1. Don’t Say It, I Love You, As Hate I Those, Who Say It, I Love You So Cheaply (Do Not Show The False Dreams Of Love)

2. Your Genius

3. A Poet Of Bleeding Heart & Broken Self

4. I Am Not A Modn, Modnist Or Post-Modn

5. God Has Given

6. The Small Girl You Are Taking Away As A Bride

7. Luring Him…

8. My Communist Clerk

9. Villain

10. None But I Myself

11. Your Innocence And Ignorance

12. Had I Been …

13. Style

14. I Am A Man Of Heart

15. Kalpurusha

16. The Blackboard

17. I Feel Sorry

18. Sylvia Plath

19. I Do Not Understand

20. My English

21. The Rural Beloved Asking, Why Does He Read?

22. Say, Do You Love Me?

23. The Cuckoo

24. Maya

25. Breaking News, Break It Not

26. Shakespeare, Keep Us Not In The Dark

27. I Saw Them (The Bamiyan Buddhas)

28. The Daughters Of Maya

29. The Girl In The Jeans Pants With A Mobile Heralding The Modern Age

30. One Day

31. Withdrawn From The World

32. You Wept

33. The New University And Its Men

34. Had I A White Wife, I Mean An English Or American

35. Bhagjogini

36. Topiwallah

37. O, Where Do You Lie In, Playing The Been, In Which Deep Forest?

38. The Memsaheb Of My Bungalow

39. The Poet

40. Maharshi

41. Josephbrodsky

42. My Love For The Burquawalli

43. Annapurna Devi

44. Somewhere The Morning

45. Netaji Subhas Chandra…

46. My Countrified Love, The News Of Your Sudden Wedding

47. i See The Flowers

48. The Red-Mouthed Small Indian Monkey

49. D.H.Lawence

50. The Loves Of Thomas Hardy

51. Trailanga Swami

52. Standing By The Bridge Of The Forest-Ways

53. Kadambari Devi

54. O, Crow, Black Indian Crow…

55. The Hanumans

56. The Dark Daughter

57. O, Palanquin-Bearers!

58. On St. Valentine’s Day

59. Keki Nasserwanji Daruwalla

60. Words

61. Priceless Love

62. The Lapse In Judgement

63. A Nondescript Indian Village

64. I Do Not Know

65. Three Friends, Ganjeri, Bhangeri And Darpiya

66. Jayanta Mahapatra

67. My Neighbour

68. History Of Sound

69. When I Was A Schoolboy

70. The Bearman

71. The Milk Miracle

72. A Landscape With Imagery

73. My Silence

74. Khushwant Singh The Gossip-Master

75. Think You, Taking Wine, What Have You Made Of You? Think, Just Think You

76. What Is Poetry, Who To Say It To Me?

77. The Palmist

78. Onon Marking Them Coming, I Mean The Marxists, The Leninists And The Maoists

79. An Armless Hand

80. The Olden-Age Theatre: A Study In Dramatic Personae And Characters, The Role Models

81. The Twins

82. The Super Comrade

83. If Smile You

84. Circus Artistes

85. the Dance School Boys & Girls

86. The Desire To Marry The Fanatic’s Daughter

87. Somewhere

88. Who Is A Satirist?

89. Once The Nights Used To Be Of

90. the Communists

91. There Are Many To Say, I Love You Instantly

92. The Black Girl Smiling

93. The Partition

94. Gandhiji, Your Pagletgiri…

95. If You Go Failing In The Same Class

96. Take The Bible And Say You, Confess And Accept You

97. Suppose Your Son Turns Into A Bad Boy

98. how Long Will The Hero Go Beating The Villain?

99. M.N.Roy

100. At The Fair-Ground

101. Autobiography

102. Who Is A Romantic?

103. Will The Spring Fall Silent?

104. I Used To Hear The Village Clown Saying

105. Who The Daughter Weeping In The Temple Complex?

106. When I Will Be No More In This World, You Will Feel It, Feel It, My Love

107. Michael Madhusudan Dutt

108. Eco-Criticism

109. The Falling Tears

110. Murkhamantri On Coming From Harvard

111. Mahatma Gandhi

112. Do You Love Me, Love Me Really? Yea, I Love You, Love You

113. I Weep For You, My Love (I Your Dead Wife) / The Voice Of The Dead Beloved

114. Oscar Wilde

115. A Non-Matric B.A. In Reaching Out The Un-Reached (Open University)

116. Yoga Is Yoga, Make It Not Bhoga

117. They Are Coming To Vote

118. what Is Love? (The Red Rose And Its Petals Splashed With The Dews)

119. The Fortune-Teller

120. Having Signed

121. The Glow-Worm

122. His Father Had Not Been An Officer, But Calls He Himself

123. The Freedom Fighter

124. Came She Powdering And Creaming After That

125. I Stood Still To Watch And See

126. The Fact & Fiction Of Poetry

127. Your Wept And Wept And Heard I All Through The Night

128. Bapu’s Red-Mouthed Banars And Loknayak’s Black-Mouthed Hanumans

129. Amartya Sen

130. The Modern-Day Poet

131. One Day While Burning The Father

132. Your Smiles

133. If You Ask Me, What It Is Poetry, I Shall Say…

134. A Singer Of My Heart

135. My Older Questions

136. The Joys And Sorrows Of Life

137. The Dilemma

138. The Drug-Addict

139. My Love

140. Without Knowing Them, I Called Myself A Poet

141. The Terracotta Temple

142. My Village

143. The Village Girl-Maid Going On The Bullock Cart

144. A Document Of Poetry

145. The Making Of A Poet

146. The Song Of Love

147. The Ganga Sagar

148. The Poet’s House

149. If Find You Any Time, Please Love Me, Love Me

150. A Little Learning

151. The Anxiety Of The Age And The Poet

152. The Chair

153. The Poet’s Mind

154. When Will You The Name Of Hari?

155. The Dawn-Break

156. I Am A Poet

157. As A Writer, What To Narrate It?

158. My Trial Of English And My Englishness

159. My Tributes To Him (Talent Search)

160. Joker Is My Name

161. The Sterlings That Saw I

162. Where Is Brindaban, I Won’t Let You Go?

163. The Bluff-Masters Of Indian English Poetry Talk I, Dream I (The Seminar Paper)

164. Rock-Built Temples

165. Generally

166. Mr. Loafer As The Grandfather Telling Tales From Life

167. This Business Of Ph.D.-Doing

168. The Rhythm Of Speech, The Rhythm Of Life

169. I Cannot Call Her A Bad Woman

170. The Dew-Laden Lotus

171. The Drama Of Professorship

172. The Professor

173. For Learning English

174. Sitting On The Gallery Benches

175. As A Poet

176. Under The Starlit Skies

177. Population Explosion

178. The Black Cuckoo

179. They…

180. Who Is The Maiden Going, Disturbing The Buddha In Meditation?

181. The Mahout, The Bearman And The Monkeyman

182. Will Not Wit And Humour, Their Use And Application Turn Me Into A Joker?

183. A Tryst With The Tobacco-Eater Or Who Are You Seated On The Platform? May I Know Your Identity, Sir?

184. A Tryst With Modernity

185. Bustless, Torsoless, Stand You

186. I Like You, I Love You

187. How To Take Modernism?

188. Bird-Watching

189. Pinda-Dana

190. From Modernism To Where, So-Called Modernity To Whither

191. God, What Is It?

192. My Bengali Wife (A Portrayal Of Character)

193. Glimpses From Life

194. The Onward Journey From

195. A Lyrist Am I, The Lyrist Of Love/My Love, You Do Not Know It/ How Much Do I Love You?

196. The Pinda-Dana Ritual, The Countryside Torn By Hunger, Thirst And Hot Summer And The Crows Crowing

197. Modernism To Post-Modernism

198. They Said It Poetry Is Imagery And Photography

199. Whatever Call I, They Will Remain That

200. And He Will Vacate It When Overpowered And Overthrown Forcibly (The Joker On The Chair Comical Not, Criminal)

201. How Long Will She Remain A Side-Heroine?

202. The Tradesman, Herdsmen, O, Those Footmen From Far-Off

203. My Turn To Be A Hero, A Film Artiste, A Cine Star

204. The Song Of The Dark Daughter

205. The Library Man

206. The Media Man

207. An Indian Fool

208. After Getting Married For The Second Time

209. They Ask Me About The Dark Daughter

210. The Last Laugh Of Communism/ The Communists

211. Have You Ever Loved A Girl?

212. You Sit In The Studio

213. The Formation Of The People’s Government

214. A Playgirl She Is

215. Khushwant Singh As A Columnist

216. Unravelling Of The Myths

217. The Song Of The Kingfisher

218. Mao-Tse Tung, Sir, The Day Saw I Could Not Sleep I

219. The Red China Roses

220. You Ask Me

221. Time, Who Will Docket My Poems Or…?

222. How Did They?

223. O, Wild Flower!

224. Dark Is Dark

225. Let Me Say, Let Me Say, Let Me Finish, Let Me Finish, One Saying After Another To Say The Things Of Their Own, As To How To Present First?

226. Who Says That The World Is Going To End? /Since My Childhood I Have Been Hearing It That The World Is Going To End? The World Will Not It Now, Will Later On, If Has, But Not Now

227. Though Not Busy, Said He, I Am Busy And Hearing Him I Too Said To Him, I Am Busy

228. The Girl Whom Met I In The Library Doing My Ph.D. (First Love Then Ph.D.)

229. Take Daru And Call Yourself A Hero If Not Of The Bombay Theatre Then Of The Local Theatre

230. The Ghost Of Religion

231. Let Me Say, Let Me Say, Let Me Finish, Let Me Finish And As Thus Said And Quarrelled They

232. Will They Forget Letter-Writing? + Will Letter-Writing Turn A Dead Art?

233. On The Eve Of The Raksha Bandhan

234. Keshav Malik

235. The Tantrica With The Dog

236. Mr. Tornado

237. The Man On The Platform

238. What Do They Go On Doing? Do You Know It? I Mean The Journalwallahs, The Petty Men Of Literature

239. My Love, You Will Remember Me When I Will Be No More In This World

240. My Song

241. Sivoaham Sivoaham Sivoaham

242. In Search Of Shiva

243. The Path Of Sadhna

244. They Say It That There Is Nothing In India

245. Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari-Hari

246. The Poet Fossilized

247. The Good Reader, I Find Him Not, Where Is He?

248. Who Calls Bombay A Dream City?

249. For Chandramukhi, My Dream Girl

250. What Is Indian English Language?

251. The Girl Whom Met I At The Shopping Complex, I Am Making A Photo Of Hers Exactly So With A Fine Face-Cutting And The Wide-Wide Eyes

252. I See The Modern Girl Saying Bye-Bye So Stylistically And Smilingly

253. The Sadhaka And His Sadhna

254. You Do Not Know How Bad Am I / A Badman I Go On Doing Sinful Activities All Daylong

255. Mom, Mum, Mummy

256. The Poet’s Black Beards, The Poet’s Or The Lover’s? / Keep Beards If You Want To Be A Poet/ First Be A Lover Then A Poet

257. On The Facebook

258. Random Reflections On The Post-Fifties Of Indian English Poetry

259. You Too Tell Me About The Story Of Your Life As I Have Already

260. On The Twitter, Hey, Nothing To Tweet

261. Forget Me Not/ Roses For St.Valentine

262. I Am Bijay Kant Dubey A Struggling Poet Still

263. Do Not Hurt Anybody

264. Oh, I Could Not Be Man!

265. The Lady Of The Night, Tell Us Your Name

266. The Hilly Rivulet

267. My Love, Wish Me God-Speed Smilingly, Nay Tearfully As The Tear-Smeared Faces I Cannot See Them

268. At What Fold Of Life?

269. I Am A Poet…

270. Mother’s Love

271. Postpone Your Monsoon Wedding And Just Think About Them

272. Sculptures In Love

273. One Day I Too Shall Go Away Unsaid

274. A Poet Of Love, Girlish Not, Human; Memories Haunting Man

275. I Raise The Curtain Of The Window To Find

276. God, Help The Poor Heart, O Jesu, Benevolent Jesu! , Jesus Christ! Help The Broken-Hearted Girl! , Take Care, Care Of Her, As She Is Poor And Ailing, God, Help Her, Help Her

277. Love Her, Cheat Not, Is This That You Have Learnt?

278. The Evening Of My Life, When Will It Descend, None Can Say It, Just Can Feel It, As The Heart May Say Taking In Confidence/ Today Am With You, Tomorrow May Not Be

279. Who The Goggleswalli, The Girl In The Dark Sunglasses, Asked He

280. Love But Betray Not

281. The Kingfisher Calling

282. A Man For A Man

283. Hon’Ble Sir, You Lincoln, See It, How They Have Changed The Definition Of Democarcy

284. Let Me Say What It Is In My Heart

285. Indian English Poetry A Study In Poetasters, Rhymers, Non-Poets And Commoners

286. When Came I Here

287. The Medieval Woman Trafficker With The Cage-Bird I Still See Them In A New Form

288. A Day Ago

289. My Brother, You Forget Not Your Sister On The Eve Of The Raksha Bandhan

290. The Clusters Of Flowers And The Black Cuckoo

291. The Beaten Yoni/ Womankind In Shackles

292. Friends From Bombay/ Smokers On The Way To Bombay To Be Heroes

293. Vatsyayana, Your Bhogavad

294. Light

295. Sitting On The Circus Gallery Benches And Hearing Music

296. From Modernism To Modernistic-Ness To Post-Modernism To Where?

297. God Knows Who Is What; What One Becomes?

298. Winged Words

299. A Poetry Reading Session Just For A Cup Of Coffee? / My Reader (The Writer Demanding A Cup Of Coffee For His Poetry Reading)

300. You The Police, The Prisoner And The Judge

301. After Marking Tears In Your Eyes (For Jiah Khan Who Died Young)

302. I Loved You, But Could Not, I Love You

303. In Mypoetry

304. i Do Not Know What To Tell You

305. They Too Want Me

306. In Search Of Genius Unrecgnized

307. Only The Stars Know It

308. Without The Peacock

309. The Feeling Of Being A Gipsy

310. Three Odd Friends Walking Hand-In-Hand

311. Ambulane-Driver, Where Are You Taking Me Away? My Time Has Come It, My Tears None To Wipe Them Out, Not Even God

312. O, Earth, O, Sky, O, Wind, O, Water, O, Spirit, Have You Seen My Son? Have You My Small Son Fallen Into A Bad Company?

313. Song Of Liberty

314. i Do Not Know Who Is What?

315. My Lord, It’s My Prayer To Thee,

316. Your And Mine Story Of Life

317. How They Have Kept Me Sidetracked And Have Negated My Poetry

318. President, You Return The Medals Given To Me Posthumously

319. Oh, This Disease Of Love Not Good For The World! Why Not To Se Her As A Family Member? Is There Not The Mother, The Sister At Home?

320. Ted Hughes

321. O Daru Man, Why Do You Take So Much Of Daru That Lie You Fallen On The Roads? I Mean Indian Country Liquor. Intoxication Failing Foreign Brands

322. Who Has Seen The Tomorrow?

323. A Small Poem Where The Title Too Is A Part Of The Body Of The Poem(An Experimantation In Stylistics)

324. Love But Betray Not That Simple Heart And If You Do Not Have To, Love Not, Do Not The Drama Of Love And Loving, Don’T Be So Much Selfish

325. The Poet Of Love And Dreams

326. Tears Had Been Falling From The Eyes And She Was Sobbing Silently Just To Ask

327. Adil Jussawalla

328. The Drunkard, Taking Daru, What Has He Made Of Himself?

329. The Replica Of A Nautch Girl

330. The Poet As Lover, Singer And Painter

331. My Love, A Red-Red Red Rose, Fall In Love Not Please With My Lassie

332. The Chit Fund Company Director (Mr.Boss)

333. If You Have

334. Take The Bible And Say You, False Heart

335. How Long, O, How Long?

336. The Pathways

337. The Realist

338. The Jokers Of Indian Democracy

339. The Total Solar Eclipse

340. Spies

341. The Hills Lurking Over In Sunshine

342. Morning Serenade

343. I Advise You To Keep The French-Cut Beards/ Just With Your French-Cut Beards

344. The Howl And Human Habitation

345. If You Cannot Create, Destroy It Not

346. The Snake-Charmer’s Life

347. Workaholic

348. The Flowers Which It Had To Bloom And Hang By Hung They Not

349. How To Make Her Understand, A Lonely Girl Walking On The Lonely Ways Of Life? Where Will You Go With Tears Into The Eyes?

350. Aren’T The Wild Flowers Glamorous?

351. My God, Let Me Be A Singer Of That

352. If I Die, They Will Not, But If A Leader…

353. The Music Of Today, The Modern Music

354. When Will You Get Me Married?

355. It’s A Misty Morning

356. Jayanta Mahapatra The Man And The Poet

357. Communist Manifesto, Should I Call It The Gita Or The Bible?

358. Once Upon A Time (All About The Indian Cinema Hall)

359. Sir Vidia

360. A White Chrysanthemum Blooming Is My Love

361. Can I Write Only? Why To Strut And Walk On Tiptoe?

362. The Headless Daughter At The Gyaneswari Train Accident Site

363. What It Is In My Heart, I Want To Reveal It To You

364. Risking His Life

365. Natwarlal

366. God’s Garden Of Flowers/ All For Love, But Who Loves From The Heart Within? / Love The Body Not, Love The Soul

367. A Bhangedi

368. Barring Daru, Ladki And Goondaism, There’s Nothing In The Bombayan Film Industry

369. A Story Of Some Bihari Fools

370. A Darpiya

371. Under The Moonlit Nights

372. The Ganjaraja/ The Ganjaking

373. Fate Too Supports Not All In The Selection Of A Fair And Fine Wife

374. The Rajanigandha Sticks With Clusters Of Fragrant White Blooms

375. The Morning Time

376. Drug-Adddict

377. You Weeep Not, My Love

378. Suppose The Night Is A Beloved And Her Sari Embroidered With The Twinkles Of Stars

379. Who Is The Buffaloman Going To The Assembly House In Dark Goggles?

380. A Poet Of Human Love

381. The Sobbing Girl And The Change In Heart

382. Love Under The Starlit Skies/ It’s Love Maddening, But Don’T You Be Mad, Said She As Her Word Of Caution

383. I See The Modern Girl Saying, Hello, Hullo, Hallo Changing The Tone Of Hers

384. A Modern Man

385. What Is In My Poetry Special?

386. Poetry Today And Its Readership

387. Sculptures And Me

388. How Did They Ignore Me? They Plotted And Planned For My Fall As A Poet

389. A Poet Of America And Americanness Am I

390. The Song Of The Breakheart, Love But Break Not The Tender Heart

391. Time’s Haunted House As My Dwelling Taken On A Lease From

392. Where Will You Find Nature’s Beauty In My Poetry?

393. The Voice Of The Small And Lovely Daughter

394. God Even Takes To Not, The White-Clad Widows

395. My Daughter

396. Indian Astrologers And Palmists

397. Forget Me Not

398. The Black Cat Jumping From

399. The Story Of A Developing Nation

400. The Rarely-Found Vultures

401. Have You Seen?

402. For Poetry Writing, What Did I Not Bear?

403. My Life And Times

404. The Classers Calling Themselves First Classers, First Class First Gold Merdallists Without Real Gold Medals/ All That Glitters Is Not Gold

405. The Barrenland, Intensive Heat Falling In And There Is No Respite From

406. Going Into The Depth

407. A Red Rose Or A Balsam On The Twitter Or The Facebook Profile? How Confused Am I These Days?

408. Modern Man On The Facebook Taking Salted, Sauced, Fried And Salad-Mixed Chaat And Chatting

409. The Romantic

410. Dark Is Dark, Let It Be, Why To Unravel It?

411. Nissim Ezekiel: An Alien Insider

412. The Twitter Without The Sparrows, But Full Of Human Twitters

413. Burn The Lamp Of Light And It Is But The Lamp Of Hope And Love

414. The Sardarji: I Mean Khushwant Singh

415. Bhagjogini (Glow-Worm) , My Daughter, A Countryside Poor Girl-Child Of India

416. What Is Modern Poetry?

417. I Love You, I Love You, How Many Times Have You To How Many Girls?

418. Far From Not, But In The Mist Of The Madding Crowds, Searching Life, Searching Humanity And Humanism, The Last Hope Still Not Lost

419. A Breakheart Describe I

420. My Identity

421. To The Editors Of Hunter Com.

422. What A Lover Was He!

423. Jayanta’s Waiting

424. Thank God, I Could Not Be A Poet, Next I Shall Try My Best

425. I Become Sad When I Think Of My Longer Works But Still Unpublished

426. Indian English Poets Are Not Born-Poets, But Made

427. Jayanta Mahapatra: A Study

428. The Poet, A Lover Or A Loner?

429. O.P.Bhatnagar As A Poet

430. Kaun Banega Crorepati? Who Will Be A Millionaire?

431. Betraying Her, You Haven’T Her, But Your Own Good Luck, Betray Not The Heart Which Loves, Never, Never It

432. My Love, You Could Not

433. New Light On New Indian English Poetry/ The Sly Research Students

434. O.P.Bhatnagar

435. The Lamp Of Hope

436. New-Age Indian English Contemporary Poetry

437. Just Think Of, Imagine You, I In Love With Julie, A Christian Girl/ Julie, I Love You

438. When I See The Flowers And The Simple Children

439. He Did Not Want, But Got A Beautiful Wife And Aspired I For, But Got I Not And He Without Reading And Posting Got He A Beautiful Wife And See, This Is Called Fate

440. All Calling Themselves Poets Here, God, Save Me From Indian English Poets And Poetesses! I Mean The Duplicate Writers!

441. What Do You Think Yourself, A Grammarian Or A Master Of Language?

442. The Chandal And The Karta, O, It Is My Mother’s Asthi-Kalasha (Urn) , Let It Hang By The Peepul Tree

443. Jayanta Mahaptara’s Random Descent

444. A Tryst With Keki N.Daruwalla

445. Karmayogin

446. From The Land Of The Stars

447. Stealing The Moon/ Sitting Behind The Church And Enjoying

448. A Half-Read Man’s Half-Read English, An Englishman’s Alsatian Dog Too Can Growl In English

449. The Sculptures Under The Moonlit Nights

450. Solitary Hamlet Upon The Solitary Landscape

451. My Love, Your Singing And Weeping

452. The Bells Ringing In The Pagoda And The Devotee Reciting Om Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay

453. You An Indian English Poet, I An Indian English Poet And Lo, Great Poets And Poetesses Are We!

454. The Poet Has Nothing To Be Proud Of

455. The Absent Authority And The Absent Poet

456. For To Be An English Poet, The Goggles And The Stylistic Glasses Are A Must

457. The Antique Statue

458. So Sweet A Face!

459. Light The Candle

460. This Is Indian English Language

461. Nissim Ezekiel: A Faded Romantic And His Faded Romanticism

462. The Passionate Heart In Love

463. Anandamurti, Delightful-Statue

464. For Her Survival

465. Indian Philosophies In Gitanjali

466. The Beautiful Eyes Of Bhagabati

467. Where Is Mythical And Golden Brindaban, Old Mother? You Go Not There, Who Will See You In Your Old Age?

468. Man A Sadhaka On The Path Of Life Which A Sadhna Of Sort

469. In My Poetry

470. Everyone Is After One’s Own Job

471. Dubey, Your English? My English, Sir, Bihari English, I Mean Hindustani English

472. I Shall Myself Go Away

473. Midnight Reading

474. Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, Where Are You, My Love?

475. The Asthi-Kaslasha, But The Mother Is Not, Where Has She Gone Away?

476. The Sunset

477. Om

478. My Daughter, You Standing Alone

479. Gitanjali And The Bhakti-Marga

480. Chaste Love

481. The Petty Poets As Journal Editors With The Hidden Agenda And Strategy Of Their To Promote Themselves Somehow

482. I Remember

483. Man A Puppet Into The Hands Of Destiny

484. He Is A Daruman. Means, Means, Sir? Ask Me Not, You Will Not Understand

485. The Hardcore Communists

486. The Lover Of The Soul

487. My Son, Your Dad Is Not Your Dad

488. The Song Of Love Sing I

489. Who Has The Time To Read Poetry Today?

490. The Classical Scholar

491. Mr. Poestaster As The Editor Of A Literary Journal, The Founding Father, I Mean The Poet-Critic-Essayist-And-Reviewer

492. I Want To Burn For You

493. You Take The Pindas, Mother

494. The Path Of Sadhna Tiresome And Tedious

495. Bobby Will Come, I Used To Dream, A Bobbed-Haired Girl With The Golden Lock And The Stylistic Poses

496. Should I Call You Chandramukhi (Moon-Faced) Or Chandni (Moonlight) ?

497. Shakespearean Fool As The Head Of The Deptt Of English, A Varsity Professor

498. Bhagabati, The Goddess

499. This Is India, Those Who Had Not Be Ph.D.-Examiners Are

500. The Poetry Of The Dark Daughter

501. Under The Starlit Skies, Ask I

502. Where Is Talent? (My Suffering)

503. The Foolish, Rustic Minister’s New H.O.D. Of English

504. Is This The India Where They Burnt And The Leaders Saw Them Burning At The Market-Place, Into The Footpathl

505. My Burquawalli

506. I Smoking A Cigar As For To Be Eliot, Auden Or Spender

507. Villain, You Dancing On The Stage With A Bottle Full Of Water

508. The Agony Of Poetry, This Is India Where Merit Is Crushed

509. My Pinda-Dana, You Take It, Dead Mther

510. Those Who Had Not To Be Ph.D. Guides Have Also Become, God, Give Me A Chance To Be A Ph.D., Will The Dishonest Continue To Be?

511. Trying To Understand Jayanta Mahapatra

512. The Evening Proposal

513. Nataraja Shiva

514. Hae Rama, Hare Krishna, Krishna-Krishna, Hare-Hare,

515. Taking Daru

516. Sir Salman Rushdie

517. Rajanigandha

518. An English Maid Or A Red Rose

519. Is This The India Where Women Are Burnt As For Dowry?

520. He Asked Me To Call Him A Great Poet

521. How Did I Come To Be A Poet? Creative Poetry And Its Field Work

522. Jayanta Mahapatra’s Bare Face

523. What Is Poetry? Poetry Is Meditation

524. The Night Of Kali

525. Ma Tara

526. How Mad Am I In Your Love?

527. My Experience As A Writer In India Since 1986

528. What Is Indian Englsih Poetry? (From A Religious Perspective)

529. I Do Not Want To Write Verses

530. What Is Poetry? What Do You See In?

531. The Leg Divine And The Replica Of It

532. Kali, The Dark Goddess

533. What Is Poetry? Poetry As Nataraja Shiva

534. What Is Poetry? Poetry Is Kirtana

535. Is This Called Modern Love? Love And Leave Out

536. What Is Poetry? The Devotional Saints And Singers Of India

537. Where Had I Been When I Was Not In This World?

538. How Do You View? I View Poetry As The Artisans Making The Buddhas/ In Search Of The Light Of Asia

539. Bhagabati

540. Poetry As The Woodencraft Of Ma Manasha And Ma Shitala

541. If You Ask A Sadhaka, What Is Poetry?

542. In My Poetry Paint I The The Eyes Of Bhagabati

543. What Is Poetry? Poetry As Siddharta’s Going; Yasodhara’s Lamentation And Breaking Down, Buddha’s Escape To Forests As For Renunciation And The Tears Of Maya Breaking Down Miserably

544. The Middle Path Of Buddha

545. The Portarit Of An Artist Make I, Old Sardarji Mean I, Khushwant Singh

546. The Nights Fragrant With The Chandipatha

547. The Rural Disguiser

548. The Bar Girl She Is Also A Poetess

549. God, Save Me From My Bengali Wife! / The Blunder Of My Life

550. What Is Poetry? Poetry As The Dramtization Of King Harischandra’s Life Story

551. I Am Interested In The Girl Standing Next To Me

552. Love But Betray Not Anyone

553. They Can Move To Harvard, California, Iowa And Chicago; They Can Be Ph.D. Guides, But I Cannot Be

554. Mark Her Innocence

555. The Histrionics Of Kamala Das

556. Just Behind The Church, Stealing The Moon

557. Hi-Hello, Bye-Bye! See You, See You Again, But Saw She Not, My Love!

558. I See Many Of Smaller Writers Taking The Centrestage As The Awards Have Gone To Them

559. Is The Radio Jockey A Post-Modern?

560. A Naughty Love-Affair (Do You Love Me? Do You Love Me?)

561. I Know It, You Are In Love

562. Desperately In Search Of A Critic

563. Where Have I Come To?

564. I Am For A Few Days. Let Me See You In Full, My Love

565. The Five Elements With Which This Body Is Composed Of Will Disintegrate It Finally

566. I Have Loved You

567. Burquawalli, How Lost Am I In Your Love!

568. Burquawalli, I Saw You, But Could Not Say, I Love You

569. The Drunk Beloved Returning From The Late Night Party Staggeringly, How To Hold Her, My Lord!

570. Under The Moonlit Nights, Who The Solitary Maiden Talking?

571. My Exit

572. The World Of Maya, This Life, Family, Wife, Children, Really A Mirage For

573. Murkhamantri In The Prison, Under The Bars

574. A Golden Statue Of Radha-Krishna Cast In Gold Unearthed From The Ruined Temples

575. One Evening

576. My House Not Mine

577. Poet R.R.Menon

578. My Biography

579. Who’s The Girl Singing A Song?

580. Phailin Coming

581. A Writer Of Near About 50 Collections Am I

582. Shyama Kali

583. I Am A Lover Of Your Blue Eyes

584. In Search Of You, Where Have I Come To, My Love?

585. Into The Deep Blue And Dark Eyes Of Yours

586. Asthi-Kalasha And Pinda-Dana

587. What Is Dark Romanticism? (An Acquaintance With A Dark Lady)

588. O, Destroy Not God-Given Beauty In Alcohols And Smokes!

589. In The Bluish Eyes Of Yours

590. Your Blue Eyes

591. O, How Shall I Behold The Statue?

592. God, Cure You My Poetic Madness

593. My Biography, None But I Shall

594. Sorry Sir, You Cut Not My Poetical Beards

595. Your Dark Blue Eyes

596. Is The Poet A Mad Man?

597. It Didn’T Matter, A Wayfarer I

598. A Beautiful Life, You Are Destroying With Warfare

599. Sardarji (For Khushwant Singh)

600. She Is Sobbing And In Tears And You Doing Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye

601. The Poet’s Poetry

602. Suppose That If I Have To Do Quawwalli In My Lungi In Cold Countries

603. Today’s Is A World Of Rhymers & Poetasters Writing Rhymed Doggerels

604. You Are Yourself A Red Rose

605. Burquawalli, Couldn’T You Recognize Me?

606. Read The Book Of My Life (The Autobiography Of A Burquawalli)

607. The Poets Are Coming, Let Me Escape, My God, I Mean The Mad House People

608. The Dark Goddess

609. Without Praying To The Dark Goddess

610. My Son, You Always Keep A Low Profile (Poetry Not In Draws And Awards)

611. Do You Have Anytime To Think Of Your Sister? You Give To Her

612. For My Biography

613. Poetry In Stone

614. Poetry As Sculptures In Love

615. That Mad Girl

616. O Fox, Are You Left Alone When All Have Gone Extinct!

617. An India Of The Mud-Houses And The Solitary Country

618. In Touching You

619. I Am Bijay Kant Dubey

620. At Your First Sight

621. A Lover Of Your God-Gifted Face

622. Your God-Gifted Face

623. They Were Drunk

624. Why Not To Rock-Built Temples As The Specimens Of Art?

625. Without An American Heart

626. You Are So Beautiful To Look At

627. Buddha And Buddhism/ Buddha Statues

628. Beloved, Let Me See You

629. Mother’s Love, Sisiter’s Love And Brother’s Love…

630. You Sit Before, Let Me See You

631. An Artist Of Yours

632. Under The Sweetly-Scented Kaamini Plant Tree

633. The Daru Bottles Filled With Water Just For Enactment

634. In Love, Forget Not Them

635. After Writing Thousands Of Poems

636. Unclothe The Beauty And Photograph Her, Is This Your Modern Culture?

637. The World Has Greatest Fears From The Fanantics

638. You Asked Me And I Could Not Say

639. A Poet After Posting On The Internet

640. Popular Poets, What The Concept Behind?

641. Poets, Do Not Be Proud Of, See Them Too

642. Mother’s Love, Sister’s Love And Brother’s Love…

643. Your Poet

644. My Little Love, I Am Going, You Do Not Be Sad

645. God Is Great, I Too Know It, You Need Not Show

646. My Little Daughter, This Is India, You Wipe Out Your Tears

647. Modern Poetrysmacking Of Utter Vanity, Self-Ego & Broken Statements

648. Your Love, Your Memory Will Be With Me

649. Poetry

650. Burquawalli, You Are My Love, Love, You Are My Dream, Dream

651. History, Art, Thought & Tradition

652. The Palmist Of The Rustic Love

653. Great Man’s Ingratitude

654. The Descending Evening Resounding With The Choric Funeral Voices

655. The Poet Too A Politician, He Is Scholarly, But His Son Foolish

656. Passed Through Open Schooling And Distance Mode

657. The Politics Of Becoming Great

658. The Poet’s Son Under Police Custody & Lock-Up & Being Interrogated

659. My Pastoral Love, Where Do Lie You Playing? Happy Christmas Is Coming

660. My Beards So Poetical And So Precious

661. The Bust And The Torso That We Could Not Make It

662. Suppose You, Just Suppose It, You Are Sitting Before Me And I Am Painting

663. You Come And Go Seeing The Face Of The Mother

664. O, My God, What A Beauty!

665. The Bleeding Wounds Of Love

666. Is This The India Where Newly Weds Are Burnt?

667. Wonderful, Wonderful, Said I On Seeing Her, But She Too Called Me Wonderful, God Knows, Who Was Really? You Just Say It.

668. A Girl Like The Rose

669. A Lover Was I

670. What It Is In My Heart, I Want To Say To You

671. Nissim Ezekiel The Man And The Poet

672. Love Is Calling

673. I Am A Man, My Days Are Short-Lived And You Busy Calling Me Great

674. One Day, As Remember I

675. Stolen & Secret Love/ Conservative Father, Conservative Mother, But The Daughter Is Not/ Love In A Tabooed Society Just Like A Caged Bird

676. You A Drunkard Girl Under The Canopy Of The Solitary Skies

677. Have You Ever Loved?

678. You Love Me, But Don’T Be Sad

679. Under The Starry Skies, Why Do The Ideas Of Her Come To Me? I Don’T Know

680. Such A Beautiful Face, The Moon Or The Star? I Loiter Around And Think Of

681. Love In The Cinema Hall

682. They Asked To Cast Me A Cursory Glance

683. Do You Love Me? Yes, I Love You. She Said To Me, Do You Love Me? Yes, I Love You

684. Dreamgirl, Dreamgirl

685. I Fear To Look Into The Dangerous Eyes Of Yours, I Love You, But Fear Them

686. I Saw You- I

687. Time’s Manuscripts

688. The Small Daughter

689. Time, Your Bulldozer

690. I Saw You-Ii

691. An English Girl, How Will She In India? (English Language In India)

692. Time With The Archeological Spade

693. My Manuscripts

694. My Father

695. Drunkard Sir, I Salute You, Where Dwell You?

696. Gentleman, Who Are Peeping Through? Say You, Give Me Your Identity (A Frog Or A Lizard Or A Snake)

697. Call Me Not A Poet

698. They Paint The Clay Statues Of Mother Kali In Two Colours

699. What Can The Heart Do If Somebody Likes Someone?

700. God, If Find You Time, Make Me Not A Poet In My Next Birth

701. It Was My First Kiss

702. There Was A Glitter

703. Shepherd Love, Where The Flower Of Yours?

704. When As A Child I Saw The Lion Crossing The Road

705. It Was My First Kiss/ My Impression Of Hers

706. The Drunken Girl Under The Drunken Night

707. Burquawalli, Wherever Go You…

708. Lost Love

709. She Had Been Beautiful As Such

710. Under The Moonlit Nights, You And I, Only You And I

711. A Girl Or A Dream?

712. In Kissing Her

713. Man Of The Path/ The Path Of Man/ The Path Of Life/ The Life Of Man

714. To Think Of Time From Leaves Of Grass

715. I Love You, But I Fear You The Most

716. Oh, This Life Of Meeting And Separation!

717. Druggie Love

718. Shadow-Lines/ Shadowed Existence/ Shaded Picture

719. The Girl Was So Beautiful That Saw I, Stumbled And Fell Down

720. Into The Deadland/ Standing From The Deadland

721. O, Miscaller…

722. Where Do You Keep Standing And Waiting?

723. A Poet I

724. Maharshi Aurobindo As A Poet

725. I Am A Painter Of Her Lips

726. Relationship

727. The Waste Land People

728. How Feeble And Frail Have You Grown Lonely And Comapanionless Fox!

729. Home Thoughts

730. My House

731. You Proposed, But I Could Not

732. In The Memory Of A Burquawalli

733. Oh, You Are Not My Own! You Will Pass Away One Day Unsaid, My Love!

734. Our Relationship

735. You Take Your Glass Of Wine, But Be Not A Drunkard

736. My Mother

737. Sometimes I Feel Their Absence

738. A Rajanigandha

739. In A Thatched Cottage

740. What Should I Call Her?

741. On Seeing You Drunkard

742. Flowers In Stone

743. God, I Had Asked For A Red Rose

744. Do You Love Me? Do You Love Me? , Asked She So Slowly In A Simple Voice Of Her Own

745. A Red Rose-Like

746. Nissim Ezekiel

747. It’s True That You Are Somewhat Dark-Complexioned…

748. I Search You In The Flowers Blooming

749. A Red Rose

750. Where That Classical Scholarship, Where That Classical Scholar?

751. Will Life Cease To Exist Tomorrow?

752. Jayanta Mahapatra And The Konark Sun-Temple

753. My Heart Beats

754. Do Not See Her In That Way

755. The Dark Divine

756. A Simple Man Am I

757. Do You Remember Your Sister?

758. The Face Of Bhagabati Mark I, Paint & Sketch I

759. On The Face Book

760. India The Land Of Sadhus And Sadhakas

761. Keki N.Daruwalla

762. Nautch Girl

763. Love The Body Not Merely, Try To Love The Soul Too

764. Poetry As Stone-Cuts; Poetry In Stone

765. The Fanatic’s Daughter

766. Poetry As Rock-Built Temples

767. My Rustic Love, Where Do You Lie You?

768. There Are Many Great Men In The World Whom We Know Them Not

769. Poetry Is Not Poetry Today

770. Promise, Promise You, My Love

771. On The Twitter Tweets He Just The Modern Man

772. On The Twitter

773. Where Lie You Sad & Morose?

774. You Smelt A Rose And Threw It Out

775. Poetry As Bamiyan Buddhas

776. Your God-Gited Face

777. I Just The Eyes

778. Poetry Of The Light Divine, How To Write It?

779. Stealing My Heart, Where Has She Gone Away?

780. I Love You. Do You Love Me?

781. The Light Divine

782. No Business To Do, But Politicking

783. Even A Child Can Teach If Want You To Learn From

784. God, First Make Me A Man And Nothing Want I From You

785. My Rustic Heart

786. All For Her Silent Bearing

787. She Is A Modern Girl

788. I Want You

789. The Peacock Now Dances Not In The Woods And The Wilds

790. I See The Red Rose And Keep Dreaming

791. The Place I Am Standing On

792. The Wintry Sun Breaking Forth And Dispelling Darkness

793. My Love, You Are Drunk, What Sort Of Love Are You!

794. From The Album Of My Life

795. What Is Poetry?

796. Murkhamantri’s, Foolish Minister’s Cabinet

797. The Song Of Love And Its Sadness

798. Murkhamantri

799. Is Man Of The Platforms?

800. If A Countryside Villager, I Mean A Rustic Turns Into A Minister For The First Time, What Will He Do It, Do You Know It?

801. Your Cheeks Are Like Petals

802. Only One Thing That I Want To Ask You, Do You Love Me?

803. I Become Very Sad

804. The Sun Falling Upon

805. Madly In Love

806. After Loving Me, Will You Not Leave Me? , Asked She With Tears Into The Eyes Of Hers

807. Pray To God, Be A Man

808. Love, But Hurt Her Not

809. A Mad Poet I

810. With The Paint And My Brush Make I The Eyes

811. How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

812. On The Eve Of The New Year

813. I Praise Your Honesty, But Not Your Mad Interpretation

814. Burquawalli, What A God-Gifted Face!

815. Two Drunkards Welcoming The New Year

816. How Beautiful Are You!

817. Jayanta Mahapatra A Poet Of The Poetry Of The Absurd

818. Fake Gurus And Sadhus

819. An Experiment With The Bengali Wife- -A Failed Relationship

820. How To Console The Broken Self Of Mine?

821. Murkhamantri, If A Cow Boy, A Buffalo Man Turns Into A Minister

822. I Do Not Like It That They Will Leave Their Families To Be The Foreigner Disciples Of The Indian Gurus In Search Of Happiness

823. The Buffalo-Man As The Chief Minister

824. The Dark Divine Maid

825. A Cigarette, The Trail Of Smokes & Poetry

826. Red Rose, Are You The Girl Doing Christmas Carol?

827. Taking Daru, I Am Saying, Happy New Year To You And You Too Taking Daru, Saying, Happy New Year To Me! (A Drunkards’ Party On The Eve Of The New Year)

828. Drunkard, Many A Day Promised You…

829. Love, Love You To Create, Not To Destroy

830. Where Shall I Go Away Some Day? Shall I Not Come Back?

831. O Alcoholic! Stand You, Stand And See You, Who Is Calling You?

832. While Bringing A Cup Of Tea, I Loved To Say To, But Hospitality Drew Me Back

833. Kaikhushra Dhunjibhoy Sethna As A Poet (26 November 1904 – 29 June 2011)

834. Modern Indian English Poetry

835. A Statue Of Radha And Krishna

836. My Love, How Are You? Who, Who Are You? I Am Your Dead Wife Speaking Whom Eliminated You From Your Life. Why Did You Kill Me A Helpless Girl If You Could Not Love Her?

837. You A Villagerly, Poor Girl-Child Of India Weeping For Cosmetics, My Love And I Can’t Give It To You, How Can It Be?

