1. The Soul Of Wine

2. The sky


4. Destruction

5. The living flame

6. Gloomy Madrigal

7. The Eyes Of Beauty

8. Sonnet Of Autumn

9. Reversibilite (Reversability)

10. Letter To Sainte-Beuve

11. The Ransom

12. The Solitary’s Wine

13. La Cloche Felee (The Cracked Bell)

14. Le Guignon (Ill-Starred)

15. The Warner

16. The Sadness Of The Moon

17. Semper Eadem (Ever The Same)

18. Le Flambeau Vivant (The Living Torch)

19. Le Mauvais Moine (The Bad Monk)

20. Tristesses De La Lune (Sorrows Of The Moon)

21. La Pipe (The Pipe)

22. Sisina

23. La Beatrice

24. La Servante Au Grand Coeur Dont Vous Etiez Jalouse (The Great-Hearted Servant Of Whom You Were Jealous)

25. Le Cygne (The Swan)

26. Le Lethe (Lethe)

27. The Lid

28. Remords Posthume (Posthumous Remorse)

29. On Tasso In Prison (Eugene Delacroix’s Painting)

30. L’Irremediable (The Irremediable)

31. Je Te Donne Ces Vers Afin Que Si Mon Nom (I Give You These Verses So That If My Name)

32. Le Flacon (The Perfume Flask)

33. Les Phares (The Beacons)

34. Que Diras-Tu Ce Soir, Pauvre Ame Solitaire (What Will You Say Tonight, Poor Solitary Soul)

35. Une Gravure Fantastique (A Fantastic Engraving)

36. Le Balcon (The Balcony)

37. Autumn

38. Incompatibility

39. Tu Mettrais L’Univers Entier Dans Ta Ruelle (You Would Take The Whole World To Bed With You)

40. Spleen (Iii)

41. The Moon, Offended

42. Le Possede (The Possessed)

43. The Seven Old Men

44. Landscape

45. La Muse Venale (The Venal Muse)

46. Je N’Ai Pas Oublie, Voisine De La Ville (I’Ve Not Forgotten, Near The Town)

47. Be Drunk

48. N’Est Ce Pas Qu’Il Est Doux-In (Is It Not Pleasant)

49. Spleen (Ii)

50. The Inquisitive Man’s Dream

51. La Serpent Qui Danse (The Dancing Serpent)

52. The Game

53. Morning Twilight

54. Le Tonneau De La Haine (The Cask Of Hate)

55. Il Aimait A La Voir

56. La Geante (The Giantess)

57. L’Homme Et La Mer (Man And The Sea)

58. Evening Twilight

59. The Death Of The Poor

60. Le Vampire (The Vampire)

61. Benediction (Benediction)

62. Une Nuit Que J’Etais Pres D’Une Affreuse Juive (On Night I Lay With A Frightful Jewess)

63. Lover’s Wine

64. L’Aube Spirituelle (Spiritual Dawn)

65. Hymn

66. Parfum Exotique (Exotic Perfume)

67. Sed Non Satiata (Unslakeable Lust)

68. The Digging Skeleton

69. Don Juan Aux Enfers (Don Juan In Hell)

70. To A Woman Of Malabar

71. La Chevelure (Her Hair)

72. Lament Of An Icarus

73. Femmes Damnees

74. Un Fantome (A Phantom)

75. Duellum (The Duel)

76. L’Ennemi (The Enemy)

77. Les Chats (Cats)

78. Parisian Dream

79. The Living Torch

80. Epilogue

81. Chatiment De L’Orgueil (The Punishment Of Pride)

82. J’Aime Le Souvenir De Ces Epoques Nues (I Love The Naked Ages Long Ago)

83. Obsession

84. La Vie Anterieure (My Earlier Life)

85. Tout Entiere (All Of Her)

86. Horreur Sympathique (Sympathetic Horror)

87. L’Ideal (The Ideal)

88. The Sunset Of Romanticism

89. The Death Of Lovers

90. To She Who Is Too Light-Hearted

91. Mist And Rain

92. L’ Etranger

93. Ciel Brouille (Cloudy Sky)

94. Moesta Et Errabunda (Grieving And Wandering)

95. Les Bijoux (The Jewels)

96. La Beaute (Beauty)

97. L’Horloge (The Clock)

98. The Irreparable

99. Chanson D’Apres-Midi (Afternoon Song)

100. Le Masque (The Mask)

101. Le Chat (The Cat)

102. Le Poison (The Poison)

103. Chant D’Automne (Song Of Autumn)

104. Confession

105. La Muse Malade (The Sick Muse)

106. The Voice

107. A Une Madone (To A Madonna)

108. The Void

109. L’Albatros (The Albatross)

110. Causerie (Conversation)

111. Je T’Adore A L’Egal De La Voute Nocturne (More Than Night’s Vault, It’s You That I Adore)

112. Franciscae Meae Laudes (Praises Of My Francesca)

113. The Owls

114. L’Heautontimoroumenos (The Man Who Tortures Himself)

115. The Voyage

116. Le Mort Joyeux (The Joyful Corpse)

117. Le Revenant (The Ghost)

118. Avec Ses Vetements Ondoyants Et Nacres (With Waving Opalescense In Her Gown)

119. Lethe

120. The Litanies Of Satan

121. Hymne A La Beaute (Hymn To Beauty)

122. Bohemiens En Voyage (Gypsies On The Road)

123. Even When She Walks

124. Music

125. Bertha’s Eyes

126. Le Gout Du Neant

127. To The Reader

128. Far Away From Here

129. The Sun

130. Voyage To Cythera

131. Spleen (Iv)

132. The Bad Monk

133. Une Charogne

134. Overcast

135. One O’Clock In The Morning

136. L’Invitation Au Voyage

137. Ill-Starred

138. Alchimie De La Douleur (The Alchemy Of Sorrow)

139. My Earlier Life

140. Calm

141. The Blessing

142. The Balcony

143. The Possessed

144. The Sick Muse

145. Travelling Bohemians

146. The End Of The Day

147. The Enemy

148. The Fountain Of Blood

149. Elevation

150. De Profundis Clamavi

151. For Madame Sabatier

152. Sorrows Of The Moon

153. Invitation To The Voyage

154. Evening Harmony

155. The Vampire

156. Correspondences

157. The Carcass

158. At One O’Clock In The Morning

159. The Jewels

160. Crowds

161. The Albatross

162. Anywhere Out Of The World

163. Windows

164. Cats

165. Au Lecteur

166. Her Hair

167. Get Drunk

168. Beacons

169. Composure

170. Spleen

171. À Une Dame Créole (To A Creole Lady)

172. Beowulf

173. Spleen (I)

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