1. It was on that day when the sun’s ray

2. What infinite providence and art

3. When the heavenly body that tells the hours

4. To make a graceful act of revenge,

5. My passion’s folly is so led astray

6. At the foot of the hill where beauty’s garment

7. Greed and sleep and slothful beds

8. If my life of bitter torment and of tears

9. Glorious pillar in whom rests

10. When from hour to hour among the other ladies

11. When I utter sighs, in calling out to you

12. My weary eyes, there, while I turn you

13. Grizzled and white the old man leaves

14. There are creatures in the world with such other

15. I have offered you my heart a thousand times

16. Bitter tears pour down my face

17. As at times in hot sunny weather

18. Heavenly Father, after the lost days,

19. The time to labour, for every animal

20. From what part of the heavens, from what idea

21. Full of a wandering thought that separates me

22. Alone and thoughtful, through the most desolate fields,

23. Now that the sky and the earth and the wind are silent

24. Blessed be the day, and the month, and the year,

25. No weary helmsman ever fled for harbour

26. Not Ticino, Po, Varo, Arno, Adige or Tiber

27. Many times now, with my true thought,

28. Through the midst of inhospitable, wild woods,

29. A pure white hind appeared to me

30. O little room that was once a refuge

31. O beautiful hand that clutches my heart

32. Ah me, the beautiful face, ah me, the gentle look,

33. The high column and the green laurel are broken

34. Who wishes to see what Nature can achieve

35. Sonnet 101 [Ways apt and new to sing of love I’d find]

36. That wandering paleness which conceals

37. The heavens have revolved for seventeen years

38. Sonnet 131 [I’d sing of Love in such a novel fashion]

39. Life flies, and never stays an hour,

40. From ‘Visions’

41. A new young angel carried by her wings

42. When I turn again to gaze on the years

43. Clear, sweet fresh water

44. Where is the forehead, that could make my heart turn

45. Love leads me on, from thought to thought,

46. Zephyr returns and brings fair weather,

47. These days of mine, faster than a hind,

48. That nightingale who weeps so sweetly,

49. My sad verse, go to the harsh stone

50. Doth any Maiden Seek The Glorious Fame

51. The angels elect and the blessed spirits,

52. Little wandering bird that goes singing

53. What do I feel if this is not love?

54. I find no peace, and yet I make no war:

55. My thought raised me to a place in which

56. She let her gold hair scatter in the breeze

57. You who hear the sound, in scattered rhymes,

58. Canzone XVI

59. If No Love Is, O God, What Fele I So? (Sonnet 102)

60. The eyes I spoke about so warmly,

61. I go weeping for my time past,

62. I have not seen you, lady,

63. Petrarch

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