838. On Being Post-Modern

839. The Common Man’s Party

840. The Girl As Such That I Cannot Forget Her

841. Walt Whitman (After Reading His Introduction)

842. He Is Not There, But His Jacket Is On The Office Chair Hanging

843. Lord Ganesha

844. The Common Men’s Party Forming The Government

845. The Baidyanathdham Temple Complex

846. I Do Not Know, How Does He Keep Informed? (For Khushwant Singh)

847. Moving From Them

848. Time

849. Left-Wing Ideology And Leftism

850. My Small Sister With A Rakhi In Her Hand

851. Tagore’s Education

852. The Chariot Design Of The Konark Sun Temple

853. No Scope For Any Relaxation In A Communist Government

854. The World A World Of Maya And Moha/ The Philosophy Of Maya

855. I Look Forward To Viewing You

856. On Marking The Rock-Cut Baidyanath Temple Of Deoghar

857. A Golden And Ancient Statue Of Radha And Krishna

858. The Sadhu In The Ashrama With A Ladki Taking Ganja

859. The Red Rose & Its Dew-Washed Petals

860. The Making Of A Modern Indian English Poet

861. Poetry In Stone (A Study In Carvings)

862. A Communist Is A Comrade Or A Cadre In Disguise

863. The Kiss Of The Sweetly-Scented Red Rose

864. Adil Jussawalla: A Poet Of Modern India

865. The Indian Hanumans

866. I Cannot Be A Ph.D. Guide, But A Simple University Teacher Can Be, This Is India, You See

867. Indian English Poetry And Criticism: A Case Of Somebody And Nobody

868. Jayanta’s Poetry In Stone

869. Kulwant Singh Gill As A Poet

870. Tweet You, Post You Photos On The Facebook, But Give Not Tears To Anyone

871. In The Album Of Heart

872. How Can It Be It That You Are Separating?

873. Inner Light

874. Dark Is Beautiful

875. The Tweets Of The Heart, Tweet You, But Break Me Not Emotionally

876. My Rustic Mistress, My Pastoral Love

877. On The Facebook Of The Heart, See I A Photo Post On It Of An Unknown, Unseen Strange Girl

878. St.Valentine’s Day

879. Love At First Sight

880. A Replica

881. Joker, You Too Have Turned Into A Research Guide In India

882. Dark Daughter, How To Unravel!

883. A Landscapic Scenery

884. Dwarakanath H.Kabadi As A Poet

885. Golden Morning-Time

886. Those Who Had Not To Be Guides Are Ph.D. Research Guides

887. J.P., What Revolution Had It Been?

888. A Definition Of Communism (The Reds Reddening It All)

889. Narenderpal Singh As A Poet

890. The Black-Black Feeling

891. A Beauty To See Or A Red Rose?

892. Leaving You

893. A Big Statue Of Mother Kali, Pitch-Dark

894. God’s Creation

895. Nightly Beauty

896. The Night

897. Shashi Tharoor

898. Shashi Tharoor, Your Twitter Gossip

899. The Murkhamnatri (The Foolish Minister)

900. Jayanta Mahapatra In His Door Of Paper

901. The Coffee House And The Eve Meets Of The Leftist Intelligentsias

902. Your Tearful Eyelashes, I Cannot, Cannot, Take Your Heart, Console Yourself, Weep You Not Inconsolably

903. I See Cold And Chilly Winter

904. The Milk Miracle, An Indian Elephantine God, Lord Ganesha Sipping, Dripping Milk

905. India Cannot Be India If The Soul Of It Is Not Taken Into Confidence

906. T.V.Reddy’s Poetry

907. M.K.Naik As A Comic Verse Writer

908. My Love, I Shall Write A Poem On You

909. Most Of The Modern Indian English Poets And Poetesses

910. T.V.Reddy As A Poet

911. Only One Thing That Forgot I To Say To You, Julie I Love You

912. Shivapriya (Shiva-Blessed Beloved)

913. The Girl Is Very Beautiful To See

914. The History Of Earth

915. Stand I Fossilized With A Handful Of Mushrooms

916. A Beautiful Heart

917. She Held My Collar To Ask

918. The Girl Is Very, Very Beautiful To See

919. In Search Of Classical Scholarship

920. Kalpurusha, O Time – Keeper!

921. Poor India’s Poor Picture

922. They Say It That He Is A Criminal, But Is Not? / Change The Law For Compassionate Justice

923. The Girl Will Madden Me

924. Chariot Of Dreams By Dwarakanath H. Kabadi

925. Murkhamantri After A Lecture Tour Of Oxford, Harvard And California As A Management Guru

926. Kalpurusha, You Are Time, Time, Samay, Kaal And Gati

927. Drunkard Saheb

928. When Grief Rains By T. Vasudeva Reddy

929. The Buffalo-Grazer Too A Leader In India

930. Bhangedi Saheb

931. An Olden-Day, Golden Statue Of Radha And Krishna

932. There Was A Time

933. Mechanical Tweets/ Oh, My God, House Sparrows Not, But Tweet They Mechanically!

934. The Tantrical Night Of Sadhna

935. O Talibans! They Are The Buddhas, You Fire On Them Not!

936. Having Taken Wine, What Have You Done? When Will You Leave Daru?

937. A Politburo Member

938. Mahashivaratri, The Great Night Of Shiva

939. Those Scavenger Women Going With A Load Of Human Excreta Overhead Or In The Push-Carts

940. When Will You Come, My Love?

941. Farewell

942. Your Lovely Daughter

943. The Woman/ A House Without A Woman Tottering And Falling Down

944. Where Have They Brought You To?

945. The Dark Daughter Smiling In The Dark Hamlet Home

946. A Poor And Pathetic Picture Of Poverty

947. God, Your Scheme Of Things

948. Poetry A Thing Of The Mad, Mad People

949. A Little Country Daughter, So Loving And Working, But Never Complaining Against Her Lot

950. One Night While Burning My Father; A Heart-Rending Scene Was It Indeed To See And View

951. The Pinda-Dana Was Continuing In

952. Do You Love Your Sister?

953. On The Eve Of The Rakshabandhan

954. An Intimation About The Footfall/ The Arrival Of A Relative

955. Lord Ganesha Sipping Milk

956. The Full Solar Eclipse

957. The Ashti-Kalashas

958. In The Goggles

959. My Poems

960. Love, Why Do You Look Tear-Eyed And Forlorn?

961. Bharat Ki Garib Bitia (The Dark Black Girl Smiling In The Hamlet Home)

962. The Drug Peddler And The Bootlegger

963. The Drunkard’s Wife

964. Poet Keki Nasserwanji Daruwalla

965. An Indian Valentine Day Poem

966. Had I Been A Man, I Would Have Thanked God And Felt Myself Blest

967. Poetrywallahs/The Mad House People (A Tryst With The Versifiers, Rhymers And Poetasters)

968. Cut And Paste And Call Yourself An Indian English Poetess

969. Dark Daughter- – Your Toil, Tears And Sweats

970. Poetess Kamala Das

971. The Issues In Cotemporary Poetry

972. God, Save From Indian English Poets

973. Nataraja Shiva: The Sadhaka As A Dancer; The Yogi Divine

974. God, Even If They Are Not, I Shall Have To Say Them Milton, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Arnold, Tennyson, Eliot

975. The Black Crow Cawing Repeatedly

976. The Girl Trafficked, Sold And Re-Sold

977. I Am A Poet, A Poet, You Are Not

978. God Seems To Be A Classmate Of Tagore

979. O, Missed-Call-Giver…

980. God, Man And Nature As They Are In Gitanjali

981. I Feel Sorry To See Their State (Abandoned & Left Asses And Horses)

982. A Rajanigandha Or A Beauty Named Chandni? (On Seeing Your Fair White Face)

983. What Sort Of Poetry Is It?

984. Man Into The Hands Of Destiny

985. For Khushwant Singh

986. Bollywood And The Whiff Of Romanticism

987. An Introduction

988. One Day The Ambulance Will Stop To Take Me Away

989. Had I An English Sweetheart, White And Beautiful! / An English White Beloved For To Be An Indian English Poet

990. Into The No-Man Domain Of Literature

991. Unsaid & Unexpressed Verses, Poetic Tidbits (Read Them Separately)

992. Try To Love Your Sister Too/ Remember Your Small Sister Too, What’s It In Amorous Love?

993. A Gandhist Doing Politics (For Anna Hazare)

994. Anna Hazare

995. What Is Poetry? – A Study In O.P.Bhatnagar’s Poetry

996. Burquawalli, Think You

997. The Leftists Not At All The Good People

998. Gitanjali & Our Classical Tradition

999. Anna, Your Tactics & Tricks

1000. Arvind Kejriwal The Great Dramabaz

1001. Common Man Party Commonly Not, Uncommonly

1002. The Bluff-Master Teacher’s Bluff-Master Student

1003. Anna, Had Gandhi Been Alive…

1004. Anna Hazare Is Politicking

1005. You Give Me My Statue And I Shall Go Away

1006. The Aap And Its Agenda

1007. If You Cannot Love, Desert Her Not

1008. The Excessively-Politicking Aap

1009. I Saw Her And Fell In Love With Her

1010. A Portrait Of An Artist; The Artist As A Young Man/ The Young Girl Before Me

1011. The Poor Daughter Of India; The Poor Girl-Child Of India

1012. Melting Moments (Love Poems) By D.H.Kabadi

1013. A Flower-Like Girl

1014. The Aap Activists Are Coming

1015. Take It Not Bad, This Is Holi

1016. The Politburo Member: A Tougher Man Doing Tough Talks

1017. The Girl Is So Beautiful

1018. Foreigner Girl, Where Do You Live You?

1019. Anna, Say You, Who Is Honest?

1020. The Poor Daughter Of India

1021. A Tribute To Khushwant Singh

1022. A Gift From God

1023. Your Milky White Moonface

1024. Hardy (1840-1928) , Say You, Why Did You Marry Again A Younger Girl?

1025. Mao Zedong, Your Personal Life, Not Your Political Philosophy Interests Me

1026. Where Is Beauty, In The Flowers Or In The Maidens Strange?

1027. Your Love

1028. Sarbeswar Samal As A Poet From Orissa

1029. After Reading Pronab Kumar Majumder’s Poetry House

1030. April Fools’ Day, Western And Indian

1031. Flowers And Buds By Maha Nand Sharma

1032. In Imitation Of Michael Jackson

1033. The Dark Daughter (A Vi-A-Vis With The Terracotta Sculptures)

1034. A Poet Of Relationship; Jayanta Mahapatra

1035. For Salman Rushdie

1036. Third-Rate Indian English Poetry

1037. The Art Of Poetic Lines

1038. Whenever See I You Standing As The Heartthrob Of Mine

1039. Shakespeare, Who Is This Dark Lady?

1040. The Poet As A Pessimist

1041. An Album

1042. Things Existential

1043. K. V. Suryanarayana Murti As A Poet (Vishakhapatnam, Andhra)

1044. Your Love, I Haven’t

1045. Your Out-Dated And Out-Moded Dress Materials Want I To Be A Fashion Designer

1046. In The Image Of Rimi (For Pronab Kumar Majumder)

1047. Poet Pronab Kumar Majumder’s Rimis

1048. O, Go You Not Outside! They’ll Catch You & Take To Kamrupa-Kamakhya

1049. The Dirty Old Man Of India

1050. From The Land Of The Moon And The Stars

1051. A Got-Up Case With Regard To Contermporary Writing

1052. The Old Man Giving Tips (In The Memory Of Khushwant Singh)

1053. Just For A Pair Of Blue Eyes/ Just Like The Deep Blue Seas, The Blue-Eyed Girl

1054. Should I Kiss Her Or Not?

1055. Chandalika

1056. Dalit Literature

1057. Poet Pronab Kumar Majumder And His Rimi

1058. Poet Pronab Kumar Majumder

1059. What Is Poetry? How Is It Born?

1060. University Heads

1061. Went He To Nagaland To Work, But Returned Not Back To

1062. Kissing You

1063. A Red-Rose

1064. Tripura Sundari Temple

1065. The Northeast Of India

1066. The Theatre Of Life

1067. English Poetic Voices From The Northeast

1068. Dalit Poetry

1069. Sing A Bihugeet, I Shall Hear And Go Away

1070. The Birthplace Of George Orwell

1071. Arunachal And The Tawang Monastery

1072. Rimi, You Come Here And Sit By Me, I Have Something To Talk With (Pronab’s Rimis)

1073. From The Desk Of Rimi

1074. How To View The Northeast Literature?

1075. Modern Political Man

1076. A Drunken Kiss Was It After All! I Was Drunk, She Was Drunk And In Drunkenness Kissed We

1077. My God, First, Make Me An Indian Regional Poet Then An English Poet!

1078. Call Me A Great Poet; Shakespeare

1079. He Has Time To Read, But No Time As For To Love

1080. Since I Have Seen Her Passing

1081. The Flute Of The Northeast

1082. A Politburo Member- Ii

1083. I Do Not Expect From The Govt. Of India, What Have I Got Even After Writing For 25 Yrs. Seriously?

1084. A Portrait Of A Girl

1085. At Your First Glance- Ii

1086. Arvind, Your Political Agenda

1087. My Life

1088. The Northeast Label

1089. The Intentions Of A Bengali Wife

1090. A Bout And A Scuffle Between The Scholar Poet And His Foolish Son

1091. A Tactical Small Indian English Poet As The Varsity Head

1092. The Train

1093. The Partition Literature

1094. The Aap Jokery- New Trends In Indian Politics

1095. Anna, Had Gandhi Been Alive…(Your Bandars, Not Gandhiji’s, But Like Jayprakash’s)

1096. She Took The Book By The Hand From Behind

1097. Khushwant’s Train To Pakistan

1098. This Is India: Not A Ph.D. External Examiner As Yet

1099. A Writer Of The Bottle, Daru And The Ladki (For Khushwant)

1100. Arvind, If Your Aap Activists And Friends Are Really Interested In Sweeping…

1101. This Is India: Not A Ph.D. External Examiner Yet

1102. After Having Flung The Books, Notes & Papers, She Took Time To Reconcile With To Ask It Again?

1103. For Khushwant Singh- Ii

1104. I Love A Girl Named Kavita

1105. The Drama Of Becoming A University Professor In India

1106. Jayanta Mahapatra And His Poetical Paper On The Dark Daughters

1107. The Santhal Parganas, Dumka

1108. Jayanta Mahapatra- A Poet Of Relationship

1109. On Reading Jayanta Mahapatra

1110. How Mad Am I After Poetry!

1111. The Earth Is Not Dancing, But The Northeastern New Guys

1112. How Old?

1113. The Simple-Merit Teachers & The Northeast Literary Critque

1114. Who Am I, Can You Say It?

1115. Romance With A Burqawalli

1116. Had There Been Indian English Poetry, Indian English Poetry Criticism From The Northeast, We Would Have

1117. Ancient Earth

1118. The Path Leading To…

1119. The Talks Of, The Talks Of Love, I’m Sure

1120. An Indian Summer, In The Heat And Dust Of It

1121. The Wait Is Not Over, Waiting For A Burquawalli To Come To

1122. How To Save From The Slaps Of Hot Summer Winds? The Loo Vampires?

1123. She Came To Me, I Went To Her

1124. You Are My First Love

1125. Literature From The Northeast Of India

1126. I Looked Into Your Face, You Looked Into My Face

1127. Sudhir Kakar

1128. Your Smiles, Sweet Smiles

1129. Aurobindo, In Your Love For Mira Alfassa

1130. My Burquawalli Bibi

1131. Kamala Das, Your Summer

1132. How Crazy Has He Modern Hollow Man!

1133. Tagore, Say You About Your Kadambaridevi

1134. Dom Moraes

1135. O Beautiful Gulmohar Blossom, Say You When Will My Love Come To?

1136. The Gulmohars

1137. The Return Journey/ The Theatre Actress Packing To Go From The Fair

1138. On And After Kissing You

1139. Saluting The Master In Style, I Going Into The Line Of Michael Jackson; Jackson Jackson, Michael Michael

1140. A Tryst With An Indian Summer

1141. I Saw The Girl And Fell In Love

1142. A Statue Of Nataraja

1143. Diana

1144. The Moonshine

1145. Burquawalli, My Burquawalli Bibi

1146. God, Save Me From Indian English Poets

1147. Poetry As Classical Scholarship, A Search For Scholasticism

1148. Just Suppose You A Fairly Tall & Slim Girl Is Before You (For Rajanigandha)

1149. Is Love The Name Of Some Unbearable Pain Raking Within?

1150. Goan Christian Dom Moraes

1151. Touching The Cheeks

1152. Under The Gulmohars, I Keep Dreaming Of My Love

1153. Your Memories

1154. A Singer Of Heart

1155. My House Is Of Time

1156. Newly-Caught Cobras Showed He

1157. An Olden Statue Of Radha And Krishna

1158. Indian English Poetry And Poetatsters

1159. A Rose Kissed I Unknowingly

1160. Only For You, Where Have They?

1161. I Want You, I Like You, Like & Love You

1162. O, The Maiden With A Pair Of Blue Eyes!

1163. They Say It/ Before You Go Away Let Me/ The Song Of Life/Your Sweet, But Passing Memory Y

1164. A Young Girl

1165. Just A Sweet Kiss

1166. A Saw You And Fell In Love

1167. Even At Hot Summer Noonday You Keep Smiling

1168. I Fear To Look Into The Eyes

1169. Your Face, I Remember

1170. Before You Go Away Tell Me Your Name

1171. Jayprakash Narain, Your Hanumans

1172. How Had It Been Delhi Before The Arrival Of The Foreigners?

1173. History Of Delhi Not The History Of India

1174. The Cowboys And The Buffalomen Wanting To Be Ministers

1175. Now In The Library Get I No Interest In Reading Books

1176. Let Me Smell You

1177. Just Like A Rajanigandha Bloom

1178. Nigerian Schoolgirls

1179. I ‘Ve Fallen In Love With You, Do Not Say It

1180. Who Made Them, The Palaces? (My Reading Of History)

1181. The World Has Greatest Fears From The Fanatics And Fundamnetalists

1182. Under The Moonlight (A Love Story)

1183. Your Tear-Eyed Face (The Eyelashes Splashed With Tears)

1184. Do Not Break My Heart

1185. After Loving Her, You Desereted And Divorced Her

1186. For The Nigerian Schoolgirls (Release Them, Release Them Please, O Nigerian Militants!)

1187. My Love Is Calling You (What Can The Heart Do If It Falls In Love?)

1188. What Is Love?

1189. On Mother’s Day, I Become Remembered Of

1190. A Girl Or An Embodiment Of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram?

1191. One Day While Burnign My Mother (A Memory On Mother’s Day Leaving Not Me Behind)

1192. Crime And Punishment

1193. One Day While Burning My Mother (A Memory On Mother’s Day Leaving Not Me Behind)

1194. Tweet You Not Please, First Think Of Saving House Sparrows

1195. During The Cpi(M) Regime/ The Strategy Of The Cpi(M) Seen

1196. What The Communist Party Of India (Marxist) Is, God Knows That

1197. The Strategy Of The Communists/ Sly Foxes

1198. The Cpi (M)

1199. The Communists Are The Very Bad People

1200. Five Villain Bosses Of The Communist Party

1201. The Communists Play With Power And Politics

1202. She Vanished Into The Panchttatva—five Elements

1203. Under The Kaamini Plant Tree

1204. Poetasters As Indian English Poetry Journal Editors

1205. The Cpi(M) And Its Propaganda

1206. The Gift Of The Cpi(M) To West Bengal

1207. A Bearing Letter

1208. Mother Tara

1209. Under The Kaaini Plant Tree

1210. Some Indian Professor Editors Of English Literary Journals

1211. Have You Thought?

1212. Who’s Going To Be The Next P.M.?

1213. I Do Not Want Gold Or Silver, Just You

1214. You Cannot Be A Doctoral Expert, A Ph.D. External Examiner

1215. The Race For Fame/ The Hypocrisy Of Modern Living

1216. Why Did You Smile On Seeign My Daughter?

1217. I Do Not Want Gold Or Silver, Diamond Or Pearl, Just You, Only You

1218. On Remembering Mulk Raj Anand Mulk Raj Anand

1219. For To Be A Poet, You Have To Be Sensitive

1220. An American Girl, Young & Beautiful, White & Golden

1221. Modern Hollow Man, Proud, Elegant, Sophisticated & Hypocritcial

1222. Kavita (Poem) With A Cup Of Coffee

1223. Modern Son Celebrating The Mother’s Day In His Own

1224. In The Circus Of Life

1225. The Dubious Policy Of The Cpi(M)

1226. Lallu And Kallu Two Rustics From Bihar Wanting To Be Leaders

1227. The Blunt Buffloman From Bihar Calling Himself The Joker Minister

1228. O Bihari Bhojpurian Petty Leader!

1229. O, Rustic Lallu From Bihar, How Long Will You Keep Playing The Role Of Kallu!

1230. O Himalayas, Tell You Of The Lost Mountaineers!

1231. Bihari Cabinet Of Foolish And Rustic Ministers

1232. The Outsiders Trying To Be Northeastern Poets & Critics

1233. How Did The Poets Of India Did Try Their Best To Sidetrack Me?

1234. Medieval Indian History

1235. I Love You, I Love You, Do You Love Me?

1236. Lallu & Kallu Two Rustics From The Villages Of Bihar Going To Act As Villains

1237. Poetry As The Dark Daughters

1238. Jayprakash Narain, You Did Not Do It Right

1239. Kalbaisakhi (The Norwester)

1240. The Beauty Of The Yakand & Datura Blooms

1241. A Walk With My Bony Love (Waste Land Vision)

1242. At The Dashshwamedha Ghat Observing The Ganga Aarti, The P.M.Designate

1243. Where Is Justice?

1244. Life Is Karmayajna, Karma-Sadhna For Modi

1245. A Historic Win; A Clear Majority For Modi, But The Challenges Lie Ahead

1246. A Rose-Like Girl

1247. Narendra Modi The Dream Boy Of India: His Vision & Mission

1248. The Strategy Of The Communist Party

1249. I Love You, I Love You

1250. O Laluwa, Criminalize Not The Politics Of Bihar!

1251. The Modi Wave

1252. Chatia Baba & Chutonath Of The Santhal Parganas, Dumka

1253. The Historic Temples Of Chandrakona

1254. Posing With Jayanta Mahapatra For A Photograph

1255. The Strategy Of The Communist Party Of India

1256. History-Makers Get It Not

1257. O Laluwa, Lalu, Lallu, Rustic Bihari…

1258. What Is This Mad Race Of The Mad-Mad Modern Man?

1259. The Gipsy Woman With The Poor And Humble Gipsy Girl-Child

1260. Red Eyes

1261. The Modern Man I Am Sure

1262. My Naivedya

1263. Narendra Modi

1264. Kalbaisakhi

1265. While Talking About Khushwant And Jayanta Before The Foreign Readers

1266. Your Tears Sadden Me

1267. A Jasmine-Like Beloved

1268. Kabirdas

1269. Krishna, Krishna (Krishna Music)

1270. Mayar Khela

1271. Kadambaridevi

1272. Under The Moonlit Nights When I Kissed You

1273. A Night Full Of Jasmines

1274. Annapurna Devi (Ii)

1275. Jyestha’s Midday

1276. The Dark Daughter (A Poem)

1277. Mr.Tornado (Ii)

1278. On Remembering Mulk Raj Anand

1279. The First White European Landing In India

1280. God, Save Me From Duplicate India English Poets

1281. The Cpi(M)

1282. Jaipur Literary Festival, Release The Books Of Fashionistas With Fanfare

1283. Communism Of Unions

1284. A Red Rose-Like Love

1285. Worst Communists

1286. Buddha In Meditation, Maya You Tempt Him Not Through Your Moha

1287. When Will She Come? (Dreaming Under The Gulmohar Blossoms) / Searching For A Gulmohar-Like Beauty

1288. Barmaid

1289. The Journey Oif Life

1290. Moonshine

1291. All Alone

1292. A Twilight Scene; The Village Girl Bride Seated On A Bullock-Cart Going

1293. O Moon, Have You My Love!

1294. Do You Love Me?

1295. Who Am I, Who Am I? No Reply From The Joker

1296. Scholars Never Show Themselves

1297. A Search For Home

1298. You Say It

1299. The Cheel Ghar

1300. When I Kissed You

1301. During The Night Time

1302. Indian English Poetrywallah

1303. O Scholar Gipsy!

1304. O Foreigner Girl!

1305. In The Haunted Houses Of Time

1306. Time’s Houses

1307. A Handful Of Ashes & Coals

1308. My Beards

1309. Today Am

1310. Old Dad, Indian Dad (On Father’s Day)

1311. Cine Stars

1312. Anti-Romantic, Olden-Time Old Indian Dad

1313. Hurt Virginity

1314. As A Dreamflower

1315. Who’s It Whistling & Humming A Song Nasally?

1316. The Communists Understand No Language, But The Language Of The Guns

1317. Do Not Talk About The Cpi(M)

1318. Jadavpur Campus, Coffee-House And The Addas, Sipping Of Warm Coffee And Naxalism

1319. It’s A Moonlit Night

1320. I Too Used To Love A Girl

1321. Where Was I Born? (A Sweet Remembrance)

1322. Tell Me, Who Is Great?

1323. Who ‘s Whose Judge, I Don’T Know?

1324. Under The Moonlit Nights, I Glimpse You, Burquawalli

1325. On St.Valentine’s Day, Promise You, Promise You That You’Ll Be My Love

1326. For To Be A Romantic, You Love And Desert Her Not

1327. There Is Magic In Your Eyes

1328. A Young Girl Beautiful And Charming

1329. I Am A Librarian, I Am Not Less Than (Saw At Midnapore, Vidyasagar University)

1330. My Love’s Calling

1331. The Rathyatra

1332. O Drinker, Is Your Life A Drink? (Daru-Master, Daru Piyo)

1333. Drunkard, Is To Beat Your Wife Daily Your Routine Affair?

1334. Indian English Poetrywallahs

1335. Kedar Nath Sharma’s The Whiff

1336. You Are So Beautiful

1337. Do Not Smile You

1338. I Remember The Night Of The Krait Snake

1339. Is This Love? To Love The Body And Dump Her?

1340. O Foreigner Girl, You Do Not Know It…

1341. He Is A Party Man

1342. The Girl With A Baby

1343. He Is Going To Re-Marry

1344. Mr. Ganja-Raja With A Chillum Puffing In Ganja

1345. When The Cpi(M) Had Been In Power In Bengal

1346. The Making And Unmaking Of A Romantic

1347. Call Me Not A Wordsmith, But The Wordsworth Of India

1348. I See The Same Love

1349. O Afghan Girl!

1350. The Biharis (Not All Of Them)

1351. Is Justice A Bargain?

1352. When They Would Have Viewed The First European White Lady

1353. I Had Not Been A Song-Writer, But When Saw I You

1354. A Good Man

1355. Jayanta Mahapatra Whom I Wanted To Know (Take His Waiting)

1356. My Heart Is In Ukraine

1357. Do Not Disturb Beautiful Ukraine

1358. A Portrait-Making/ Her Portraiture, Delineate You

1359. At The First Glance Of Your Cursory Eyes

1360. The Lust For The University Deptt., Try To Ignore

1361. Had Not Been

1362. Is She A Girl Or A White Balsam?

1363. A Stride With Time

1364. After Loving And Leaving Me, Do You Think, That You Can Be Happy? , Asked She

1365. Poetry As Flowers, Catching The Gaze

1366. Poet Kedar Nath Sharma

1367. What It In The Padma Shri, Sahitya Akademi Award Or The Gnanpitha Feliciation?

1368. It Is Easy To Divorce (Will You Divorce Me To Find A Love?)

1369. I.K.Sharma As A Poet

1370. Indian Literati And Intelligentia Tried Hard To Suppress Me

1371. I Know It They Will Not Call Me A Poet

1372. Is This The India Where The Women Are Permeated To Violence, Torture And Bruise?

1373. None Supported Me As A Writer

1374. Since 1986, I’Ve Been Writing Poetry

1375. Kedar Nath Sharma’s Paradise Returned And Other Poems

1376. Is This The India Where Women Are Burnt, Killed For Dowry; Female Babies Thrown Off For The Male Babies?

1377. Those Who Know A Little Bit English Are In The Habit Of Calling Themselves Poets

1378. You’D Been Drunk, I’D Been Drunk And It’s All Happened In Drunkenness Unknowingly

1379. A Regional Party Supremo’s Policies (My Illiterate Wife’Ll The C.M. & I’Ll Be A Central Minister In The Coalition Govt.)

1380. Drunkard…

1381. Is It Modern Art To Photograph So?

1382. Heard Not, Just Talked On The Last Benches, But Got The Certificates

1383. Murkhamantri As A Biz Guru At Oxford

1384. The Fanatic’s Lovely Daughter

1385. Burquawalli…

1386. What Art Is It?

1387. Indian English

1388. Simanchal Patnaik’s Sonnets & Other Poems

1389. Is This Your Art? Modern Art? To Denude A Girl & See Her?

1390. Where Shall I Go Away One Day?

1391. The Communists Are The Most Critical Fellows

1392. My Love, I Shall Not Leave You

1393. A Red Rose, So Fair And Fine And Fresh

1394. Red-Mouthed Small Monkeys, Indian Monkeys

1395. Librarians

1396. Raksha Bandhan

1397. How Do I Write? How Do I Feel I, Think I?

1398. Devadasi, You A Small Daughter

1399. A Daruman (He Is A Daruman, Sells Not, Takes Too)

1400. You Are My Life, Radha; You Are My Heart, Radha

1401. You Are My Love, You Are My Heart, Radha

1402. An English Poet & His Villa Named Poet’s Corner

1403. When I See, You Come To Me As A Poem

1404. You Are My Love, You Are My Heart, Radha; Your Flute That

1405. After Kissing The Drunk Girl

1406. Papa Says That The Son Will Make A Name

1407. A Bihari Patania Lala

1408. A Flower Is To See, Not To Kiss Or Smell

1409. O Drugged Hippies!

1410. The Black Indian Cuckoo

1411. Do You Love Me? I Love You

1412. Internet Poet

1413. A Pen-Portrait Of Narendra Modi

1414. Kamala, Kamala

1415. When Will The World Change?

1416. Mr.Fanatic, Is Mr.Terrorist Your Loving Son?

1417. Have You Loved A Girl?

1418. Politics, Politics, Politics

1419. Posting Photos On The Facebook, I Feel It Great

1420. The Pure Ring-Like Crystal Clear Light Divine

1421. Some Formulas To Be University Teachers

1422. A Love Letter

1423. Do Not Do Politics Under The Banner Of Religion

1424. Post Photos Of Beautiful Girls On The Facebook, But Blackmail Them Not

1425. What Can Israel Do It If They Understand It Not?

1426. O You And Go Seeing The Face, The Face Divine Of Mother Kali!

1427. Religious Madness Is Not Good

1428. Nataraja Shiva- Ii

1429. What Can The Heart Do If It Falls In Love?

1430. Sunset Silhouette

1431. During The Cpi(M) Time, A Man Was Not Called Man

1432. Smaller Contemporary Indian English Poetry-Writing

1433. Maharshi Aurobido’s The Life Divine

1434. O Bhojpurians, Your Bai Dance, How Long Will You Carry On With Tomboys?

1435. Prakash, Brinda And Sitaram, The So-Called Communists Cannot Represent It All

1436. What Did The Cpi(M) Do In West Bengal I Remember It?

1437. Om; O Meditate You!

1438. All Were In The Cpi(M)

1439. To Criticize And Do Politics The Work Of The Cpi(M)

1440. The Third Eye

1441. When The Cpi(M) Was In Power

1442. Just For A Kiss Of Yours, Burquawalli

1443. Camels

1444. Love, Love, Love, Yes, Love Was Born

1445. Queen Of English Poetry By Simanchal Panaik

1446. Break Not The Heart

1447. In The Temple Of Heart

1448. O Foreigner Girl, Just Suppose You (An Exchange Of Hearts)

1449. Love Me, Love You, But Give Not Tears To Anybody

1450. Your Love Which Keeps Calling Me

1451. When You Are Disturbed, Meditate You, When You Are Distubed, Contemplate You

1452. Somebody Should Be There To Take Care Of

1453. Just Suppose You, You Are The Girl Before & I’M Saying, I Love You, Love To You, Just Suppose E

1454. Gems Of English Poetry By Simanchal Patnaik

1455. Your Smiles, Sweet And Cutting Deep Into

1456. O The Blonde, Beauty Sitting Across The Atlantic, Pacific Or The Mediterranean, Golden Brown-Haired Or Glistening! !

1457. I Thought That I Would Not Take Her To Loving

1458. A White Rose

1459. Hey Ram, With These Words, Slept You, Slept You Forever

1460. A Foreigner Beauty (In Search Of A Foreigner Love)

1461. Say, You Love Me

1462. Rose-Petals For You Mahatma On The Eve Of Your Birth Anniversary

1463. O, Where You The Saint Of Sabarmati?

1464. God, Let It Never Happen That I Shall (I Still Believe You, I Still Love Her)

1465. Tributes To You, Mahatma Gandhi

1466. I Love You, I Like You

1467. Loving Me, You Forget Me Not

1468. Foreigner Love, Which Seashore Are You By Sitting And Enjoying?

1469. You Touched Me Deeply When I Saw You (My God, Why Did I See Her?)

1470. She Is Herself A Rose

1471. You Will Madden Me

1472. Who’s The Man At The Spinning Wheel Spinning The Yarn & Singing Toothlessly? (Yes, Mahhatma Gandhi)

1473. An English Poet I With An Indian Wife

1474. A Marxist

1475. The Modern Music Director With The Plugged In Wires

1476. O Lalua, Suppose That A Blunt Bihari Rustic Turns Into A Politician!

1477. I Am Trying To Understand The Soul, Spirit Of India

1478. The Rock-Built Temples Of India

1479. How Do They Speak Now? Have You? Dad

1480. An Oridnary Modern Girl Wearing A Rudrakshamala Calling Herself An Indian English Poetess R

1481. A Fraud Indian Sadhu With Ganja, Ladki And Sevadasi (Not A Yogi, But A Bhogi)

1482. I Just Saw You & Fell In Love At Your First Sweet Glimpse

1483. India You Do Not Know, I Do Not Know

1484. The Cpi(M) Only Knows Its Men, Only Sees Colour In Them

1485. Radha, Radha, Radha, You Are My Radha

1486. The Judge Is Not A Judge, The Policeman Not A Policemaneg

1487. Stephen Gill As A Small Indo-Canadian Poet

1488. The Whiff By Kedarnath Sharma

1489. Many Third-Class Men As University Teachers In India

1490. Mr.Drunkard And His Wife, Their Stories Of Life

1491. Cabaret Dancer

1492. Miss Coal Beauty/ Coal Black Diamond Girl

1493. What It Is In My Karma, Dharma? (My Unseen I’M Feeling) / My Suffering

1494. Is This India Where Female Foeticide Is Done?

1495. How Bluntly Speak They, The Cpi(M) Even Changed The Rhetoric And The Speech Of The Common People

1496. Dispossessed Nests By Jayanta Mahapatra

1497. A Fanatic

1498. Lalua’s Speeches & Lectures, Who Hears Them?

1499. Buffalomen Too Leaders In Bihar, Those Who Graze Bufflaoes And Milk

1500. Lallu And Kallu Two Rustic Ministers From Bihar

1501. Do You Think? (Are You Only Gifted & Talented? Underrate Me Not)

1502. Jayprakash Narayan, Was Your Political Movement?

1503. O Chatia Baba, The Lord Of The Woods!

1504. Change! ‘ They Said By P.Lal

1505. The Black Cat With The Burning Eyes Jumping From

1506. A Conservative Guardian Can Only Do Honour Killing

1507. Withpout A White European Wife, One Cannot Be A Good Indian English Poet, I’M Sure Of It

1508. Blasphemy Is Light Which Beacons The Path To God

1509. Who Calls It That You Are Corrupt And Fallen? You Are Love, Love, My Love

1510. What Sort Of Judges Are They Who Consider Blasphemy As Punishable With Death?

1511. Onkar Nath Gupta As A Poet

1512. Was Lawrence A Sadhu? The Sadhu Of Love

1513. The Tears Of A Woman, Who Can Underatnd It? (Save From Honour Killings)

1514. The Bloody Power Politics Of The Cpi(M)

1515. Mosaic Of Love And Legends By Onkar Nath Gupta

1516. An English Or American Beauty Want I For My Poetic Inspiration

1517. The Poetic Art & Craft Of O.N.Gupta

1518. On Reading Poet Onkar Nath Gupta’s Spilled Feelings

1519. Just For Blasphemy, One Is Killing Another In Pakistan, It Is Very Painful Indeed

1520. All The Time The Talk About Fanaticism & Fundamentalism Cannot Take Us Away

1521. The Communists Recognize Only The Two, Comrades & Cadres

1522. Symphony Of Discords By K.V.Suryanarayana Murti

1523. Under The Moonlit Nights, I Think Of Kissing You, Saying My Love To You

1524. The Poet Is A Liar, A Great Liar, You May Read, Believe Him Not

1525. The Journal Editors Calling Themselves Contemporary Indian English Poets

1526. O Man, Where Will You Go With Your Fundamentalist Thoughts?

1527. This Is India, Here A Village Fool Can Also Be The Chief Minister Of A State Te

1528. The Poetry Of Onkar Nath Gupta

1529. Honour Killing, What Will You Get Killing Your Daughter?

1530. Robots In Love

1531. The Communists Are Not At All The Good Men

1532. Vijay Vishal As An Indian English Poet

1533. What Has The Cpi(M) Done People Know It Well

1534. You Just Think She Is Your Sister Too

1535. At Victoria Memorial, Calcutta

1536. Poetry For I. H. Rizvi

1537. Honour-Killing Is A Sin/ Just For Family Honour, Do Not Kill A Girl!

1538. Wounded Roses Sing By I.H.Rizvi

1539. The Ragged Men As Ph.D. Guides On Indian English Poetry Criticism

1540. I Am A Robot, You Are A Robot And We Two In Love

1541. With A Rakhi To Tie The Small Behana Waiting For

1542. Fettered Birds

1543. A Young Girl Is A Source Of Inspiration, Isn’T It?

1544. The Fraud Scholar & The Ragged Ph.D. Guide Of Indian Englsih Poetry

1545. The Cpi(M) Should Not Talk Of Himan Rights & Violations

1546. Parting Wish By Vijay Vishal

1547. Internet Poets, Without Pen & Paper & Thinking, Just Play, Play You & Win

1548. Are The Girls For To Be Sold & Bought?

1549. In Rum, Beer, Brandy, Whiskey, See I My Love In The Tumblerb

1550. Hey, My Name Is… (Oh, The Style Of Introducing Herslelf)

1551. The Ph.D. Guide & The Girl Scholar (A Love Story)

1552. There Is Nothing As Indian English Poetry Criticism

1553. Lallu Too A Leader In Bihar!

1554. The Great Thugs Of Indian English Poetry & Criticism

1555. Mechanical Love

1556. The Buffaloman Too A Chief Minister In Bihar

1557. Burquawalli, May I Ask, Why Is Saudi Arabia So Conservative?

1558. Sitting In The Time’s House

1559. It Is Beautiful To Act Like A Sattagering Drunkard

1560. After Meeting A Foreigner Girl

1561. Just Like A Red Rose Appeared She The Foreigner Girl And I Kissed Her

1562. In To The Train To Pakistan

1563. The Life Divine By Sri Aurobindo

1564. Bijay Kant Dubey An Expert On Jayanta Mahapatra Is Sitting Idle While The Others Evaluating Ph.D.Theses On Jayanta

1565. Maharshi Aurobindo’s The Life Divine: A Landmark Vision, A Metaphysical Text & Document Of Supra Mind And Consciousness

