God Most High

20. Hymn Ii: Come, Sinners, To The Gospel Feast

21. Hymn Xiv: Happy The Man That Finds The Grace

22. Hymn Vi: Sinners, Turn, Why Will Ye Die?

23. Hymn Vii: Let The Beasts Their Breath Resign

24. Hymn Xv: Happy The Souls To Jesus Joined

25. Hymn Xx: Weary Souls, That Wander Wide

26. Hymn I: O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing

27. Hymn Xvii: Jesus, From Whom All Blessings Grow

28. Hymn Xxiii: Extended On A Cursed Tree

29. Hymn Xii: Come, Ye That Love The Lord

30. Hymn V: Thy Faithfulness, Lord

31. Hymn Iii: All That Pass By, To Jesus Draw Near

32. Hymn Xxix: Come, Ye Weary Sinners, Come

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