1. Celebrating T’Ae-Sze’s Freedom From Jealousy

2. Celebrating The Goodness Of The Descendants Of King Wan

3. Celebrating The Opulence Of The Lords Of Ts’In

4. Celebrating The Industry Of King Wan’s Queen

5. Celebrating The Virtue Of King Wan’s Bride

6. Celebrating A Hunting Expedition

7. In Praise Of A Maiden

8. In Praise Of A Bride

9. Lament Of A Bereaved Person

10. Lamenting The Absence Of A Cherished Friend

11. Chwang Keang Bemoans Her Husband’s Cruelty

12. King Seuen On The Occasion Of A Great Drought

13. An Officer Tells Of His Mean Employment

14. On The Misgovernment Of The State

15. Lament For Three Brothers

16. Praise Of A Rabbit-Catcher

17. On Sacrificing To The Kings Woo, Ching, And K’Ang

18. The Drawbacks Of Poverty

19. The Affection Of The Wives On The Joo

20. The Duke Of Chow Tells Of His Soldiers

21. The Condition Of King Seuen’s Flocks

22. The Complaint Of An Officer

23. In Praise Of A Ruler Of Ts’In

24. The Earl Of Shaou’s Work

25. The Complaint Of A Neglected Wife

26. The Easy Dignity Of The Officers At Some Court

27. The Fruitfulness Of The Locust

28. The Industry And Reverence Of A Prince’s Wife

29. The Diligence Of The Young Wife Of An Officer

30. The Love Of The People For The Duke Of Shaou

31. The Plaint Of A Rejected Wife

32. The Plaint Of King Yew’s Forsaken Wife

33. The People’s Admiration For Duke Woo

34. The Lament Of A Lover

35. The Generous Nephew

36. The Song Of The Plantain-Gatherers

37. The Marriage Of A Princess

38. The King’s Anxiety For His Morning Levee

39. The Diligence Of The Young Wife Of An Officer

40. The Virtuous Manners Of The Young Women

41. The Rejoicings Of A Bridegroom

42. In Praise Of Some Lady

43. Appropriate To A Sacrifice To King Wan

44. On The Completion Of A Royal Palace

45. A Love-Song

46. A Festal Ode

47. In Praise Of By-Gone Simplicity

48. On The Alienation Of A Friend

49. The King Goes To War

50. The Contentment Of A Poor Recluse

51. The Response To A Festal Ode

52. There Is A Proper Way For Doing Everything

53. The Prince Of Loo

54. Soldiers Of Wei Bewail Separation From Their Families

55. The Disappointed Lover

56. To Govern

57. The Master Said

58. On The Misery Of Soldiers

59. Men Of Superior Mind

60. Moral Lessons From Natural Facts

61. Discontent

62. The Mean Husband

63. The Folly Of Useless Effort

64. The Wish Of An Unhappy Man

65. Anxiety Of A Young Lady To Get Married

66. Hospitality

67. The Value Of Friendship

68. Trysting Time

69. Sadness

70. Celebrating King Wan

71. An Officer Sets Forth His Hard Lot

72. An Ode Appropriate To A Festivity

73. An Officer Deplores The Misery Of The Time

74. An Officer Bewails The Neglect With Which He Is Treated

75. The Soldier

76. Against Listening To Slanderers

77. A Festal Ode Complimenting An Officer

78. A Wife’s Grief Because Of Her Husband’s Absence

79. A Wife Mourns For Her Husband

80. A Wife Urging Her Husband To Action

81. Against Frivolous Pursuits

82. An Ode Of Congratulation

83. An Entreaty

84. A Wife Mourns For Her Husband

85. A Eunuch Complains Of His Fate

86. A Wife Consoled By Her Husband’s Arrival

87. A Wife Deplores The Absence Of Her Husband

88. A Wife Bemoans Her Husband’s Absence

89. A Lady Mourns The Absence Of Her Student Lover

90. A Woman Scorning Her Lover

91. A Man’s Praise Of His Wife

92. A Young Soldier On Service

93. A Complaint

94. Ode Complimenting An Officer


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