1566. The Santhal Parganas

1567. You Are Nirmala, Nirmala, Miss Pure & Clean

1568. The Mahua Buds Used To Drip By In Spring And The Pigs Quarrelling At Pre-Morn Dark Time

1569. Suppose I Fell In Love With A Ukrainian Girl

1570. On The River-Bed Of The Ajay River I Used To Write Sometimes

1571. The Small-Small Palash Tree Bushes In Blossoms

1572. When She Gave A Violet Bloom To Me, My Pastoral Love

1573. Romance With Burquawalli

1574. Atop The Gidni Hills, Dumka

1575. When The Big Krait Fell Down In The Room At Dumka

1576. With The Foreigner Girl, My Heart Too Went Away To Foreign

1577. A Drunk Santhal Girl

1578. As An Aryan Settler Saw I The Native Taking To Hedia & Pocche By The Raw Roadside In The Santhal Parganas

1579. What In My Karma, What In Your Dharma, Who Can But Say?

1580. Putul-Naach (Puppet-Dance)

1581. My Flair & Fascination For The Santhal Girl

1582. Recall Chatia Baba Of Pak Pathar And They Will Come

1583. The Cemetery At Bandorjori, Dumka

1584. An American, From The United States Of America With A Cigar Held In Between The Fingers

1585. The Train Is Whistling

1586. I Took You To My Liking, Loved And Abandoned You To Be Called A Call Girl

1587. The Troupe Of The Santal Girls Dancing In The Woods

1588. The Dark Daughter Smiling

1589. The Scavenger Women I Saw At Dumka

1590. See The Girls, Sell The Photos Of, As You Haven’T

1591. The Poor Girl I Saw Her Dressed As Goddess Lakshmi & Asking For Money

1592. The Palash Blossoms

1593. Life At Dumka

1594. The Masanjore Dam

1595. I Cannot Hold Israel Guilty Merely, The Palestinian Fundamentalists Too Are

1596. Yoga, Its Spells & Rounds In America

1597. I Saw Her & Fell In Love

1598. Will Letter-Writing Turn Into A Dead Art?

1599. Poetry As A Search For The Scholar Gipsy And His Scholasticism And Classicism And Romantic Pastoralism

1600. On Which Side Of The Cheek Should I Kiss You, O Blonde!

1601. T. Vasudeva Reddy As A Poet

1602. Simanchal Patnaik’s Bedroom Poems

1603. Simanchal Patnaik’s Delightful World Of Poems

1604. Iraqi Daughter, How To Make Them Understand? The Militia And The Fanatics?

1605. Rakshabandhan (Ii)

1606. A Third-Grade Man Too Can Be A Leader In Bihar

1607. There Are Many Living Below The Poverty Line

1608. T.V.Reddy As An Imagist

1609. After Loving You, They Abandoned And Left You…

1610. Anna Hazare Fasting

1611. If Your Son Turns Into A Bad Boy, How Will You Take It?

1612. Paradise Returned & Other Poems By Kedar Nath Sharma

1613. Wherever Go You, Burquawalli/ Love For Burquawalli

1614. Namaste India, A Foreigner Girl With The Hands Folded In

1615. The Fanatics

1616. The Joker From Bhojpur, Bihar Again Has Returned To State Politics

1617. While Going To Gidni Village, I Used To View The Used Santhal Girl

1618. Some Loving Father’s Only Daughter, You Destroy Her Not As Such

1619. While Unfurling The Flag On The Eve Of The 15th Of August, Celebrating The Independence Day Of India

1620. T.V.Reddy As An Image-Maker

1621. The Fashionistas With The Vanity Bags Asking To Call Them Indian English Poetesses

1622. With A Pencil Sketch And Draw I A Burquawalli

1623. Do Not Subject The Yazidis To Inhuman And Sectarian Torture, Misery And Destitute, O Fanatics!

1624. The Journal-Appearing Contemporary Indian English Poets

1625. The Post-Independence Period Indian English Poetry

1626. Lalua Who Has Remained In Jail Has No Moral To Speak

1627. Cpi(M) And Its Strategy, A Party Of Blatant & Vehement Comrades & Cadres

1628. Communists, Very Bad Communists, Notorious People

1629. The Cpi(M) Knows Its People Only And Indulges In Political Propaganda

1630. The Poet As A Mad Man, A Portrait Of An Artist

1631. Poetry As Cigar Puffs & Trails Of Smokes

1632. Under The Moonlit Nights It’s Good To Remember You

1633. Lalua The Joker Baccha Too A Leader In Bihar

1634. Chara Chor, Murgi Chor, All Leaders In Bihar, The Buffloman

1635. I Call Myself A Good Man, But I Am Not

1636. One Day I Shall Not Remain Here, But My Ashes

1637. The Photo Of Her Eyes

1638. Whether Black Or White, I Want Someone To Love And Like

1639. The Third Eye (Ii)

1640. I Do Not Want To Do My Ph.D., I Just Want You, You

1641. Under The Kaamini Plant Tree Want I To Pass By The Night Fragrant With

1642. Rakshabandhan

1643. My Ph.D., What To Say About It? My Ph.D. Are You, Only You

1644. As If It Were Buddha In Meditation

1645. The Girl Is Like A White Rose

1646. The High Temper Of Comrades And Cadres You Know Them Not

1647. The Girl Is As Such, The Girl Is As Such…

1648. A Modern Indian Woman Calling Herself A Poetess Of India Not England

1649. Morning Time

1650. The Poets Are Liars, The Most Fraud People

1651. Pakistan, The Genii Of Fananticism Haunts It

1652. The Divine Spark

1653. My Bengali Wife Most Critical Wife

1654. Honour Killing (For The Arabic People)

1655. The Bluff-Masters Of Indian English Poetry

1656. The Communists Are The Very, Very Bad Men; The Most Notorious Peopled

1657. To Poison The Mind And The Brain The Work Of The Cpi(M)

1658. The Cpi(M) Has No Job, But To Find Out Who A Leftist And Who A Rightist?

1659. The Cpi(M) Is Involved In Blame Game

1660. A Failed Lover Of A Middle Classey Bengali Girl

1661. Is The Cpi(M) Itself Good And Gentle?

1662. The Wrong Policies Of The Cpi(M)

1663. An Indian English Poet But Without An English Wife

1664. Mulk Raj Anand As I Saw Him, Knew Him

1665. The Cpi(M) , The Aim & Motive Of It (The Negative Of The Party)

1666. I Talk To The Flowers, Dream With Them

1667. Kaun Banega Crorepati, Crorepati Nahi Khakhpati? The Loafer As An Announcer

1668. A Woman

1669. Alcoholism

1670. My Small Daughter On The Path Of Life And The World

1671. Into The Crowds Of Nameless, Faceless People Of Calcutta, Saw I Humanity Coming To A Standstill

1672. What Is That You Are Thinking?

1673. He Takes To Not Wine, But Wine Keeps Him Drinking

1674. A Cigarette Smoker’s World

1675. Just For The Kiss Of A Foreigner Girl, Lie I In Wait

1676. You Come & Go Seeing The Face Of Bhagabati

1677. At The Airport, The Foreigners I Saw

1678. O Young Maiden, In The Burqua, Tell Me Your Name!

1679. H.S.Bhatia As A Poet

1680. How Lonely Had I Been, How Lonely Am I!

1681. A Young Girl, How To Make A Photograph Of Her?

1682. Whose Asthi-Kalalsha Is This? (Whose Urn Is This? It’s Of My Mother Containing The Ashes Of Remains) Ead Mother?)

1683. A Poor Girl, Where Is She Going?

1684. Touching Me, Touched You My Mind & Heart

1685. Jayanta Mahapatra As An Odia Poet

1686. Under The Moonlight, Took I To The Few Strolls, Moving Together With, Walking Along

1687. I Make Buddhas In My Poetry

1688. Bluff-Masters As Contemporary Indian English Poets & Poetesses

1689. The Left Or Right Drama

1690. Is There Anything Like Indian English Poetry?

1691. Let Vishwakarma Be With, The Divine Master Craftsman And The Creator Of The Universee

1692. None But I Myself Am A Witness To Contemporary Indian English Poetry Writing

1693. I Just Think About The Lives Pulsating In The Flats Wearing Painted Smiles

1694. Where Are They Speeding To Go, I Don’T Know It?

1695. How Helpless Is Life In Traffic Jams!

1696. One Day I Will Not Be

1697. This Is My Bungalow, This Is My Car, This Is My Suit, Boot And Tie

1698. One Day I Will Not Be-Ii

1699. Loving Me, Leave Me Not, Desert You Not, Said She

1700. Forget You Not, Forget You Not

1701. Jayanta Mahapatra And His Poetry Of The Absurd

1702. Love Me, Love Me, You Just Love Me

1703. Sfi Appears To Be Most Agggressive

1704. Jadavpur University Campus, The Coffee Houses And The Naxal Aaddas

1705. Just For The Scorpion Bite, Nissim

1706. Nissim, You Saw The Indian Patriot And Smiled You Critically

1707. Jadavpur Campus Not For Naxalism, Love And Romance

1708. Poetry Is An Art

1709. Global Village

1710. This Is Our Mega City

1711. Jadavpur University Campus A Heaven For Naxalism; For Love, Romance & Free-Mixing

1712. Many Biharis Speak They Bluntly

1713. Asthi-Kalasha

1714. How To Pinda-Dana?

1715. Raceme By Kedar Nath Sharma

1716. The Jokes Of Khushwant Singh

1717. The Ragged Men Of Indian English Poetry

1718. Jadavpur, A Naxal Campus

1719. The Daughter Of A Fanatic Want I To Choose For Myself

1720. Burquawalli, Want To See You In Full From My Within (It’s A Heart Matter)

1721. A Small Girl Weeping

1722. Had Not Been A Shayar, But The Day Saw I You Since Then Have You As My Shayari

1723. Communist Cobras

1724. Having Taken Drugs

1725. A Jadavpurian

1726. The Leftist Intelligentsia Are The Biased Fellows

1727. Poet Onkar Nath Gupta

1728. I And My Love Both Of Us Often Keep Talking With, Sharing Together With

1729. Khuda Kasam

1730. Have You Heard?

1731. Dreamgirl, Dreamgirl, Your And Mine Dreamgirl

1732. A Beloved Just Like The Moon, A Beloved Just Like The Moon Had I, Had I Dreamt

1733. Its Moonlit Night

1734. Without Kissing The Foreigner Belle

1735. O Foreigner Girl, Where Are You Sitting Across The Shore?

1736. My Meeting With You

1737. The Desire To Be A Good Man

1738. Modi Sir, How Are You? (For Narendra Modi)

1739. Present University Heads Of Deptts.Of Today In India

1740. In Search Of A Simple Heart, Pure Mind

1741. Ph. D., Ph.D, My Ph.D Your Ph.D., Your Mine, Oh, This Business Of Ph.D!

1742. How Much Differences, How Much Distances? Increasing Closeness (Bilingual)

1743. Feeling Lonely

1744. Do You Take Wine? A Drunkard Will You Turn Into That (A Meeting With A Hard Drinker)

1745. On Seeing You, It Seemed To Me

1746. Poem

1747. Sometimes Think I

1748. Since I Have Seen You

1749. Have You Heard? (Bilingual)

1750. Aageo Dekhecchilam

1751. Burquawalli, Want To See You In Full

1752. Today

1753. On Seeing A Burqua-Clad Mistress

1754. In Search Of An Innocent, Pure Heart

1755. I And My Love Both Of Us Often Keep Talking With

1756. Gathering Broken Glasses By I.H.Rizvi

1757. My Emotional Feelings (Bilingual Poem)

1758. O American Girl, Will You Take With You?

1759. Love-Bonding With A Muhammedan Girl (Bilingual)

1760. Somebody Often Keeps Asking

1761. Say You It

1762. O, You Come At Least And See The Face Of The Dark Divine!

1763. Your Wet Eyelashes, Eyelids

1764. Have You Heard? (Human Weeping & The Cries Of Desperation/ Man Is For Man)

1765. Radha, Radha, Radha, You Are My Life, Radha (A Modern Duet Song)

1766. Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary

1767. Nataraja Shiva (Ii)

1768. What It Is In My Heart If Ask You, I Shall

1769. Annapurna Devi…

1770. Stealing My Heart, Where Did You Go Away?

1771. The Beautiful Eyes Of Bhagabati (Ii)

1772. Pensive Memories By T.V.Reddy

1773. Songs For Harmony By Stephen Gill

1774. Theatre Of Silence By Baldev Mirza

1775. The Historic, But Black Statue Of Radha-Krishna

1776. A Daughter So Humble And Poor (Save The Girl Child And Her Tears)

1777. Manas Bakshi As A Poet

1778. Rye On The Ravines By Dwarakanath H.Kabadi

1779. My Mother (Ii)

1780. Anamika, You Are Weeping, Your Wet Eyelashes, I Can See, Feel (To/ For Anamika, A Nameless Unknown Maiden)

1781. Just Like I Traveller I Keep Passing

1782. Naga Sadhu, You, One From Nagaland (Sadhus From Nagaland)

1783. Door Of Paper As A Masterpiece Of Jayanta

1784. Unesco’s Poor And Neglected Girl Child

1785. An Interview With Jayanta Mahapatra/ How Do They Take The Interview Of Jayanta Mahapatra?

1786. The Cheetah

1787. Arun Jaitley: A Portrait Of A Minister

1788. A Look At Jayanta Mahapatra’s Door Of Paper

1789. You Call Me Kamala Das, Said She, As Writer I Like Her

1790. Rajanigandha, Will You Be My Love?

1791. The Kite

1792. During The Spring, They Used To Come, But Now Vultureless

1793. The Desire To Kiss A Burquawalli

1794. A Promoted Professor From Allahabad Area Said To Me

1795. O Foreigner Girl, Where Do You Live You?

1796. The Communists Are Most Dangerous Men

1797. Jayanta Mahapatra’s Door Of Paper As A Masterpiece

1798. Under The Burkha, The Purdah/ The Burkhawalli Bibi

1799. What Is In Bombay?

1800. All Babas Are Not Fake? How Do You Say So? Are You Yourself A Good Man, Just Think You?

1801. After Reading Maha Nand Sharma’s Autuimn Strains

1802. The Fanatic’s Daughter Want I To Marry

1803. Smile You For Once Before You Go Away

1804. Leaders In Bihar

1805. Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat And Sitaram Yechuri

1806. Laluwa Too A Leader, A Countryside Village Ruffian

1807. Maha Nand Sharma’s Gushing Streams

1808. The Fanatic’s Daughter Want I To Marry (Ii)

1809. Bouquests Of Flowers For You, Bapu On Your Birth Anniversary

1810. Many Yoga Teachers In America Fail To Keep Off Their Temptation, They Are Not Yogis, But Bhogis

1811. What Has India Given To Me For My Writing?

1812. While Teaching Yoga In America Or Europe, You Clasp Not The Beauty Beauty

1813. Who’Ll Not Like To Love The Goggleswalli?

1814. Miyan Saheb

1815. In The Good Heart

1816. Love For Krishna At Least For Once

1817. Let Me Play The Shehnoi In The Lime-Stone Powder & Small Brick Made Temples

1818. Julie, I Love You (Ii)

1819. There’s Nothing In Human Life Though We Keep Denying The Fact

1820. Mother Kali (Ii)

1821. Love With A Purdahwalli/ My Burquawalli Mistress? O, I Want To Get It Sent, I Love You

1822. Love With A Muhammedan Girl/ The Mistress In The Burqua/ Love With A Burquawalli/ See Me But With Love

1823. The Native Embers By I.K.Sharma

1824. Leaving Me, Are You Going For The Second Bibi? , Asked She/ O, I Shall Go For A New Bibi With The Musical Band Playing The Music!

1825. Loving Me, Say You, Will Not Leave Me, Said She

1826. Politburo Members

1827. How Did They Plot To Crush My Talent, The Indian Bourgeois, Intelligentsia And Literati?

1828. This Is Indian English Poetry

1829. Bombay Dreams/ What Is She Doing Into The Lanes & Streets Of The Bazaar? / What Has Bombay Given To Her?

1830. I Do Not Know What Have I Written As They Are All Against Me?

1831. Door Of Paper By Jayanta Mahapatra: A Remix Reading

1832. Communists Are Very Notorious People

1833. In You Dark Daughter

1834. Interviewing Jayanta Found I

1835. None But You Yourself Introduce It That You Are A Poet, That You Are A Poetess

1836. A Coal Black Sweeper Girl Posing Like A Magistrate On Chairir

1837. Interview With Jayanta Mahapatra

1838. An Interview With Jayanta Mahapatra

1839. Lucy, My Love, My Child

1840. You Go To P.Lal And Say You Want To Be A Poet

1841. Say You (A Duet Song) Bilingual

1842. I Gave Her The Name (Sweetness Of Melody) Bilingual

1843. What Is Indian English Poetry?

1844. Nilkantha Mahadeva

1845. The Communists Are The Worst Fellows

1846. I Do Not Know It Who Is A Judge And Who A Thief?

1847. In Search Of An English Memsaheb For Me/ Suppose You, Just Suppose You, My Poetry Turns Into An English Girl

1848. A Small Girl, Do Not Snatch Her Childhood

1849. How Much Changed-Changed Look You! (Bilingual)

1850. Who Are Judges? (The Last Benchers & Stenos Promoted)

1851. The Police, The Chor & The Lawyer

1852. Taking The Photograph Of The Girl, Sell You Not In The Market (Bilingual, Bengali To English)

1853. A Small Girl, Do Not Snatch Her Childhood (The Picture Of My Daughter Standing Before)

1854. Before Today, After Today

1855. Where Art Thou, O My God!

1856. Thou Art My Own (Ii)

1857. Thou Art The Ultimate Truth Of My Life

1858. The Beloved Is Restless

1859. Let Me See In Full (Bilingual)

1860. I Am An Earthen Pitcher

1861. Aapse Meri Mulaakaat (My Meeting With You)

1862. Just Saw You For Once (Bilingual)

1863. My Poetic Journey Since 1986, But I Did Not Get Any Support From The Indian Govt. (Ii)

1864. Loving You, Have Started To Fear

1865. I See That A Lamp

1866. My Poetic Journey Since 1986, But I Did Not Get Any Support From The Indian Govt.

1867. Thou Hast Given Me

1868. Ferry Across, Ferry Across Kindly

1869. Smile You For Once

1870. Smile You For Once (Bilingual)

1871. On Seeing You

1872. Do Not Think It That You Are Only Talented

1873. The Pathway Of Love

1874. Sometimes Think I (Kabhi Sochta Hun)

1875. I Know It Breaking Your Heart, I Can Never Be Happy

1876. Your Laughter

1877. Your Way Of Smiling Is Different (Bilingual)

1878. I Am A Big Professor; A Varsity Head

1879. Do Not Break Her Heart

1880. Aap Rahatin Hain Mere Dil Ke Karib You Live Near My Heart

1881. See Me But With Love And Sympathy, Said She Weeping And Sobbing And Sighing, Inconsolably Breaking Down

1882. Ek Painter Hun, Burkhawalli Kaa/ A Portrait Of A Bukhawalli

1883. Chand She Chandni

1884. Ek Sanwal Gori Muskuraate Huin (A Dark-Complexioned But Blonde Smiling From The Hide Of A Hamlet)

1885. Kaun Banega Crorepati Nahin, Khakpati, Loaferpati?

1886. The Asthi-Kalasha Hanging By The Old Peepul Tree Of The River

1887. Pikar Daru (After Taking Native, Country Liquor)

1888. The Light Will Keep Burning

1889. My Moon Displeased With Me

1890. Burkawali She Prem

1891. By Being Light Unto Myself I Shall Pass Away Unsaid (Samah Ban Ke Bin-Bataye Chalaa Jana Hain)

1892. Terrorist

1893. Mr. Conservative, Think You

1894. I Had A Talk With You

1895. The Fanatic’s Daughter As My Love

1896. To Give The Slogan, To Flex The Muscle, To Paste The Graffiti Is The Cpi(M)

1897. I Asked The Indian Hanuman, How Are You?

1898. Do Not Call Me A Poet

1899. You Pause And Say, Where Are You Going? (Jaraa Rukiye Aur Sochiye Jaane She Pehle)

1900. Poetry/ Poetry Is Not Nudity, Obscenity Or Pornography

1901. Indian Fatalism

1902. A Golden, But Blackly Statue Of Radha And Krishna Emerging From The Fallen Temples

1903. Haikus

1904. Daru Piyo, Talk To The Girl And Do Naxalism In The Jadavpur Varsity Campus

1905. Unclothing Her, Do You Want To Photograph Her?

1906. The Hooked & Crooked Men As The Communist Party Zonal And Local Committee Secretaries

1907. Jadavpur Universiy Campus Turf, Romeo And Juliette Walking, Wine Bottles Littered Upon And Of The Naxals And Naxalism

1908. Mundamala Kali

1909. Kamala Das (Ii)

1910. Contemporary Indian English Poetry

1911. Kali

1912. I Too Am A Dancer

1913. Contemporary-Time Indian English Poets After Name And Fame, But Do They Ever Ask For?

1914. Bhai Phonta, Brother’s Paste

1915. They Are The Bamiyan Buddhas, You Fire Not On Them, Shell Them Not, O Talibans!

1916. The Festival Of Lights, Deepawali

1917. For To Be An Indian English Poet, You Start Editing A Literary Journal

1918. Will You Read My Poem, Sir?

1919. After Learning English

1920. The Navel Of My Mother Burnt As A Diya, An Earthen Lamp

1921. Jayanta Mahahpatra As An Image-Maker, A Myth-Weaver

1922. I Love You, How To Say, Get It Sent Across That I Love Her?

1923. I Said It, Poetry Is Perhaps A Dying Art, But They Accepted It Not Then What Should I Do?

1924. An Indian Fool Always In The Guard Of His Wife, Joking With Others

1925. Unesco’s Girl Child

1926. The Cpi(M) District Secretary

1927. A. A. Anzarannii As An Indian English Poet From Himachal.

1928. My Little Daughter, How Lost Am I In Your Love!

1929. How Mad Am I In Your Love? (Ii)

1930. For To Be An Indian English Poet, An English Girl Is A Must

1931. Desire To Love An Arabic Muhammedan Girl

1932. Communist Prakash Karat Is Not At All A Good Man, To Criticize Is His Job

1933. The Modern Indian English Poetess

1934. I Saw You, But Could Not Say I Love You To You

1935. Mr. Mocchu, Your Handlebar Moustache

1936. India’s Poor Girl Child, How To Present Her?

1937. Take My Pay Packets, Pay Bands, Return My Past Humanism

1938. Is The Girl For To Be Sold And Purchased Like A Caged Bird?

1939. The Seminar Activity

1940. People Come Here

1941. Sadhus From Nagaland

1942. Just Wanted To See Him And Saw Him, A Statue Of Barddhaman Mahavir

1943. The Blue Eye

1944. Who Is Prakash Karat? A Communist Hitler Or Mussolini?

1945. Kaun Kahta Hain Ki Tum Patita Ho? (Bilingual)

1946. Ek Sanwal Gori Muskuraati Huin

1947. Ek Kaali Ladki Muskurati Huin

1948. You A Pose For A Photograph/ Sit In My Studio, But Smile You Not, Let Me Take The Photo

1949. God, Return Me My Purity Of Heart, That Chastity Which Lost I

1950. Yare Saheb, Aap Bol Rahe Hain Kyon Nahi?

1951. My Lungi Dance, They Showing It After Stealing The Stills From Me

1952. Kabhi Akele

1953. Jara Sochiye…

1954. How Much Lonely! / Under The Open Skies Full Of Stars

1955. What Do You Get Intimidating The Girls, O Saudi Arabians?

1956. Chacha Nehru/ Uncle Nehru

1957. Bara Ho Jane Ke Baad

1958. Sometimes I Think

1959. O Old Man (Just Past The Middle Age) , With The French-Cut Beards! (Meeting Him At The City Square)

1960. Mein To Ek Scholar Hun, Par Meraa Beta Lathi Le Mujhe Khojta Huya

1961. Devadasi

1962. My Bibis And I, Just Suppose You, Suppose You

1963. The Books That I Wrote In Poetry

1964. Yare Aap Kab Tak Politics Karenge? Politics Karna Cchod Ke Dharam-Karam Bhi Kariye?

1965. You And I

1966. Give Me, My Olden & Antique Golden Statue Of Radha & Krishna

1967. O Scholar, Where Do You Stand?

1968. Minister From Bihar, Murkhamantri Ki Jai

1969. The Lakshmi & Saraswati Of The House

1970. Khoka (Khoka Babu, Bengali Babu)

1971. You Do The Pinda-Dana

1972. Across The Atlantic, The Pacific, The Mediterranean

1973. O God, The Burden Is The Body! How To Lift The Dead Body Of Mother!

1974. Daru, Ladki And Power, Three Things Of The Communists

1975. A Small Girl Standing With A Grass Bloom To Give

1976. Is Bihar Of Loafers? , I Think It After Seeing The Murkhamantris Turned Into Mukhyamantris

1977. Talent Is Not Only In Me

1978. One Thing The Cpi (M) Has Done That Is It Has Communized The Brains

1979. Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson (Will You Dance With Me?)

1980. In A Sufi Mode

1981. Turn Into A Sufi, You Keep Not The Company Of Sadhus And Saints, My Love

1982. Religious Fananticism Is Some Sort Of Madness

1983. A Literary Evening Burquawalli Ki Yaad Mein (Arranged In Saudi Arabia)

1984. Accha To, Chalte-Chalte, Pyaar Ki Baatein Ho Jaye

1985. Ek Nazar Mein Pyaar

1986. The Lone Ashthi-Kalasha (The Urn Containing Bodily Ashes)

1987. Pyarbhari Baatein

1988. Journalism & Media/ Media Personalities/ I See The Media Men As The Bad Boys Peeping Though The Windows

1989. The Necklace Wild By H.S.Bhatia

1990. Daru Pikar

1991. Even Though You Are Not Call You Yourself An Indian Poet Writing In English/ The Present Scenario Of Indians Writing Verses In English

1992. Accha To Hum Deewana Ban Jaaten Hain

1993. Meera Lag Rahi Ho, Radha Lag Rahi Ho/ Wo Teraa Yogan Bananaa Mujhe Pasand Jo Nahin, Yogi-Fakiron Ke Sang Ek Jawan Ladki

1994. After Death, Where Does The Spirit Pass Away? Can One Say It?

1995. Kyaa Kabhi Aapne Sochaa Hogaa Ki Woh Bhi Ek Ladki?

1996. Wo Chand-Shaa Chehraa, Wo Mushkuraahat, Ek Khilataa Kamal

1997. Ek Yogan She Pyaar; Ek Prem-Pujaran She Dillagi/ Love With A Yogan; A Hearty Tie With A Love-Worshipper

1998. Chhoti-Moti Baatein (Bilingual)

1999. Tomar Sapnon Niye (In Bengali)

2000. The Drama Of The Indian Ph.D.

2001. Aapko Meine Kahi Dekha Hain

2002. In Search Of My Jasmine (Bilingual)

2003. Indian Classicism

2004. The Young Maiden Sitting Alone Under The Tree By The Dam-Side

2005. Life I Have Faied To Understand It

2006. To A Modern Poetess

2007. Again Remembered I The Same Story

2008. The Blue Bird

2009. Kissing To Show, The Loafers Of The Communist Party/ Kiss Campaign From Jadavpur To India-Wide, A Leftist Opera, Drama Of Love

2010. When I See Beautiful Flowers, I Forget It That I Am A Poet

2011. The Cpi(M) Is The Worst Of All

2012. What In My Karma, My Dharma? How To Say These?

2013. Kiski Yaad Mein Bekhabar Jo Tum

2014. Phulon Ki Mahak, Udati Titaliyon Ke Sang

2015. Locked In A Kiss, A Leftist Gimmick/ Leftist Dr. Fautus’ Kiss Of Helen On The Turf Of The Jadavpur University Campuspur

2016. Take You Daru And Kiss The Girl In The Public To Celebrate The Kiss Of Love

2017. Locked In A Kiss, A Leftist Gimmick/ Leftist Dr. Fautus’ Kiss Of Helen On The Turf Of The Jadavpur University Campus

2018. Trinmul Congress Party Has Given The Freedom Of Speech & Expression Definitely

2019. Kiss Of Love

2020. Burquawalli (Bilingual)

2021. For My English Poetry, A European Love Is A Must

2022. The School Of Maya

2023. Some Write Poems And Think It That Are Exceptionally Talented

2024. A Beloved Like A Blooming Red Lily

2025. The Kiss Of Love Not, The Kiss Of Marx, Lenin, Stalin And Mao

2026. It’s Not The Kiss Of Love, But The Kiss Of The Loafers On The Jnu And Jadavpur Campus

2027. Ganjeris, Bhageris And Darpiyas Kissing And Celebrating The Kiss Of Love

2028. The Origin & The End Of The World

2029. The Poets Are The Mad Men And Poetry His Madness

2030. His Beloved Is So Beautiful That I Keep Thinking

2031. Aapko Dekh (Bilingual)

2032. Julie, I Love You, Love You… Say You Only For Once That I Love You, Love You

2033. Never Did He Call Himself A Scholar

2034. What Is New In Jayanta Mahapatra?

2035. I Do Not Know It What Have I Written?

2036. A Very Small Daughter, Neglected & Ignored In India

2037. My God, You Gave Him A Beautiful Wife Unasked, But I With Not An Ugly One, But Hooked And Crooked One Too

2038. The Waste Land, Sterile And Barren

2039. Fanatic’s Daugher, Wherever Go You Shall You, For A Burquawali, See Me But With Love

2040. Ek Baar Mushkuraa Do (Smile You For Once)

2041. Am I Alone In The Universe?

2042. Sir Calling Madam Great And Madam Reciprocating Sir

2043. My Angst And Bewilderment

2044. A City-Girl As An Indian Englsih Poetess

2045. Poetry Is Madness

2046. The Bust & The Torso Of The Scholar Make I, The Unknown Citizen As A Poet

2047. Do Not Snatch Its Childhood

2048. A Portrait Of An Artist

2049. A White Rose Under The Moonlit Night

2050. I Am At The Door Thinking About You/ The Song Of Life

2051. What It Is In My Heart, If You Ask I Shall Tell You

2052. I Am At The Door

2053. Modern Love, Full Of Betrayal & Moral Depravity/ Bruised Love

2054. Had I Been A Man

2055. One Day When I’Ll Be Gone, My Poems Will Turn To Dust

2056. A Sculpture Of Nataraja Shiva

2057. What Is In My Poetry To Call Myself Great?

2058. The Third Eye (Iii)

2059. Open The Door Of Your Heart; The Door Of The Mind & Heart

2060. Man Will Come, Man Will Go, But The Small Rivulet Will Continue To Flow

2061. Poetry For Me Is An Album Of Art & Sculpture

2062. Let Us Play Police, Chor, Sepoy Like The Children

2063. The Dark Daughter (A Very Small Poem)

2064. I Miss You So Much, One Day I Shall Not Stay Here

2065. The Judge Too Is Not A Judge

2066. The Fanatic’s Father

2067. Aapka Pyaar Meri Kavita (Your Love My Poems)

2068. O Cbi, He Is Not A Culprit, You See Him With Compassion And Love

2069. Dekho Magar Pyar She, Dekh Rahi Ho To? (See But With Love, Are You Seeing?)

2070. Bihar Of Once Upon A Time, If The Foolish Man Turns Into A Chief Minister

2071. What Is Dalit Literature? What The Agenda Behind, What The Motto?

2072. I Am A Simple Man And I Want To Pass Away So Simply

2073. He Is Reading A Paper On Dalit Literature

2074. Indian Law & Justice Needs To Be Liberalized

2075. Dalit Literature, The Non-Dalit Writing About & Profiting From

2076. Ek Goggleswalli She Pyaar/ O Goggleswali, Jaane She Pahle Naam To Bata Ke Ja! / Love With A Maiden In The Goggles

2077. Did Adi Shankarachayra Not See Shiva In Kangal Rupa? (Context Is Of Dalit Literature)

2078. Dalit Literature From A Different Point Of View, Indian And English

2079. Krishna Asking Yasada, Why Is Radha Fair And He Darkly? (Interpreting Dalit Literature Otherwise)

2080. Classicism Is My Base

2081. Who Is The Maiden In The Sunglasses? A Film Actress Or An Artiste?

2082. Dalit Literature, Should It Come Up From The Dalits Or The Non-Dalits?

2083. He Is Editing A Journal In India To Be A Varsity Professor

2084. The Sadhu With The Ladki In The Ashrama

2085. The Indian English Poetry Audience Likes To Hear Bobby, Julie, Daisy Reading Poems

2086. Searching For Pathetic Things In Similar To Dalit Lit. In English Lit.

2087. Sitakant Mahapatra

2088. What Is In Dalit Literature?

2089. Patita, Who Says, You Are Patita? (Fallen & Degraded)

2090. Tomake Man-Mandire Bosiye Rakhte Chai (Bengali)

2091. Dom Moraes- Ii

2092. Indian Babas And Their Fauds, Yogis Not Dhongis

2093. A Dramagirl, A Dreamgirl, A Rupkumari, Phoolkumari

2094. Your Words Smack Of Hollow & Sham Living; Vanity, Ego & Hypocrisy

2095. Thank You, God, I Could Not Be A Ph.D. Guide Here In India Though I Tried My Best To Be!

2096. Woods, Only Woods, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood

2097. Now I Think How Mad I Had Been After Love!

2098. The Theatre Of The Absurd

2099. Love Poetry

2100. Apni Bibi Ko Cchupa Ke Dusron E Nazar Na Girao (Keeping Your Bibi Under Teh Veil, Wink At Not Others)

2101. The Art Of Living

2102. I Saw Her And Fell In Love, See Me But With Love

2103. Modern Poetry

2104. Governorship, Is It A Retirement Job?

2105. Never Break The Heart Which But It Loves

2106. The Drunkard Saheb Lying Fallen And His Bibi Trying To Make Him Stand

2107. I Hate You, Dom, Your False Englishness & Pseudo-Gentlemanliness

2108. Wbcuta Is A Political Organization

2109. In The Theatre Of Life; In The Theatre Of Silence

2110. Love Travelling Or The Travellers In Love And Relationship?

2111. Is He A Yogi Or One Of Guru-Shisya Prem?

2112. Do Not Say It That British Literature Is Nothing, Indian English Is All

2113. The Astrologers, The Thugs, The Fatalists And The Superstitious People, The Godmen For The Inactive People

2114. Is This The India Where The Brides Are Burnt For Want Of Money?

2115. When The Palmist Said, You Will Have Two Wives

2116. M.K.Naik’s Verses

2117. Save The Girl Child

2118. O My God, Meri Ek Bhi Nahin, Uski Tin-Tin Beautiful Wives! (Bilingual)

2119. Bade Miyan, Cchote Miyan Aur Bukhawalli

2120. When There Was The Cpi(M) Party In West Bengal, People Were Unable To Speak

2121. / Ek Burkhawalli She Pyar-Mohabbat/ Ek Pyaarbhari Mulaakaat/ Chori-Chori, Chupke-Chupke, Ek Burkhawalli She Muhabbat

2122. I Could Not As I Could Not Call Myself A Minor Indian English Poet

2123. Burkhawalli, Tumhe Kis Karke Paya Ki Tum Wahi Ho, Wahi Ho!

2124. Fanatic’s Daughter Miss Burquawalli Met I On The Roadways, But Couldn’T I Love You

2125. O Talibans, They Are The Buddhas, You Fight Not With Them!

2126. The Dark Blue Butterfly

2127. The Cobras Hissing And Basketed

2128. Satire, Humour & Irony

2129. Your Photograph Is In My Heart

2130. Mr. Conservative Asking Her Daughter, Why Did You Smile On Seeing The Stranger?

2131. Today’s Poetry Full Of Propaganda & Promotion

2132. The Countryside Joker Said It, Let Me Do M.A. First Then B.A. Then I.A. And Then Matric

2133. How Do They Catch Cobras?

2134. After Writing A Few Poems In English, One Likes Call Oneself A Poet Or Poetess

2135. Poetry, Its Schools, Thought & Tradition

2136. Mechanical Life, Mechanical World, Everything Appears Artificial & Technical

2137. How To Restore Back Lost Vedism, Upanishadism & Puranism?

2138. The Partition Literature (Ii)

2139. The Locomative Train

2140. The Brook

2141. A Statue Of Radha And Krishna, Found From The Ruins Of The Fallen Temples

2142. With A Statue Of Lord Buddha, Toured I Far Into The Far East

2143. O, When, When Will You Sing, Take The Name Of Hari, Hari Om, Hari, Hari?

2144. God Knows, Who Is Renowned & Who Unrenowned In Indian English Poetry?

2145. Lallu Will Beat Bihari Villain Kallu On The Stage

2146. Your Daughter

2147. Is Poetry Dying?

2148. A Small Daughter (Ii)

2149. Save The Girl Child Of India (Ii)

2150. Lallu & Kallu, Two Bihari Country Boys Going To Bombay To Be Heroes

2151. The Scholar

2152. Do Not Boycott Her Socially

2153. In The Theatre Of Silence

2154. Pandit Ravi Shankar, Are You A Sitar Player Or A Lover?

2155. What Is Indian In Indian English Poetry?

2156. The Washerman’s Ass Find I Not

2157. Thomas Hardy, Are You A Pessimist Or A Lover?

2158. Your Love-Song Hum I

2159. A Village Girl You Going With The Holy Bible To Sing The Christmas Carol

2160. The Sweeper Lady With A Loadful Of Human Excreta

2161. My Love Are You, My Heart Are You

2162. Aapke Chehre Mein Kya Hain? (What Is In Your Glamour?)

2163. Ek Dhalati Shaam Aur Ek Sanwal Gori (A Descending Eve & A Dark Beauty)

2164. Kya Yahi Pyaar Hain? Kya Yahi Pyaar Hain? (Is This Love? Is This Called Love?)

2165. Whoever Be You, A Uyghur Or A Han Or A Hui, Try To Be A Human Being First

2166. Those Who Do Not Want Get Beautiful Wives From God

2167. Those Who Are Religiously Blind

2168. Burquawalli Is My Love, I Love Her, Love Her

2169. Ek Baar To Muskuraa Dijiye (Smile You Please For Once)

2170. Dreamgirl, Dreamgirl…

2171. An Indian English Poet But Without A European Lady

2172. Blasphemy, Blasphemy Too Is An Idea, The Power Of Reasoning

2173. Putting Your Tensions Off, Keep You Smiling

2174. Babaji, Babaji, Who Is This Ladki In Your Ashrama?

2175. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Professor Of Physics

2176. Across The Mediterranean

2177. I Am A Simpul Man, I Like The Middle Path

2178. One Day I Shall Not Exist, I Shall Turn Into A Heap Of Ashes And Coal

2179. What Is Poetry? It Is The Feeling Of The Heart

2180. Murkhamantri In The Train Sipping Lassi

2181. There Is Nothing As Indian English Poetry

2182. Bihar Of Lallu & Kallu, Two Villagers As Politicians

2183. I Saw You Many A Time & It Turned Into The Liking Of Mine

2184. The Path Lies It Unknown, But I’Ve To Go, I’Ve To Go

2185. Thugs, Goons & Thieves Too Leaders In Bihar

2186. How Much Do I Love You? You Do Not Know It, The Fanatic’s Daughter.

2187. The Ragged Men As The Critics Of Erstwhile, Nowhere Indian Verse In English, I Mean The Phatihaley Babasnglsih

2188. Anna’s Fasting Drama

2189. Under The Shadow Of Anna, The Aap Men Calling Themselves Leaders

2190. Open Your Lotus Mind & Keep You Smiling

2191. In Traffic Jams, See I Life Screeching For Room & Breath?

2192. Say You, Where Will You Go With Miangiri, Where Will You With Your Hindugiri?

2193. A Lover’s Heart

2194. One Who Can Fire On The Bamiyan Buddhas Can Definitely On The School Children With Their Perverse Thinking

2195. Aap Activists, Aam Aadmi Party Workers

2196. I Do Not Think That Poets Are Only Great

2197. A Super Star

2198. How Do They Play The Wooden ‘Been’ Instrument To Charm The Cobras?

2199. A Modern Girl In The Make-Up, The Face And The Dress Saying It

2200. Chandramukhi, I Haven’T Seen You For So Long

2201. The First-Poem Writers Of Indian English Poetry

2202. Foreigner Girls Are Like Foreign Flowers

2203. The Fanatic’s Daughter (Ii)

2204. Pakistani English Is Like A Saudi Arabic Beauty Under The Burqa

2205. Your Ph.D. Is Mine And Mine Yours, Friend, Keep It A Secret, Disclose You Not Please

2206. O Lallu, Bihari Villain!

2207. Call Me A Modern Indian Englsih Poetess

2208. I Am An Indian English Poetess, You Call Me

2209. Your Daughter Is Precious

2210. Burqawali Bibi

2211. A Little Daughter, What Have I In Poor India?

2212. Adil Jussawalla The Man & The Poet

2213. The Dirty Old Man Of India, Khushwant Singh

2214. Under The Lantern Light I Used To Read

2215. What Is Poetry To Adil?

2216. Adil Jussawalla A Poet Of The Fragmented Time, Spirit And Imagery

2217. The Indian Villages Of Paglets

2218. Trying To Say Goodbye

2219. Indian English Poetry: A Study In Scattered And Handpicked Poems

2220. Is Adil Jussawalla The Eklavya, Abhimanyu Or Karna Of Indian English Verse?

2221. Missionaries And Their Conversions, I Myself Have Seen It

2222. What Have I Given To This Life, What Has It To Me, Think I?

2223. Hindutava

2224. Indian Egnlish, Where Is It? Who The Speakers?

2225. The Reds, Notorious Reds

2226. The Bluff-Masters As Poets

2227. Understanding The Bodo Culture

2228. Sitaram Yechury’s Politics, I Do Not Like It All

2229. Daru Pikar, Say You Not, Happy New Year To You!

2230. The Communists Are Very Worst Fellows

2231. When The Cpi(M) Had Been In Power In West Bengal

2232. Indian Poetry In English, Not At All Indian English Poetry

2233. The Question Of Being Modern & Post-Modern

2234. One Drunkard Saying To Another Drunkard, Happy New Year To You! Dancing And Drinking And Saying

2235. Rajanigandha, A Fairly Tall & Slim Like Her

2236. T.N.Seshan, Do Not Boast Of Your Indian Elections

2237. O Miscaller, Is Your Life A Miscalling? To Give Missed Calls Your Job?

2238. On Seeing You, I Found A Red Rose Standing Before Me

2239. J.P.’s Gwalas, They Too Leaders

2240. The Goondaism Of The Communist Party Is Well-Known

2241. Mistresses Are Poetesses Today

2242. Talent Is In You Too, This The Poets Cannot Feel It

2243. Jayprakash Narayan, What Politics Are You With Herdsmen, Goatmen? N

2244. A Small Indian English Poet-Head’s Colleagues Too The Critics Of Indian English Poetry

2245. Chandramukhi, Moonfaced, How Lost Am I In Your Memory!

2246. Under The Moonlit, Starlit Skies, Who’s The Damsel Dipping The Pitcher?

2247. A Modern Girl As An Indian Englsih Poetess

2248. Poetry Of The Earth, Want I To Write

2249. Hers Is An American Dream, But Mine Is Indian

2250. The Ph.D. Supervisor’s Mistress Too A Ph.D. & He Writing The Thesis

2251. O Governor-Chancellor, I Am A Jadavpurian Naxal Girl, I Shall Not Take The Degree

2252. Jadavpur Campus, The Naxal And His Love Affair

2253. Was Dom Moraes?

2254. He Is Producing One Child After Another And Saying, God Is Giving

2255. I Sculpt The Bust & Torso Of The Unknown Citizen

2256. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Hunger

2257. I Did Not Ask Him, But Said He, I Am A Muhammedan

2258. You Are Not Even Modern And Instead Of Being Calling Post-Modern

2259. The Beloved Of The Ph.D. Guide

2260. What Can The Heart Do If It Falls In Love? I Love You, Julie

2261. Oh, This Age Of Self-Propaganda And Publicity! Bereft And Devoid Of Scholasticism!

2262. The Milkmen As The Leaders From Bihar

2263. Those Who Had Been Bloody

2264. Jayprakash’s Black-Mouthed Hanumans

2265. Poetry Or Science? Which Should It Be Given Priority?

2266. The Fanatic’s Daughter, To Her I Want To Say, I Love You

2267. Duplicate Indian Egnlish Poets

2268. Taking A Break From Your Busy Schedule, Meditate You

2269. Laluwa Too A Leader

2270. Radha, Radha, Radha, You Are My Life & Breath, Radha

2271. For To Be A Poetess, I Left My Husband, Divorced And Laid Him Back

2272. The Death Of Poetry

2273. The Worst Fellows As Politicians In Bihar/ Bihari Politicians

2274. The Drunkard All Alone In The House

2275. Many Buffalomen & The Bullock-Cartmen Too Leaders In Bihar

2276. This Life

2277. Under The Moonlit Nights, I See You, See You

2278. Bihar Of The Third-Class People (Not All Of Them)

2279. It Was 1986 When I Started Writing In English, But No Favour Found I In The Critics Of India

2280. Aapko Dekh Kavita Likhne Ki Eccha Hoti Hain (After Seeing You Want I To Write Poems)

2281. O Foreigner Girl, Say You What Is My Relationship With You? (Intimacy With A Foreign Girl)

2282. My Love, How Are You? Are You Happy With Your Second Love?

2283. Is Poetry My Madness? Am I A Mad Man?

2284. It Is Time

2285. I Am A Don, I Am A Don. Yes, Boss, You Are My Mother And Father

2286. Even If You’Re Not An Indian English Poet, Call You & Will Become

2287. A Coal Black Girl, Black Diamond

2288. Nobody Studied Indian Egnlish Poetry, Now They Are For Fame & Promotion

2289. Love At Her First Sight

2290. Trying To Say Goodbye, No, No, Say You Not

2291. When A Blonde Says, I Love You, What It Happens?

2292. Jayanta Mahapatra And His Relationship

2293. I Am A Heap Of Dust And Clay, A Mound Of Ashes And Coalogf Sjhes And Coal

2294. Her Cheeks Are Appleyish, The Lips Pink, The Eyes Lustrous

2295. Research Methodology With Regard To New Indian English Poets

2296. Dalit Literature, Is It Political Or Sociological?

2297. Man Will Come And Go, But The Rivulet Will Keep Flowing

2298. Vatsyaynaa, Were You A Specialist Of Kaam-Vasana?

2299. Lighting The Lamp Of Love

2300. I Want To Pencil An Image Of Yours

2301. The Same Happy New Year & The Same Old Man, Who Says Happy To Whom?

2302. Ganjaraja And His Associates/Ganjaraja With The Ganjeris Moving Aroud Him/ Gangeris And Their Vyom Bhole

2303. Is Poetry A Dying Art? Will It Die Away Soon?

2304. I Want A Foreigner Girl For Me

2305. Vatsyayana, You Had No Book To Write, But Kamsuttra

2306. My Typical Village

2307. Your Fragrance Will Tell It, Rajanigandha Or Belli Or Champa Or Seulis Or Cchadims? (In Search Of Shakuntala)

2308. D.H.Lawrence As A Fictionist

2309. As A Poet I Am But A Pessimist And Poetry My Pessimism

2310. A Yogan, A Sadhvi In The Rudraksha Bracelets, Is It Your Heroine, Lawrence? Ts

2311. They Are Thesis Examiners, I Am Not And This India, The Standard Of Education

2312. In Search Of Buddha And Buddhism- Ii

2313. The Cobras, Hooded And Hissing

2314. The Green Earth Is Not The Priority, But All That Wrapped Up With False Modernity

2315. The Heroine Of Flesh And Blood The Atraction Of Lawrence

2316. In Search Of Buddha And Buddhism

2317. With A Sweet Kiss Of Your Star And Jasmine-Studded Hair, Let Me Say, Happy New Year To Youdded

2318. Not A Poet, But A Lover

2319. Where Are You, Radha? (How To Live Without You?)

2320. Under The Midnight, They Keep Me Asking, Who Is The Lady With?

2321. Do You Love Me? , Asked I

2322. I Do Not Want To See The Foreigner Girls; It Beats My Heart Badly

2323. They Are Editing Journals To Be Poets & Poetesses

2324. In The Theatre Of Life

2325. Lawrence Again

2326. It Is Interesting To Talk About The Partition Literature, But Think About Those Who Suffered And Perished

2327. Many Marwari Businessmen I Find Them Failing Midas

2328. The Scent Of Blood

2329. Kali, Shyama Kali

2330. A Black Bird Cuckoo

2331. Sorry, I Could Not Say Myself A Poet

2332. The Scholar Never Says It That He Is A Scholar

2333. Where Are They?

2334. God, If I Can Be Anyone’s Help, This Much Is Enough

2335. I Shall Not Myself Stay Here, What To Say About My Poetry?

2336. Your M.Phils. And Ph.Ds. On Indian English Poetry, Search The Unresearchedd

2337. Human Hunger

2338. Poetry And Its Schools

2339. India Is In Reality Of The Thieves And Looters, Thugs And Dacoits

2340. It Is Time Which Does Not Wait For

2341. They Breaking Stones, Working In Stone Crushers

2342. The Poor Gipsy Woman With The Poor Gipsy Girl Child

2343. What Did I Get In India As A Poet? Who Strove To Give Me Poetic Space?

2344. The Parsi Vision Of Life In Keki N.Daruwalla’s Poetry

2345. The Missing Man Of Indian English Poetry

2346. A Golden And Glistening Love

2347. The Rustic Love Said It To Me, How Long Will You Keep Reading? When Will You Marry? ‘

2348. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Mornings, Evenings And Nightfalls

2349. Blasphemy Is The Beauty Of Thought, Those Abuse God Are Philosophers/ The Pleasure Of Abusing God

2350. You Wait For, I Am Trying To Be Modern

2351. English Medium School And A Trial And Tryst With Englishness, The Wisps And Whiffs Of It In India

2352. Beware Of Indian Guides, O Foreigner Girls! Beware Of!

2353. The History Unknown

2354. You Fathering More And Saying, God Is Giving/ Population Explosion

2355. Drunkard Dance (Mataal Dance)

2356. When Will You Leave Your Miyangiri, When Will You Your Hindugiri, When Will You Your Christiangiri? W

2357. Indian English Poetry Festival, A Mad Men Conference Was It

2358. Just For A Cup Of Tea, I Fell In Love With Her

2359. The Communists Are Very Dirty Men

2360. After Being Scolded By Wife, The Gentlemen Turned Into Tulsidas

2361. The International Poetry Festival Was But Full Of English Hamlets And Indian Paglets

2362. The Mind Is Like A Blank Blackboard

2363. Pinda To Pinda, My Journey Of Life, The Asthi-Kalasha Hanging By The Tree

2364. Vatsyayana, Were You…?

2365. The Lone Fox Going

2366. The Cpi(M) Is Not At All Good

2367. Poetry As Rose-Petals

2368. Poetry As Photography, Sights & Scenes In Words

2369. Who Is The Man Striding? (For Mahatma Gandhi)

2370. Fanatics Are The Mad-Dog Bitten People

2371. Ramlila, Krishnalila, Our Dramatic Traditions

2372. Flowers Are Natural Poems For Me

2373. Shashi Tharoor…Is To Love And Abandon Your Name?

2374. Fair And Lovely Girls As Paper-Readers And Resource Persons

2375. Bapu

2376. For M.K.Gandhi

2377. This World Is Yours, My God

2378. Savitri, Aurobindo’s Savitri

2379. Swami Vivekananda

2380. Make You Not The Statue Of The Great Man

2381. Fanaticism Is But Madness And The Fanatics The Mentally Deranged Fellows

2382. Why Is Krishna Dark-Complexioned? Where Does He Lie Fluting?

2383. My Love, Where Are You Whistling A Song?

2384. In A Godless Universe

2385. You Are Looking Very Beautiful

2386. The World Has Greatest Fears From The Fanatics

2387. Swami Viviekananda Not Only A Yogi, But A Karmayogi

2388. Your Ph.D., The Guide Is Writing

2389. Tagore Memorabilia And Memoirs

2390. Gurus Are Many, But The Babas Many

2391. Suppose That I Move Out To Saudi Arabia And There Give A Break Dance On The Desert Sands

2392. Chetan Bhagat’s English

2393. Daru Mat Piyo, Advised I To Him And He Started Taking More

2394. If America Allows It To Be Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, Asiatic, Arabic And Turkic Then Americanness Will Finish It All

