1. Songs In The Masque Of Alfred: To Peace

2. Scene Between May And June

3. Prologue To Tancred And Sigismunda

4. Psalm Civ. Paraphrased

5. Stanzas Written By Thomson On The Blank Leaf Of A Copy Of His ‘seasons’ Sent By Him To Mr. Lyttleton, Soon After The Death Of His Wife

6. Sweet Valley, Say

7. Summer

8. The Lover’s Fate

9. Songs In The Masque Of Alfred: To Alfred

10. The Happy Man

11. Sheep-Sheering

12. To Her I Love

13. To Myra

14. Prologue To Mallet’s Mustapha

15. On The Death Of His Mother

16. On The Death Of Mr Aikman

17. From Those Eternal Regions

18. Reflections Suggested By Winter

19. On The Hoop

20. On The Report That A Wooden Bridge Was To Be Built At Westminster

21. Song

22. On Happiness

23. On Æolus’s Harp

24. Happiness Of A Country Life

25. Insects In Summer

26. To Fortune

27. The Morning In The Country

28. Noontide Retreat Of Summer As A Haunt For Meditation

29. The Study And Beauties Of The Works Of Nature

30. Waterfall

31. On May

32. Lisy’s Parting With Her Cat

33. When Last We Parted

34. Nothing Formed In Vain

35. Hymn To God’s Power

36. To The God Of Fond Desire

37. To His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales

38. The Effects Of Spring On Nature

39. In The Train

40. Verses Addressed To Amanda

41. Rule Britannia

42. Verses On Receiving A Flower From His Mistress

43. To The Memory Of The Right Honourable Lord Talbot, Late Chancellor Of Great Britain. Addressed To His Son.

44. To The Same (Amanda) With A Copy Of The ‘seasons’

45. Rambles In Autumn

46. Winter

47. On Mrs Mendez’ Birthday, Who Was Born On Valentine’s Day

48. Mists In Autumn

49. On Beauty

50. Spring Showers

51. Lines On Marle Field

52. On A Country Life

53. To The Reverend Patrick Murdoch, Rector Of Stradishall, In Suffolk

54. To Amanda – Come, Dear Amanda, Quit The Town

55. To Seraphina

56. To Love (Amanda)

57. Lavinia

58. The Incomparable Soporific Doctor

59. The Reapers In Autumn

60. A Pastoral Between Thirsis And Corydon, Upon The Death Of Damon, By Whom Is Meant Mr. W. Riddell

61. A Summer Noon

62. Epilogue To Tancred And Sigismunda

63. The Morning Lark

64. A Man Perishing In The Snow: From Whence Reflections Are Raised On The Miseries Of Life.

65. A Paraphrase On The Latter Part Of The Sixth Chapter Of St Matthew

66. Evening In Summer

67. A Poetical Epistle To Sir William Bennet, Bart. Of Grubbat

68. Come, Gentle God

69. Cattle In Summer

70. A Hymn

71. The Rainbow

72. An Elegy On Parting

73. Death Of The Stag

74. A Pastoral Betwixt David, Thirsis, And The Angel Gabriel, Upon The Birth Of Our Saviour

75. Care Of Birds For Their Young

76. Epilogue To Agamemnon

77. Dawn In Summer

78. Farewell To Ravelrig

79. A Nuptial Song

80. Epitaph On Miss Stanley, In Holyrood Church, Southampton

81. A Complaint On The Miseries Of Life

82. Sunday Up The River

83. The Wine of Love

84. Contentment

85. Fareweel, Ye Bughts

86. Gifts

87. A Pastoral Entertainment

88. Hymn On Solitude

89. Evening In Autumn

90. An Elegy Upon James Therburn, In Chatto

91. The Seasons: Winter

92. He, When Young Spring Protrudes The Bursting Gems

93. To The Nightingale

94. Hymn 

95. Complaint On The Miseries Of Life 

96. Winter 

97. The Seasonse

98. To Sir William Bennet

99. In Summer


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