2395. The Advocate’s Version Like I Not, Complicated And Implicating

2396. To Be Fanatical Is To Nomadic And Lawless

2397. Indian Train Going In The Dark With The Pick-Pockets, Thieves And Dacoits As Co-Passengers

2398. Only Naga-Nagins In Girish Karnad’s Nagamandala, But The Music Of The Snake Charmers Missing

2399. Prathom Dekha Te Hee Tumi Aamake Eto Bhalo Legeccho (Bilingual)

2400. O Fanatic, Are You Fanatical By Birth?

2401. Girish Karnad, Folks’ Icchadhari Naga-Naga Story Exploited You

2402. Blasphemy Opens The Gates Of Faith & Belief

2403. Burqawalli

2404. I Do Not See The Convicts & Culprits As Criminals/ Say, Who Is A Criminal?

2405. You Flogged Laila And Majnu, Now Whom Will You Flog?

2406. Naren, What Do You Want? , ‘ Asked The Teacher. ‘I Want To See Her And Seek From Her’. ‘Well, You Go Inside And Ask For, ‘ Said He, Ramkrishna

2407. Chetan Bhagat’s English Is One Of A Waiter, A Restaurant Boy, A Hotel Boy, A Hostel Boy

2408. In The Name Of Fanaticism, Many A War Has Been Fought, But How Many…?

2409. They Are Showcasing The Tufts Of His Beards, But My Beards The Barber Thowing Off

2410. I Fear To Meet A Young Girl

2411. Take The Pindas, O, You Forlorn Spirit, Soul!

2412. Without Understanding The Pains Of The Partition, They Profiting From In The Form Of Ph.Ds.

2413. The Poor Blood Donor

2414. Master, I Do Not Want To Seek For Anything Else, Have Got, What I Had To Ask? , Vivekanada Said It To Ramkrishna Paramhamsa

2415. Police, Chor, Sepoy And Advocate

2416. If I Die As A Minor Poet, It Will Be My Good Luck

2417. The Poets Are Most Selfish Men In The World

2418. Brindaban, Where Is It Brindaban? Golden And Divine?

2419. The Last Benchers, Third-Classers As Advocates, Statistics Shows It

2420. Where My Mom, Where My Dad, All Lying Dead?

2421. Kiran Bedi, They Talk Of Your Calibre And Guts, But I Not

2422. Indian English Poetry Critic A Younger Brat, A Student Of Literature

2423. My Daughter, So Simple And Small, Loving And Affectionate

2424. Haribans Rai Bachchan

2425. Terrorist, Whose Son Are You?

2426. In The Goggles She Looks Like A Heroine

2427. Post Your Poems On The Internet And Call Yourself A Poet

2428. I Myself Shall Not Stay, What To Say About My Poetry?

2429. Gangasagar And The Kapil Muni’s Ashrama

2430. Bihar Of The Thieves, Thugs And Goons

2431. O Terrorist, Is There No Love In Your Dry Heart?

2432. Kiran Bedi, Is She Only Talented Ips Officer?

2433. The World Is Full Of Fanatics

2434. If Modern Man Keeps Looting Nature’ Treasury Then Things Will End Soon

2435. Aam Aadmi Party

2436. Bihar In Third-Class Talks, Who Dalit, Who Undalit?

2437. One Day They Will Sell It The Green Planet

2438. Laluwa-Budhuwa All Leaders In Bihar

2439. I Love You, My Heart-Beat Says It, I Love You

2440. The Ecology And The Environment

2441. Kiran Bedi, What Is It In Name?

2442. The Victory Of The Bloody Sword

2443. The Cpi(M) Is Very Tactical

2444. Kiran Bedi Thinks It That Only She Is Dry Honest And None Else Like Her

2445. You Love Me, Love Me, Just Love Me, An Aap Heroine During The Nukkad Sabha Natak

2446. In The Goggles She Appeared To Be A Heroine, But…

2447. Imran Khan Has No Work To Do, But To Marry And Divorce

2448. Friend, Are You Left Alone In The Forests? O, Fox, Running Away!

2449. Beards, Saintly And Of The Terrorist

2450. The Fanatic’s Son Will Remain A Fanatic

2451. Bless Us, O Goddess With The Lyre! Saraswati!

2452. O Laluwa, You Too Have Become A Politician!

2453. For Loving A Girl, You Flog Not, O Saudi Arabian Moral Police!

2454. You Call Me An Indian English Poetess, I Am Young, Lovely And Modern

2455. I Forbade Him To Be A Fanatic, But Did Not Take To My Words

2456. The Drama Of Kiran Bedi, The Nautanki Of Coming Into Power

2457. How To Save The Green Earth?

2458. Will You Be My Valentine?

2459. Dalit Literature, The Non-Dalit Writing, How Can It Be?

2460. An Indian English Poetess, How Bobbed And Cute Am I! You Love Me, Just Love Me

2461. Is There No Talk?

2462. A Modern Indian English Poetess In The Goggles

2463. A Dance Is A Poem Gesturted Through

2464. Where There Is

2465. All The Time Minorityism Is Not Good At All

2466. Who Says India Is Not Secular? Do Not Misinterpret It

2467. Bombayan Super Stars, You Believe Me Or Not, Are But Girl-Lovers?

2468. Will Spring Come Again? Will The Flowers Bloom?

2469. Neither Hindugiri Nor Christiangiri Nor Miangiri Is My Talk

2470. Dj, The Making Of A Dj

2471. India-Centric Statement

2472. Will You Be My Valentine? (Ii)

2473. Innocent Heart

2474. Barack Obama And His Comprehension Of India, Needs To Do More Homework

2475. Be Not Barbarians, Try To Uphold Human Virtue, Be Compassionate

2476. Hari Om

2477. A Villain I

2478. The Origin Of Words

2479. Inspiration Is Dead In Me

2480. My Prerna, Inspiration/ A Cup Of Coffee And The Girl Before

2481. As A Man, I Hate The Fanatic The Most

2482. Trinmul Congress Party’s Gift Is The Freedom Of Speech

2483. In The Speech Of Barack I Can Read American Diplomacy And His Unsound Understanding Of India

2484. Modi Saheb

2485. Bapu, In Your Memory

2486. I Am Something, Human Ego

2487. The Trinmul Congress Party Will Definitely Win For One More Time

2488. To Be A Man Is Most Important

2489. I.H.Rizvi

2490. Many Third-Classers

2491. My Valentine, Where Do You Stand? My Love, My Valentine

2492. The Communists Are The Very Worst People

2493. My Burqawalli Bibi (Haiku)

2494. Small Daughter (Haiku)

2495. On St. Valentine’s Day

2496. Do You Love Me? (Haiku)

2497. I Want To Steal Moonshine (Haiku)

2498. A Rose For You On Valentine’s Day (Haiku)

2499. The Snake Charmer Playing The Been (Haiku)

2500. Smile Please, Said The Photographer

2501. At Your First Sight (Haiku)

2502. Absurd Drama Of Life (Haiku)

2503. Modern Man Smiles He Not, But Grins And Comments

2504. My Love, My Heart Knows It (Haiku)

2505. My Adolescent Dance Behind The School (Haiku)

2506. Barack Obama, Your Lesson Could Not Go Well

2507. To Do Minorityism All Time Not Good

2508. Valentine’s Day, Is It For Rose-Smelling?

2509. My Valentine, You Come To And Take The Rose

2510. On St.Valentine’s Day, I Do Not Know

2511. If Your Son Turns Into A Bad Boy, Judge You Rightly

2512. Who Loves Whom, God Only Knows?

2513. Valentine’s Day Is Drawing Close

2514. Valentine’s Day, Full Of Kisses And Love

2515. How To Keep My Heart Clean? (Try To Worship Her With The Purity Of Heart)

2516. On St.Valentine’s Day Kissed I A Burqawalli/ St.Valentine And My Burqawalli Bibi

2517. Someone Called Me From Behind, Papa, Papa

2518. Novice Ph.Ds. & M.Phils. On Indian English Verse Cannot Be Called As The Testaments Of Criticism

2519. A Small Indian English Poet Head’s Bogus Friends Too Minor Critics

2520. O Bombayan Villains, They Are Good Boys, Spoil You Not!

2521. A Coal Black Girl

2522. Indian Classicism And Classical Tradition, A Search For It

2523. Nataraja Shiva, Where Is The Art-Piece?

2524. The Girl In The Goggles

2525. Nirguna Brahma

2526. Terrorist (A Hindi Poem)

2527. My Poetic Style

2528. Nazar She Jigar Tak (From The Looks To The Heart)

2529. Goggleswalli

2530. Phulon Ki Mahak, Udati Titaliyon Ke Sang (Bilingual)

2531. Where Is Art? (Haiku)

2532. Aapko Meine Kahi Dekha Hain (Hindi)

2533. On Valentine’s Day, Saw I The Foreigner Girls

2534. Valentine Day Songs Collected

2535. Hindutva

2536. My Daughter, Let Me Touch Your Innocent Cheeks

2537. Lallu And Kallu

2538. Jhilmil Sitoron Ki Ek Apni Kahani Hoti Hai (Glimmering Star Have A Story Of Own)

2539. Aapo Kahin Dekha Hain (Have Seen You Somewhere)

2540. Hindu Madness Is Something Foreign To Us

2541. Burqawalli, You Are My Love, You Are My Dream

2542. I Have One, But He Has Three Bibis/ My Bibi

2543. It Is Thou Who Standest By Me In Pain & Pleasure

2544. Do You Politics, But Not Moralless Politics

2545. Thou’Rt Light In Darkness, Light In Darkness

2546. You Just Love Me

2547. My Lord, If Thou Canst Make Me A Man, I Would Be Thankful To Thee

2548. The Divine Philosopher

2549. Jadavpur Turf

2550. Many Loafers I See Them As Teachers And Teacher-Leaders

2551. My Lord, How To Worship Thee Soulfully?

2552. In This World, Who Is My Own?

2553. Sometimes Say I That I Know Thee, Puffed With Pride

2554. O, Say You, Where Did You See Him?

2555. A Sinner Am I, Sinful Is My Activity, Thou Redeem Me

2556. O Come And Go Seeing The Dark Mother, The Dark Divine!

2557. Who Is It Who Has Made The Flowers Of Light?

2558. The Light Divine Saw I Flashing Upon

2559. In A World Ravaged And Ravished By Infatuation For Lust And Beguile

2560. Who’s The Bearded Man Writing The Mystic Poetry Of Love?

2561. My Lord, A Mortal Singer Am I

2562. Thou Hast Made Me

2563. Whose Twinkle Is It In Stars, Whose Is It In Glow-Worms?

2564. Thou Dost Not, Dost Give Sorrows To Anyone

2565. Who Am I? , I Wanted To Ask Thee

2566. Where Is The Inn?

2567. They Do Not Know It, But I Get Joy In Abusing Thee, My God

2568. In The Mud House Lie I With The Candle

2569. Cleanse Yourself

2570. Break You Not Anybody’s Heart, Hurt You Not Anybody’s Feelings

2571. The Houses I Have Built Are The Houses Of Maya

2572. Thou Art The Painter Divine

2573. The Path Goes Through The Forests

2574. The Heart Is Thy Temple, Thou Dwell In

2575. Where Had I Been, When Thou Hadst Been Not?

2576. Hurting You, I Know It, I Cannot Be Great

2577. The Beauty Of The Starlit Skies

2578. They Said It, God Is Faith, Holy Faith And Living, But Doubt Cast It Aspersions With Regard To It

2579. How Lonely Am I In This Unniverse!

2580. The Elephant

2581. Natwarlal Too A Doctorate (I Mean A Ph.D.)

2582. O.P.Bhatnagar’s Cooling Flames Of Darkness

2583. O My Heart, Keep You Singing!

2584. Their Literature, You Are Writing For Your Ph.D.: Program (Dalit Matter)

2585. Contemporary Indian English Poetry A Promoters’ Poetry

2586. My Inspiration

2587. The Mistress Of The Publisher Too An Upcoming Indian English Poetess

2588. You Just Love Me, Love, I Am An Indian English Poetess

2589. Ek Hasheenaa Theen (Videshi Tourist And Traveller Ladki Ke Liye)

2590. The Bluiff-Masters Of Contemporary Indian Englsih Poetry

2591. Pahle Bhi Dekha Thaa (Had Seen You Before)

2592. Bahut Jajbati Ho Gaya Hun, Maaf Karenge (Have Become Too Much Emotional, Sentimental)

2593. Aazkal Log Kitane Pagal Ho Gayen Hain (Now-A-Days How Mad Have They Become!)

2594. I Am A Muhammedan, I Am A Christian, I Am A Hindu, Say You Not, I Do Not Want To Hear

2595. Unhen Saath Do, Wei Kamshin Hain, Nadan Hain, Ek Nanhi-Shee, Cchoti-Shee Ladki

2596. Looks Like A Yogan But Is Not, A Modern Girl (Your Inspiration)

2597. Tum Mujhe Behad Pasand Ho (I Like You Very Much)

2598. Kaisee Ye Deewangi? (How Is This Love Of Being After Madly?)

2599. The Lanes And Bye-Lanes All Packed With Poets, Poets And Poetesses

2600. Today’s Bobby-Cuts Like To Call Themselves Contemporary Indian English Poetesses

2601. Rye On The Ravines Of D.H.Kabadi: A Study In Flickers

2602. The Idea And The Image Of The Dark Daughter

2603. O Rajanigandha, Speak You, Will You Be Love?

2604. Words On Fire By Baldev Mirza

2605. A Bagpiper Of The Songs Of Harmony

2606. Kalpurusha, You Will

2607. “why Does He Read So Much? , ” Enquired She About Curiously

2608. Daughters Of Senegal, What It Marauds You, Pains The Poor Self Of Yours?

2609. Om, Om, Aum

2610. O Boatman, How Deep Is The River?

2611. On International Women’s Day, I And My Burqawalli Bibi

2612. Holi Is Of Loafers, Revellers & Ramblers (A Joke)

2613. Stephen Gill

2614. The Palash Tree

2615. India Of Thugs And Dacoits Remember I, Recollect I

2616. Why Are Her Eyes Blue? Why Are Green? Why Are Brown?

2617. Chandni, Moonlight (Haiku)

2618. Women In Iran, Women In Syria, Women In Libya, Women In Saudi Arabia, Women In India, Women, Women

2619. Classicism

2620. Tomake Dekhe, Sudhu Mone Pode Jaye (Begali)

2621. I Saw The Cobras Dancing

2622. Drunkard, Take You Daru, But Sell You It Beloved Wife!

2623. The Grammar Of Poesy

2624. Sheikh Hashina’s Umpiring During The Woerld Cup Indo-Bangladesh Match

2625. Khuda Kasam, I Love You, I Like You, Burqawalli

2626. Pahle Jo Shayar Nahin Thaa, Jab She Dekha Yaad Yaa Gayin Shayari

2627. Drunkard, Take You Daru, But Sell You Not The Beloved Wife!

2628. Who Is The Blonde, Beauty Sitting Across The Seashore And Hearing The Songs Of Humanity Sadly?

2629. Dalit Literature, How Long Will It Remain Dalit?

2630. Sheikh Hasina’s Umpiring Decisions

2631. Tomake Dekhe, Sudhu Mone Pode Jaye (Bengali)

2632. The Final Goal By P.K.Joy

2633. The Fanatic’s Daughter Have I Chosen As My Love

2634. Sir, There Is A Telegram For You

2635. Sheikh Hashina’s Umpiring During The World Cup Indo-Bangladesh Match

2636. The Mystical Flame Of Love

2637. The Partition Literature, They Are Not

2638. There Is A Seminar On Poetry Writing At My College (April Fools’ Day)

2639. The Flowers Of Thirst By Stephen Gill

2640. I Have Not Heard Wooden Been Music Of The Charmers For So Long

2641. The Terracotta Temples Of Chandrakona

2642. She Is Also The Loving Daughter Of Some Father, The Lovely Daughter Of Her Affectionate Daddy

2643. The World Has Become A Great Mart Where Love Is Bought & Sold

2644. Good Friday

2645. With The Foreigner Girl, My Heart Too Went Away To Foreign/ A Flower From Foreign

2646. My Dreamgirl, When Will You Come? I Used To Dream About

2647. At The Airport I Kissed Her, She Kissed Me

2648. Thomas Hardy With The Teenage, Girlish Second Wife

2649. I Could Not Resist My Temptation Of Looking Her, I Mean The Foreigner Girl!

2650. An Indian Professor Of English/ A Girl From England And America Is A Must For To Be Professor Of English In India

2651. Indian Professor Of English/ Indian Professor’s Bogus, Dehati English

2652. The Americas That I Do Not Know; The Desire Within To Know Them

2653. Now The Post-Cards Come They Not/ The Vintage Post-Card

2654. In This Digital World

2655. Contemporary Indian English Poets & Poetesses

2656. Could I Have Come Up To Your Expectation, It Would Have Been My Pleasure, My Blessedness I Been A

2657. City-Life

2658. The Poet As A Critic Of Modern Life And Society

2659. Kiss And Say, You Write Really Very Well, Said She, Demanded She

2660. Could I Have Come Up To Your Expectation, It Would Have Been My Pleasure, My Blessedness

2661. My God, Make Me The John Dryden, Alexander Pope Of India!

2662. What Is God?

2663. Look, How Beautiful Am I! I Am A Bobby-Cut Indian Englsih Poetess! See, I Am Travelling!

2664. O Allah, Khuda, My God, What Is It Happening In Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran And Saudi Arabia, You Save Them, Save Them!

2665. The Intranet Age Poet Just Keeps Loading And Loading, Be That Uploading And Downloading

2666. The Internet Age Poet

2667. I Am A Sculptor Of The Unknown Citizen

2668. What Are You Doing In Parliament House, Lalu? Said He, I Am Smoking A Beedi And Rubbing Tobacco

2669. My Love Is Calling Me

2670. Touching Me, Touched You Mind And Heart

2671. I Have Wanted You

2672. What Has It Happened To Me? I’Ve Fallen In Love

2673. Radha, You Are Radha, Radha, Radha, Radha

2674. Walt Whitman; A Word Portrait Of His

2675. American Girl, Your American Heart Want I

2676. At Your First Sight (Ii)

2677. All Are After Love, How Can It Be, Sir?

2678. A Gallery Of Portraits (Haikus)

2679. A Poet He Knows It Not The 21st Of March As World Poetry Day

2680. Your Photograph (Haiku)

2681. Your Cheeks (Haiku)

2682. In The Company Of The Flowers

2683. O, What Is Your Name? Where Do You Live?

2684. With The Foreigner Girl (Haiku)

2685. What Poetry Is It? Indo-Anglican Or Indo-Anglian?

2686. I Am So Sorry, So Sorry To Feel It That He Too Had Been Talented Like Me

2687. A Nervous Girl Like You, I Love You, I Love And Like You

2688. Madam, My Poem Is Just A Copy Of Yours, I Mean Your Lovely Face

2689. Adil Jussawalla Tried To Say Goodbye To Poetry, But Couldn’T

2690. Poet Saheb, How Are You?

2691. My God, You Do Not Tears To Anybody’s Eyes

2692. Is There Anyone To Love The Soul? I Doubt

2693. A Minute’s Silence, Observe You

2694. What Is I?

2695. In The Temple Of Heart, I Want To Keep

2696. The Govt. Of India Cannot Recognize Me Nor Do I Look Up To

2697. Who Can Say When Will It Get My Ticket Booked?

2698. Writers Workshop, Calcutta By P.Lal; A Factory Of Poets & Poetesses

2699. I Regret, I Could Not Be A Man!

2700. In Search Of Life, Where Have I Come To?

2701. Unknown Citizen, Make I The Statue Of Yours, Makes And Unmakes It

2702. The Dark Daughter (A Memoir)

2703. It Burnt To Ashes And It Remained It Not Anything To Be Called Of Mother

2704. Poetry Is Madness, Believe You Or Not

2705. The Dignity Of Human Labour

2706. An Indian Hamlet

2707. A Statue Of Radha And Krishna Found From The Rubble Of Terracotta Temples

2708. Just A Few Words Of Sympathy, Just A Few Words Of Affection

2709. Into The Blazing Earth Of Chaitra And Baisakh, The Burning Heat Of The Months

2710. When One Turns Into A University Teacher, One Starts Bluffings

2711. It’s Ist May

2712. The Communists Are Not Easy People

2713. How Do They Become University Profs? Do You Know It?

2714. The Pain Of Bapsi Sidhwa None Knows It

2715. An Architect

2716. How Do They Do Their Ph.D., It Startles Me

2717. Pagal Kavi (Mad Poet Madly After)

2718. A Hanuman

2719. Childhood Days & Their Recollections

2720. Mother’s Day

2721. The Flowers Made Wordsworth

2722. For Keeping Power, The Cpi (M) Can Do It All

2723. Dullards & Blockheads, Rustics & Criminals Too Can Be Found As University Profesors

2724. How To Begin Dalit Literature?

2725. Baisakh, Baisakh, The Blazing Heat Of Baisakh, Burning It All

2726. Shyama Sangeet (Ii)

2727. In The Backyard, Lies It My Dead Mother

2728. Leave Me Alone

2729. Asthi-Kalasha (Ii)

2730. Meri Beti, Onething That I Want To Say…

2731. Pinda-Dana (Ii)

2732. A Statue Of Radha & Krishna

2733. Dark Daughter, How To Paint & Sketch You?

2734. Devastated Mankind

2735. Murkhamantri Selling Lassie, Lassie In The Trains

2736. Jokers, Rustic Jokers & Loafers As Leaders From Bihar

2737. While Crossing Over The Forest-Tract

2738. Shiva Tandava, I Want To See…

2739. Maya, In Search Of You

2740. The Telephone Man’s Son

2741. Is Poetry Our Madness? Are We The Mad Men?

2742. Where You, The Poet Of Orissa? (For Jayanta Mahapatra)

2743. Break You Not The Korean Heart

2744. Will Poetry Come To A Decline In The Modern Age?

2745. When Comes Yama

2746. Shivoaham, Shivoaham, Shivoaham

2747. Suit-Boot Ki Sarkar Hai (Rahul Gandhi Ke Liye) / A Govt. Of The Suit-Boot (For Rahul Gandhi)

2748. Uski Teen Bibiyan, Meri Ek Bhi Nahin (He’s Got Three Bibis, But I Don’T Have Even One)

2749. I Am A Singer Of Ukraine And Its Beautiful Earth

2750. Communists Know As And When To Eliminate The Non-Communists

2751. Dividing You (On The Korean Day)

2752. A Tagman Too A Poet In English, Tagging And Writing, One From The Commonwealth

2753. Communism

2754. Kahin Deep Jalei, Kahi Man (Somewhere Burns It The Candle, Somewhere The Inner Heart)

2755. Are You The Girl I Had Been Madly After?

2756. I Am Waiting For Foreigner Girls To Select The Stuff Of My Poetry

2757. Is There No Matter Barring The Girls? Barring Women, Love And Sex?

2758. Poetic Madness

2759. Indian English Poets, They Are Not Poets, But Poetasters

2760. O Foreigner Girl, Say You, What Is It In Foreign?

2761. The Poet As A Mad Man

2762. Waht Is Laluwa-Budhuwa Doing?

2763. The Fanatic’s Daughter Want I To Marry, Bring Her Home

2764. The Pitfalls Of Barack Obama

2765. An English-Medium School Here

2766. Patita, Who Calls You?

2767. Do You Not Love Your Sister?

2768. Since I Saw You, I Have Not Forgotten You

2769. Ganjaraja, Ganja Piyo Aur Masti Mein Raho

2770. The Fanatic’s Daughter, Burquawalli, I Love Her Very Much/ In The Memory Of Burqawalli

2771. What Is Poetry For Me, As I Take It?

2772. R.R.Menon As A Poet

2773. The Terrorist And His Genealogy, In The Hierarchic Order: A Family Horoscope

2774. What Is In A Name? (For Nissim Ezekiel)

2775. Poetry In The Internet Age

2776. The Beards The Cause Of Ruthless World Terror Attacks

2777. I Love You, Love You, Do You Love Me?

2778. My English, Sir

2779. Guru-Shisya Prem: An American Yoga Disciple & A Fake Indian Yoga Teacher

2780. Love Under The Pretext/Cover Of Yoga: An American Girl & The Yoga Teacher

2781. Poetry Is Humour, Good Humour

2782. In The Theatre Of The World

2783. My Communist Clerk, The World Has Changed, But He Will Never

2784. Yoga (A Lesson For Fake Indian Gurus & Babajis)

2785. Yoga

2786. On Seeing A Young Girl Practising Yoga On World Yoga Day

2787. The Hollow Man, Modern Man The Hollow Man

2788. Communist Cobras, I Fear Them Most

2789. Do Not Be Such A Guru

2790. What It Disturbs Is This They Are Calling Themselves Poets And Critics Of Indian English Poetry

2791. I Do Not Fear Even My Baap (Father) , But Them

2792. The Partition Of The Sub-Continent

2793. My Song Your Life

2794. Will The Spring Fall Silent? (Ii)

2795. At Your First Sight (Iii)

2796. He Has Got A Computer, The Old Retired Man Too Calling Himself A Poet

2797. Kipling, See You, An Indian Sepoy Writing In English

2798. Where The Tower Of Silence? The Doongar Vari, The Cheel Ghar?

2799. Stephen Gill, Sitting From Canada

2800. In Search Of Life And Its Meaning

2801. Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Where Has Gone?

2802. Tandava, Shiva Tandava

2803. The Type Of Modern Indian English Poetry It Is

2804. Today’s Poetry

2805. I Am Old Matric, A Retired Military Man Of The British Period, Call Me A Poet

2806. Hey, Dark Is Beautiful

2807. Kalbaisakhi, Nor’Wester, Where Do You Come From, Sir?

2808. Tandava, Shiva Tandava (Ii)

2809. Aapko Muskurate Dekh Mein Bhee Muskurane Lagata Hun

2810. Tum Bahut Khubshurat Ho

2811. Ek Sanwal Gori (Dehati Duniyan Se)

2812. Kya Tircchi Nazar Hain, Kya Jakhmi Jigar

2813. Indian English (Ii)

2814. What Have I To Society? What Have I To Family? (After Marking The Little Girl) / My Last Write-Up

2815. You Just Love Me, Love, I Am An Indian English Poetess (I)

2816. O Palar River, Vellore, Tell Me About Deaths Away From! / Death At Vellore!

2817. Aapki Chahat Mein

2818. Bobby-Cut Indian Woman As English Poetess

2819. Daruwalla’s Hawk

2820. You Are Not Patita, But Punita, Punita (Miss Pure & Chaste)

2821. An Indian English Poet With His English Dog

2822. Your Cheeks Are Fragrant

2823. I Am Not Sure If My Poems Will Last In A Hostile House

2824. The Girl Is Beautiful

2825. The Door Of Heart

2826. The Wbcuta And The Abta Are The Cpi(M) Organizations

2827. How Does He Love His Second Wife? You Mark Him

2828. I Love You, But Say It Not

2829. Poetic Pieces

2830. Communists

2831. Rustic Professor Of English, I Mean University Professor

2832. Temple By Jayanta Mahapatra

2833. Not About Lal Bahadur Shastri, But About The Dead Soldiers, Say You

2834. The Firangi

2835. Don’t Try To Be An Englishman, Try To Be An Indian First, Rajnath Singh

2836. Anamika, O Nameless You, Lass, Your Wet-Eyes…

2837. Raksha-Bandhan Is Coming, My Sister Will Tie A Rakhi

2838. The Comrades

2839. Bhagjogini (Glow Worm) , A Countryside Girl

2840. Poetry & Its Readership

2841. It Is Good That They Have Beaten The Teachers In The Calcutta University Campus

2842. The Dark Daughter, Oh, The Pains Of Your Living!

2843. I Love You (Is This Called Love?)

2844. Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari, Hari, Hari

2845. Our Ancient Orchard By Kedar Nath Sharma

2846. The Wbcuta And The Abta Are The Thinktanks Of The Cpi(M)

2847. Gliding On Silent Waters By Romen Basu

2848. Poetry House By Pronab Kumar Majumder

2849. Yah Suit-Boot Ki Sarkar (This Is A Govt. Of The Suit-Boot)

2850. With The Stars And The Flowers

2851. Acche Din Yaanewalle Hain (Good Days Are To Come)

2852. Shadows In The Sun By R.Rabindranath Menon

2853. The Fanantic’s Daughter Want I To Marry

2854. Meri Bahana Rakhi Li Huyin (My Sister With A Rakhi)

2855. An American Girl Rather Than Mrs. Ghumtawalli (Hidden, Covered)

2856. At Khajuraho

2857. Khajuraho

2858. Your French-Cut Beards, Sir

2859. Naga Sadhus

2860. Pebbles On The Shore By R.Rabindranath Menon

2861. Let Me

2862. Have We Gandhi-Ized History?

2863. A Gallery Of Portraits In Poetry (Indian English Poets)

2864. A Reading Of Keki N.Daruwalla’s Poetry

2865. You Will Smile To Browse Through Thin Anthologies Of P.Lal’s Writers Workshop

2866. Turbaned Khushwant Singh Punjabi Sardarji

2867. Annapurna Devi: A Biography

2868. The Daughter Of The Fanatic

2869. A Reading Of Keki N.Daruwalla

2870. Contemporary Indian English Women Poets Writing In

2871. What It Is In My Heart

2872. She Has Left Her Husband To Be An Indian English Poetess

2873. Just For Her Bobby-Cut, Call Her Not An Indian English Poetess

2874. Under Orion By Keki N.Daruwalla

2875. Papa’s Daughter

2876. Vikram Seth Is Not A Chinese Poet/ No Chinese, But An Indian Poet

2877. What Is Poetry, I Asked

2878. The Door Of Heart (For Jayanta Mahapatra) / A Carpenter Of Images

2879. Daruwalla’s Under Orion

2880. A Middle-Aged Man With The French-Cut Beards, I Could Not Ask Him

2881. Woolgathering By Shiv K.Kumar

2882. Vikram Seth Is Not The Suitable, But The Most Unsuitable Boy

2883. Just With The Scorpion Bite Nissim Cashed Fame

2884. Sisterly Love Envisaged Through The Rakhi

2885. For Stephen Gill

2886. Will People Forget The Spring? From The Terrace And The Corridor Of The Housing Block See I

2887. Is It Kadambari Devi’s Love Blossoming In Tagore?

2888. Meri Behanaa My Sister

2889. Chandrakona: A Township Of 52 Bazaars & 53 Lanes

2890. Dalit Literature, Let Them Write, Let Us Not For Our Doctorates For Promotion

2891. On Rakshabandhan

2892. Love Poetry (Poems)

2893. Burquawalli…

2894. Kamala Das Is The Sadhvi Of The Fraud Babji’s Ashrama

2895. Suppose, Your Name Is Kavita & I’M In Love With

2896. Sir Vidya, Are You The Angry Old Man?

2897. My Sister, Why Are Tears Into The Eyes Of Yours? Has Your Brother Forgotten You? Lo, I Am Your Brother By You!

2898. Sir Vidya, I Love Your Beards Very Much, I Admire It, I Appreciate It

2899. Calcutta, Calcutta’s Buildings

2900. I Fearing To Board An Indian Train With A Telegram In My Hand

2901. You Are My Life, Radha, How To Live Without You?

2902. Let The Spring Come Again

2903. He Fathers, But Says He, God Gives, The Almighty Has (No Birth Control)

2904. I Search The Classical Scholar In My Poetry

2905. The Leader As The Boss In Communism

2906. Love With A Burquawalli

2907. Chand-Shaa Chehraa (Moon-Like Face)

2908. One Day I Saw Them Shelling Buddhas, The Bamiyan Buddhas

2909. Fanaticism Is A Great Threat To The Modern World

2910. While Teaching Yoga, I Fell In Love With An American Beauty

2911. Prempujaran (Love-Worshipper)

2912. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

2913. Nalanda University

2914. Shashi Tharoor…

2915. A.K.Ramanujan As A Caricature Man

2916. An English Girl, An English Rose Wanted I, But God Granted It Not Of Getting Her

2917. The Poor Daughter Of The Country

2918. Ghumtawalli, Burkhawalli

2919. Kadambari Devi, Your Love

2920. Burquawalli, When I Saw Her

2921. A Portrait Of An English Girl, A European Girl Want I To Draw And Sketch

2922. Red Rose!

2923. The Communists Are The Worst Fellows, Most Third-Class Men

2924. Khushwant Singh, Sardarji

2925. Came They The Snake Charmers With The Cobras

2926. Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, I’m Just For You, For You

2927. I Am Not A Contemporary Indian English Poet

2928. The Daughter Of The Fanatic Want I Espouse

2929. A Mad Man Under The Canopy Of The Night

2930. The Communists Are Most Dirty Fellows

2931. Will The Spring Turn Silent Someday?

2932. Shyama Kali, Bluish Kali

2933. Salman Rushdie, Your Personality

2934. Modi Saheb- Ii

2935. God Gives Children And You Not/The Almighty Gives, God Gives, It Is Not Me That I Have, Said He

2936. Your Eyes

2937. Fanatic, Whose Creation Are You, Whose Creation, Fanatic!

2938. Let Me See The Spring

2939. Poets, Poets, Poetrywallah, God Save Me, Save Me From The Frenzied People/ The Mad Men’s Meet; Poetry-Conference

2940. Goggleswalli, You Are My Inspiration

2941. The Cpi(M) Sheds Crocodile’s Tears

2942. When I Opened The Door At Midnight, I Found The Asthi-Kalasha Of My Mother Hanging By

2943. The Dark Daughter, I Saw Her On The Terracotta Tempe Walls

2944. How Do They Become University Profs. In India?

2945. My Bengali Wife Most Selfish Wife, Most Self-Centred Wife

2946. Your Painting, Your Sketches & Drawings

2947. The Woman, Traditional & Feministic, Conservative & Working

2948. After The Asthi-Kalasha, Started It The Pinda-Dana

2949. Poetry As Written Words, Poetry As Spoken Words

2950. The Third-Classers & Jokerly Men Too Ph.Ds, It Pains Me, Pains Me To See.

2951. Michael Jackson Come Here, Come Here, Michael, Called He

2952. The Rivulet Passing Through The Woods

2953. Viswakarma The Divine Architect

2954. Life, This Life And Its Reflection, The Hours Of It

2955. Dalit Literaure, Let Them…

2956. Mahashweta Devi, Is She A Politician Or A Writer?

2957. America Is America, The United States Of America, Do Not Provincialize It, Do Not Asia-Ize It

2958. Post-Colonial, Post-Colonial, What Is It In The Word Post-Colonial?

2959. Satanic Verses

2960. Satanic Verses Is A Great Work Of Literature

2961. Do Not Make England Multi-Culti, I Mean Multi-Cultural, England Is England

2962. Salman Rushdie Is The Golden Boy Of Dream & Allegory & Fiction

2963. In Search Of Greener Pastures & Newer Loves

2964. America Is America, Do Not Make It Racial And Ethnic As Per Fanatical Lines

2965. Goggleswalli, I Love You

2966. Man Is A Puppet

2967. Bihari Professor Of English

2968. On Seeing A Foreigner Girl

2969. I Know It

2970. The Saga Of The Dark Daughter {poem)

2971. A Singer Of Heart – Ii

2972. A Red Rose (Another Poem)

2973. A Singer Of Heart (A Small Poem)

2974. Only One Thing That Forgot I To Say

2975. Your Smiles (A Small Poem)

2976. While Burning My Father On The River-Bed

2977. Drunkard, Drink You, But Sell You Not Your Humble And Poor Beloved Wife

2978. A Yoga Guru

2979. Drunkard… Think You

2980. Salman Rushdie, How Much Do I?

2981. Snail-Pace Street By D.H.Kabadi

2982. Syrian Refugees

2983. When The Cpi(M) Was In Power In West Bengal

2984. What Is Poetry? , Then And Now

2985. An American Full Of Americanness & Americanism Want I

2986. Workaholic, Is To Work All The Time Your Life?

2987. You Do Not Destroy Your Life In Drinking Wine, In Being An Alcoholic, O, You Teenager Lass!

2988. Ek Fanatic Ki Beti She Mubaat Hain Tujhko-Mujhko (In Love With A Fanatic’s Daughter, You And I)

2989. I In Search Of Shiva, Shiva In Search Of Me

2990. Pyar Kiya Aur Dard Bhi Liya (Loved & Took The Pains)

2991. The Buffaloman Too A Leader In Bihar

2992. Mocchu, Mr. Mocchu, How Are You? Indian Mocchu, Mustachioed

2993. Unknown Citizen

2994. The World Has Changed, But The Fanatic Will Not

2995. Mr.Mocchu, Who Are You?

2996. Shepherd Scholar

2997. I Feel Shame When I Hear About The Nigerian Female Genital Mutilation

2998. The World Has Greatest Dangers From The Fanatics

2999. Nigerian Female Genital Mutilation

3000. A Bihari Chor, A Bihari Goond, All Wanting To Be Ministers

3001. In Remembrance Of Mahatma Gandhi, The Father Of The Nation On The Eve Of Gandhi Jayanti

3002. Was Gandhi A Politician?

3003. The Communists Preach Violence, Most Litigant And Combative People

3004. On Gandhi Jayanti, The 2nd Of October

3005. Was Gandhi A Lover?

3006. Savitri

3007. I Sing Your Song

3008. Literature And Politics, Are You A Man Of Literature Or A Politician?

3009. There Were No Takers Of Indian English Poetry As For Ph.Ds., Whatever Say You Today

3010. On Reading Shiv K.Kumar

3011. Bhagabati, Bhagabati, What To Say About The Divine She, The Divine Mother?

3012. Women In Gandhi’s Life/ The Love-Affairs Of Mahatma Gandhi

3013. Aurangzeb, Why Did You Sow The Seeds Of Hatred, Misanthropy And Communal Disharmony?

3014. On Mahalaya, The Morning Is Found To Be Scented With The Perfume Of The Chandipatha

3015. Were The Mughals Minorities?

3016. Sir V.S.Naipaul In The Goggles Sitting With His Pakistani Wife

3017. I Saw Glaze Into The Eyes Of Bhagabati

3018. Aurangzeb, Were You A Fanatic, Say You?

3019. I Am Time, Time

3020. The Politics Of Returning The Sahitya Akademi Awards

3021. Life Pulsating In The Flats

3022. India Cannot Be India Without The Hindus, The Muslims, The Christians, The Buddhists, The Jains, The Parsism

3023. Indian Culture

3024. What Will Laluwa Say? The Dehati People Of Bihar? The Jokers Of Indian Democracy

3025. The Maiden In The Suglasses, Who Is The Heroine?

3026. The Love For Libido, Erotica And Sensuality In Shiv K.Kumar’s Verse

3027. What Is History?

3028. Shiv K.Kumar: A Poet Of Love & Sex

3029. The History Of The Freedom Struggle The Indian Sepoys Writing It

3030. I Went To Oxford To Cambridge To Harvard, But Could Not Be An Englishman

3031. India Is Secular, But Are They? Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh? ,

3032. The Partiton, Who The Guilty Men Of India’s Partition?

3033. Shiv K.Kumar, Your Poetry…

3034. My Dog, Several Times Have I Forbidden You, You Do Not, Do Not Take Beef, But Took You Too This Time

3035. The Girl Is Very Beautiful, Should I See Her Or Go For My Ph.D.?

3036. My Dog, I Am A Brahmin, You Do Not, Do Not Take Beef, But Instaed Of Heard It Not

3037. The Stars And I/ Starlight Poetry

3038. Change Bihar, Rough & Tough Men’s Bihar, Blunt People’s Bihar, Loafer’s Bihar

3039. End To End,2008 By I.K.Sharma

3040. Who Will Be The Chief Minister Of Bihar? Lallu Or Kallu?

3041. The Monkey Showman Came He With A Pair Of Red-Mouthed Small Rhesus Monkeys

3042. Mahashweta Devi, You Write Less, But Do Too Much Of Politics

3043. Mahashweta Devi, I Know Your Politics

3044. The Shifting Sand-Dunes By I.K.Sharma

3045. Ganjaraja, Ganja-King, The King Of Ganja, Where Do You Lie In Smoking? Vyom-Bhole, Vyom-Bhole, Shankar

3046. Vatsyayana’s Kamsuttra R.K.Singh’s Poetry

3047. Ram Krishna Singh A Spiritually Sick Child

3048. The Beach Girl The Protagonist Of Poet R.K.Singh

3049. R.K.Singh As A Haikuist And Tankaist

3050. R.K.Singh As A Poet

3051. A Bathing Girl’s Photos Keeps He R.K.Singh

3052. By Being Ardhanarishwara I Trying To Taste Ram Krishna Singh’s Poetry

3053. A Lovely Girl Standing Next To Me In The Library

3054. Come, Come You And Dance, Dance You, Michael, Michael Jackson! Come, Come You And Dance, Dance You, Michael, Michael Jackson!

3055. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of The Space

3056. Forget Me Not, My Love

3057. On Seeing You, My Love

3058. Poetrywallahs, Poetrymen Of Today

3059. The Puffs Of Ganja From An Earthen Clay Ware

3060. Dom Moraes, Were You…?

3061. Indian Trains

3062. Poetry To Shiv K.Kumar Is Terracotta Figurines In Love & Relationship

3063. D.H.Lawrence As A Poet

3064. The First Poem Writers Of Indian English Poetry Too Pressurize To Call Them Poets & Poetesses

3065. The Cpi(M) Should Lave Its Nasty Politics Of Coming Into Power

3066. Your Brown Eyes

3067. How Has The Cpi(M) Beaten The Public? How Has It Scuttled The Freedom Of Speech?

3068. Today The Rhymers, Poetasters, Commoners, Non-Poets Call Themselves Poets

3069. Kanha Into The Hands Of The Burquawalli On The Eve Of Janmashtamai, What Am I Seeing On The Facebook?

3070. I Want To Kiss You, Kiss You, You Are So Beautiful, I Want To Love You, Love You

3071. Bhaiyya, Daru Mat Piyo, Daru Pina Buri Bat Hain, Do Not Take Daru, Said I And He Started Drinking Indian Daru More, Unmindful Of

3072. The Communists Vulcanize The Brains To Turn Into Cadres & Comrades

3073. I Read In A Hut

3074. I Read In A Hut, Lived As A Cottager

3075. Sitaram Yechury Is Not The Right Person To Talk To

3076. Nissim Ezekiel As The Scorpion Man

3077. I Fear None, But The Maoist

3078. If My Name Is Gentleman, What Your Name, Say You?

3079. The Dalit Diaspora

3080. An Indian Sepoy Too Writing Pidgin-Indian English Verses

3081. The Communists Vulcanize The Brains

3082. O, Tell Me, Where Lie They The Golden Satues Of Radha & Krishna!

3083. Is There Anything Like Indian English Verse?

3084. These Are Not Leaves Of Grass/ A Reading Of Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass

3085. Smile Please, Smile Please, Said I As An Old Photographer

3086. Daru In Bottle, Bottle In Daru And I Am Drinking

3087. Mulk Raj, Where Are You Going With Bakha, Lakha And Rakha, Sohini And Pandit Kaliram?

3088. I Have Been Writing Since 1986, But Dare Not Call Myself A Poet, But They Are Calling

3089. I Became Very Pleased When You Presented A Statue Of Lord Ganesha

3090. The Girl Is Very Beautiful & I Like Her

3091. Poetry And Its Readership

3092. Under The Starlit Night, How Could You, How Could You You?

3093. It Is India

3094. The Medieval Period Is The Darkest Period Of Indian History

3095. On The Platform

3096. I Shall See The Statue Of Kali & Shall Go Away

3097. This Is Bihar

3098. Bismillah, Left You Playing Shehnoi In The Viswanath Temple After The Award

3099. Beating The Heat & Dust, How Would Have Ruled Over India?

3100. Small-Small Boys & Girls Going To Labour Schools

3101. Where The Old Man At The Spinning The Handloom? Where Is He Striding Along?

3102. Daru Mat Piyo, Said I, But Heard He Not, Went On Drinking More

3103. The White Mughals, Were They Really White?

3104. What Will It Remain Here? Just The Hari Name, The Name Of Hari

3105. He Is Not An Indian English Poet, But A Ragman, A Tagman

3106. Chandni Raaton Mein Tujhe Dekha Hain (Have Seen You In Moonlit Nights)

3107. The Child Bride Is Going And The Twilight Falling Upon Her Face

3108. There Is None To Hear Me Reading My Poetry

3109. On The Eve Of The Rath-Yatra, You Jayanta Mahapatra

3110. Let Me See Your Silvery White Face

3111. Terrorist, Terrorist, What Is Your Religion?

3112. Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s White And Long Flowing Beards

3113. On The Eve Of The Rath-Yatra, You Jayanta

3114. Love With A Muslim Girl

3115. Misuse Of Power By The Cpi(M)

3116. Is Savitri The Opium Of Sri Aurobindo? (A Criticism)

3117. Fanatic, In Which Medieval World Live You?

3118. Hari Om, Hari-Hari, Hari-Om, Hari-Hari

3119. Pinjar Mein Ki Ladki (The Girl In The Cage)

3120. God, What A Creation Is It The Fanatic!

3121. I Do Not Like This Teachers’ Day

3122. Terrorist, Terrorist

3123. In The Temple Of My Heart

3124. The Cowboys, Buffalomen, All Leaders In Bihar

3125. On Teachers’ Day I Repenting For Having Not Looked After My Son

3126. What Can The Heart Do If It Falls, Falls In Love With You

3127. A Review Of Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass

3128. Chandni, I Love, I Love You, Chandni

3129. The Communists Are The Most Dirty Men, Most Third Class Men

3130. I Am Here To Kiss The Beauty With The Headscarf Be She Purdahwalli Or Ghumtawalli

3131. Lallu-Kallu, All Leaders In Bihar, Is Bihar Of The Milk Men And The Lathi Men, The Herdsmen?

3132. Julie, I Love You, I Love You, Julie

3133. Ek Ladki Ko Dekh Mujhe Kucch Eisa Lagaa/After Marking A Girl Smiling Seemed It As Such

3134. World Food Problem/ Poverty, Food, Malnutrition, Talk I, How To Get Rid Of? The Hunger Of The Belly, Clothes To Wear And The Shelter To Get From Heat & Rains?

3135. Lallu-Kallu, All Leaders In Bihar, Is Bihar Of The Milk Men And The Lathi Men?

3136. The Goat-Man, The Goat-Woman Too Leaders In Bihar

3137. Those Who Are Fanatics Will Remain Fanatics, Those Who Are Fundamentalists Will Remain Fundamentalists, You Cannot Change

3138. Saudi Arabia Cannot Be The Model For India

3139. Bihar Of Thieves And Goons

3140. Mian Saheb, Your Daughter Khatun Is Very Beautiful

3141. Rohingya Minority Of Burma, Too Much Of Religious Madness Is Not Good, Couldn’t You Adjust With The Buddhists? Is Religion All? Religious Blindness?

3142. H.S.Bhatia As A Poet: Social Realism In His Poetry

3143. The Third-Classers Say It They Were First-Classers/ People Generally Look Back It Not What They Were In The Beginning

3144. Communism Is A Paradise For Comrades & Cadres, Not The Common Men

3145. I Did Not Ask Him. But Said He Instead, I Am A Muhammedan, I Am A Muhammedan

3146. Tiger

3147. For The Rohingya Muslims/ Rohinga Minorities From The Western State Of Rakhine Cannot Change They Themselves Instead Of Disturbing The Burmese

3148. Terrorist, Whose Son Are You, Who Your Mother, Who Your Father?

3149. The Girls From The Northeast, Why Do You Not Choose Them As The Heroines? / In Search Of A New Heroine

3150. Good Buoy, Good Buoy, Pronounced He The Loafer Boy And The Small Sweets-Vendor With Goods Replied He, Good Buoy, What Do You Want?

3151. On The Facebook See I The Face Of Yours, Only Yours, The Curls Hanging Over

3152. My Dark Daughter, My Small Daughter

3153. What Dancer Am I, Friends, Say You, What Dancer, A Break Dancer Or A Folk Dancer?

3154. The Facebook Girl, A Maiden Or A Damsel? / The Flower Of Love Or The Dream Of Imagination/ The Facebook Dreamgirl

3155. Bakhtiyar Khilji, You Devastated And Destroyed Nalanda

3156. Good Morning. Morning, Morning. Good Morning. Morning, Morning

3157. How Many Times To Say, I Love You, Love?

3158. Bakhtiyarer Ghora (Horses Of Bakhtiyar) Not, How Notorious And Orthodox Had You Been, Bakhtiyar Khilji!

3159. Who Is Fanatic, Who Is Secular? The World Will Say, It’s Not The Business Of Anyone

3160. Shiva The Dancer, Nataraja Shiva

3161. Mr. Furkan Ansari (A Haiku)

3162. A Small Syrian Daughter Saw I So Lovely But In Tears

3163. Anjum Hasan

3164. The Marshy Plot Scenery (A Haiku)

3165. I’ve Made Up My Mind To Ask For The Hands Of The Fanatic’s Daughter

3166. The Fanatic’s Lovely Daughter (A Haiku)

3167. The Dad Of The Terrorist Is But Mr.Fanatic

3168. Sir, Your Beards Are Fantastic

3169. Just For Religious Bigotry And Allegiance, We Are Shedding Innocent A Lot

3170. Fundamentalists And Fanatics Are But Criminals

3171. Badru Mian Going With His Three Begums

3172. A Fanatic Will Remain A Fanatic Whatever Do You, However Treat You

3173. Today’s Terrorists

3174. It’s Sunrise

3175. Unknown Citizen, Your Torso And The Bust

3176. After Divorcing Her, He Is Going To Marry Again And So Is Coloring His Mustachio & Beards

3177. Syrian Daughter, Your Misery

3178. Meena’s Is A Poetry Of Protest And Propaganda

3179. The Golden Sun Glistening And Falling Upon

3180. The Poetry Of D.H.Lawrence

3181. The Road Bifurcates It

3182. Humanity, Where Is It And In Whom Do You Find It?

3183. Light, Light You The Candle Of Hope, Light, Light You The Candle Of Love!

3184. Syrian Daughter, I Know It Well They Will Let You Live

3185. It Is Bihar, Of The Bogus People & Blunt Men, Most Third-Class Men, Rough & Tough, Clumsy & Uncouth People

3186. Humanity Is Long Dead In Us

3187. May I Help You? I Saw Humanity Bleeding At The Crossroads Of Life

3188. Humanity, Humanity, Go You Talking, But Say You, How Many Of Us Human From Our Heart?

3189. Humanity Lies It Bloodied, First Saw I In Beirut Then In New York Then In Paris

3190. My God, You Say It, How To Be A Man?

3191. Lighting The Lamp Of Love And Humanism I Want To Pass Out

3192. Good Morning

3193. Vedic, Upanishadic Values & Traditions In Poetry

3194. In This World Of Medieval Crusaders And Fanatics, Where To Find A Liberal Human Being?

3195. Try To Be A Man As The Wold Needs Men, Where Are They?

3196. How To Stitch The Broken Hearts? War-Ravaged, Conflict-Raked?

3197. Fanatics, The Fanatics, How Fanatical Are You, Think I?

3198. I Saw Humanity Writhing In Pain

3199. For A Warm Handshake

3200. I Saw Mian Saheb With Miangiri, The Hindu Saheb With Hindugiri, The Christian Saheb With Christiangiri

3201. Indian Culture, The Long-Standing Tradition Of It

3202. Jayanta Mahapatra A Poet Of The Lingam-Yoni Motif

3203. What Is Poetry To Jayanta Mahapatra?

3204. You Just Call Yourself A Poet And You Will In Indian English Poetry

3205. Chand-Shaa Chehera, Chandni-Shee Hansi, Kya Batayun?

3206. Is Poetry All? Science Nothing? (The Dichotomy Between Science & Poetry)

3207. My Hindustani English, Understand You, Said I In The Class/ My English Is But Indian English Whatever Say You About That I’m An Englishman, Not An Indiaman

3208. Rajanigandha, Will You Be My Love? (To Rajanigandha, The Dream-Flower)

3209. Sahasralinga (One Thousand Lingas) By The Shalmala River Of Sirsi, Karnataka

3210. Chand-Shaa Chehera, Chandni-Shee Hansi, Kya Batayun? / Moon-Like Face, Moonlight-Like Smiles, What To Say?

3211. God, Save Me, Save Me From Indian Wordsworth, Indian Keats, Indian Shelley

3212. Rajanigandha (Nightly-Scented Blooms)

3213. Tum Bahut Khubshurat Ho/ You Are Very Beautiful

3214. Goggleswalli, Bahut Jani-Pahchani Lagatin Hain, Apnaa Naam To Bataa? / Goggleswalli, Look You Known So Known, Tell Me Your Name?

3215. A Red-Rose Like Love

3216. Dudhwalla Bhi Minister, Milkman Too A Minister

3217. The Refugee

3218. Poet, Poet, Poet, Poet And Poet, Poet And Poet, Poet And Poetry, Poet And Poetry

3219. Aapki Bheegi Palken/ Your Wet Eye-Lashes

3220. Kavita Jindal

3221. Chandramukhi

3222. India Is Not Intolerant, Perhaps You Are

3223. What Did You? What Did You Making Her A Refugee?

3224. Whose Labour Has Crystallized Into The Terracotta Temples?

3225. My Wife Is A Chairman, A Chairman, O, Mendicant, See You, See & Say Something! , The Labour-Class Rustic And Idle-Seeking Communist Leader Saying, See You My Palm & Say You

3226. Yare Pagla, India Had Never Been Intolerant As Think You

3227. On World Labour Day

3228. Those Who Labour, Work As Menial Workers They Too Are Men

3229. Dignity Of Labour

3230. In My Refugee Heart There Is A Place For You, O Refugee Girl!

3231. Where Will Alcoholism Lead To I Just Think? Alcohols Life For The Alcoholics

3232. We Are But Workers, Laourers

3233. You Are My Life, Radha, Radha-Radha-Radha, Take I The Name

3234. A Seminar Report/I Went To The Conference To See The Bobby, Julie, Daisy

3235. A Portrait Of Poets

3236. The Seminar Organizer Just Call Me To Say That He Too Is A Poet

3237. Bollywood Is But A Duplicate Hollywood

3238. Ek Piyakkad She Mulaakat/ Meeting With A Drunkard

3239. Arundhati Roy, Medha Patekar And Mira Nair

3240. Humanism Is The Greatest Of All Religions

3241. Have I Heard So Much About Miangiri, Hindugiri And Christiangiri, Now Leave You The, Let Me Be In Peace

3242. Arundhati Is For Awards, Only Awards And Nothing More, I Mean Arundhati Roy

3243. India Of The Indians, Neither Of The Mias Nor The Hindus, Leaving No Scope For Extra Hindugiri Or Miangiri

3244. The Pains Of Being A Refugee

3245. The Politics Of Arundhati Roy

3246. A Rustic Speaking English, An Indian As Master Saheb

3247. The Blackly-Veiled Beauty, Miss Burkhwalli, I Love You, I Love You

3248. Fakru Mian, How Are You, Sir? Thank You, Thank You, Said He, Good Boy

3249. A Fanatic’s Son You Cannot Change, Even Th Education From Oxford And Cambridge

3250. Tolerant Or Intolerant, Where The Muslims Are In A Majority, Are They Tolerant? , Is A Fact Never To Be Sidetracked

3251. The Politics Of Medha Patekar

3252. J.P’s Black-Mouthed Hanumans

3253. I Am Coming, You Are Going And This Too Is Poetry, As Write We

3254. Had Turkey And Egypt Been Developmental And Progressive, They Could Have Been At Par With European Nations

3255. Who Are Secular? But The Pro-Muslims And Anti-Hindus? Not Even Modi Is Secular, I Accept It

3256. Jnu Campus And Complex Is Premnagari

3257. Bangladesh Is Now-A-Days Giving Free Hands To Fundamentalists And Fanatics

3258. Acche Din Yaanewalle Hain, Magar Aayenge Jo We Kab, Modi Saheb? / Good Days Are To Dawn Upon, But When Will They, Modi Saheb?

3259. Janatadalli Log (With Ref. To Bihar) /Janatadali People

3260. Bihar Mein Gayacharanrewalli, Bakriwalli, Bhendawalla, Bhainsawalla Sab Neta/ In Bihar

3261. They Did It The Beef Talk, Nothing But Beef And I Heard It, Bore With Somewhere

3262. Those Who The Students Burning Into The Streets Are Now The Leaders Of Bihar

3263. The Bjp Failed In Bihar For Casual Sattements

3264. Irfan Habib’s Playing Of The Secular Cards We Like It Not, When Was India Not?

3265. No Talks To Do, But Blatant Miangiri, Hindugiri To Show

3266. Kali, Kali Dark Black

3267. In Bihar The Bullock Cart-Man Also A Chief Minister

3268. Bakriwalli Bhi Bihar Mein Mantri/ The Goat-Keeping Woman Too A Minister In Bihar

3269. Beef, Beef, Beef, Take It Beef And Write You The History Of Medieval India

3270. Deepawali, The Festival Of Lights

3271. Wah Baccha Paida Karta Hain Aur Kahta Hain Bhagavan Deta Hain/ He Keesp Fathering, But Says God Gives

3272. Gayawalla, Bailwalla, Bakriwalla, Bhedawalla, Sabhi Mantri Bihar Mein/ The Cow-Man, Ox-Man, Goat-Man, Sheep-Man, All Leaders In Bihar

3273. You Come, Come & See The Face Of The Mother, The Mother Divine On The Eve Of Deepawali

3274. The Dark Goddess Kali

3275. The Rss And The Bjp Should Not Disturb Modi With Casual Statements

3276. Dark Daughter, Your Love Draws Me Closer

3277. The Rss Should Delink From Responding If The Dogs Bark, Will They?

3278. The Chors, Thieves & Goons With The Sardar Going To Form A Govt.

3279. What To Say About Which I Saw Not? What To About Mother Kali?

3280. Only Vikas Mantra Can Save Modi Now

3281. Was Jinnah Secular? This Cannot Be Our Ideal, Leave It If He Was Not, India Will Not Be

3282. My Daughter, You Are Not My Burden, As They Used To Misinform And Misinterpret It

3283. The Man On The Buffalo Also A Minister In Bihar

3284. Amit Shah’s Statements Had Been Very A Loose Talk, Patakhe Futengei

3285. Jayanta Mahapatra’s Book Relationship

3286. Why To Interfere With The Dietary Habit? Can We Debar Them Who Take Beef? If It Is On World Menu Chart? We Can Never One’s Food-Habit & Brehaviour, The Way Of Living

3287. Who Are Seculars In India? The Pro-Muslims, The Anti-Hindus And The Communists

3288. Bihar And The Janata Dal, The Black Deeds Of It

3289. Mother Kali, The Darker Myths Of Life

3290. Just For A Kiss Of Miss Burquawalli Am I Here

3291. The Chors, Thieves & Goons With The Sardar Going To Form A Govt., Isn’t It?

3292. During The Medieval Age When They Raided, Invaded, Looted, Plundered India

3293. If You Disrupt Cultural Unity, The Peace Of Mind Will Get Disturbed

3294. The Third World Vision, India Is Still Lagging Behind

3295. Religious Tolerance Is Our Strength, Cultural Synthesis Our Tradition, Not At All Divisive Politics

3296. The Bjp’s Rise We Accept It, But The Vishwa Hindu Partishad And The Rss After Helping It Turns The Sport Into A Spoilsport

3297. God, He Did Not Ask For And Gave You A Lovely Wife Unasked And Asked I For And Gave You Miss Quarrelsome As My Wife

3298. Poetry Festival, Poets Dancing, Poets Singing, Poets Beating Drums

3299. Bleeding Heart

3300. The Drunkard Lying Fallen On The Footpaths, See, How Has He Drunk Badly!

3301. I Am A Poet, I Am A Poet. The Poet Saheb Walking On Tip-Toe

3302. He Is A Talk-Man, He Is A Chat-Man, He Is A Gossip-Man

3303. He Is A Suitman, A Bootman, Means Keeps Tip-Top

3304. To Invoke Kali Is Not Easy

3305. Nonsense, What Did You? Am I Or You?

3306. The Crows Are Crowing And Trying To Lift From The Aluminium Bowls Of Hungry Village Children

3307. The Communists Generally Select The Inferior Fellows As Leaders

3308. There Are Many Men, But Who Among Us A Man?

3309. Good Boy, Good Boy, How Are You? , Said He And In Response To It The Other Fellow Too Said It, Good Boy, Good Boy, I’m Good, Say You, How Are You?

3310. A Night Full Of Kaaminis

3311. The Bluish Lilies, White & Blue, A Combination Of

3312. Have You Beaten You Wife? The Tale Of A Poor And Underdeveloped Nation

3313. Communists Are Most Dirty Men

3314. America, England & Others Should Toughen The Immigration Laws

3315. Motherhood

3316. An Unknown Path Lies It Ahead

3317. Communists Are Most Treacherous People, They Hatch Conspiracies In Party Offices

3318. It Happens In Bollywood Only, Who Is A Big Boss And Who A Small Boss, I Don’t Know It?

3319. One-Minute Silence

3320. Rampant Urbanization Taking A Toll On Chennai

3321. The Jobless Ass, Oh, The Poor Animal! /The Jobless & Unemployed Ass Saw I Left Abandoned On The Roads

3322. O, Where Is That Tradition, Vedic, Upanishadic?

3323. Barack Obama, America Has To Be Cautious Against The Entry Of The Ethnic Minorities

3324. Do The Roses Bloom On Your Cheeks?

3325. A Fanatic Will Remain A Fanatic

3326. Pt.Ravi Shankar, First Tell You About Annapurna Devi Then I Shall Your Sitar

3327. On World Schizophrenia Day

3328. World Schizophrenia Day

3329. Modern, Modernist Or Postmodern?

3330. A Poor Drug Addict

3331. My Friend, Goodman, How Are You!

3332. India Is Secular, Will Remain, But Did Pakistan And Small Bangladesh Did They Remain?

3333. Do You Think The Janata Dal Is Good? They Were Committing Suicides And The Rustic, Illiterate Leaders Of Bihar Were Provoking Them

3334. Bhaiyya, Beef Khana Hain To Khao, Magar Politics Mat Karo, Yanee Nautanki, Dramebazi

3335. Who Could Have Dared To Say To China Review You Please Your One-Child Policy?

3336. How Distraught & Desperate Am I In A Godless World!

3337. The Jungle Raj Of Bihar

3338. The Goat-Woman, The Sheep-Man, The Cow-Boy, The Buffalo-Man, All Leaders In Bihar/ Bakriwalli, Bhedwalla, Gayawalla, Bhainsawalla, Sabhi Koi Neta Bihar Mein

3339. Why Are You Returning Sahitya Akademi Awards? Is It Not Your Gaddari? Indian Was Secular, Is And Will Remain In Future, None But I Can Assure You, Not Even Modi

3340. Chors, Thugs, Goons In The Bihar Politics

3341. Bollywood Film Industry

3342. Love Came Knocking At My Door

3343. Daru Pikar Hero/ After Drinking Daru A Hero

3344. Laluwa-Budhuwa, All Leaders In Bihar, Leaders Not, Not Ministers, Gayawalla, Bhainsawalla, The Cowman, The Buffaloman, All Cattle-Men

3345. What Irfan Habib Says About The Rss Is Not Correct At All, Why Does He Not Say About The Temples Broken During The Medieval Times? Actually I Too Am Not Of The Ideology Of The Rss

3346. The Men Of Theatre, Heroes, Heroines & Villains

3347. They Have Returned, The Awards, But I Have Not Got, Now The Returned Ones Too The Govt. May Give To Me As For Unrecognized Valuable Service Of Mine

3348. Modi Saheb, Kucch To Boliye/Modi Saheb, Say You

3349. Beef, Beef, Beef, If You Have To Take, Take To Your Full, But Do Not Politics

3350. Only Romila Thapar Knows It History And All Others Do Not

3351. The Third Class Men Will Remain Third Class

3352. A Film Actor Is But A Drama Company Man

3353. Chanakya, Save You Bihar! / Chanakya, O Kautilya, You Black Brahmin, Do Come And Take You The Politics Of Bihar!

3354. Irish Girl, I Like You, But Not Your Catholicity Of Thought & Idea

3355. For To Be A Bollywood Actor

3356. Bihar Ka Charwaha School/ Bihar’s Shepherd-School

3357. The Guilty Men Of India’s Partition, Who The Guilty Men?

3358. Brother, Just Said By The Way, Too Much Of Miangiri, Hindugiri, Like I Not

3359. Most Of The Indian Politicians Are The Third Class Men

3360. My English Is Bihari English

3361. Now Modi’s Duty Is To Divert The Discussion To The Vikas Agenda

3362. Life Is Greater Than Poetry Or Poetry Is?

3363. Meena Kandasamy

3364. Bhai-Phonta, Brother-Paste, Symbolic Of Brother-Sisterly Love

3365. Indian English Novels Not About The Englishmen, But The Hindustanimen In Dhoti & Kurta, Pagadi & Gamaccha

3366. In India There Is None To Call Me Even A Minor Poet, My Pains, You Don’t Me

3367. I Think Salman Rushdie Is The Greatest Writer Of The Century

3368. On Bhai-Phonta. Feel You At Least, Brother, For Your Sister

3369. I Want To Dance

3370. I Shall Not Stay Nor Will My Poetry

3371. This Is New Year, You Looking New, I Looking New, Friends, We Are The Same Men!

3372. My God, I Want Nothing From You, Just Fill My Heart With Love For Mankind

3373. One Daruman Saying Happy New Year To Another Daruman

3374. Conservative People Will Destroy The Culture Of America

3375. Indian English Novels: A Casteist History

3376. Hold The Hand Warmly & Wish You, Happy New Year To You!

3377. The Skies Touching Somewhere

3378. Lost Love, O, My Lost Love, Where Do You Lie In Humming The Songs Of Life!

3379. What Have We Done For The Children & The Women Even After The Attainment Of India’s Freedom?

3380. Christmas

3381. My Lost Love, Where Do You Lie You? My Happy, Happy New Year To You!

3382. One Drunkard Saying Happy New Year To You To Another Drunkard, Is This The Trend Of Happy New Year?

3383. Before Calling Myself

3384. Radha, Radha, Radha Keep I Calling, Radha, Radha, Radha Keep I Calling

3385. With A Bottle Of Wine, How To Say, Happy New Year!

3386. My Plans Of Meeting A Goggleswalli On New Year’s Eve

3387. Papa’s Daughter, Why Are Your Eyes Tearful?

3388. The New Is Coming, Come, Come And Let Us Dance

3389. Daru Mat Piyo, Bahut Adhik Daru Pike, Apne Aapko Barbad Mat Karo (I Say Do Not Take Daru, Taking Daru Spoil You Not Your Life…)

3390. An Indian Yoga Master I Forgot My Yoga On Seeing An American Girl Practising Yoga

3391. Hey! You Are Taking Ganja, A Teenager Boy Like You!

3392. Foreigner Girl, How To Say, I Love You To You At The Airport On The New Year’s Eve?

3393. An Indian Yoga Master I Forgot My Yoga On Seeing An American Blonde Practising Yoga

3394. The Poetry Of Jayanta Mahapatra

3395. On The Eve Of The New Year I Shall Give A Break That You Will See

3396. My Communist Clerk, Most Dirty Man To Have Ever Met, The Most Notorious Fellow

3397. Daddy’s Daughter

3398. The Dark Daughter, The Myth Of Creation

3399. What Is Love? Say You

3400. On The Eve Of The New Year I Shall Give A Break Dance That You Will See

3401. My New Born Female Babe, They Understand It Not In India Gender Equality, Why Were You In India?

3402. In Such An Age, You Turned Into An Addict, My God! In Such A Tender Age!

3403. The Mukteswar Temple, Bhubaneswar

3404. Taking Alcohol, Spirit, Wine, Liquor, Dance You Not On New Year’s Eve, Greeting And Welcoming

3405. Awake, Awake & Arise You, Bhagabati!

3406. A Bihari Professor Of English Which Applies To Jharkhand Too/ A Rustic After Becoming A Varsity Teacher Of English In Bihar By Luck

3407. I Just See The Statistics Of Female Genital Mutilation On The World Map

3408. Now Shake They Not The Hands Warmly

3409. The Dark Black Leg, A Replica Of The Mother’s Foot (Dark Kali’s)

3410. If Somebody Could Say I Am Also A Writer Which But I Know It Not If I Am Really

3411. The Old Year Is Passing By

3412. The Mukteswar Temple, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

3413. My English Is Bihari English, Biharian English

3414. Why Are The Daughters So Ignored & Neglected In Our Society?

3415. Indian Poetry In English

3416. My Daughter, Why Are Tears In Your Eyes?

3417. Female Genital Mutilation, O Cut You, Cut You Not!

3418. I See The Photos Of The Girls From Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

3419. I Have A Lot To Do Before I Pass Out Of Sight

3420. Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, My Love, A Search Of Her In My Poetry

3421. The Poets Think That The World Is Theirs, How Can It Be?

3422. Having Taken Wine, Where Are They Going? The Young Men Of A Very Tender Age?

3423. Muslim Girl, Live You In America, But Make You It Not Fanatical

3424. Where Is My Home?

3425. Bombayan Film Diectors Are Chors

3426. At The Airport When I Saw You Forgot I Myself

3427. He Is Fathering And Says He God Is Giving, Allah, God, Khuda, Bhagavan, L

3428. At The Airport

3429. Good Evening, How Do You Do?

3430. Indian English Versifiers & Literary Reviewers Are But Number Two Academics

3431. New Year Is Not To End You, But To Be Anew And Afresh, Not To Get Killed In Accidents

3432. Ban The Burquawalli From Entering America

3433. Fanatics & Terrorists Must Be Given Dancing Lessons

3434. Mr.Terrorist, Where Have You Been Schooled? In Which School, Have You, Terrorist?

3435. Terrorist, Terrorist, Why, Why Do You Kill The Innocent?

3436. This Is Contemporary Indian English Poetry, You Just Call Yourself A Poet And You Will Become

3437. Good Morning. Said He, Morning, Morning, I Good-Good, You Good-Good, We All Good-Good

3438. A Foreigner Belle Standing Before, I Want To Ask, What’s Your Name?

3439. Fanatic, Why Are You So Fanatical?

3440. Religious Madness Cannot Be Cured

3441. He Is A University Professor, A Big Boss, You Salute Him

3442. I Know It My Destiny, My Lot

3443. What Is Indian In Indian English Poetry? , Say You

3444. I Want To Kiss You, Hey, What Are You Saying? Are You Drunk Or Not Normal? Hey, What Are You Saying?

3445. Cricket & Sex, The Panorma

3446. O, You Trap Them Not The Poor Albanian Teenage Girls! O, Sell Them Not Please Under The Pretext Of Marrying!

3447. In The Midst Of Candles, The Church Decorates On The Eve Of Christmas

3448. Standing At The Crossroad Of Life Think I

3449. If The Son Beats You, How Will It Be Your Feeling?

3450. Rajanigandha My Love

3451. The Alphabet Of Poetry (Ii)

3452. I Love You So Much, I Love You So Much

3453. O, Tusu Lies She Standing At My Door! The Rustic Folk Singing The Song!

3454. Under The Starlit Skies, Let Me See You, Chandramukhi

3455. I Doubt (For Salman Rushdie)

3456. Too Much Of Everything Is Bad, Be It Miangiri, Hindugiri Or Christiangiri

3457. Anandamurti (The Statue Of Delight) – Ii

3458. You Come Along And Sit By, My Love

3459. Metaphysics

3460. The Black Crows

3461. The Villain Of The Theatre Make You Not My Son A Real Villain

3462. Purdahwalli

3463. My Love-Letter

3464. A Burning Cigar Into The Hands Of The Tender Heart

3465. In The Beginning I Used To Ask, ‘what It Is Love? ‘

3466. Ganjaraja, Where Do You Keep Puffing Ganja?

3467. It Was A Beauty To See The Foreigner Girls

3468. Keep You Smiling

3469. Santhal Rebellion Of 1855

3470. New Generation, A Generation Of Alcoholics, Drinkers & Drunkards

3471. What’s Your Name? , Said He, Mocchu Hindustani

3472. The Problem Of Indian English Verse

3473. You Are My Life Radha, You Are My Heart

3474. Indian Gwalas Too Leaders, Milkmen & Buffalomen, Jayprakash Narayan’s Loafer Students, Worst Followers

3475. The Naked Leafless Palash Tree

3476. Do Not End Your Life In Emotion, Try To Stuggle And Suffer A Bit More

3477. The Dark Daughter Of India Describe I

3478. Shiva, In Search Of Shiva

3479. O, My Love! Love Of My Heart!

3480. They Forbid Me To Love The Girl

3481. When Smoked I For The First Time, Thought I Myself A Hero Smoking, A Cine Star

3482. How Old Is?

3483. Julie, Julie, I Love You, You! Julie, I Love You, Love You!

3484. Listen To, Listen, Say, Say You, As Thus Love Will Be Born

3485. Mr.Loafer

3486. Will You Be My Valentine? Will You Be My Valentine?

3487. My Love, Where Do You Lie In Waiting? (Valentine Day Poem)

3488. My Valentine, Where Do You Lie Waiting For?

3489. Burquawalli The Dark Rose On Valentine’s Day

3490. My Love Is Calling, Calling You On St.Valentine’s Day

3491. Burquawalli And Me On Valentine’s Day

3492. On Valentine’s Day, Why Does The Heart You?

3493. On Valentine’s Day, I Want To Kiss You

3494. Valentine’s Day Is Of The Couples, Pairs In Love

3495. Burqawalli The Dark Rose

3496. It’s Valentine’s Day

3497. On Happy Kiss Day

3498. On International Mother Language Day, Think I If The Mother’s Language Is Different From That Of The Father’s

3499. Miss Burquawalli As My Valentine/ The Kiss Of The Dark Black Rose

3500. Keep You Smiling, Always Keep You Smiling

3501. How Much Do You Love Me? (Written On Valentine’s Day)

3502. I Don’t Know, Why Did, International Mother Language Day, Reminded Of My Mother?

3503. The Mist

3504. International Mother Language Day

3505. On International Mother Language Day, Think I Of My Mother And My Tongue Whatever Be That

3506. How Mad Am I After Her!

3507. You Are The Sad, Sad Song Of My Life

3508. What Azadi Are They Talking In The Jadavpur University Campus?

3509. The Jnu Campus With Premgiri And Communism, I Mean Leftism

3510. Happy Kiss Day

3511. International Mother Language Day, Think I Of My Hindi In Bengal

3512. After The Herald Of Spring

3513. First-Time Love

3514. Suppose I Kiss A Burquawalli

3515. On World Thinking Day, Thought I

3516. Bhagalpur, Burhanath Ghat

3517. Deserted Picture Palaces

3518. Away From Your World

3519. A Loafer, The Making Of An Indian Loafer

3520. Holi Hain, The Maiden’s Cheeks Coloured With Paints

3521. A Smoker Himself Thinking A Hero

3522. Are You Going To Divorce, Divorce Her?

3523. Atheism & Blasphemy/ There Is A Pleasure In Abusing God

3524. Gabbar Singh, Gabbar Singh! O, Kaliya! I Shall Fire, Fire Upon, Save You!

3525. O Rudraksha Tree, Tell Me About Shiva Collecting The Rudraksha Beads!

3526. The Cpi(M) Taught It As To How To Hate Man On Party & Politics Lines?

3527. I Am Not A Shayar, But Shayaris Come To Me When See I Burkhawallis

3528. Daru Mat Piyo, Bhaiyya (Do Not Take Country Liquor)

3529. O Rudraksha Tree, Have You Seen Siva? Which Way Has He Proceeded On?

3530. What It Passes Over My Heart, None But I Myself Know It

3531. On World Women’s Day Think I Of Nirmala, Patita

3532. Kalbaishakhi, Where Do You Live You, Where Dwell You?

3533. On World Women’s Day, Hardy, Tell You Not About Your The Mayor Of Casterbridge

3534. On World Women’s Day Thought I Of Women’s Rights

3535. On Teacher’s Day Thought I Of Eklavya

3536. Ganja Tano, Khub Ganja Tano, Puff In Ganja, Puff In Ganja To Your Fill

3537. The Rebel On World Women’s Day

3538. On World Women’s Day Thought I Of My Mother, My Aunt, How Were They? About My Patriarchal Old & Outdated Father Too

3539. On World Women’s Day Felt I The Emotional Heart Of Hers

3540. On World Women’s Day Felt I

3541. On World Women’s Day Thought I Of The Burquawalli & Her Rights

3542. On World Women’s Day Thought I Unawares Of The Tears Trickling Down The Cheeks Of Womankind

3543. On World Women’s Day Thought I Of The Labour Pains

3544. On International Women’s Day Remionded Of Some Biharis Always Threatening The Wife To Beat With Legs And Shoes

3545. The Dark Daughter, Dark You, Dark The World

3546. On International Women’s Day Felt I Of The Eye-Lashes Smeared With Tears

3547. The Scent Of The Jasmine Reminding Me Of Your Cheeks

3548. On World Women’s Day Thought I Of The Girls Trafficked, Indulged In Flesh Trade

3549. Pathshala

3550. Women’s Day

3551. Who Am I? , Have I Asked So Many Times

3552. Under The Rudraksha Tree

3553. Mahashivaratri

3554. While Feeling The Heat Of The Summer In The Country Of Mud-Homes

3555. I Saw The Burquawalli On International Women’s Day

3556. Terrorist, I Fear You Not, Sir, But Your Beards

3557. Headless Daughter (Written After The Gyaneswari Express Accident Near Jhargram, A Naxal Hothead Activity)

3558. Mr.Fanatic, Where Dwell You, In Which World?

3559. Your Wet Eyelashes, Anamika, O Nameless One! Your Wet Eyelashes, Anamika!

3560. One Day I Will Pass Out Of The Way Just By The Way

3561. I Know Thee

3562. Thou Hast Made Me, My Lord-God

3563. The Deep Pink Lotus (Haiku)

3564. Mother Kali The Dark Goddess

3565. Lord Buddha (Haiku)

3566. In This Age Of Globalism (Haiku)

3567. Thou Art My Father

3568. Heroine From Bombay (Haiku)

3569. Contemporary Indian English Poetry; The Verses By Dalals & Mediocres

3570. A Singer Of Heart (Haiku)

3571. The Ass (Haiku)

3572. Burquawalli (Haiku)

3573. The Global Village (Haiku)

3574. Piyakkad (Haiku) / Drinker (Haiku)

3575. The Village (Haiku)

3576. Talk With A Japanese Girl (Haiku)

3577. Michael Jackson (Haiku)

3578. Poet (Haiku)

3579. Poetry As The Image Of Kali (Haiku)

3580. In The Global Village (Haiku)

3581. My Village (Haiku)

3582. The World Is A Circus (Haiku)

3583. In The Age Of Globalisation (Haiku)

3584. Today’s Seminars (Haiku)

3585. I And My Burkhawalli Bibi (Haiku)

3586. Foreigner Girl (Haiku)

3587. Shiva Tandava (Haiku)

3588. Shiva As A Dancer (Haiku)

3589. O, Foreigner Girl (Haiku)

3590. Tandava (Haiku)

3591. Nataraja Shiva (Haiku)

3592. An Indian Cobbler

3593. Dark Daughter, Dark You, Dark The World

3594. From The Global Market Not, But Indian Market Am I Returning

3595. What Have I For? (Haiku)

3596. Where Are These Bihari Men Going? Turbaned & Dhoti And Kurta, Clumsily Dressed & With A Gamccha Over Shoulders

3597. What Have I For The Nation, The Society & The Family?

3598. Poetry To Jayanta

3599. Dark Is Beatiful

3600. Had Amitabh’s Brother Joined Bollywood

3601. Bihari Bhaiyyas/Most Of The Chors & Ghushkhors Live In Bihar/ They Migrate To Other States & Call Themselves Bihari Bhaiyyas

3602. Bura Mat Mano Holi Hai/ Take You Not Bad It Is Holi

3603. Foreigners Stunned To See One Smearing Another’s Cheeks With Colours And Sprinkling Coloured Water, Lo, It’s Holi!

3604. On The Eve Of Holi, Let Me Paint, Colour Your Face

3605. It’s Holi, Let Me See You, My Love

3606. In Search Of Radha

3607. April Fools’ Day, The Fools Gathering Not To Celebrate It

3608. Where Was I When I Was Not?

3609. I’m Busy, Say You Not, If You’re I Too Am

3610. Bits Of Philosophical Thoughts, The 22nd Collection Of Poems By Pronab Kumar Majumder

3611. Indian English Poetry: A History In First-Poem Writers & First-Book Publishers

3612. Dark Daugjhter, Where To Go Clutching Along?

3613. Sir, A Ciagr For You (April Fools’ Day)

3614. Pakistani English

3615. This Is India, Those Who Had Not To Be Turn As Ph.D. Supervisors

3616. Devadasi (Ii)

3617. April Fools’ Day, Who But Made It?

3618. For A New Bibi, I’m Divorcing Her, Oh, My God, Counsel Him!

3619. A Smoker’s Dream Of Going To Bombay & Puffing In Bollywood

3620. Miangiri, Hindugiri And Chistiangiri, Three Things I Hate Them Most

3621. Aapse Dillagi/ Hearty Links With You

3622. He Has Four Bibis, But I’ve None/ Four Burkhawalli Bibis

3623. There Should Be Someone To Love

3624. Dark Daughter, They Call You Dark

3625. My Love, My Love, You Don’t Know

3626. Who Made Her A Woman?

3627. Why Did I Write The Dark Daughter? (Busting The Myths Of Darkness)

3628. Indian Writing In English

3629. Why Not To Select Heroines From The Northeast?

3630. Whiskey, Rum, Beer Or Vodka, What Do You Want? Modern Life And Culture

3631. I Am A Common Man

3632. Indian English Poetry: A Study

3633. They Do Not Call Me A Poet, I Call A Poet Myself

3634. Sthal-Padma, Changeable Rose, Hibiscus Mutabilis, Land Lotus

3635. What Is In Jayanta Mahapatra’s Relationship?

3636. Selfie, Selfie, Mr. And Miss Selfie Taking Photos And Dancing (Digicam Photo Pleasure)

3637. Kissing A Girl, Did I Commit A Mistake In My Life, Which Realize I Now (April Fools’ Day Poem)

3638. Before Calling Him A Rascal, Found I Myself The Greatest Rascal Ever Born (In Celebration Of April Fools’ Day)

3639. Chaitra & Baisakh, The Two Burning Months Of Hectic Summer

3640. I Taking A Selfie, You Taking A Selfie, How Selfie Have We Taking Selfies And All Our Relationships Selfie Special!

3641. When Dance I In The Streets To Be A Bollywood Hero, Clap And Whistle You

3642. Social Media And Our Society, Twitterati & Facebookians & Their Impact, You Tgaking A Selfie, I Taking A Selfie, How Selfish Have We Grown!

3643. Ambulance-Driver!

3644. One Day I Shall Turn Into Histrory

3645. April Fools’ Day

3646. Taking Selfies, How Selfie Have I Become!

3647. Daruman, Sells He Not, But Takes Too

3648. Sherbet, Indian Sherbet, Give Me To Beat The Summer, Cheaper Indian Sherbet, Not Costly

3649. A Daruman, He Is For Daru And Daru For Him, Made For Each Other

3650. Yama

3651. I Am Time, Time, Indestructible & Immortal Time

3652. Kalpurusha, The Iron Man

3653. Mr. Terrorist, Don’t Mind, Your Beards The Cause Of Terror Attacks

3654. I Did Not Ask Him, But Said He, I Am A Muhammedan (Mentality)

3655. The Reddish-Reddish Florid And Ornate Clusters Of Palash Blossoms

3656. Talent Hunt, Talent Search

3657. Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Don’t See It With Miangiri Or Hindugiri

3658. Living In India, You Can Call Yourself The Pundit Of Secularism, Go To Saudi Arabia And Turkey, Preach It There

3659. In Search Of Love Where Have I Come To?

3660. Poetrywallahs Of Today

3661. The Policeman Not Of The Father

3662. In The Court, The Judge, The Pleader And I

3663. The Bhagabati Of Chaitra Month

3664. Chaitra, The Blazing & Burning Earth Of Summer, Yet Encompass In Another Baisakh

3665. Too Much Minorityism Is Not Good/ India The Minorities Enjoy The Same Rights, But They Go On Nagging And Bragging

3666. Why Are The Muslim Countries Not Secular? Who Will Say It? And They Are Talking Secularism

3667. Kiss Of The Burkhawalli, A Burqua-Clad Maiden

3668. Aurangzeb, Why Did You Sow The Seed Of Animosity? Why Had You Been So Orthodox?

3669. Do Not Smoke, Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous To Health, Statutory Warning

3670. The Blazing Earth Of Chaitra & Baisakh

3671. Ganjeris As Heroes/ I Can See The Ganjeris Gathering And Holding Parleys

3672. Was Portia The First Feminist?

3673. Mr.Ganjeri, Meet Him, The Big Boss

3674. A Lonely Self

3675. Gajan, Shiva Gajan

3676. Music Director

3677. The Making Of A Feminst

3678. Under The Raat Ki Rani, Night Blooming Jasmine (Cestrum Nocturnum) Plant

3679. Drugs, Drugs, Heroin, Brown Sugar, Cocaine!

3680. Dawnbreak

3681. Under The Gulmohar Tree Think I Of My Dreamgirl As How To Bring Her Home As My Bride

3682. To Talk About The Minorities All The Time, Is It Good To Do?

3683. The Train, Passing Trains

3684. Parching Indian Summer/ The Blazing Earth Of Chaitra & Baisakh

3685. The Nris And The Picture Of India/ India Before The Non-Resident Indians: A Chimera And A Mirage

3686. Indian Mysticism In English Poetry

3687. Under The Kaamini Tree Stand I, You Come To, My Love

3688. Man’s, Nature’s Or God’s, Whose Earth Is It?

3689. The Snake-Charmers’ Music Steal They The Bombayan Bolllywood Men

3690. Kashimir’s Kashmiriyat

3691. Beat Indian Summer With Lassie, Sherbet And Salad

3692. Criminal, You Too Were A Man

3693. Missed Calls

3694. Modi At The Tussaud’s Wax Museum/ Mr. Modi, How Are You? Mr.Modi Asking Modi, Hand-Shaking, But Another Modi Speaking It Not, A Look-Alike Not, But A Wax Model Standing

3695. Internet Age

3696. Been Music, Play You, O Snake-Charmer! I Want To Hear!

3697. Happy Earth Day!

3698. Divorce

3699. History Of Earth

3700. Are You Going To Devastate The Earth By The Third World War?

3701. Are You Going To Divorce Me?

3702. Mystic Vision In Indian English Poetry

3703. Poetry As Talks, Gossips, Tidbits

3704. Modi Saheb, How Are You? , One Modi Asking Another (After Seeing The Wax Model Of Tussaud Artistes)

3705. Your Karma Is Dharma

3706. Miss Selfie Taking The Selfies

3707. The Palestinian Problem

3708. The Reference Of Dark Daughters In Jayanta Mahapatra

3709. Where Is Your Kalidasa House? Where The Orwell House In Bihar?

3710. Karmayogin, Your Karma Is Your Dharma

3711. In Bihar I Was Not Allowed To Teach As A Part-Timer In A College Even After My Ph.D.

3712. Tagore’s Mysticism In Gitanjali

3713. Aurobindo’s Savitri

3714. The Girl Bride

3715. Poetry As Terracotta Plates: The Base Of My Mythical Poetry

3716. On Earth Day Read I The Fever Of The Old Mother

3717. Papa’s Daughter, Only Papa’s, Her Papa’s (The Apple Of His Eye)

3718. Shakespeare House

3719. Kamsuttra

3720. Earth Day, Felt I The Pulse Of The Sick & Ailing Earth

3721. My God, I Had Asked For A Beautiful Girl As My Wife, But You Did Not Give To Me

3722. On Earth Day, Thought I About The World

3723. Poetic Bits

3724. Criticism; Literary Criticism

3725. I Going To Global Market To Sell Seasonal Fruits

3726. An Indian Bride

3727. Sexual Mysticism/ The Fire Of Sex

3728. Khoka Babu

3729. Global Village (Ii)

3730. Poetic Tidbits (Pieced & Clubbed Together) / Metaphysics Of Life And The World

3731. Bobby, Your Golden Brown Hair

3732. Even During The Hot Summer Gulmohars Can Be Seen Hanging

3733. World Penguin Day

3734. Politics Is Very Dirty

3735. Karmayogin, Your Karma Is Your Dharma/ The Song Of Karma

3736. Your Love-Song

3737. Politicians Are Very Dirty Men

3738. Selfie, Selfie, Hi Selfie, Hello Selfie!

3739. On Earth Day

3740. British English. American English, It’s My Indian English, Hindustanti English, Dehati English

3741. Politicians

3742. The Market Of Poetry

3743. The Whole World Is A Judge And I A Criminal

3744. The Whole World Is A Judge And I A Criminal (Ii)

3745. India Violates Human Rights In Militarised Kashmir, It’s O.K., But What Are They Doing?

3746. When Will You Leave Miangiri, Hindugiri And Christiangiri To Be A Man?

3747. Into The Realm Of Contemporary Indian English Verse, Everyone Calls Onerself A Poet

3748. Modern-Day Economics

3749. America Is But A Starnge Armsdealer

3750. I Did Not Ask Him, Said He, I Am A Muhammedan

3751. Modern Day Ultra-Modern Mom

3752. American Diplomacy The Root Of All Evils

3753. International Day Of Families

3754. Critics Of Modi, Criticize Him Not So Much

3755. If Bihar Is Fine, Why Do The Biharis Go To Other States? / Bihar, Bihariness And Bihari-Ism

3756. Pt.Nehru, What Did You Do For The Kashmiri Pundits?

3757. World Laughter Day

3758. Fanatic’s Father Is Mr. Conservative

3759. Mrs. Ghumtawalli, Purdahwalli Bibi As A Professor Of Englishd

3760. My Global Village

3761. Villain, Act You, But Make You Not My A Real Vilalin

3762. The Goggleswalli

3763. My Global Village (Ii)

3764. The Making Of A Poet (Ii)

3765. The Jungle Raj Of Bihar (Ii)

3766. On Mother’s Day (A Collage Of Pieces)

3767. D.Raja Does Not Know What The Rss Is Though I Do Not Praise It

3768. Had Not Been A Romantic, But The Day I Saw The Foreign Girls Since Then Turned I Into

3769. Can The Gwalas Of Bihar And U.P. Only Be Our Leaders?

3770. The Cpi(M) Ruled In West Bengal For 34 Years As For The Congress, But Forgot It The Under-Table Agreement

3771. Bihari Goondaism/ Bihar Of Laat, Jutta

3772. Trinmul Will Sprout With Blooms, Will Come Back To Power

3773. Litigation

3774. Bombayan Heroes & Heroines

3775. Jadavpur Campus (Hum Aur Tum, Tum Aur Hum)

3776. International Museum Day

3777. He Is A Poetrywallah

3778. Suppose, Just Suppose I Going With My Bibis, One Not Three Burkhawalli Bibis

3779. Verse-Stanzas-Ii

3780. Stanzas

3781. Man-Woman Relationship (Ii)

3782. The Black Cat-Ii

3783. Nuclear Summer/A Goggleswalli Aghast To See A Goggleswalla

3784. The Heartthrob, Heartbeat Of Africa

3785. God, Save Me, Save Me From Indian English Poets Calling Themselves Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Tennyson, Arnold, Eliot

3786. Osho (For Osho, Acharya Rajneesh)

3787. Will You Handshake With Me?

3788. Laluwa Chor Hain, Chor Hain, Laluwa Goonda Hain, Goonda Hain

3789. Politics/ The Black Crow/ Om

3790. Hindustani English/ A Daruman He Is A Daruman, Sells Not, Country Liquor But Takes To Not Less But In Full. A Man For The Bottle, Of The Bottle, By The Bottle, Living For Bottle

3791. One Day While Lighting The Funeral Pyre

3792. Light In Darkness- Ii

3793. The Backward Ministers Of Bihar

3794. The Jungle Raj Of Bihar, The Goonda Raj Of Bihar

3795. Lallu, Kallu, Bhallu, All Ministers

3796. To Talk Of Kashmiriyat Is Not To Forget The Kashmiri Pundits

3797. Modi At Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

3798. Lines Of Poesy

3799. From Darkness To Light

3800. Boss

3801. India Of Wallahs, Paanwallahs, Beediwallahs, Cigaretwallahs

3802. Terrorist-Ii

3803. Dreamgirl, Dreamgirl, My Dreamgirl, Your Dreamgirl

3804. Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

3805. Amit Chaudhary As I Try To Understand His Poetry

3806. Villain Sir, Villain Sir, Hold I Your Boots To Say, Make You Not My Son A Villain In His Life

3807. On World No Tobacco Day Found I Some Biharis Chewing

3808. Air India Mascot

3809. Adil Jussawalla A Poet Of Bombay

3810. At The Airport Viewing The Air Hostesses

3811. I Have Made Up My Mind For Bringing An Air Hostess As My Love

3812. I And My Burkhawalli Bibi

3813. Villagerl Politics Of India, The Politics Of Cousins, Mahabharatan Politics

3814. Modernity In India

3815. I Am Going To Buying My Ph.D., The Ph.D. Market

3816. Bollywood

3817. Love At First Sight (Ii)

3818. Arun Kolatkar

3819. On Your First Sight

3820. Poetry, What Is Poetry? Poetry

3821. Global Village (Iii)

3822. The Toppers From Bihar Are But Chors, Thieves

3823. When I Saw Her, Liked I So Much

3824. Dom As A Poet

3825. Karmayogin (Ii)

3826. Just Like You

3827. Loving You, How To Leave You, Loving You?

3828. Burkhawalli Bibi

3829. Foreigner Girl, I Shall Not Let You (Holding Her Back From Getting Ticket Booked To Board The Airbus) C

3830. Never Break You A Heart

3831. Say You, At Your First Sight

3832. Unknown Citizen- Ii

3833. Criticism, Never Do The Critique Of A Contemporary Poet

3834. Bakhtiyarer Ghoda, Bakhtiyar, Your Horses

3835. Poems

3836. Sorry Sir, Sorry, Had Been In The Goggles So Couldn’t Recognize You/ A Superstar In The Making

3837. First-Time Love- Ii

3838. Bakhtiyar, Your Horses Those Of A Nomadic Invader, A Barbarian

3839. Kumarendra, Your Haikus Not, But Gems, Stones

3840. Indian Love Story, A Matter Of Caste, Creed And Faith

3841. Meeting With A Drama Girl/ Dramawalli

3842. Osho, Osho…

3843. Monsoon Dreams

3844. Vikramshila (How Had It Been Vikramshila, I Think!)

3845. Latent Desire

3846. The Air Hostess

3847. America Will Not Remain America, Radicalism Will Finish It Off If Can’t Check Their Entries

3848. Pyaar Karne Lagaa Hun/ Have Started Loving You

3849. Blood Has Only One Colour, Red Colour, Why Do They Not Understand?

3850. O Idiot Bakhtiyar, You Destroyed Vikramshila Too!

3851. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Feminist

3852. Devdas

3853. Burkhawalli/ Burqa-Clad Beauty

3854. Burkhawalli- Ii

3855. Burkhawalli- Iv

3856. God, Save Me From Indian English Poets, God, Save Me

3857. Burkhawalli- V

3858. Burkhawalli- Iii

3859. Nissim Ezekiel And The Scorpion, I Wonder That A Scorpion Made Him So Famous

3860. How Far Indian Is The Indian English Poetry Of Nissim Ezekiel?

3861. Villain Sir, Hold I Your Boots To Say, Make You Not My Son A Villain In His Life

3862. What Have I To My Family? , I Think, What Have I To Nation And Society, Before I Go Away?

3863. Father’s Day Just Like Enjoying Of Paternity Leave Whereas The Mother Bears The Brunt

3864. Do You Love Me? Yes, I Love You, Love You, How Many Times Shall I? , Said She

3865. On Father’s Day Thought I Of Olden-Age Papa And New-Age Papa, The Gap Betrween

3866. Suppose, Just Suppose You, Your Wife Is A Foreigner And You Too Know It Not Her Tongue

3867. I Wanted A Girl Like You

3868. On World Yoga Day Saw I An American Girl

3869. Daruman

3870. Kissing You (Ii)

3871. Without Seeing The Girls From Abroad I Cannot Write Poems In English

3872. My Saudi Arabian Beloved I Can View Only On The Facebook, Burkhawalli

3873. Daruman Of India, The Same Country Liquor Seller Not, But Taker Too, Daruwallah

3874. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, Darling, I Love You, Love You, Darling

3875. Criminal

3876. World Refugee Day

3877. In 1996 The Posts Of College Professors Got Sold And Bought In Bihar

3878. A Bluish Lily

3879. Ek Baar Muskura Do/ Smile For Once

3880. A Portrait Of Salman Rushdie Make I Of The Greatest Postcolonial Writer Of The Twentieth Century

3881. Without A White Girl, How To Write Verses In English?

3882. As A Poet I Am But…

3883. Here People Love, Here People Abandon They

3884. They Said It, Old Is Gold

3885. The Poetry Of Today, The Indian English Poetry Of Today

3886. Poetry Is Poetry

3887. The Girl With The Blue Eyes

3888. O Miss, Miss I You!

3889. Thank You! Thank You, Thank You! (Poetrywallah’s English)

3890. A Rhymer He, An Old Poetrywallah, Tagging And Writing

3891. For To Go In This World

3892. Bye-Bye, Bye-Bye, Waving The Hands Peculiarly

3893. Poetrywallah, Poetrywallah And His Poetry, O Miss, Miss I You

3894. A Flower, A Flower

3895. Leaving One’s Own Home, Who Wants To Be A Refugee?

3896. A Poor Refugee Girl

3897. Neela Aakash/ Blue Sky

3898. What’s You Name? What’s? I Just Saw, Saw Her, Kept Seeing As I Could Not (My Indian English, A Poetrywallah’s)

3899. Do You Have No Place For Refugees In Your Heart?

3900. Udatin Chidiya, Pyari-Shi Chidiya, Nanhi-Shi Chidiya/ Flying Bird, Lovely Bird, Bmall Bird

3901. My English Hindustani English, Made In Hindustani

3902. You Need Idea

3903. Dream, Dream, Dream You

3904. Vikramshila: A Long Poem

3905. My Deja Vu With A Goggleswalli, Deja Vu With/ My Rendezvous With

3906. A Refugee Girl Saw I In Serbia, Met I In Bulgaria, A Refugee Girl Syrian My Daughter-Like

3907. Ek Ladaki Or Ek Laal Gulab? / A Girl Or A Red Rose?

3908. Making Her A Refugee, You Have Betrayed It Humanity, Making Her A Refugee, A Little Girl Going On The Road

3909. My Gipsy Daughter Of My Refugee Heart

3910. The Ruins Of Vikramshila

3911. O Miss, Miss You, O Miss, Kiss You!

3912. The Ancient University That Was Vikramshila

3913. The Rath Yatra

3914. Bobby, What To Say To You? Had You Been, Had You… A Golden Brown Blonde

3915. The Making Of A Refugee

3916. Bihar Notorious For

3917. Kashmiri Pundits

3918. Taron Bhari Raat Mein/ Under The Sky Full Of Stars

3919. In Today’s World

3920. Burquawalli As A Professor English

3921. England Should Not Allow The Mians And The Hindus To Make It Multi-Ethnic

3922. My Poetry

3923. Theatre Of Silence By Baldev Mirza (Ii)

3924. Railgadi Mein Baith Akeli Kahan Ja Rahin Ho? / Sitting In The Raillway Compartment Where Are You Going?

3925. Lallu, Kallu, All Leaders In Bihar

3926. Marriage- Ii

3927. Before My Marriage

3928. Marriage

3929. If French Culture Has To Persist In, It Must Ban The Entry Of The Ethnic And Racial People

3930. When I Asked Her Husband’s Name, Said She It Not

3931. Your Golden Brown Hair

3932. Background, Casually By Nissim Ezekiel

3933. During The Recess Hours

3934. Nataraja Shiva, Shiva-Shiva-Shiva

3935. Love Marriage

3936. The Chapter

3937. Nissim Ezekiel’s Gandhian Patriot And His Pidgin-Indian English

3938. Terrorist, Terrorist…

3939. Suppose, Suppose You Kissed A Purdah Nashin, A Blackly-Veiled Maiden

3940. Marriage By Nissim Ezekiel

3941. Do Not Call Them Dalits, They Too Are Men

3942. A Selfie’s World-View

3943. Jayanta Mahapatra’s Relationship

3944. Do Not Debate And Discuss Over The Dead Cow, Are You Going To Throw?

3945. They Are Nonsense Who Want To Prosecute Tanners & Taxidermists

3946. My Deja Vu With A Burkhawalli In London

3947. Why To Divide The Society? /It Is Stupid To Think Along The Dalit & Non-Dalit Lines

3948. Freedom, What Is Freedom, Who A Freeman? (Celebrating Indian Independencce)

3949. Is This The India? (Celebrating Indian Indepence)

3950. I Am Sure Of It India Would Not Have Been Partitioned

3951. Mind It The Dalits Too Are Men

3952. Communists Are Conspirators

3953. What Is History? (I)

3954. The World Has Changed, But The Medievalist People Will Never Those Who Are Fanatical

3955. Kiss A Burkhawalli And Say You, How Do You Do?

3956. History, How Old Is History?

3957. Kashmiriyat Is Good, But Stone-Pelting Barbaric And Medieaval

3958. A Woman A Woman, Be She A Muslim Or A Hindu

3959. An Indian Charmer And His Cobras

3960. Rakshabandhan -Ii

3961. Going For A Muslim Girl

3962. On Independence Day Think We, What Have We?

3963. Monsoon Clouds

3964. The Girl Is Very Beautiful

3965. You Are Wonderful

3966. Women’s Day- Ii

3967. Dalits, Dalits, No Politics With The Dalits

3968. On The 15th Of August I Think Of Love And Relationship In Between Pakistan And India

3969. They Do Not Know It That They Too Have Prestige

3970. Who Is The Girl Taking My Dreams Away?

3971. The Theatre Of The Night Is Empty

3972. Raksha Bandhan, The Bond Of Love, Mutual Trust And Harmony

3973. My Dear Sister Lies She Waiting With A Rakhi

3974. I Left You Turning Into A Refugee, A Poor Small Girl, A Refugee Girl/ The World Calls You A Refugee, But You Not…, My Daughter, Daughter, Small Daughter

3975. A Rain Of Rites By Jayanta Mahapatra- Ii

3976. How Far Indian Are Those Who Live Aroad?

3977. Bihar Of The Gayawalla, The Cchagarwalla, The Bakriwalli, All Waiting To Be Minsiters

3978. Oneiric Visions By O.P.Bhatnagar

3979. Only Ram Jethmalani Knows Law And Justice, This Cannot Be

3980. Thought Poems By O.P.Bhatnagar

3981. In The Company Of The Englishmen Speak I English Otherwise Would Not Have

3982. If The Usa Entertains The The Ethnic & Racial People, The Country Will Not Last

3983. O.P.Bhatnagar’s Feeling Fossils

3984. Why To Keep The Poor Fishermen In Jails? Why Tonpunish Them? This Much India And Pakistan Cannot Understand

3985. Kashmir Issue, The Politicians’ Handiwork

3986. The First-Poem Writers Too Call Themselves Poets And Poetesses In Indian English Poetry-Writing

3987. From Your Goatee Beards

3988. Lal Chand Rajput Twirling His Moustache

3989. If Egypt Can Talk Of Female Genital Mutilation, What The World Will Learn From The Land Of Pharaohs And Pyramids?

3990. Bapu, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Remembering Him On The 2nd Of October)

3991. A Muslim Maiden Ravishingly Beautiful Standing At My Door

3992. The World Has Greater Threats From Miangiri, Hindugiri, Christiangiri (Too Much Of Everything Is Bad)

3993. Again, Dawn At Puri By Jayanta Mahapatra

3994. Aapki Dadhi Aapka Parichay/ Your Beards Your Identity

3995. Those Who Talk Of Female Genital Mutilation Are But Misogynists, Man-Haters

3996. Classicism And Didacticism, The Classical Mood And Temperament, Indian Legacy And Heritage

3997. Pakistan And India Cannot Resolve Their Issues Unless And Until They Restrict Thier Miangir And Hindugiri

3998. Anandamurti, The Statue Of Delight, Dating Back To Yore, A Golden Statue Of Radha And Krishna

3999. On The Cauvery Issue, Burn You The Whole Of India, Is It Not Your Foolishness?

4000. The Audible Landscape By O.P.Bhatnagar

4001. Ekalavya, On Teachers’ Day, What Will You Give To Your Indirect Teacher Drona? A Gift Of Of Your Thumb Or…? Forbid, Forbid You Ekalavya From Doing It, You A Kol, Bheel Boy

4002. Poetry As Yoga-Dhyana And The Yogi A Sadhaka: A Study In Aurobindo

4003. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet

4004. The English Poems Of Swami Vivekananda

4005. The Muffled Vedic, Upanishadic Note In Jayanta Mahapatra

4006. Poetry For Keki N.Daruwalla

4007. What Will You Get Torturing Spies? I Do Not Like Pakistan And India’s Policies, Why Not To Free Those Prisoners?

4008. Ruminations, What Does Daruwalla Keep Ruminating?

4009. Kya Bharat Aur Pakistan Ladate Rahengei? (Will India And Pakistan Keep Fighting?)

4010. What Is Poetry? (Ii)

4011. Dalit Literature, Where To Search It? Do Not Politicize It Please

4012. Adil Jussawalla (1940- ) : A Portrait Of An Artist As The Missing Man

4013. Just The Dark Legs Divine

4014. K. D. Katrak As A Poet

4015. The Dark Goddess, Come, Come, Do Come And Go Seeing After! O, You! The Mother?

4016. A Singer Folksy, A Song-Writer American, A Musician Guitarist (For Bob Dylan)

4017. Oh, That Refugee Girl Ruffled And Tangle-Haired!

4018. Jayanta Mahapatra By The Door Thinking About The Jagannath Puri, The Konark Sun Temple, The Lingaraj Temple, Khandagiri, Dhaulagiri

4019. She Is Ma, Not My Mother Only, The Mother Of The Whole Creation (Shyama Sangeet)

4020. Mushahars, Rat-Catchers Of Bihar, The Poor People Driven By Hunger And Starvation

4021. Kailash, Shiva’s Kailash, Mansarovar And The White Swans Flying Over

4022. The Aap Drama/ The Drama Of The Aam Admi Party

4023. Two Blackly Wooden Idols Of Manasa And Shitala

4024. Who Is This Bearded Man Unkempt And Flowing? Not Tagore, Not Arvind Krishna? But Hoshang Merchant

4025. Bob Dylan (After The Nobel) , Where Do You Lie Stringing The Guitar Silently From Hide?

4026. Poetry As Sadhna And The Poet A Sadhaka (A Study In Aurobindo)

4027. Bihari Cchoda From Bihar To Jnu, Delhi

4028. A Trilingual Poem, In Bengali, Hindi, English

4029. Guru Drona, Say You If Arjuna Was Your Disciple, Not Eklavya?

4030. Dilip Chitre (17 September 1938- 10 December 2009)

4031. Poetry, Indian Poetry

4032. They Do Not Ask About The Fallen Soldiers, But How Many Mians And Hindus, India And Paksitan?

4033. In Search Of Black Money There May Be A Financial Blackout

4034. Public In Unnecessary Trouble As For To Change The Old Notes Of 500 And 1000 Denominations/ The Search For Black Money Wher Has It Brought To? Who Has Black Money?

4035. O.P.Bhatnagar As A Poet- Ii

4036. As A Small Man

4037. What Would It Have Happened To Mrinalini, Aurobindo, Think You?

4038. Aurobind’s Two Poems, Revelation Anxd Transformation

4039. The Bonds Of Maya/ In Love With Maya

4040. As For Black Money, Let You Not The White-Moneyed People Harrassed And Heckled

4041. Letting Us Wait In Sun And Shower, You Travelling In A Japanese Bullet Train, Enjoying The Journey, How Can It Be, Sir?

4042. Friend, Let Me Search Your Pocket, Do You Have Black Money Or White Money?

4043. India’s Leaders Paanwalla, Chaiwalla, Beediwalla

4044. Giving Tension To Us, Letting Us Moneyless, Short Of, You Roaming Free In Japan, Taking The Delight Of Journey By Train? (Demonetization)

4045. The Mystical Flame, Thou Endow Me! (Written As An Invocation)

4046. What Is This Mamala Of Black And White, White And Black? Sabkucch Gadabad Lagata Hain

4047. The Poets Are But The Mad People, Who Writes The Mad Men?

4048. Demonetization May Be Good, But I Am Talking About People’s Problems

4049. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy’s Lovely Daughter, Sylvia Path

4050. Letting The People Wait Under The Sun, Queued And Waiting Endlessly, You Travelling In Japan In A Bullet Train, Deriving The Pleasure Of The Journey

4051. The Debate Is Long, About Black Money And White Money?

4052. People’s Woe And Anxiety

4053. Who Reads Poems Now-A-Days? (About Poetic Readership)

4054. Rs.500 And 1000 Bundles, Where To Find Them? / All The Black Mmoney Bundles Under The Pillow And The Cushioned Bed Of Sethji

4055. For Black Money, Why Are Searching My Pockets, Friend?

4056. Black Is Back, White Is White

4057. Meri Pocket Mein White Money Hain, Haath Dene She Bhi Koyi Labh Nahin, Bhaiyya? (In My Pocket Is White Money, There Is No Use Giving Your Hand In, Big Brother?)

4058. If Black Money Is Banned, How Will One Contest Elections?

4059. Black Money, White Money, Who Has What, Tell You, This The Debate Of India?

4060. Where Is Black Money Required?

4061. What Is Poetry? How To Define It, Say You?

4062. A Singer Of The Blue Sky, The Birds Flying (For Bob Dylan)

4063. There Was A President As Abraham Lincoln, I Think, Think

4064. Torn Betwen Karma And Fascinaton, What To Do, Which To Follow?

4065. D.H.Lawrence As A Poet: A Reassessment

4066. Bob Dylan, Will You Take The Nobel Or Not, They Keep You Asking And You Still Silent Over?

4067. Adil Jussawalla, I Saw You Far, Recgnized The Voice

4068. My Friend, Sniff You Not My Legs, Nose, Mouth, Lick You Not Please, No Intruder Am I, My English Hindustani, Said I, But The Alsatian Or German Shepherd Dog Kept Following Me

4069. Whatever Say You General Raheel Sharif Of Pakistan Is A Good Man

4070. If Modi Is Bad, Who Is Good, Say You?

4071. After The Death Of His Wife, Said He That He Would Turn Into A Sadhu

4072. Foreigner Girl, I Want To Go Foreign With You

4073. All But Need Black Money, M.Ps., M.L.As., M.L.C S. To Contest, So They Are Giving Deputations

4074. Stephen Hawking

4075. Black Money, Black Money, Shouting It, Try Not To Cash Cheap Popularity, Give Jobs To The Unemployed Too

4076. Bob, In You See I Allen Ginsberg, The Beatles, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna Tuning Of

4077. Who Meets Whom, I Do Not, But The Aftermath Of Demonetisation Is Serious, I Can Say It

4078. After The Death Of His First Wife, How Does He Colour His Hair, Have You Marked, How Does He Smile On Seeing His Second Wife?

4079. My Tongue Hindustani, I Not An Englishman From The Scotland Yard, A Simple Indian, Not A Detective, My Friend, You A Hound, An Alsatian, German Shepherd Barking, Barking And Howling

4080. A Cigarette-Smoker’s View Of The World

4081. Horses, Do We Not Need Them?

4082. What Is Poetry? Who A Poet? (A Personal View) – – I

4083. Dilip Chitre’s Father Returning Home

4084. The Poetry Of A.K.Ramanujan: The Indian Astrologers, Palmists, Horoscope-Makers And Pundits Conversing And Talking

4085. In The Agarwalla Farm, Black Money In The Marwari Farms Under The Pillows Of Sethji

4086. The Poor Ass, The Washerman’s Dog Neither Of The Home Nor Of The Ghat

4087. Jussawalla’s Sea Breeze, Bombay And Approaching Santa Cruz Airport, Bombay: A Reading

4088. What Is Poetry? Who A Poet? Types And Tenors (A Personal View)

4089. Maal Hain To To Kucch Mujhe Bhi Dijiye, Black Money-Toney, Maalaamaal Kijiye (If’ve Booty, Give Me Too, Black Money-Toney, Make Me Goodsmanly)

4090. On Pravasi Divas, While Lighting The Diya, Thought I Of The Pravasis, Non-Resident Indians

4091. On Saying Thank You

4092. The Heart, Heart Is The Temple

4093. The History Of The World

4094. In Search Of Shiva (Where Have I Reached?)

4095. Paulo Coelho, His Mexican Not, Brazilian Dreams

4096. W.B.Yeats’ ‘introduction’ To Gitanjali As A Piece Of Indian English Poetry Criticsim

4097. Paulo Coelho, I Did Not Know Him

4098. The Lotus

4099. Nagalnd, The History And Culture Of It I Knew It Not

4100. On Reading Paulo Coelho

4101. Paulo Coelho’s Alchemy

4102. Criticism, Poetic Criticism

4103. Black Money, Black Money, Who Has Not Black Money?

4104. Pages From The Life Of Paulo Coelho

4105. Under The Portrait Of Mata Hari (After Hearing About Coelho’s The Spy)

4106. Anita Delgado Briones (For Paulo Coelho) , After Coming To Know About The Spy

4107. The Defence Minister Should Not Release Casual Statements

4108. I Cannot Think Of The Border Tense With Pakistan

4109. What My Beginning, What My End?

4110. Some Of The Greatest Mistakes Of The Bjp That It Is Committing

4111. Mata Hari, I Wonder, How Does He Pick Up The Matter? On Taking Paul Coelho

4112. It Pains My Heart To See The P.M, The Home Minister And The Defence Minister Going To The Borders Making Fiery Speeches, Not Good, Not Good

4113. Politicians Are But Rotten Eggs

4114. If I Am Black, Are You White? (The Black Money Debate)

4115. Aevind Krishna Mehrotra’s Beards, White Flowing Beards

4116. A Few Things Of The Bjp Like Not/ Failures Of The Bjp From Its Commitment

4117. The Cpi(M) Criminalized & Communized Politics, The Party Offices Of It

4118. The Leftist Agenda And Conspiracy, You Do Not Know

4119. I See The Konark Sun-Temple And Think Of Its Wheels

4120. The Patriot, Gandhi’s Or Nissim’s Or Gregory’s? Whose Patriot?

4121. In Comparative Literature Compare I The Faces

4122. Aurobindo’s Yoga

4123. In Search Of Shiva, Where Have I?

4124. I Too Shall Search The Terracotta Temples Of Chandrakona For The Treasures (After Reading Coelho’s The Alchemist)

4125. The Blue Eyes

4126. He Is A Terrorist As For His Beards Blackly And Long

4127. Maharshi Aurobindo As A Poet Divine

4128. A Small Girl, Daughter-Like

4129. It Is Not Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist, But Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist

4130. A.K.Ramanujan Is The Ashtavakra Of Indian English Poetry

4131. Hashya, Vyangya And Vakrokti: A Study In A.K.Ramanujan

4132. The Poetry Of The History Of Earth, Man And Time Write I

4133. Of The Ramayana And Ramlila

4134. The Terrorist, Read He

4135. Will Poetry Come To Decline In This Age Of Science And Technology? / Poetry Or Science?

4136. Ramlila, The Closed Folk Theatres Of It And The Regional Versions And Dramatizations Of It

4137. It Was Interesting To See Hanuman Jumping On The Stage (Ramlila Spectacle)

4138. A.K.Ramanujan: A Folk Man From The Northeast Or The South? (A Conch-Blower Or A Horn-Blower?)

4139. Three Hundred Ramayanas By A.K.Ramanujan: A Casual Attempt

4140. Mata Hari (Coelho Haunting)

4141. Three Hundred Ramayanas: The Politics Of A.K.Ramanujan

4142. Vakrokti, Vakrokti And Kutokti Had Been The Chief Property Of A.K.Ramanujan

4143. A.K.Ramanujan, Was He?

4144. A, K, Ramanujan Is But A Master Of Vakrokti, Hashya And Vyangya

4145. He Is A Terrorist As For His Parents Too

4146. Gopiji Buti Bhejo, Gopiji Buti Bhejo, The Green, But Red-Ringed Parrot Squabbling And Squeaking In The Morning, Cackling And Calling, Gopiji, Gopiji, Buti Bhejo, Buti Bhejo

4147. If You Ask A Comedian, What Is Poetry?

4148. Indian English Poetry An Evolving Literature

4149. Suprabhatam, Suprabhatam, Namskaram, A Very Good Morning

4150. Vakrokti, Vyongyokti The Stock Of A.K.Ramanujan

4151. Indian English Poetry A Study In No-Men As Litterateurs, The Novice Research Students As Reviewers Calling Critics

4152. Nilkantha (Haiku)

4153. A Golden Statue Of Radha And Krishna (Haiku)

4154. The Third Eye (Haiku)

4155. Jiva (Haiku)

4156. In Jiva Is Prana (Haiku)

4157. Atman (Haiku)

4158. Prakash, Divya Prakash (Haiku)

4159. Atman And Parmatman (Haiku)

4160. Light (Haiku)

4161. What Is Gnan? (Haiku)

4162. Buddhi (Haiku)

4163. Niscchal Hriday (Haiku)

4164. Parmatman (Haiku)

4165. You Do Not Look To Be An English Poet, But An Indian Poet

4166. Anandamurti (Haiku)

4167. The Poetry Of Sadhna

4168. Which One Is More Beautiful, Terracotta Plates Or My Verses?

4169. Savitri Is But The Life Divine In Poetry

4170. Maund (Haiku)

4171. The Cbi Should Not Investigate In Such A Way That One Will Commit Suicide (On Reading Dgp Banshal’s Bribery Case)

4172. Mahalaya

4173. The Nights Will Reverberate With The Chandipatha, Durga Puja Is Coming

4174. I Can Never Approve Of The Indo-Pak War

4175. The Loss Of Lives I Shall Not Be Able To See, Be Those Of The Indian Or Pakistani Soldiers

4176. It Will Not Be Wise To Declare War With Pakistan/ The Indo-Pak Wars Can Never Please Me

4177. The Eyes Of Bhagabati

4178. To Go Into War With Pakistan Will Not Be Good For India

4179. Do Not Hype The Surgical Strikes

4180. Pakistani Soldiers Will Die, Indian Soldiers Will Die, Will You Be Able To See?

4181. Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan Is Not My Song, No Talk Of Indo-Pak Warn

4182. What Is Viveka? (Haiku)

4183. India And Pakistan Must Take A Lesson From The Partition Trauma And Eviction

4184. A Small Poet Am I

4185. What It Is My Heart, If Enquire You About, I Shall

4186. Indian English Poet, A Poet Or A Poetrywallah?

4187. Blasphemy Is The Beauty Of Logic, Reason And Fact

4188. The Curved Eyes Of Bhagabati

4189. Those Who Talk Of Blasphemy Laws Are But The Mad-Dog Bitten People

4190. I And My Shadow Sometimes Talk To

4191. Kalratri, Maharatri, Moharatri

4192. What It The Will Of Bhagabati, What To Say It?

4193. The Sectarian Version Of Saudi Arabia We Can Never Accept It

4194. Trump, Donald Trump

4195. India And Pakistan Must Start The Dialogue/ Sharif And Modi Should Shake Hands Warmly In The Interest Of The Developing Nation

4196. Natwarlal As A Professor Of English, The Great Con Man

4197. When Will My Dream Girl Come To?

4198. The International Day Of The Girl

4199. Hillary Clinton, The Presidential Candidate

4200. Poetry As The Philosophy Of Life

4201. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (The Missile Man)

4202. Bhagabati As Yoganidra

4203. Bob Was Bob Dylan Before, Now After The Nobel Prize Praise Him Not

4204. Indian English Poetry Criticism

4205. Daruwalla’s Pestilence, The Ghagra In Spate

4206. The Roses That You Sent On My Birthday

4207. Even The Education From Harvard And California, Oxford And Cambridge Cannot Change The Genes Of The Terrorist

4208. Donald Trump, Why Do They Point The Finger At You? Couldn’t You Leave Your Girlomania For To Be The President?

4209. The Whole World Is A Criminal And You A Judge

4210. Why Are You Silent After The Award, Bob?

4211. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam At The Rashtrapati Bhavan In His Thinking Hut And Talking With Flowers

4212. A Poor Village Girl In A Clumsy Frock

4213. My Poetry Will Not Gush Forth If I Do Not A Muslim Girl

4214. Arun Kolatkar’s Jejuri

4215. Do Not Provoke Pakistan On Surgical Strikes

4216. Wings Of Fire (By Kalam)

4217. In The Temple Of Heart (Just Feel You)

4218. Bob Dylan The Guitarist, The Icon Of Pop Culture, The Songwriter

4219. To Chuckle And Grin Like Mungerilal Had Been The Job Of Nissim Ezekiel

4220. Without Dating A Muslim Girl, Poetry Will Not Come To Me

4221. If Bihar Could Not Locate The House Of George Orwell In Time, What To Say About Its Love Of English Language And Literature?

4222. Your Bibis And Talaq

4223. My Existence I Know It Not

4224. Bob, You Are A Singer…

4225. Poet Vijay Seshadri, How To Take To Him, Read His Poetry?

4226. Do Not Do The Surgery Of Surgical Strikes

4227. Oh, For That Refugee Girl!

4228. Let The Dark Goddess Bless You, Me And Us All

4229. Have You Seen The Mother? How Is She?

4230. Giving My Heart To You, I Have Started Loving You

4231. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam The Technocrat And His Personality

4232. Shyama Kali, Kali, Blue-Faced Kali

4233. The Dark Black Leg Of The Mother

4234. Deepawalli

4235. My Tryst With Saleem Peeradina, Trying To Know Him, Getting Introduced To

4236. Random Descent By Jayanata Mahaptara

4237. Deepawali, The Rows Of Lights

4238. Mother Kali, The Dark Goddess

4239. Stephen Hawking: A Portrait Of A Physicist

4240. A No-Man

4241. The Home Minister And The Defense Minister Need To Be Restraint In Their Speeches As We Can Never Think In Terms Of The Fresh Indo-Pak War

4242. I Want To Talk To Aliens In My Poetry

4243. What Are They Doing, India And Pakistan? Will They Push The Nations To War? What A Madness Is It!

4244. Let Pakistan Be Modern, Help It In Becoming, Engage It Not In War

4245. Bhai Phonta

4246. Saleem Peeradina As A Poet

4247. Daruwalla’s Death Of A Bird

4248. Burkhawalli Bibi, Your Tales, Modi Is Saying, When Will You Be Modern?

4249. Pakistan Is Not At All A Bad Country, One Needs To Know Its Compulsions, Check In The Indo-Pak War

4250. The New Experience Of Reading Saleem Peeradina And Understanding Him

4251. Jayanta Mahapatra By The Door

4252. The Refugee Heart In The Refugee Soul, A Refugee Am I

4253. I Know It I Shall Go Far Away

4254. Asks G.B.Shaw, Freedom, What Is Freedom, Who A Freeman?

4255. Nature Red In Tooth And Claw, The Poetry Of Keki N.Daruwalla

4256. Salman Rushdie: A Portrait Of An Artist/ The Artist As A Young Man

4257. Say No To Miangiri, Hindugiri, Christiangiri (Too Much Of Everything Is Bad)

4258. Do Not Politicize Surgical Strikes, Defense Matter Is Not For Politics

4259. Why Is This Wanton Firing On The Borders? When Will It Stop?

4260. Hamen Yuddha Nahi, Shanti Chahiye (We Want War Not, But Peace)

4261. Attipate Krishnaswami Ramakrishnan

4262. Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan, I Cannot Approve Of It Now, The Leaders Just Do Politics Even On The Dead Body Of The Soldier Indian Or Pakistani

4263. Long Path

4264. Who Is The Guilty Man Of Partition?

4265. Pakistan She Haath Milayiye, Kya Kijiyega Yadi Cchota Bhai Badmash Ho?

4266. The Partition Woes Only The Refugees Can Feel It, Not The Politicians Of India And Pakistan

4267. Notebandi Not, Muhammad-Bin Tughluq With Tughluqi Dreams, A Kubla Khan’s Vision

4268. Asians Will Disrupt American Culture

4269. Deewana Dil (Love-Mad Heart)

4270. Chandni Raat Hai (It’s A Moonlit Night)

4271. India Of The Chaiwallah, The Paanwallah, The Beediwallah

4272. Black Money Is Like A Black Girl, But Beautiful, With A Good Face-Cutting

4273. Human Rights Day, On This Day Think I Of The Women, Widows And Children

4274. The Older Buildings Of Calcutta Like Rather Than The Vertical And Horizontal Complexes

4275. A Man For A Man (The Sense Of Humanity)

4276. America Should Ban The Entry Of Ismic Religious Minorities

4277. The Asian Conservatives Will Ruin American Culture, Thought And Tradition

4278. Whatever Say You, The Fanatics Will Fanatical Even Settle In The States

4279. What Is That Makes You Post-Modern?

4280. Human Rights

4281. Poetry As Realism, Realistic Details

4282. Black Money, White Money, This The Talk Of Today

4283. The Alphabet Of Poetry (A: Poem)

4284. Poetry As Existential Search

4285. Feeling Cashless, You Give Me Tomatoes, I Shall Potatoes, Give Me Sweets, I Shall Milk

4286. Bhaiyya, Mera Pocket Check Mat Karo, Big Brother, Do Not Check My Pocket For Black Money

4287. I Catching Teh Rhythms Of The Bagpiper Music And The Been Music Of The Snake Charmer

4288. Black Money In The Agarwalla Farm Of Rajasthani Businessmen, Only After Money Heartlessly

4289. My Kohinoor Is The Black Scheduled Caste Girl

4290. Giving My Heart To You, Think I, What Did I Do?

4291. Poetry, Poetry Of Science Nobody Knows It, Admits It

4292. Terroris’t’s Dad And Grand Dad, It’s A Matter Of Geneology And Genesis

4293. Bob, Your Song The Song Of America

4294. My Pocket Is Empty, Leave The Talk Of Black, Even White Is Not

4295. I Myself Do Not Know, How To Define Poetry?

4296. Sawal Black Money Kaa, Chai Hain, Garam Chai Hain, Bhaiyya, Chah Pi Lo, Chah Pi Lo (The Prime Ministerial Candidate In The Train Bogey)

4297. In This Age Of Science And Technology, Should Poetry Be Entertained?

4298. When The Nobel Prize For Literature For 2016 Was Announced

4299. My Dear Bob, They Expect A Performance From You

4300. Kissa Black Money Ka, Black.Black, Are You Not Black? Are You Completely White?

4301. Pt.Ravi Shankar Liked I Not, Liked I But Annapurna Devi

4302. A Huge Black Statue Of Kali

4303. Kar Lo Duniya Mutthi Mein. Clutch The World Into Your Fist, Said She Advertizing A Mobile Phone

4304. The World Has Greatest Threats From None The Else But The Bigots, Zealots And Fanatics

4305. To Be Religious, Faithful And Godly Is Not To Be A Fanatic

4306. Songs As Poems

4307. Bob, In You See I A Tradition, A Harmony Of Trends, An Unacknowledged Legacy Of Heritage

4308. Autumn

4309. Misrule, Mismanagement Destroyed It Beautiful Iran, Iraq, Syria, Orthodoxy And Fanaticism

4310. Those Who Are Fanatics Are But The Satanic People

4311. Terrorist, Terrorist, Why Do You Kill You Mindlessly?

4312. Daru, Ladki And Bottle: Khushwant Singh A Memoir

4313. Madhushala By Harivansh Rai Bachchan

4314. For Religion, Power And Politics, They Finished Syria

4315. God, Am I Here To See The Syrian Refugees, The Refugee Girls?

4316. Ph.D. Topics On Jayanta Mahapatra

4317. Jayanta Mahapatra As An Odia Poet- Ii

4318. What Is It In Medieaval Indian History Barring Purdah, Suppression And Repression?

4319. Is Jayanta Mahapatra The Wordsworth Of Orissa Or The Keats Or The Yeats Or The Lawrence?

4320. He Is A Daruman, Sells Not, But Takes Daru

4321. New Year Yaa Raha Hae, Magar Daru Mat Pina/ New Year Is Coming, But Take You Not Daru

4322. Am I A Poet? Who To Say?

4323. An Antarctica With The Penguins

4324. A Distraught Syrian Daughter, What War Has Given, What War Has Taken From Us All?

4325. An American Bibi Under The Purdah, Ghunghata, I Cannot Approve Of

4326. Swami Vivekananda’s Kali The Mother

4327. The World Has Greatest Threats From Religious Maddies

4328. Kamrupa Kamakhya/ Where To Go To, To Kamrupa Kamakhya? Assam Guwahati’s Kamrupa Kamakhya Devi Temple

4329. Mere Man-Mandir Kaun Hae Jo Deep Jala Rahin Hae?

4330. In India The Search Is Continuing, Who Has What, Black Money Or White Money?

4331. I Just See Them And Think, Just Who Had Not To Be They Too Have Become Ph.D. Examiners

4332. Kahan Hae Black Money Cchupa Huya? (Where Is Black Money Hidden?)

4333. Once Black Money Used To Be Of Thieves And Pickpockets, Now The Govt. Is After

4334. Bapu, The Iconic Father Figure

4335. Oneiric Visions By O.P.Bhatnagar- Ii

4336. Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, Where Are You, Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, My Love?

4337. Gandhigiri, Mahatma Gandhi Ki Jai, Jai, Mahatma Gandhi, Amar Rahe, Amar Rahe

4338. Mungerilal Searching Kalashona, Kaladhan, Black Gold And Black Money

4339. For Gandhigiri, Asked They To Take Goat Milk Which But I Could Not/ No To Goat’s Milk, Gandhi

4340. Black Money, White Money, Kissa Black Money Ka/ Gabbar Singh, Kahan Hai Tumhara Maal, Mungerilal Asking With A Flog In Hand

4341. It Is A Moonlit Night, But You Not With Me

4342. Social Justice And Gender Equality, The Woman Not A Puppet Into The Hands Of The Conservative People

4343. Dawn At Puri By Mahapatra (Summarized Poetically)

4344. Timurlane, Chengiz Khan And Kubla Khan, I Fear To See You Sirs

4345. You Just Love Me, I Shall Keep Humming

4346. /kissa Black Money Kaa, Gabbar Singh Aur Mungerilal/ Gabbar Singh, Kahan Hai Tumhara Black Money, Nikaal Tu, I Mungerilala Speaking

4347. Lame-Footed Tamerlane, You The Sire, Come Not To Invade With Your Multi-National Fauj! I Surrender Before Invade You!

4348. Tamerlaine, Your Ghost Even Haunts The People, Taimur

4349. When The Indian English Poets Were Introduced For The First Time In Our Courses Of Studies (Modern Indian English Poets & Poetesses)

4350. The Bandarwallah With The Monkeys Showing The Tamasha/ The Bandarwalla With The Bandars

4351. No Daru On New Year’s Eve, May A Little Bit If Have The Habit Of, But Turn It Not Into A Daru Party/ Take You Daru If Can’t Without But Be Not A Daruman On New Year’s Eve

4352. Love With A Khatun/ Ek Burquawalli Ko Dekha Pyaar Jo Yaa Gaya/ Saw I A Burqa-Clad Maiden And Felt I As Thus/ Mushaira, Gazalon Aur Shauyari Ki Duniya Aur

4353. Tamerlane, The World Needs Scientists And Progressives, Not The People Of Tartaric Attacks

4354. Ivanka Trump’s Wisdom Of Hinduism

4355. Human Thought

4356. My Bosses, Chengiz Khan, Kubla Khan And Timurlane, I Dread Them Most

4357. The Mongol Girl

4358. I Just Keep Seeing Your Face

4359. The World Does Not Need A Fanatic

4360. Sir, Where Is The Ph.D. Mart? Can You Say? Can You Introduce Me To? / Returning From The Ph.D.Market

4361. Tamurlaine, When Saw I You, The Images Of Chengiz Khan And Kubla Khan Flashed Upon

4362. Taimurlang, Chengiz Khan, Kubla Khan, Me Lord, They Still Love You

4363. The World Will See More And Terror Attacks If Continues To Give Entry To The Sons Of Conservatives And The Orthodox

4364. Indian Thought And Element In T.S.Eliot In The Waste Land

4365. Bob, What Are You, A Guitarist Or A Composer Or A Singer Or A Song-Writer?

4366. What Is Indian In Indian English Poetry? , A Study In Self-Published Poets

4367. How Barabaric And Medieval Are Those Who Bombard And Shell Mindlessly!

4368. Who Is The Maiden Going With The Lamp?

4369. Chengiz Khan

4370. To Be Religious Is Not To Be Blind

4371. The Daruman Is Coming, The Happy New Is Coming With Nachata Hun, Gata Hun And Daru Pita Hun

4372. Navbarsha To Daruwallon Ki Hai/ New Year Is Of The Wine Men

4373. How Bad Am I! (Mein Kitana Bura Hun!)

4374. The Owl

4375. Burkhawalli Bibi, Just For A Sweet Kiss

4376. Indian Democracy

4377. Christmas, How Do They Celebrate In Bavaria, Bolivia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia?

4378. Tumhari Pyarbhari Nazar/ Your Loveful Look

4379. Friends, Ladies & Gentlemen…

4380. Indian Poets In English As Wordsmiths, The Blacksmiths, Nay Coppersmiths, Goldsmiths

4381. It Is Autumn, When Autumn Comes

4382. The Daruman’s New Year

4383. Poetry To Kumarendra Mallick

4384. What It Is In My Heart, I Will, O The Pain Of My Heart!

4385. Winter

4386. Happy New Near To You, Happy 2017! (Now Play You The Band Of It)

4387. Indian Time Always Late, Full Of Excuses

4388. Is Song-Writing Poetry?

4389. Daru Mat Piyo Yaar (Do Not Take Wine, Friend)

4390. Where Is My Global Village?

4391. I Am Time, Time, Time Immortal, Time Indestructible

4392. Ticket Checker, Am Not With Black Money

4393. Kangaroos

4394. Bapu, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

4395. My Small Daughter, I Could Not Give To You, Could Not

4396. I Search The Lost Child In Me

4397. With The D.Js., D.J. Music I Welcoming The New Year

4398. Happy, Happy New Year, The D.J. Announcer Announcing, Dancing, Jockeying And Rollicking, The Body Shaking, The Hat Falling

4399. Today Is The 31st Of December

4400. Your Religion Matters It Not, I Just Love You

4401. I Waited, Waited For, But Turned You Not

4402. I Saw You, Just You, Could Not Feel It That I Would Fall In Love With You

4403. I Consulting Cheiro And Nostradamus As For How Will It Be 2017! Happy New Year To You!

4404. By Which Seashore Are You Hearing My Call, Foreigner Girl?

4405. I Search You In My Songs

4406. You Are So Beautiful Which I Could Not Have Imagined

4407. I Wanted You, But You Had Not Been In My Lot

4408. Me, D.Js. And Happy New New Year

4409. I Saw Them (On The Eve Of The New Year)

4410. Biography, My Biography, I May, But My Auobiography Never, Never Will I

4411. The Darumen’s Party On The Eve Of The New Year

4412. I Love You, Love You, I Love You, Love You So Much

4413. I Handshaking With My Khatun On The Eve Of The Happy New Year

4414. Kamala Das As A Woman

4415. Kamala’s Politics

4416. Hitler, Why Was He Hitler, Nobody Understood It?

4417. Unknown Citizen, Your Bust Make I, Your Torso Sculpt I

4418. Your Song

4419. Where Is Khushwant Singh Taking Tadaka And Tandoori At A Dhaba? (A Mermoir)

4420. The Song Of America Hear I Through You, Allen Ginsberg

4421. Bob Dylan, In You See I A Legacy And Tradition Of Song And Music

4422. Allen Ginsberg, Say You, Say You If Were A Yogi Or Not, If A Bhogi And This Too Not?

4423. Tusu Gaan During Pous Parban/ What To See, Tusu At My Door With The Poor Women Folks

4424. Without Seeing The Foxes, I Do Not Feel It Good

4425. The Fishing Cat

4426. The Porcupine

4427. The Film Studios Of Bombay The Centres Of Dramabazi And Nautanki

4428. The Black Bears, Indian Black Bears

4429. The Black Cat, The Black Cat

4430. The Indian Mongoose

4431. The Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Ring-Necked Parakeet Of The Fortune-Teller, Acharya Think I About

4432. Cheetah, Cheetah

4433. Chances Are Rahul Gandhi May Be The Next P.M. Of India

4434. I Is Not Important, Important Is Ecology, Environment, Human Co-Existence

4435. Are Bibis For To Be Kept Under The Purdah?

4436. Cheetah, Cheetah, A Marvel In Prints And Spots!

4437. Holding By The Collar, She Asked Me If I Would Divorce Her, Divorce Her

4438. The Blackly Big Pig Was Lying And The Small Piglets Sucking The Breast

4439. Asiatic Lion

4440. Burqawalli, You Too In America

4441. Smile Please, Said It The Photographer

4442. Politics Has Turned Into Dalali

4443. The Young Maiden In The Hijab, I Saw Her, Went Nearer To And Stood By

4444. Bobby, I Love You, How To Say, I Love You?

4445. The Wolf

4446. The Leopard

4447. Jayanta As A Regional Poet, An Odia Poet

4448. Poetry To Jayanta Mahapatra

4449. Globalization And Poetry

4450. Saudi Girls, Your Song-Notes Strike It The Heart, Singing The Songs With Sound Wave-Lengths

4451. The Woodpecker- Ii

4452. A.K.Ramanujan Was A Typical South Indian Brahmin

4453. The Jackals’ Night

4454. A Poet Of Silence

4455. I Will Not, But Green Earth Will, Nor Will My Poetry

4456. The Mongoose

4457. Emus, I Saw Them Standing Tall And Flocking, The Gifts From Australia

4458. Many Of The Indian Politicians Bhands Or Bhaats, Rustic Clowns Or Courtly Bards

4459. The Vulture

4460. He Is A Poet Of Twilight, Dawn-Break

4461. The Ostrich

4462. The Golden Jacakal

4463. It Was A Beauty To See The White Owl

4464. The Night Of The Krait I Have Not, The Krait Viper, So Horrible And Terrible, I Have Not Forgotten It!

4465. The Wild Cat

4466. Dawn At Puri

4467. The Kite Bird

4468. The Mother Hanuman Monkey With The Kid Jumping

4469. The Crow

4470. The Hamsa, Swan

4471. The Turtle

4472. The Nilgai, The Blue Bull, Horse, Indian Nilgai

4473. The Pashmina Goat, Changthangi Goat

4474. Cranes, Storks And Herons

4475. The Hawk

4476. Neel Kamal, Blue Waterlily

4477. Bactrian Camel

4478. Without Seeing The Kangaroos

4479. My Digital Heart In Techno World

4480. The Yak

4481. The Chital, Spotted Deer

4482. They Are The Terrorists

4483. The Kingfisher

4484. Camels And The Desert Men

4485. Madhuvan Kitana Shuna Aur Udas! / The Sweet Orchard How Lonely And Desrted Has It Turned Into!

4486. Atms Cashless, Rupeeless, Moneyless, Run Dry

4487. The Clouded Leopard

4488. A Red Rose, A Red Rose Or…?

4489. A Fanatic’s Son Will Be A Fanatic, You Cannot Change His Gene

4490. The Camels

4491. Tusu, A Small Statue Of Tusu, The Women Folks Singing

4492. From Gandhi Came It Gandhigiri And From Modi Will It Modigiri

4493. Modern Indian English Poetry Is Of Company, Group And Coterie

4494. What Is Indian Poetry In English?

4495. Swami Vivekananda: A Portrait Of A Saint

4496. Ganga Sagar, Sagar Mela

4497. Sorry To Have Missed Some Birthdays On The Facebook

4498. Utani Bhid Mein Main Nahin Ja Shakunga/ In That Much Crowd I Shall Not Be Able To Go (Ganga Sagar)

4499. Burquawalli, Jabse Dekha Tujhko Mujhko Pyaar Ho Gaya/ Burqa-Clad Mistress Since When Saw I Fell In Love With You

4500. The Panda

4501. The Polar Bear

4502. They Are The Terrorists, Terrorists, Burning With

4503. They Are The Terrorists, Heartless, Mindless

4504. The Snow Leopard

4505. Pongal, The Tamil Harvest Festival

4506. Indian English Poetry An English Girl In A Saree

4507. The Black Cow, The Black Dog, The Black Cat, It Is A Beauty, Beauty (Going Tantrical)

4508. Shakuntala In English

4509. Caricature, Humour And Irony In A.K.Ramanujan

4510. Vivekananda’s Poem On His Visit To Kshir Bhavani Temple, Kashmir

4511. Just Like A Theatre Persona

4512. The Giraffe-Like Okapi Of Congo With The Zebra Markings

4513. The Fennec Foxes

4514. Had We Been Not Modern, Could We Have Modern English Poetry?

4515. Devdasi, The Temple Is Not Your Place

4516. The Giraffe-Like Okapi Of Congo W@ith The Zebra Markings

4517. Makar Sankranti

4518. The Karabakh Horse

4519. The Small Indian Hawk, Shikra

4520. Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon/ Hariyal

4521. Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s White Flowing Beards Not The Beards Of Tagore, But Those Of A Surreal And Surrealism

4522. America Is Of The Americans, Not The Racial People, Dangerous Ethnic Minorities

4523. The Fanatic’s Daughter Will Be But A Fanatic

4524. Poetry Is A Dead Art

4525. Kadambari Devi, Your Autobiography Not, Biography (Leaves Out Of Tagore’s Diary)

4526. Auden

4527. The Indian Cormorant

4528. I Become Sad When I Hear About The Turkish Women

4529. The Rhinocerous

4530. In The Midst Of Urban Dwellings, I Often Gasp For Life Breath And Seem To Be Straying

4531. Donald Trump Under The Shadow Of Ivanka Trump

4532. Standing On The Highway Think I How Fast Is Life!

4533. My English- Ii

4534. Criticism

4535. Construct And De-Construct You As For Modern-Day Criticism

4536. Bhasha Kya Hain, Shabda Hain, Lipi Kya Hain, Akshara Hain

4537. I Travelled Turkey

4538. Philosophy

4539. Annapurna Devi, How Fraudulent Had It Been Pt.Ravi Shankar!

4540. Romantically Yours

4541. Echoes, A Collection Of Poems By T.V.Reddy

4542. The Milkman Too A Leader In India And His Milkman Party

4543. I Am Not A Poet

4544. Golden Veil, A Collection Of Poems By T.V.Reddy

4545. The Charkha, The Cow And The Calf And The Hand With The Five Fingers

4546. The White-Breasted Waterhen

4547. The Man On The Buffalo May Be A Minister

4548. Two Wooden Black Idols Of Manasa And Shitala

4549. What Poet Am I? Local, Provincial Or National, Say You?

4550. Red Rose, Red Rose, Will You Be My Love?

4551. Romantic Heart, Romantic Song

4552. While Wandering In The Northeast, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal, Meghalaya, Trpura, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram

4553. Suicide Cannot Answer It All

4554. I Fear You Not, Damn Care, But Them The Most, The Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists

4555. Tiranga, The Tri-Colour Fluttering

4556. On The 26th Of January, How To View It?

4557. Which Way To Move On?

4558. The Art Of Politics

4559. Bhagabati’s Beautiful Eyes

4560. Poetry, Poetry, Ab Mein Pagal Ho Jayunga/ Poetry, Poetry, Now I Shall Go Mad

4561. Poetry Of Life, Poetry Of Earth Is Only Important

4562. I Never Liked The Politicians

4563. Night Of The Scorpion By Nissim Ezekiel (Comments In Prose)

4564. This Is The Deadland, The Wasteland, The Barrenland

4565. I Shall Not, Nor Will My Poetry

4566. The Scavenger Women Sweating And Going With The Carriers Of Human Excreta, Latrine, Latrine Cleaning

4567. How Would They, The Europeans Have Felt After Taking Bitter Green Chilly Here In India?

4568. I An Englishman, A Londonman In India, A Hindoostani In English Shirt, Pants And Neck-Tie

4569. In Politics

4570. Art, What Do You Mean By Art?

4571. I Shall Not, Nor Will My Poetry- Ii

4572. America Is For The Americans

4573. What Is Saraswati? She Is Bani-Archana, Shabda, Vocal Sound

4574. Poet R.Parthasarathy

4575. The Partition People

4576. How To Be A Man? You Say It To Me

4577. What Is In I? I Is Nothing

4578. Tears Are In Your Eyes

4579. God, Make Me A Man First Then Give Me Anything

4580. The Devi Of Learning, Saraswati

4581. Chrstian American Will Remain A Christian State, Make It Not Ethnic And Racial

4582. Tears Are In Your Eyes, Sorry, Sorry For, Sorry, Sorry, Very-Very Sorry For

4583. The School Of Maya I Belong To

4584. An Indian Astrologer Warned He

4585. The Astrologer Said He When, You Will Get A Beautiful Wife, The Client Smiled He Shyly

4586. Meet Him Mr.Palmist With His Predictions, Guesswork And Foretelling

4587. Poetry Festival

4588. Valentine’s Day Is Coming

4589. With The Approaching Valentine’s Day, Beats It The Heart

4590. Poetry Festival, Poetry Festival

4591. Before I Go Away, I Shall Give You An Old Statue Of Radha And Krishna

4592. Kavita Utsav (Kavita Kavita Ke Liye) / Poetry Festival (Poetry For Poetry’s Sake)

4593. Poetry Festival Of The Poets And Poetesses

4594. Will You Be My Valentine, O Foreigner Girl?

4595. Behind The Blinds, Saw I The Artiste, Actress Dressing

4596. The Peacock

4597. The Poet As A Mad Man And Poetry His Madness

4598. Valentine’s Day, Not Only A Lovers’ Day Merely

4599. Kavita Utsav/ Poetry Festival

4600. Lost Love (Valentine Day)

4601. I Shall Not Remain, You Will Not, Only The Values Will

4602. History Is Not What Man Writes

4603. There Comes A Time When The House Gets Built, There Comes A Time When Destroys It

4604. Haiku (On The Platform)

4605. The Night Scented With Jasmines (Haiku)

4606. Under The Shroud Of Dense Fog

4607. Haiku (In The Mirror)

4608. It Was A Beauty To See The Kites Flying

4609. Heartbeat

4610. Chandni, O, My Chandni!

4611. The Villain (Haiku)

4612. The Temples Of Chandrakona

4613. The Cpi(M) On A Padayatra In West Bengal, Dangerously Yours, A Drama

4614. Haiku (The Navel Of My Mother)

4615. Mogolmari

4616. A Singer Of Heart Am I, A Singer Of Heart Am I

4617. A Singer Of Heart Am I, A Singer Of Heart

4618. O, The Sigh Of My Heart!

4619. The Pains Of Love, The Pains And Pines Of Bleeding Heart

4620. A Tobacco-Rubber, A Paan-Chewer Too A Rustic Professor Of English In Bihar

4621. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: A Salute To Him

4622. May Day

4623. My Love, You Do Not Know It

4624. Black-Mouthed Hanumans Of Jayprakash Narayan Leaders, Politicians

4625. A Villain Turned He Into An Artiste, But Made He My Son Turned Into A Real Villain

4626. Style, It’s My Style, Said He Lighting Another Piece Of Cigar

4627. Genius, Talent, Merit

4628. The Criminal’s Father

4629. Communists Are Most Dangerous People

4630. Murgiwalla, Bhiansawalla, Gayawalla, All Leaders In People’s Bihar

4631. The Black, Black Cat

4632. The Poet As A Rebel And An Idealist

4633. Romanian Teenage Mothers, How To Pity You? Romanian Unwed Mothers?

4634. Bihari Bhaiya Ladki Dekhno Ko Chala Other States/ Many Biharis Go To Other States Just To See Girls, Beautiful Girls

4635. In Bihar Paanwalla, Bidiwalla, Cigaretwalla, All Can Be Politicians

4636. Daddy, O, My Daddy! How To Live Without You?

4637. The The Golden Oriole

4638. Conservatives Destroyed A Beautiful Iran

4639. Buddha In Meditation

4640. Haiku Pieces

4641. If You Keep Reading, When Will You Love Me, Asked She The Countryside Girl, When Will You, The Teenaged Rustic Girl? / Pastoral Love & Her Wisp Of Romanticism/ Love Me, I Shall Love

4642. Mother’s Day Saddens Me

4643. In The Global Market

4644. They Are Not Nurses But

4645. Romanian Teenage Mothers

4646. Do Not Call Her A Call Girl, She Is Not Characterless And Fallen, She Is As Pure As Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati

4647. Dadhiyal, Agar Naa Hoti Meri Dadhi/ Mr.Bearded, Had I Not The Beards

4648. Poet’s Rajputi Padmini

4649. Standing On The Edge Of The Highway

4650. Like A Passerby Want I To Pass Away

4651. Just Like A Candle

4652. Philosophy Subject-Wise

4653. The Kite, The Morgue Man, The Scavenger, I Still Find You Doing The Job When All Else Have Turned Modern

4654. The Philosophy Of: Philosophy

4655. Karma, The Philosophy Of Karma

4656. America Is America

4657. Philosophy, Philosophy, What Is Philosophy?

4658. The Mobile Phone And The Philosophy Behind

4659. Do Arabian Girls Love Or Not? Do They St.Valentine’s Day?

4660. Valentine’s Day Came It Roses And Wet Kisses

4661. The Making Of A Philosopher

4662. The Earth, The Philosophy Of Earth

4663. They Write Ghazals, Do Quawwallis, Do Shayaris, But Why Are They Conservative?

4664. Ghazal

4665. Dilip Chitre’s The Felling Of A Banyan Tree

4666. Shunya She Mein Aaya Aur Shunya Mein Laut Jayunga/ Came I Out Of The Vacuum And Shall I Return Back To

4667. Valentine’s Day, Let It Pass Off Simply

4668. The Philosophy Of Maya

4669. The Path, Where Does It Take To?

4670. Without A European Girl, How To Celebrate It Valentine’s Day? Not The Indian Girl

4671. In Edward Said’s Orientalism, There Is Nothing Of The Orient

4672. The Philosophy Of Physics In Jayanta Mahapatra

4673. Edward Said Is Like Noam Chomsky

4674. Be American, Save American, Say No To The Purdah?

4675. The Fishing Cat, The Endangered Species And Its Conservation Status

4676. When I See The Kite Circling Over, My Heart Leaps In Joy

4677. Edward Said’s Orientalism Political Orientalism, Full Of Propaganda And Controversial Statements

4678. My Valentine

4679. Foreigner Girl On Seeing You (Valentine Day Special)

4680. Valentine’s Day Came It

4681. The Ass Or The Donkey, The Conservation Status Of It

4682. Mahashivaratri- Ii

4683. Kahan Hae Mera Ghar? / Where Is My Home?

4684. The Fanatic’s Son Will Be A Fanatic Whether Send You Him To Oxford Or Cambridge Or California And Harvard

4685. Into The Land Of Shiva

4686. The Ph.D. Guide’s M.A./ M.Phil. Love Now In The P.G.Deptt. As A Professor

4687. Pran-Vayuh

4688. Sagun Brahma, In-Form Brahma

4689. Vyangyokti And Vakrokti The Chief Properties Of Poet A.K.Ramanujan

4690. Kavitaa Ki Udaan/ The Flight Of The Poem

4691. The American Charter Guarantees Freedom, But Why You So Bigoted And Conservative?

4692. Jiva

4693. Nirguna Brahma, Formless Divine

4694. In This Age Of Information Technology, The Mobile Men, The Computer Men

4695. If You Are A Mian, Do Not Move Out To America With Your Miangiri, Hindugiri

4696. Parmatman

4697. Prana

4698. Gnana

4699. Atman

4700. Buddhi

4701. She Is A Woman

4702. Politics Is Dirty

4703. Mukti

4704. Adil Jussawalla, A Bombaywallah

4705. Viveka

4706. Is This The India Where Women Are Beaten, Brides Are Burnt? Is This The India?

4707. I Will Not Be Here

4708. It Is Difficult To Be A Man

4709. The Psyche Of R.Parthasarathy

4710. Under The Pretext Of Teaching Yoga, He Is Eyeing An American Blonde

4711. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Solitude

4712. Nissim Trying To Cope Up With Karma

4713. They Are The Bamiyan Buddhas

4714. Spring And Summer

4715. Time, Kaal, Samay, Chakra

4716. Taste For Tomorrow By Jayanta Mahapatra

4717. Where Does The Son Go To? (Mark It)

4718. A Portrait Of An Artist (Salman Rushdie)

4719. On International Women’s Day Talked I To Burqawalli

4720. The Tall-Tall Seasoned Timber Trees

4721. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Ideas

4722. Meri Cchaya Ka Kya? / What About My Shadow?

4723. Trump, Had Abraham Lincoln Been Alive

4724. Flowering Of A Lotus By Maha Nand Sharma

4725. In Praise Of Salman Rushdie

4726. Poetry For Poetry’s Sake, A.C.Bradley’s Oxford Lectures

4727. Summer By Jayanta Mahapatra

4728. The Comic Of A.K.Ramanujan

4729. Want To Interview Three Women, Purdahwalli, Ghunghatawalli, Burkhawalli, Three Bibis On International Women’s Day

4730. Charles Tomlinson

4731. Adi Shankaracharya

4732. Nissim Ezekiel’s Patriot Is A Gandhian Patriot Speaking In Hinglish

4733. Jayanta’s Dhauli

4734. Jayanta As A Tour Guide

4735. The Dark Daughters, The Terrocotta Plates Of Dark Daughters

4736. The Parsis

4737. Under The Burkha

4738. Dam Maro Dam, Ganja Tano Hum, Don’t Be A Ganjeri, Where Are They Going?

4739. In My Poetry The Aliens Talk To Me

4740. Kajarare Nayanon She/ From The Collyrium-Applied Eyes

4741. Kashmir

4742. Just For To Be Modern He Started Taking Cigars

4743. Ganja, Ganja, All For Ganja, Where Is The Present Generation Going To?

4744. Gender Studies

4745. Burkhawalli, Impression In Art, My Ph.D. On Gender Studies

4746. Man Fathers, But Says, God Gives In A Misleading Way (Gender Studies Theme)

4747. Gender Studies, Character Portrayal

4748. Dwarakanath H.Kabadi’s Symphony Of Skeletons

4749. The Students Of Gender Studies

4750. Spanish Girl

4751. Thailand, Tibet, Japan, Korea, I Could Not

4752. Darhiyal Saheb, Aapka Halchal Kaisa Hain? / Mr.Bearded, How Are You?

4753. My Villa On Mars

4754. The Life Of A Woman

4755. Dushyanta (Gender Studies)

4756. In Paulo Coelho I Find The Streaks Of Classicism Converted To Romanticism

4757. Gender Studies, The Pagadiwallah, The Burkhawalli, The Purdahwalli The Oldie Profs Of It

4758. Chaitra, The Blazing Heat Of Chaitra (Mid March To Mid April)

4759. Poetry Of Heart, Poetry Of Soul

4760. The Father Of A Gangster

4761. When None Is Around You, How To View It Loneliness?

4762. What Have We For Them When We See The Women, Widows And Children?

4763. Syrian Daughter, I Cannot See You In Tears

4764. Taking Which Path Of Life, Where Have I Come To?

4765. Is Poetry A Dying Art? Is Poetry Dying?

4766. Machine Man

4767. Summer, Indian Summer, Scorching Summer With Intensive Heat Falling And The Loo Blowing

4768. Gajan, Shiva Gajan, Charak Puja

4769. At The Fair Met I

4770. How To Beat Indian Summer?

4771. Classics, Classics Of Poetry And Literature

4772. Poetry Classical

4773. The Satirist, The Humorist And The Ironist

4774. Classical Mind, Romantic Heart

4775. Chaitra, Baisakh, The Blazing Earth Of

4776. Satire Tries To Correct And Reform

4777. All The Time Philosophy Will Not Help

4778. Dark Daughter, In The World Dark, Dark, How To Rear You A Girl Child, A Small Daughter Of Mine?

4779. In Seach Of Shiva Where Have I Come To?

4780. Miss Selfie With A Smartphone

4781. Is Poetry Philosophy?

4782. Is Life Important Or My Poetry?

4783. Kavita Utsav/ Poetry Festival- Ii

4784. Dark Daughter, Your Myths I Could Not Bust Them

4785. Dark Daughter, Who Says That You Are Dark? Who Says It?

4786. Nalanda

4787. Take You Chutney, Sauce, Salad To Beat, Beat Indian Summer

4788. I Did Not Read, Just Sat And Got The Certificate

4789. Dark Daughter, I Shall Not Remain It Here, But You Will

4790. Indian Philosophy, How To Interpret It?

4791. Akshay Tritiya, The Importnance Of The Auspicious Day

4792. Siting Under The Mango Orchard, Felt I The Fury And Fume Of Indian Summer

4793. There Is A Time Of Creation, There Is A Time Of Destruction

4794. The Night Is Dreadful

4795. On Akshay Tritiya

4796. Even In The Blazing Heat Of The Summer Sun, I Can See

4797. A Lonely Woman

4798. Has Mdernism In Indian Poetry In English Ended With Lal And Parthasarathy’s Anthologies

4799. On This Akshay Tritiya, Feeling Under Heat

4800. They Breaking The Stones For The Pathways

4801. Howl By Allen Ginsberg

4802. The Mind Is Like A Blackboard

4803. Is P.Lal’s Writers Workshop The Credo And Anthology Of Modernism?

4804. A Supermarket In California By Ginsberg

4805. Allen Ginsberg By The Ghats Of Benares

4806. Allen Ginsberg: A Portrait Of An Artist

4807. Selfie

4808. Laluwa- Budhuwa Too A Leader In Bihar

4809. The Girl In The Goggles Smiling

4810. Goondas Too Leaders In Bihar, Jokers Too Are Leaders

4811. Suppose An English Blonde Shakes Hands With Me

4812. Vikramshila The Ancient Dream And Vision

4813. A Passage To India By Whitman

4814. Even After India’s Freedom, Why Are They Poor?

4815. I Want To Be A Human Being

4816. Bob, Bob, My Dear Bob, You Singing, Singing From Your Heart

4817. Ezra Pound

4818. Whitman’s A Passage To India, Not Foster’s

4819. Love’s World

4820. Am I A Poet Or Not?

4821. To Be Too Much Religious Is To Be Too Much Bigoted/ The Making Of A Fanatic

4822. Bob Dylan, Where Are You Playing The Guitar?

4823. My Lord, The World Has Progressed, But Why Are There Fanatics?

4824. Jackson, In Your Memory

4825. Man Is A: Passenger Sitting On The Plaform

4826. Art Never Dies

4827. Not For Ever

4828. The World Of Man

4829. History Of Man, History Of The World

4830. The Art Of The Satirist

4831. My Son Not My Own

4832. The House Which I Have Got It Built Is Not Of Mine

4833. In The Absence Of An English Wife, How To Say, I Speak Correct English?

4834. Burquawalli In London, A Veiled Belle Passing

4835. I Think Of Life

4836. At The Crossroad Of Life

4837. You, Buddha Lessen Them, India And China To Be Cool And Calm!

4838. I Warn Against The Rhetoric Between India And China

4839. I Am Waiting For My Son Who Will Turn Me Out Of My House

4840. For India And China In Order To Keep The Cool And Calm (Sikkim Matter)

4841. The Path Of Life

4842. The Standoff Between India And China I Cannot Appreciate It

4843. Who Among Us Is A Man Indeed?

4844. Burquawalli, Just For Your Love, Just For Your Love

4845. What Is It In My Destiny?

4846. Selfie, Selfie

4847. Has China Made Tanks And Missiles To Invade? Has India Too?

4848. Daruwalla’s The Professor Condoles

4849. Hey, Michael!

4850. What Does My Speak To, What Does My Mind, I Want To Hear, Want To Hear It Today?

4851. Burquawalli, Wherever Go You, I Shall Keep Following

4852. Digital India

4853. Digital India, Digital India. Bhaiyya, Yah Kya Cheez Hain? Main Batata Hun, Batata Hun

4854. Monsoon Dreams, The Clouds Hanging Over To Burst

4855. Myth

4856. Poetry For Aurobindo

4857. Poetry For Parthasarathy

4858. Wordsworth

4859. The Poetic Base Of Jayanta Mahapatra

4860. Shelley

4861. Milton

4862. Keats

4863. D.H.Lawrence As A Novelist

4864. Where Do Go The Rain Waters Rushing Forth?

4865. Letters, Literary Lettrs

4866. It Gives Me Joy When I See The Small Girl Going To School

4867. A Go9lden Statue Of Radha And Krishna

4868. What Is Poetry? Poetry Is Words

4869. Emerson’s Brahma

4870. Bob Dylan

4871. Lucy

4872. Existential Questions

4873. What Did I Not For Poetry? So Mad After

4874. Foreigner Girl, Without Seeing You, I Cannot

4875. Rakhi Pahanane Ke Samay/ At The Time Of Wearing The Rakhi

4876. Rakhi Bandhwa Lo, Merei Bhaiyya/ Get You Tied A Rakhi, My Brother!

4877. The Time Is Of Disc And Radio Jockeys

4878. Mein Haath Badhata Hun/ I’m Raising My Hand (Rakhi Poem)

4879. Chhayavad In Hindi Poetry

4880. A Sinner Am I

4881. F.M.Radio Mirchi, Hello, Hello, Good Morning. Morning To Everybody!

4882. Dalit, Dalit, What Is This Nonsense?

4883. The Konark Sun Temple: A Dream And A Vision In Poetry

4884. India The Land Of Rama And Krishna

4885. Classical Tone And Temperament

4886. A Brahmin I Kissing A Dalit Girl, Think I, Why Did I After?

4887. The Snake

4888. Dalit, Dalit, Dalitization Of Literature

4889. Sitting In An Indian Train, I Often Think Of My Impending Death

4890. Amitava Kumar

4891. The Poetry Of Pritish Nandy

4892. Burquawalli Smiling, Bidding Goodbye And Saying, Give You Not Talaq!

4893. Poetry Fro A.K.Ramanujan- Ii

4894. Before Board You An Indian Railway, Try To Say, See You Again! (Taking To Swargapuri)

4895. Kamala Das- Ii

4896. O Himalayas, Lofty, Grand And Gigantic, Tell Me, Tell Me!

4897. Pritish Nandy

4898. What Is Indian English Poetry Criticism?

4899. The Abandoned British Cemetery At Balasore

4900. Having Taken Ganja, Where Are You Spending The Nights Away?

4901. A Missing Person By Jayanta Mahapatra

4902. The World Trade Center Attack

4903. Keki N.Daruwalla- Ii

4904. Chandalika’s Heart A Dalit Heart Beating For Ananda

4905. Maharshi Aurobindo’s Savitri

4906. Miss Burquawalli Writing

4907. Your Smiles, Smiles Cuts Into My Heart

4908. Poetry For Derozio

4909. There Are Many Great Men

4910. Poetry For A.K.Ramanujan

4911. Is There Anything As Such Indian English Poetry?

4912. Jayanta Mahapatra- Ii

4913. Keki N.Daruwalla As A Poet Of Death And Disease

4914. Nissim Ezekiel The Poster Boy Of Modernism

4915. Poetry For R.Parthasarathy

4916. Dalit Poetry, Dalit Drama, Dalit Prose, Dalit Fiction

4917. Talaq, Talaq, Talaq, Do Not Say You It, Modern Bibi Lies It Hearing

4918. Poetry For Mahapatra

4919. Syrian Daughter, How Poor And Distraught Look You?

4920. How Can It Be? (For The Syrian Daughter)

4921. Poetry For Shiv K.Kumar

4922. Syrian Daughter

4923. Poverty, Hunger, Scarcity, Want Of, Is This The Tale Of India?

4924. Unknown Citizen, Your Torso, Your Bust…

4925. Dalit Literature, How Has Love Grown For?

4926. The Modern Age

4927. Syrian Girl (For The Syrian Daughter)

4928. The Black Cat Crossing The Way

4929. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (Remembering Him On Teacher’s Day)

4930. Baba, What Sort Of Shisya Had Ravi Shankar Been? (Teacher’s Day)

4931. Eklavya, Your Gurudakshina (Teacher’s Day Celebration)

4932. What Was I?

4933. Eklavya, Your Gurudakshina…(Teacher’s Day)

4934. In You (For The Syrian Daughter)

4935. Modern English Poetry

4936. Turning You Into A Refugee (For The Syrian Daughter)

4937. Bhaiyya, Yah Kaaun Si Train Hai? Bullet Train Hai, Bullet Train Hai/ Proposed Introduction Of Bullet Trains

4938. Blue Whale Is Nonsense, Stupid, Do Not See It

4939. The Dark Black Freckled Owl

4940. I Am Not, History Is Imporatnt

4941. The Whale Is Not Blue, But The Myth Is Deplorable/ If You Can’t Bear With, Do Not See Blue Whale

4942. Blue Whale, Killing The Innocent Children, What Will You Get?

4943. Do Not See, Do Not Blue Whale Game If It’s Psychotic

4944. Eklavya, Your Thumb-Cutting….(Teacher’s Day)

4945. Dalit Literature, What The Motto Behind, How The Agenda Of It?

4946. Indira Was Not India And Vice Versa

4947. Bakhtiyar Khilji That You Vikramshila University! How Uneducated And Uncivilized Had You Been!

4948. Dalit Literature, What Is Dalit Literature?

4949. Bhagabati. What Is Bhagabati?

4950. It Is Good To Be Sympathetic To The Dalit Issue, But There Are Many Ppints Undiscussed Too

4951. India’s Poor Daughter Had Been Poor And Is Still Poor

4952. The World Has Changed, But Fakru Mian Has Not

4953. Under The Skies Lurking

4954. The Same Sunlight

4955. Chandni Raaton Mein/ Under The Moonlit Nights

4956. Politicking Is Something Different

4957. America Should Think Before Going To War With North Korea

4958. America Should Handle With Care North Korea

4959. Kim Jong-Un, O Chairman, Have You About The Consequences Of Nuclear Wars?

4960. Sir Kim Jong-Un, Cool Down, Cool Down, Lose You Not Your Temper Sir!

4961. Trump, You Must Understand

4962. American Diplomacy And Diplomatic Move In Connection With North Korea

4963. Om, Hari Om, Hari-Hari

4964. My Dj (Bhojpuri Gana Gata Hai Aur Nachata Hai Aur Nachawata Hai)

4965. Poetry In The Age Of Information Technology

4966. Keralite Communism

4967. Bhai Phonta (Let Love Be Love, Sisterly Love)

4968. An English School In India

4969. Modern Poetry- Ii

4970. Salman Rushdie, I Sketch And Draw The Portrait Of His

4971. Poverty

4972. The Horrors Of Nuclear War Humanity’ll Not Be Able To Bear The Brunt Of

4973. Deepawali

4974. Wole Soyinka

4975. Gieve Patel

4976. Stranger, You Look To Be Own!

4977. Walter De La Mare

4978. Sitting In The Circus Gallery Heard I The Music

4979. On Reading Chinua Achebe’s Love Cycle (A Poem)

4980. Chinua Achebe, A Singer Of Heart From Africa

4981. The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

4982. John Masefield

4983. The Thematics Of Chinua Achebe

4984. Seamus Heaney

4985. A.D.Hope As A Poet

4986. Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture

4987. Saleem Peeradina As A Poet- Ii

4988. Lawrence Into The Dark Layers Of Consciousness

4989. The Tiger

4990. Indian Romantic, Hair Dyed Brown, In The T-Shirt Andfaded Jeans, The Ageing Fellow Looking Young-Young And Smart

4991. The Mystic Drum Of Okara

4992. You Are Great, Sir! You Are Great! I Am Not!

4993. Asthi-Kalasha (A Poem)

4994. Poetry, What Is Poetry To You, Mr. Dubey?

4995. In Final Cut, How Does Peeradina Cut Us? Let Us See That

4996. I’m A Small Child Lying In The Open

4997. The Hyena

4998. The Jaguar

4999. Pinda-Dana Continuing

5000. Poetry, What Is Poetry For You Dubey, If Somebody Asks It?

5001. You Are Wonderful! You Are Wonderful!

5002. Baldev Mirza’s Theatre Of Silence

5003. Jinnah, Abandoned And Shunned You Your Daughter For Your Orthodoxy, Conservatism

5004. The Cougar

5005. Yasodhara

5006. Sylvia Plath’s Daddy

5007. My Gandhigiri, You Did Not

5008. Poetry, Poetry, What Is Poetry To You, Mr. Dubey? The Snake-Charmer, Charmer’s Been Music

5009. Derozio’s Ideas

5010. For Wine, You Drove Them Away, Your Father And Mother

5011. Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Your Padmawat

5012. Padmawat, Padmavati Of Chittor

5013. Alauddin, Don’t You Know That Padmawati Is An Orthodox Rajput Princess?

5014. What Is History? Say You.

5015. What The Historians Do Not Know It?

5016. Why Does The Govt. Give Licence To Wine Shops For Excise Duties? (Daru Ki Dukan Aur Sarkar Ki Galat Neeti)

5017. Alauddin, Why Did You Make Jayasi Write Padmawat?

5018. Natwarlal Too A Doctorate, A Professor Of English

5019. The Philosophy Of Language

5020. The Highway, Where Will It Take To, I Think?

5021. The Philosophy Of Mind

5022. The Bond Of Maya

5023. The Prints & Dots Of The Cheetah

5024. Open Liquor Shops And Ask Not For Jobs (Sarkari Policy) , Daru Piyo Magar Naukari Mat Mango

5025. Away From Brahminism, To Vikramshila And Nalanda

5026. Dalai Lama

5027. The Dali Lama In His Books, What Do They Say?

5028. My Daughter Vidisha

5029. The Fox, Lonely Fox, Indian Fox Crossing The Road

5030. Paulo Coelho, Is He A Classicist Or A Romanticist?

5031. The Dalai Lama In His Books, What Do They Say?

5032. What Is In Lucy Poems?

5033. Christina Oiticica

5034. I See The Trains Passing From A Distance

5035. Dark Daughter, My Heart Still Longs For You

5036. Odantapuri, Where, Where The Buddhist Vihara Of Yore, Ancient Times?

5037. Bob Dylan, Are You A Guitarist Or A Song-Writer Or A Singer?

5038. The History Of Man

5039. Shivalingam

5040. The New Year I Welcoming It With A Shayarana Andaz In A Disco Jockey’s Style

5041. Freedom, What Is Freedom?

5042. I Do Not Smoke, But Their Smokes Make Me Smoke

5043. The History Of Earth, You Tell…

5044. Morning Sir, Morning, Morning. Good Morning Sir, Morning, Morning. Good, Good, Very Good

5045. Let The New Year, New Year Fill Your Days With New-New Hopes And Good Wishes!

5046. A Veiled Muslim Maiden

5047. When I Grew Up, Admired I (Poems Which Influenced Me)

5048. Frankly Speaking, I Am Very Silly As I Don’t How To Bid Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night And When To Say?

5049. Poetry Of Nothingness, Bewilderment And Loss Write I

5050. Jinnah, Just For Your Miangiri Abandoned And Shunned You Your Daughter

5051. Indian English Drama Of Anglo-Indian Shakuntala

5052. American Poetry

5053. On Seeing Them Dance, Dance Rhythmically, I Too Want To Dance (New Year)

5054. Mirza Ghalib, I Am Writing (Haiku)

5055. Abraham Lincoln The Man, The President Talk I

5056. Abraham Lincoln

5057. My Gandhigiri

5058. Adil Jussawalla Trying To Say Goodbye To Poetry, But Has Not Bidden

5059. There Is A Pleasure In Being Unknown

5060. Latrine, Latrine-Cleaners, Have You Thought About Them?

5061. I See Dalai Lama

5062. Bobby-Cut Indian English Poetess (Haiku)

5063. My Burqawalli (Just For Her)

5064. Bihari Bhojpurian Tenglish (Haiku)

5065. The Beat Movement

5066. In Adil Jussawalla See I The Elements Of Auden And Masefield

5067. Kalpurusha (Ii)

5068. Symphony Of Skeletons By D.H.Kabadi

5069. Bhagatji, Chetan Bhagatji

5070. Buddha My Love By Baldev Mirza

5071. O, Recite You Hari-Name!

5072. My Dehati Mistress, Meri Unpadh Dehati Lady Love

5073. Chetan Bhagat’s Indian English

5074. In The Earphone And The Headphone, The Panelist Judge

5075. You Love Me, Just Love Me

5076. Call Centre English

5077. Love Imprisoned In Saudi Arabia

5078. Ek Baar Muskuraa Do (Smile For Once)

5079. Barack Obama Often Talks Big / Barack Obama, Instead Of Minding Your Own Business, Preached You Us

5080. The Moon Over The Hills

5081. Poetry Festival, Poetry Meet Of The Indian English Poets And Poetesses, Mr.India Meeting Miss India In The Beauty Contest, Pageant

5082. God, God Save You, Beautiful Ukraine

5083. Shiva Ratri Is Coming

5084. In The Context Of The Hindu Mahasabha And The Rss

5085. Loafers As Politicians In Bihar

5086. Osho

5087. Communist Goons

5088. Red Bulls, I Mean The Communists

5089. The Bandarwalla (Haiku)

5090. The Snake Charmer (Haiku)

5091. The Goons And Rustics Leaders In Bihar/ Criminals As Leaders In Bihar

5092. At Your First Glance (Haiku)

5093. The Heart (Haiku)

5094. On St.Valentine’s Day (Haiku)

5095. A Shayar Of Yours

5096. The Criminal Is Not A Criminal, Those Who Mke Him Are Criminals

5097. Mainly Bobbed Girls Indian English Poetesses

5098. No Life Without An American Love

5099. You Just Call Me Michael Jackson And See The Beat Of My Dance

5100. Look Into My Eyes, Said She The Modern Poetess

5101. India Of Politicians, All Politicians

5102. Fanatics Are Religiously Blind People & Reasonably Dead

5103. Kavita To Aami Likhte Chai Nee, Sudhu Tomake, Sudhu Tomake Dekhe (Bilingual)

5104. I Love A Saudi Girl And Shall Continue To Love

5105. The Opening Of An English-Medium School In A Village-Town

5106. The Super Star Has Two Wives, Do You Know It?

5107. Mr.Terrorist, Is To Gun Down Innocent People Your Philosophy Of Religion?

5108. My Future, How To Predict It?

5109. A Bobbed Girl As A Indian English Poetess Welcome, But Not An Old Poet On The Stage

5110. The Loafers As Heroes In The Cinema And The Goodmen Villains

5111. Bombay Prayers By Daruwalla

5112. Black Poetry, White Poetry, Leave It Doing Black And White

5113. Let Us Begin The New Year With A Kiss

5114. Sexual Mysticism, The Mystic Poetry Of Love And Its Dreams

5115. Trying To Say Goodbye To The Old Year, Have Not, Yet To Say To

5116. Pastoral Music I Still Carry With

5117. Moonshine- Ii

5118. Keki N.Daruwalla: A Study In Thematics

5119. The French-Cut Beards Of Sir Vidya And Sir Salman Rushdie

5120. Indian English Poetry, How Can They Write Without Being English? Miss Ghunghatawalli, Miss Purdahwalli In English

5121. Crossing The Forest-Tract, I’Ve To

5122. Romantic Heroine

5123. Communists Turn Autocratic And Dictatorial

5124. Sir Vidya In The Goggles, The Angry Old Man

5125. Indian English Poetry: Its Trend & Tradition, The Legacy Of The Past

5126. I Want You, I Want You, A Girl Just Like You (Christmas-Time Love)

5127. It Is Not My Business To See Who A Catholic, Who A Protestant?

5128. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Silence (Ii)

5129. Taron, Pariyon Ke Desh Meri Chandramukhi (My Chandramukhi From The Country Of Stars & Fairies)

5130. Have You Seen The Bizarre And Grotesque Mouth Of The Cobra?

5131. Jadavpur And The Adda Of Love

5132. Without Spending Money, He Is A Net Poet, One On The Internet

5133. Barack Obama, Thank You, For The Speech You Delivered

5134. Poetry Or Science?

5135. Mr.Terrorist, Why…? Why Do You Gun Down?

5136. Eliot, Your Modern Hollow Men

5137. Adil Jussawalla The Poet

5138. Has Poetry Declined?

5139. The Return Of The Romantic

5140. Christmas Poem

5141. Suppose I Kiss A Girl In Saudi Arabia Or Iran, What Will It Happen?

5142. The Astrologer Sitting With The Pink-Necked Parrot

5143. Say You, Love Me, Love Me

5144. Religious Madness

5145. Aligarh Muslim University & Raja Mahendra Pratap’s Donation Of Lands

5146. The Orchestra

5147. Was Gandhi A Dramatist? And His Men The Drama People?

5148. In The Theatre Of The Absurd

5149. Colonial Or Post-Colonial?

5150. Tumhari Yaad Mein Kitana Bekhar Hain Hum (In Your Memory How Musch Lost Am I) / Dekho Magar Pyar She (See But With Love) E

5151. O, Come, Come And Go Seeing The Mother, The Dark Mother!

5152. Wo Barish Ki Bunde, Wo Teri Mulakaat, Bas Yaad Hain (Bilingual)

5153. Chandni Raat Ho Aur Tum Mere Sath Ho (If The Night Were Moonlit And Were Too With Me)

5154. Dalit’s Case, Why Are They Handling?

5155. I Am A Minor Indian Writer Of Verse

5156. Rizvi In Unfading Blooms

5157. Tu Hi Mera Pyaar Ho

5158. O Leftist Students Of Jadavpur, Kiss You Not In Protest, But Marry You

5159. Let Me Stick A Red Rose Into The Braid Of Your Hair

5160. Who Are You, Mira Or Radha?

5161. Saudi Arabian Girl, You Will Get, You Just Wait For

5162. Kya Khub Lag Rahi Ho

5163. O Old Man, Looking Smart, Give Me Your French-Cut Beard To Showcase It On My Almirah Rack!

5164. My Heart Beats For You; Julie, I Love You

5165. Blackmail You Not A Girl On The Facebook

5166. Do You Think I Am A Good Man?

5167. Honour Killing, Whose Honour, Where’s Honour?

5168. New Generation Of Indian English Poets & Poetesses

5169. Going Against Ethics And Morality, Want I Not To Interview Jaynata Mahapatra

5170. On Learning English, A Brown Saheb In The Hat And With The Alsatian Dog Going

5171. Who Is The Modern Beauty In The Dark Sunglasses, I Mean The Goggles?

5172. Religious Fanaticism

5173. Socialites & Fashionistas From Metropolitan Towns & Mega Cities Calling Themselves Poetesses

5174. The Girl Of My Dreams

5175. In The Memory Of My Daughter

5176. She May Be Dark, But Is My Lovely Daughter (The Poor Daughter Of Poor India)

5177. I Love A Saudi Arabian Girl, Have You Anything To Say?

5178. A Pair Of Blue Eyes

5179. Jadavpur University Campus And The Leftist Intelligentia

5180. O Modern Man, Is Politics Your Life?

5181. Julie, I Love You (Iii)

5182. Jayanta Mahapatra As A Poet Of Silence

5183. Shyama Sangeet

5184. The Dark Daughter Dark, But Affectionate

5185. The Criminal’s Good Father Too A Man, How Helpless & Hopeless Does He Appear To Be?

5186. Mulk Raj Anand (Ii)

5187. Baldev Mirza

5188. That Girl In The Crowd

5189. Bengali Nagaraja’s Daughter Nagakanya As My Wife

5190. Jadavpur University Campus Is Not For Politicking, Leftist Strategy & Agenda

5191. The Tears In Your Eyes

5192. Hoisting The National Flag On Independence Day, Saw I The Imprints

5193. I Am A Professor, A Univeristy Professor, I Am What You Cannot Be, You Are You

5194. Poetry As Born Out Of Sadhna And The Poet A Sadhaka

5195. O Policeman, Beat You Not The The Other Man Son, If You’Ve Too, Beat You Your Own

5196. My Bengali Mistress

5197. O Santali Girl…

5198. On Your Birthday, How Many Birds Did You Make Them Fly Away?

5199. A Santhal Girl That Saw I, Eyed I/ Love With A Santhal Girl

5200. When I Saw The Tigers Brought From Kathikund & Shikaripara Jungles

5201. A Lover Girl Like You, Want I, Did You Listen To? A Lover Girl Just Like You, Want I, Did You Hear Me? I Love You, Love You

5202. O Fanantic, I Can Se It

5203. I.H.Rizvi As A Romantic Indian English Poet

5204. An Indian Yogi Or A Bhogi? A Yoga Instructor Or An Indian Sex Guru?

5205. For The Indian American Yoga Master (Is He A Yoga Master Or A Fraud Guru?) / A Sex Guru Or A Spiritual Yoga Master?

5206. In A Titled & Rented House I Used To Live At Dumka

5207. Do Not Play With The Emotions Of Simple Girls

5208. Fashion Girls

5209. Small Men & Small Hearts As Contemporary Indian English Poets

5210. With Vermillion In The Parting Line Of The Hair, The Small Daughter Going With Tears

5211. For Your Family Pride, Are You Going To Kill Her? / Kill Not Your Daughter For Honour, Will Weep You

5212. Holding My Unkempt Beards, Burquawalli Asked Me, ‘How Do You Do? ‘

5213. Cpi(M) Comrades & Cadres, The Muscle-Men

5214. Stephen Gill’s Divergent Shades

5215. Nudity In Modern Art/ Nudes As Art-Collection

5216. The Modern World From A Saleswoman’s Point Of View

5217. Where Are You Smiling, O Old Man? (A Tribute To The Father Of The Nation)

5218. What Is The Cpi(M) , Everybody Knows It, The Wrongdoigns Of It/ The Red Terror

5219. Modern Man Thinks He Hmself A Photographer

5220. Hugging The Girl, Post Not The Photo, O Indian Loafer Boy! (Heart Hacker Not)

5221. Bapuji’s Three Monkeys

5222. Honour Killing (Arabic & Conservative)

5223. Indian English Poetry- A Study In First Poem & First Book Writersf

5224. O Pakistani Girl!

5225. P.Lal As A Poet

5226. The Third-Classers Say They Were First-Classers

5227. Old Indian Conservative Dad

5228. How Beautiful Look You!

5229. Will You Divroce Me, Will You Divorce Me? Divorce, Divorce Now, ‘ Said She

5230. A Tryst With An Indian Snake-Charmer & The Cobras Dancing

5231. Foreigner Girl!

5232. A Foreigner Girl

5233. Kavita (Poem) With A Cup Of Coffee Into The Hnads

5234. I Am A Shayar And You My Shayri

5235. Be Sure Of It Mama, I’Ll Send You To An Old Age Home, A Modern-Age Son Lie I Herein Celebrating The Mother’s Day

5236. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict & The Efforts For Peace

5237. The Hollow Man

5238. Brquawalli, In Your Memory, How Lost Am I!

5239. A Sister Lies She Waiting With A Rakhi

5240. Snakes Sometimes Come Out From My Poetry Paper Heaps

5241. Poetry, The Types & Tenors Of It

5242. The Drama Of Kamala Das

5243. Do Not Destroy Beautiful Ukraine

5244. A Dream Girl Want I

5245. I Saw The Girl And Fell In Love With Her

5246. A Small Daughter

5247. In Choosing You, What Have I Done?

5248. The Girl Of The Fair Ground With Camps And Bivouacs (An Artiste From The Opera)

5249. Wasteland Imagery (Search For Life)

5250. In Search Of An American Heart And Soul

5251. Who Are Those Dark Daughters, Jayanta? / Jayanta Mahapatra’s Dark Daughters

5252. The House With The Woman And Without

5253. Jayanta Mahapatra The Poet

5254. Physics Poetry, Poetry Physics: Jayanta Mahapatra A Professor Of Physics, But An Author Of Indian Poetry In English

5255. Is There Anything Like English Poetry From The Northeast Of India?

5256. When I See Flowers To Compare And Contrast My Poems

5257. Sardarji

5258. You Are My First Love, First Love

5259. Your Smiles, Sweet Smiles, I Could Not Forget Them

5260. Have We Ever Tried To Know The Northeast?

5261. When A University Comes Up (Saw At Dumka, Hazaribag, Jharkhand; Felt The Vibes)

5262. My Bengali Wife Most Selfish Wife

5263. Khushwant Singh: A Study In His Biography

5264. The Histrionics Of Arvind Kejriwal, A Great Nukkad Artiste

5265. O Come You And Go Seeing The Face, Face Divine, Dark, Mythological And Mysterious, Supernatural And Nocturnal!

5266. For Communism, Power Springs From The Barrel Of The Gun (The Gun-Toting Communists, Comrades And Cadres Gone Berserk, Went On The Rampage)

5267. George Orwell

5268. Let Us Take Kulwant Singh Gill’s Passionate Pilgrim

5269. The Negatives Of Saudi Arabian Girls

5270. Daru Pikar (Taking Indian Country Liquor Excessively)

5271. The Ragged Ph.D. Guide And The Ragged Scholar (Lady Gregory’s ‘the Rising Of The Moon’ One-Act Play Not)

5272. Poetry As Ornithology

5273. Histories

5274. The Black Cat, The Black Night And The Black Hamlet

5275. Poet Nissim Ezekiel

5276. On Reading Keki N. Daruwalla

5277. He Is Not A Simple Man, But Thinks Himself A Politburo Member

5278. Keki N.Daruwalla As A Poet

5279. On The Facebook, Find I Not The Face Of My Beloved, Search I The Face Of My Lost Love

5280. Contemporary Indian English Poetry And The Poets

5281. Jayanta Mahaptra’s The False Start

5282. The Black Crow Cawing

5283. A Cup Of Coffee And Your Love Just Want I, Blonde!

5284. It Was A Beauty To Mark Her

5285. Anandamurti, The Statue Of Delight

5286. Just The Tattoo Telling The Name Of The Nameless Woman

5287. The Lonely Fox Crossing The Barren Terrain

5288. She Said To Me In A Slow Voice Of Hers, I Love You, I Love You

5289. Not A Star

5290. I Saw Winter Making A Ruffle

5291. The Pondicherry School Of Poetry Writing/ The Aurobindonians/ Maharshi Aurobindo And His Disciples

5292. Her Eyes Had Been Wet With

5293. Rye On The Ravines By D.H.Kabadi

5294. I Am A Painter Of Your Smiles, Sweet Smiles

5295. Daruwalla’s Book Of Memoirs And Reflections, Can We Expect From Him?

5296. On The Face Book Saw I

5297. I Love A Girl Who Is Very, Very Sentimental

5298. I Am An Artist

5299. A Red Rose Or A Blonde?

5300. God Has Given You Such A Face! (A God-Gifted Face Never Seen Before Really)

5301. The Things Of My Heart, I Shall Them Only To A Lover

5302. Call Her Do Any Purdah From Me As Lie I Here Her Lover, A Quawwal Of Hers/ The Love Under The Purdah

5303. Walt Whitman And His Leaves Of Grass

5304. What Is Kali?

5305. Indian Villages Of Glow Worms And Small Daughters Also Named Glow Worms, Lousy, Clumsy And Poor, But Lovely

5306. In Between The Hills Flows The Small River

5307. The Woodpecker

5308. A Dreamer Of American Dreams, , Disturb Me Not Please

5309. The Midnight Of Mother Kali

5310. Poetry Of The Morning & The Evening

5311. Man-Woman Relationship

5312. My God, The Blunder Of Being A Poet

5313. Sing I The Song Of Love

5314. What Is Poetry? Poetry Is An Arrangement Of Words

5315. My Dog, Several Times Have I Forbidden You To Take Meat

5316. So Beautiful And Attractive Was She That It Cut Through My Bleeding Heart!

5317. The Third-Class Man Doing Third-Class Politics

5318. Have You Seen Her?

5319. A Grammarian Or A Poet

5320. Mr.Dubey, What Are You Doing Here? Sitting On The Platform Of Life, Sir

5321. Madly In Love With You

5322. Love And Its Colours, Mother’s Love, Sister’s Love, Brother’s Love

5323. Be A Karmayogi

5324. The Search For A Man Of The Heart

5325. Radha-Krishna

5326. A Cine Star Or An Artiste

5327. Mother’s Lover, Sister’s Love, This Too Is A Part Of Life

5328. Torsoless, Bustless

5329. Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye, Goodbye, Smiling, Saying And Going And Looking Back And Waving The Hands

5330. The Night Of Creation

5331. The Beauty And The Mystery Of The Forest Tract

5332. I Loved You No Doubt, But Could Not Say, I Love You

5333. My Love Is Like A Red Rose

5334. Red Rose As My Sweetheart/ My Dreamgirl/ The Girl Of My Dreams

5335. I Do Not Find A Flower To Compare My Love With/ My Love, O, It Is Calling

5336. On The Twitter, How To Tweet? As All The House Saprrows Have Flown Away

5337. The Poet As A Mimic Mimicking Modern Life And Civilization

5338. Shiva Tandava

5339. Om, Recite To Form A Circle

5340. Under Which Peepul Tree? / The Buddha In Meditation

5341. I Called Her Wonderful And She Too Called Me Wonderful; , But Who Was Actually Wonderful? Tell, You.

5342. Countryside Names

5343. Love But At Third Sight, Not First Sight

5344. Khushwant Singh

5345. During The Solar Eclipse

5346. I See Them And Think

5347. Speak With Love, Ganga Maiya Ki Jai

5348. Temple Architecture

5349. Heroine Mom, Stylist Mom, European Mom

5350. Sell Not, O, Bombayan Theatre Men, The Snake-Charmers’ Music!

5351. The Policeman Not Of His Baap

5352. Pt.Nehru

5353. The Lone Fox Dancing

5354. Maryam Jinnah

5355. While Passing Through The Road I Often Meet The Music Director

5356. Rahul Sankrityayan

5357. The Black Cat

5358. Today Signature Is An Art

5359. After The Death Of His Wife

5360. The Asthi-Kalasha Of My Mother

5361. Red Rose

5362. His English Is British English, American English, But Mine Is Indian English

5363. He Just Called Me Michael Jackson, O, Michael Jackson, Come Here!

5364. The Hump

5365. English Culture Cannot Be Multi-Culti

5366. An Indian English Ph.D. Thesis On Modern Poetry

5367. The Sepoy Mutiny

5368. Poetry Is Words, A Cobweb Of Words

5369. Pikar Daru, Say You Not, Happy New Year

5370. Have You Abused God? Abuse And Say

5371. Indian English Poetry Is Indian’s Foreigner English

5372. A New-Indian English Poetess, How Beautiful Am I To Look At! Give Me A Kiss!

5373. A Young Girl Who Is Just An M.Phil. In English Too Is A Poet

5374. Daru Pikar Naya Varsha Shuru Karne Ka Erada Hain

5375. They Call Themselves Ph.Ds./ They Too Are Ph.Ds.

5376. Again Gitanjali

5377. Naked Came I, Naked Shall I Go

5378. Indian English Poetry A Study In One-Book Authors And The Writers Of A Handful Of Poems

5379. Black Literature, White Literature, Is There Anything Like Black And White? Literature Literature

5380. The Theatre Of The Absurd (Iii)

5381. Your Research On The Bhoot/ Do Not Do Your Research On The Bhoot, The Ghost!

5382. The Kiss Of Dr.Faustus, Faustus Kissing Helen

5383. Dalit Literature, Let Them Write, You Write It Not

5384. Kalpurusha, Where Do You Lie Watching It All?

5385. For Spoken English, I Trying To Speak With My Dog And Domestic Maid

5386. On The Daispora Dais, I See Two Men Sitting, Sir Vidya And Sir Salman Rushdie, The Angry Old Man And The Angry Young Man Of Literature

5387. In The Theatre Of Life (Haiku)

5388. The Aap Party And Its Musical Band Men

5389. The Aap Men, Their Nukkad Sabha, Nautanki And Musical Chair Competition

5390. Some Beautiful Girls In The Aap Party As Entertainers

5391. Today’s Contemporary Indian English Poets

5392. Where There Is Torture And Injustice

5393. The Making Of A Fanatic

5394. Love Me, You Just Love Me (A Duet)

5395. In The Goggles Looking A Great Poetess

5396. Thou’Rt Hope In Despair

5397. Om Namah Shivay

5398. A Black Girl, Half-Schooled & Half-Educated, Thinks She Herself

5399. The Relation Between I And You

5400. When I Kissed A Muslim Girl On St.Valentine’s Day

5401. Who Am I? , My God, Where Is My Home, Who To Tell Me?

5402. The Alphabet Of Poetry

5403. Mulk Raj Anand (A Long Poem)

5404. Stephen Gill, A Modernist Or A Post-Modernist, A Colonial Or A Post-Colonial

5405. Thou Hast Made Me, My Lord

5406. I.H.Rizvi As A Romantic Poet

5407. My Lord, Art Thou The Same?

5408. Cleanse My Heart, Purge It, My Lord

5409. Save The Girl Child, Save The Poor Girl Child Of India

5410. Globalization And Its Impact On Indian English Poetry

5411. Half Girlfriend Or Full Girlfriend, Chetan?

5412. Your Smiles (Haiku)

5413. I Love You (Haiku)

5414. Your Eyes (Haiku)

5415. The Poor Daughter Of India (Ii)

5416. I Am The Dead Wife Speaking, Where Are You, My Love? / The Dead Beloved’s Voice

5417. Verse-Stanzas

5418. Salman Rushdie

5419. Rajgopal Parthasarathy

5420. The Astrologer

5421. Kamala Das

5422. Types And Tenors Of Poetry

5423. The Step-Mother

5424. The Girl-Child

5425. A Portrait/ Portrait-Making/ Pencilled Art & Sketch/ My Temptation

5426. A Misty Winter Morning

5427. The Dark Girl

5428. O, Charmer…!

5429. I Do Not Know What Am I Saying

5430. The Ask Me

5431. The Dawnbreak/ Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari, Hari/ The Sadhu Doing The Suryanamaskar With The Rudraksha Rosary Into The Hands Of Their Own

5432. Nagaraja’s Daughter Miss Nagin, I Mean Miss Nagakanya At My Home, The Daughter Of Both, Mr.Nagaraja And Mrs.Nagin

5433. Blake’s Tiger And Milton’s Snake

5434. Hollywood Know I, Not Other Woods Talk You Imitatively

5435. My Dead Mother Now Good Earth She

5436. Bar Dancer, You Dancing In Your Drunkenness, Dance Not, Leave You Dancing

5437. Let Us Take Jayanta’s The False Start

5438. The Grammar Of Poetry

5439. A Daru Man, Sells He Not, But Takes/ Empties The Bottle, See The Eyes And Say It, How The Intoxication

5440. My Song A Love-Song Calling You From Far

5441. The Terror Of Death

5442. My Father Told Me Strictly (My Moral Duty As A Poet)

5443. Pingla, Pingla, What Have You Done That…?

5444. Om Namah Shivay, Om Namamh Shivay, Om Namah Shivay

5445. When I See Vikram Seth, Tabish Khair, Amit Chaudhury & Others

5446. What Is Poetry? Poetry Is Light

5447. In A Cottage Lived I, Studied And Read I

5448. Strange Meeting

5449. Breaking My Heart, Breaking My Heart

5450. Barrenland Imagery, God Save The Green Earth

5451. They Say It This Is His House

5452. I Had A Desire That A Beautiful Bride I Would Get

5453. Poetry As The Images Of Kali

5454. By Chance I Am Saying Sir To You Otherwise I Had Been The Sir Of Yours

5455. My Valentine Is Missing

5456. Shadow Space By Jayanta Mahapatra

5457. In Search Of God And Other Poems By Swami Vivekananda

5458. Love-Songs Are For Whistling

5459. Dead Jackal

5460. Your Memory

5461. Comrade/ Cadre/Communist

5462. Love-Letter (Written In Red Ink)

5463. Jayanta And The Konark Sun-Temple

5464. Poetry As Mud-Built, Straw-Thatched Houses And Life Seen Against Such A Backdrop

5465. Your Eyes Are So Beautiful

5466. A Darumen’s Party On The Eve Of The New Year (Daru Piyo (Drink) And Celebrate It)

5467. A Reading Of Modern Indian English Poetry

5468. Taking A Short Break From My Dull & Routined Life, Want I To Do A Break Dance To Say Goodbye To The Old Year

5469. Jayanta Mahapatra’s Burden Of Waves And Fruit

5470. Kamrupa Kamakhya Devi

5471. First Poem Writers Of Indian English Verse (Inclusive Of The Northeast)

5472. She Is Not With Me, But Her Photograph To Make Me A Poet

5473. The Lion Of The Punjab, Khushwant Singh Is No More (February 2,1915-March 20,1914)

5474. Romen Basu As A Poet

5475. Unquenchable Thirst

5476. Poetry As Flowers

5477. You Are My First Love, First Love (Ii)

5478. The Nocturnal, Supernatural, Mystical Tantrica

5479. Thomas Hardy, Even In Your Old Age Married You A Teenaged Girl

5480. Ram Navami

5481. Melting Moments

5482. Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister Of India?

5483. The Buff-Masters As P.G.Deptt Teachers

5484. Communists Are The Power-Hungry People

5485. India Going To Vote

5486. Do You Love Me, Love Me?

5487. My Poems Not Like Tender Flowers

5488. Leaving The Campus, Think Of I Taking To A Been And Of Being A Snake-Charmer

5489. Nudity In Modern Art

5490. They Ukrainian Girls, Simple And Homely, Do Not Call Them Bad

5491. A Portrait Of A Lady, Sarcastic And Sardonic, How Beautiful And Lovely Am I!

5492. The Girl, Not A Wife, But A Sister, A Daughter, A Mother

5493. You Are So Beautiful, So Beautiful (Your Fragrance)

5494. Unfading Blooms By I.H.Rizvi

5495. Traffic Jam

5496. From The Ferryman (Songs Of Soul)

5497. Good Morning. Good Morning To You

5498. Chand-Shaa Chehra (Moon-Like Face)

5499. Oft, I See The Red China Roses Bloom

5500. Winter Poems By Daruwalla

5501. A Young Maiden Standing Before, Burkawalli, A Portrait Of An Artist, A Black & White Photograph/ An Evening Full Of Ghazals

5502. Shashi Tharoor, Your Novels Interest Me Not, But Your Story Of Life

5503. Save The Girl Child Of India

5504. An Indian English Poet, His Father Was Not, But He Is Calling Himself An English, A Pucca Sahib

5505. Mere Sapno Ki Raani (The Queen Of My Dreams)

5506. A Catwalk, Are The Cats Walking Or The Designer Girls?

5507. The Whole World Is A Criminal And They Are Good

5508. She Is Also The Daughter Of Some L: Oving Father, Do Not Call Her A Whore

5509. Winter Is Coming

5510. Thomas Hardy, Aren’T You Yourself The Mayor Of Casterbridge?

5511. Tomar Sapno Aamar Geet (In Bengali) , Your Dreams My Songs

5512. Kya Soch Rahi Ho?

5513. Teri Bheegi Palken (Your Wet Eye-Lids)

5514. An Indian English Poetess Calling Herself A Sufi/ A Modern Lover City Girl Calling Herself A Sufi English Poetess

5515. My Daughter, How To Save You From Heat And Dust?

5516. Yare Paglee, Pyaar Jo Hain Yahi Cheez

5517. Hudhud

5518. O Old Man, Looking Grave And Handsome, But With The Prominent French-Cut Beard!

5519. An Evening Full Of Ghazals

5520. Friendship With A Friend, Love With Love (Say You Love Me)

5521. Sufion Ke Sang, Sufi Ho Jaogi

5522. The Judge Is Not A Judge, The Court Is Not A Court, The Lawyer Not A Lawyer/Divine Jurisprudence Not So Easy To Be Dispensed With

5523. Door Of Paper By Jayanta Mahapatra

5524. Kaalchakra, The Wheel Of Time

5525. Disco Dancer

5526. Contemporary Indian English Poetesses, Super Mod, Modernistic, Hi-Fi, Urban Fashionistas, Socialites And Miss Towns

5527. The Dove Of Peace By Stephen Gill

5528. The Leftist Agenda

5529. The Myths Of Dark Daughters (Poetry Of The Dark Daughters)

5530. The Leftist Strategy And Agenda

5531. Weep Not, Take You Heart, Wipe Out The Tears/ It’s Love Calling, Weep You Not, Wipe Out The Tears Falling From/ In Tears, Sighs & Sobs

5532. A Mad & Maniac Man (The Disturbed Psyche)

5533. The Indian Babas And Their Sex Scandals

5534. Ganjeri (A Marijuana Smoker)

5535. At The Fairground Of Life

5536. What Is Poetry? How To Define It?

5537. The Poetry Of Assam

5538. Julie, I Love You

5539. Sacrosanct Love/ Sacred Heart

5540. Om, Closing The Eyes Meditate You

5541. Rajiv Gandhi, A Nobleman Was He, The Definition Of A Gentleman

5542. India In The Eyes Of The Non-Resident Indians; Just A Mirage

5543. Dark Daughter (Dark You, Dark The World, The Myths Of)

5544. For Author Khushwant Singh

5545. I Have Sucked The Breast Of A Widow Whom You May Call Yasoda

5546. I Smile, Smile To Hear It

5547. The Girl With The Goats

5548. Your God-Gifted Face, Golden Brown Glistening Hair, Your Sweet Smiles, My Song Of Love

5549. The Poor Gipsy Girl Sucking The Breast Of Malnutrition As Her Mother/ The Daughter Of Sorrow

5550. The Romantic Artist

5551. A Lonely Woman Under Lonely Nights

5552. Jayanta Mahapatra, The Professor Of Physics As A Poet

5553. Natwarlal Too A Doctorate

5554. Let Me See And Verify

5555. The Maniac Man

5556. An Angrez Girl Want I To Be An English Poet

5557. The Politics Of Poets

5558. Nissim As A Poet Is A Minority Mouthpiece

5559. Haribans Rai Baachchan

5560. Keki Nasserwanji Daruwalla As I Have Known Him

5561. The Theatre Villain

5562. Thou’Rt My Father

5563. Bhang Pee Ke Mat Kahiye, Holi Hai (Having Taken Bhang, Say You Not, Holi Is)

5564. Black Poetry, White Poetry, Is Poetry So?

5565. I Saw A Ravishingly Beautiful Girl And Wanted To Capture The Photo Before

5566. Valentine’s Day, Is It Erotic Only?

5567. Where Sorrow Saddens Me, Grief Ruffles And Baffles Me

5568. I Saw An American Girl Exquisitely Beautiful

5569. Girish Karnad, Your Nagamandala, Not Yours, But Archetypal, Racial And Ethnic

5570. The Merchant Of Dreams, The Magician Of Words

5571. A Journey By Indian Train

5572. Poetry As Broken Lines

5573. Mulk Raj Anand

5574. Whose Garden Is This? Who The Gardener?

5575. You Inspire Me And I Shall Get Inspired

5576. The Day I Saw You Since Then

5577. The Missing Man Of Indian English Poetry, Adil Jussawalla

5578. The Black Bears

5579. Marwari Businessman Father-In-Law Want I Your Daughter

5580. Happy New Year, With A Bottle Of Daru Into The Hands, One Drunkard To Another

5581. The Flowers Will Burst Forth, Birds Will Tweet, But I Shall Not Be Here To See Them

5582. The Theatre Villain Gets The Filmfair Awards For The Best Opposite Actorship, But He Turns Otherman’s Sons Into Villains

5583. Hamlet, You Too Are Writing Poems

5584. Fanatic’s Daughter, Want I To Marry, Her Dad May Be Fanatical, But She Is Not

5585. Save Ther Poor Daughter Of India

5586. Mahatma Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

5587. One Not, But Three Bibis, Veiled Wives, Madams

5588. The History Of Earth I Could Not Know It

5589. A Lover Of A Muslim Girl Am I

5590. Just For A Kiss

5591. Smiling Buddha

5592. Shiva Ratri, The Night Of Shiva

5593. Do Not Call Her A Prostitute, She Is Not Patita, But Punita

5594. On Valentine’s Day

5595. For An Indian English Poet, A White Beloved (Haiku)

5596. Sadhu Baba, Sadhu Baba, When Shall I Be Married?

5597. Mera Dil Dhadakta Hain Tere Liye (My Heart Beats For You)

5598. Poetic Journalism

5599. The Oversoul, The Overmind, Want I To Know

5600. You Are My Life, Radha

5601. I Going To Celebrate International Women’s Day With My Burqawalli Bibi

5602. Nissim Ezekiel (1924-2004)

5603. The Girl Trafficked

5604. Indian Election

5605. The Monkey-Man

5606. April Fools’ Day

5607. Why Has God Made You So Beautiful?

5608. The Library Clerk Has Not Remained A Library Clerk

5609. The Dance Of The Santhal Girls

5610. My Identity (Ii)

5611. Tagore’s Gitanjali

5612. An Indian English Poet And His Tryst With An Alsatian Dog/ The Indian English Poet And The Englishman’s Dog

5613. I Am A Classicist And My Poetry A Study In Classicism

5614. Contemporary Indian English Poetry A Thing Of Mutual Admiration And Self-Praise

5615. The Poor Girl-Child Of India (On The Eve Of Children’s Day)

5616. The Poets Are The Mad Men And Poetry A Mad Man’s Babbling

5617. Hare Rama, Hare, Hare; Hare Krishna, Hare, Hare

5618. Poetry Of Himalayan Wisdom By Simanchal Patnaik

5619. In Bras, Panties And Nightwears, She Doing A Catwalk, A Bikini Babe, How To Paint Her And Portray Her? Is It Her Portrait?

5620. The Crow Is Crowing

5621. I Saw You And Fell In Love At Your First Glance

5622. The Wooden Been Music Of The Snake Charmers/ Cobra Music

5623. It Was First Kiss; Kissing You For The First Time

5624. O Time, Stop You, It’s My Birthday! Let Me Reminisce, Return Back To!

5625. Will You Be My Valentine? (Haiku)

5626. O Boatmaan, Thou Take The Boat Away

5627. Bura Mat Mano, Holi Hai (Take It Not Bad, This Is Holi)

5628. A Foreign Flower (Haiku)

5629. The Opening Of An English-Medium School In A Village-Town; Resounding With Good Morning, Please And Thank You—the Englishmen In The Making

5630. Mr. India And Miss India

5631. Your Sister (Haiku)

5632. Holi Hai, Holi Hai, Burra Mat Mano Holi Hain

5633. Thou’Rt My Hope, Thou’Rt My Despair

5634. Clay’s Body

5635. Nude Girls, Bikini Babes, Cabaret Dancers, Late Night Parties, Is This All?

5636. Indian English Wyatt, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Herbert, Herrick, Donne, Marvell, Keats, Wordsworth, Shelley, Coleridge, Arnold, Tennyson, Browning, Hardy, Eliot, Auden

5637. A Bihari Fool Asking His Daughter

5638. My Daughter, My Daughter, I Know It They Will Sell You

5639. I Am Time, Time, Indelible, Indestructible (Bilingual)

5640. Types Of Poetry

5641. For Suryakanta Mishra, O (Cpim) Opposition Leader… (Of Bengal In The Assembly House)

5642. Dark Daughter

5643. The Innocent Girl In A Bikini And A Lingerie

5644. For Chandramukhi, Moon-Faced Beauty

5645. My Bengali Most Selfish Wife/ The Woman Whom I Dislike Her Most

5646. Ukrainian Girl

5647. Tagore’s Lover’s Gift And Crossing

5648. Modern Indian English Poetry: A Minefield Of Nondescript No-Men Poets & No-Men Critics

5649. Drona (A Poem For Eklavya)

5650. Olden Age Papa And Modern Age Papa/ Papa’s Friends/There Was A Time When The Sons Used To Stay Away With

5651. The Last Time I Saw Them At The Foothills

5652. The Indian Widow

5653. I Am Busy, I Am Busy Now/ Sir, If You Are Busy, I Too Am Busy Now/ I Am Going

5654. The History Of Time, Life And The World

5655. Mother Kali

5656. Dark Is Dark, Let It Be

5657. How Are You, My Love? It’s The Dead Beloved Speaking

5658. The Missing Man Of Indian English Poetry: A Study Of Adil Jussawalla’s Poetry

5659. Hard Life

5660. Lord Buddha Seated On The Lotus

5661. Don’T Be Sad, My Little Daughter, Smile You Wiping The Tears

5662. The Lonely Fox Going (Haiku)

5663. The Theatre Of The Absurd- Ii

5664. In Stephen Gill’s Poetry

5665. Ek Ladki Bahut Khubsurat, Kahani Ka Plot Jo Mil Gaya

5666. I Waited For, Waited For You, But You Didn’T

5667. My Heart Beat It (Haiku)

5668. Caste, Class, Creed And Dalit Literature

5669. My Hidden Love For That Saudi Arabian Girl/In The Memory Of A Burkawalli/My Tryst With Burkawalli? After All Love Is Love/ All For Love/ Who Is For Love Not?

5670. I Love You, Love You, Say Do You Love Me, Love Me?

5671. Jayanta Mahaptra’s A Rain Of Rites

5672. Light In Darkness

5673. A Beautiful Girl, A Beautiful Tale

5674. A Portrait Of A Punjabi Girl

5675. A Portrait Of A Simple Girl

5676. Poetry, What Is Poetry?

5677. The Satirist’s Art In The Art Of Satire

5678. A Poetry Series

5679. The Lungi Dance, You Have No Dance Item To Do

5680. D.H.Lawrence Was Not A Yogi, But A Bhogi (An Indian Sadhu Or An English Sadhu?) T

5681. I Want You, I Want You So Much

5682. The House Does Not Remain A House In Teh Absence Of The Kith And Kin

5683. I Write Poetry For Self-Pleasure

5684. A Smiling Girl

5685. Silent Spring

5686. A Red Rose For You, My Love (Velentine Day Special)

5687. What Is Poetry? If You Ask And Take Their Views

5688. Indian English Drama

5689. Poetry, What Is Poetry? Poetry Is Written Words

5690. It Is None But Modern Man Who Will Bring Ruin And Devastation To This Worlddev

5691. God, Save Me From Indian English Poets (Ii)

5692. Your Affection, Your Sympathy, I Need Them Most

5693. Gentleman, You Do Not Say, God Gives, God Gives, God Hasn”T Asked You To Father So Many

5694. An Indian Girl Wanting To Look Like A Foreigner, Brownish & Glistening

5695. Who Am I? (Latest)

5696. Poetry Is Written Words

5697. The Falling Temples Of Chandrakona

5698. Poet, Poet, Poet, God Save Me From

5699. Indian Thought & Culture

5700. Savitri By Aurobindo

5701. A Poor Girl, Holding The Daughter’s Hand

5702. The Mystery And Beauty Of Nature

5703. The Girl Child Of India

5704. Where There Is Voice For Peace, Think It That It Is Of Stephen Gill

5705. Say You Not About The Northeast Indian English Poets

5706. God, Save Me, Save Me From The Mad Poets

5707. Indian English Poetry: A Historical Perspective

5708. What Is Indian English Poetry? (As Per Poets’ Thematic Crux)

5709. The Poets Are Coming, Let Me Hide Behind To Escape Them

5710. Was Draupadi A Woman Movementeer?

5711. Good Morning, Said He

5712. Is It Poetry? Yes, It Is Poetry

5713. Papa’s Daughter, Only Papa’s

5714. The Father Of A Ganejri Son, A Bad Boy

5715. Snowy Caps Of The Mountains

5716. A Fanatic’s Son Will Be A Fanatic

5717. The Cinema Halls Lie They Empty & Deserted

5718. Tusu, The Goddess Of Harvest

5719. Good Morning, Said I And With It Saw I The Flowers Smiling

5720. Shah Rukh’s Word Is Not Last Word On Intolerance

5721. When Had We Been Intolerant? Disharmonious? Say You

5722. Meri Bei Ko Dekh Lene To Dijiye Jaraa (Let Me See My Small Daughter A Bit)

5723. Terrorist (Say You)

5724. Savitri, A Lotus Of Imagination

5725. Poor India’s Poor Daughter Going To Read

5726. Beef, Beef, Beef, Who Has Forbidden You To Take, Take To Your Full? What Am I Hearing And Where Is The Discussion Going?

5727. Sitting On The Circus Gallery Benches, Heard I The Music, The Music Of Humanity, The Melodies Breaking And Taking Me Far Away

5728. The Buffalo Men Too Leaders In Bihar

5729. Is Poetry A Dying Art?

5730. Poetry, All About Poetry

5731. A Blooming Lotus

5732. The Song Of Love Sing I, Whsitle I

5733. God, Save Me From Poets, Indian English Poets

5734. Salman Rushdie, I Sketch The Portrait Of His

5735. Jayanta Mahapatra As An Imagist

5736. Kali, How To Paint Her?

5737. The Phantoms Of Time

5738. Modern Indian English Poetry Represents It Not The Whole Of India, Indian Thought And Culture

5739. Poetry, What Is Poetry? The Thematic Base Of It

5740. A Small Statue Of Nataraja Shiva

5741. Losing My Innocence And Ignorance

5742. Your Plans For The Honeymoon, A Lift From The Busy Schedule

5743. Nude Girls And Their Photogrphs, Is This Modern Culture?

5744. Maya My Wife, My Son And Daughter/ The World Of Maya

5745. What An English, Facebookian, Twitterian!

5746. What Is In History?

5747. Snakes

5748. The Night Of The Jackals

5749. Chandni

5750. Modern Art

5751. Who Has Time To Read Poetry?

5752. Poems Which Influenced Me In The Beginning

5753. The Jaina And His Jainism

5754. Shiv K.Kumar

5755. Good Morning, Sir; Morning, Morning; How Are You? ; I’m Fine

5756. Modern Day Mom

5757. Poetry, Poetry, Poetry, Will Madden Me And You/ You Poetry My Madness

5758. What It Is In Her? Try To Love Her, The Daughter Of A Fanatic

5759. The Small Sister Waiting For The Brother To Tie A Rakhi On The Wrist Of Her Brother

5760. Your Eyes Are So Beautiful, Dark, Deep And Beautiful

5761. A Japanese Girl, How Beautiful Is She! A Doll From Japan

5762. Thou Hast Made Me, Given This Birth To Me

5763. Stepehn Gill As A Singer Of Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

5764. A Little-Educated Black Girl

5765. In India, It’s Impossible, Impossible To Be An Indian English Poet, It’s Impossible, Quite Impossible

5766. Mein Nadi Ke Kinare Khada Huya, Ek Bahut Chhoti-Shi Nadi (Bilingual, Hindi To English)

5767. My Daughter The Daughter Of Maya

5768. Haikus- Ii

5769. Hazara Singh’ Aspirations

5770. How Mad I Am! (Haiku)

5771. The Definition Of Poetry

5772. A Rain Of Rites By Jayanta Mahapatra

5773. Will You Marry Me? Do You Love Me Really? , Said She Innocently/ Love Marriage

5774. Happy Birthday To You Not, Happy New Year To You!

5775. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose

5776. Loss Of Innocence

5777. As A Man Think I Sometimes, What My Duty, What My Responsibility?

5778. His Father Had Not Been An English Man, But The Son Speaks He Tongue-Twister’s English, A Walking Dictionary Not, But A Phonetician

5779. Jobless Asses And Horses

5780. My Daughter, Little Daughter

5781. Sorry, If I Have Hurt Your Feelings, Extremely Sorry

5782. I Love You- -Ii

5783. Good Morning. Good Morning To You (Ii)

5784. The Music Comes By H.S.Bhatia

5785. Second Marriage

5786. March To Ukraine (A Prayer For Peace)

5787. My M. Phil. Thesis, Contemporary Indian English Poetry A Study In Bluff-Masters

5788. A Journey By Train

5789. Communism, Red Communism (Haiku)

5790. Poets, Poets, Poets And Poetry

5791. Romantic

5792. Sacrifice Your Life But Keeping In View Your Family

5793. Europe Is Europe, The West Will Remain The West, Do Not Make It Multi-Cultit

5794. Dreamgirl, Where Do You Come From?

5795. My Mother, I Find Her Not, O God!

5796. The Shepherd With The Flock Of Sheep

5797. Who Am I?

5798. Poetry, Poetry, The Heart Of The Matter

5799. Today’s World Is Of Djs, Disco Jockeys, Not The Common Men

5800. Indian English Itself Is Not Indian

5801. Daddy, My Daddy, I Love You, Daddy

5802. My Daughter, Small Daughter, The Blossom Of My Heart

5803. Do Not Destroy You Beautiful Ukraine With Nasty Politics

5804. On Seeing You For The First Time, Fundamentalist Dad’s Lovely Daughter

5805. The Small Poets’ Life Insurance Policy

5806. Drugs, Drugs Can Never Give You Happiness, I Fear To See You Drugged Eyes

5807. Apni Dehati Wife Ke Sang On The Eve Of International Women’s Day

5808. Silence, My Silence, Your Silence, The Silence Of Word

5809. The Poetic Art, Concept And Style Of Jayanta Mahapatra

5810. My Inspiration Are You, The Day I Saw You

5811. American Love/ My American Theme, But I Not An American

5812. Relationship (Jayanta Mahapatra’s Relationship)

5813. An English Girl, So Beautiful And Lovely!

5814. Forget Not Your Lovely Sister

5815. Thou Art The Ferryman, O My Lord

5816. The Waste Land And T.S.Eliot

5817. On Mother’s Day

5818. I Do Not Want To Hear About Northeast Indian English Verse Practitioners

5819. Seminar Presentation

5820. Mother, My Mother, Good Mother, Mother, In Your Memory (Forgotten Love)

5821. Khushwant Singh: A Portrait Of An Artist

5822. Bob Dylan, The Guitarist As A Song-Writer, An Icon Of Pop American Culture

5823. Her English Is Stormy, British And Accented Well, My English Not So Good, Frankly Speaking, I Cannot Like Copycat Convent School Educated, Even Failing Original Speakers

5824. Mother’s Love, Father’s Love, Sister’s Love, Brother’s Love And The Old House

5825. American Heart & Love, Sing I; A Singer Of Americanness & Americana

5826. The Medieval Period Is The Period Of Indian History

5827. Call Centre’s English, Disco Jockey’s English, Changing Trends Of English

5828. Foreigner Girl, I Just See You At The Airport Going With The Bag And Baggage

5829. Bharat Ki Garib Bitia (India’s Poor Girl Child)

5830. Broken Family, Broken Relationships, Wrong Attitude, Wrong Rearing, The Bruised Domestic Frontg

5831. “why Does He Read So Much, Remain Lost In His Studies? ”

5832. The Phases Of Life

5833. A Lonely Man In A Lonely World Walking The Ways Of Life

5834. The Communist Party Of India

5835. The Strict Teacher And The Bad Boy: A Lesson In Discipline

5836. Walt Whitman

5837. Haikus Collected

5838. I Am A Disco Dancer Even Though I Know It Not, Just Say It By The Way

5839. The Hero

5840. Indian English-Ii

5841. Flowers Of Love, Dream-Flowers

5842. Women’s Language, Women’s Heart, Women’s Soul

5843. The Daughter Of The Hills: A Biography Of A Santali Girl/ The Song Of The Santal Maiden

5844. Indian English Poetry

5845. Chand She Chandni (Moonlight From The Moon)

5846. A Beautiful Girl

5847. Happy New Year To You! Happy New Near!

5848. Leaves Of Grass [faces] By Walt Whitman

5849. Stephen Gill As I Have Known Him

5850. Keki N.Daruwalla’s Crossing Of Rivers And The Keeper Of The Dead

5851. Meri Beti (My Daughter)

5852. self-Image

5853. A Fashion Designer I, Saying, It’s My Style

5854. A Yoga Master Or A Sex Guru? / A Yogi Or An Indian Sex Guru? (For The Americans)

5855. They Are Gathering To Celebrate April Fool’s Day

5856. Culture

5857. An Assessment Of Indian English Poetry

5858. The Song From The Heart