1. Epilogue To The Padlock

2. Nerve thy soul with doctrines noble

3. The Devil’s Nine Questions

4. Although things are not perfect

5. Red River Valley

6. On A Tired Housewife

7. Santa’s New Idea

8. Christmas Presents

9. The Cruel Mother

10. The Unquiet Grave

11. I’ll Stretch It a Little

12. Twelfth Song of Thunder

13. The Bridge Builder

14. I Shall Be Married on Monday Morning

15. The Nameless Maiden

16. Moo, Moo, Brown Cow

17. Mr Nobody

18. The Owl and the Fox

19. The Night After Christmas

20. Lend a Hand

21. Little Lessons

22. It Takes Courage

23. I Eat My Peas with Honey

24. Sister Without Peer

25. The Twelve Days Of Christmas

26. Death Of An Innocent

27. There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

28. It Takes Courage

29. Courage

30. The Bonny Earl Of Murray

31. The Miracle Of Friendship

32. When Flora Had O’Erfret The Firth

33. May In The Green-Wood

34. Godfrey Gordon

35. Phillada Flouts Me

36. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

37. I Don’T Want To Die

38. O Burr

39. The Braes O’Yarrow

40. Helen Of Kirconnell

41. Riddle

42. The Bonnie House O’ Airlie

43. The Dowie Houms Of Yarrow

44. The Queen’s Marie

45. She’Ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain

46. Old English Riddle

47. Quia Amore Langueo

48. Hey Nonny No!

49. Midnight Special

50. Lusty May

51. Madrigal, Davison’s Poetical Rhapsody

52. Key To Friendship

53. The Wife Of Usher’s Well

54. The Nut-Brown Maid

55. Spring-Tide

56. The Bells Of Hell

57. Christmas is Coming

58. Twa Corbies

59. Preparations

60. The Lass Of Lochroyan

61. To A Nun

62. Pipe And Can

63. I Have A Gentil Cock

64. My Love In Her Attire

65. Soldiers Who Wish To Be A Hero

66. The Lover In Winter Plaineth For The Spring

67. The Wakening, John Attye’s First Book Of Airs

68. Binnorie

69. London Bells

70. My Heart Is High Above

71. Cuckoo Song

72. Balow

73. This World’s Joy

74. Carol

75. The Forsaken Bride

76. The Old Cloak

77. Edom O’Gordon

78. The Seven Virgins

79. Icarus, Robert Jones’s Second Book Of Songs And Airs

80. The Call

81. Phyllida’s Love-Call

82. Clerk Saunders

83. Waly, Waly

84. The Now Jerusalem, Song Of Mary The Mother Of Christ (London: E. Allde)

85. My Friend Judge Not Me

86. To Her Sea-Faring Lover

87. Edom O’ Gordon

88. My Lady’s Tears, John Dowland’s Third And Last Book Of Songs Or Airs

89. The Creation Of The Moon

90. Lord Randall

91. Love Not Me For Comely Grace, John Wilbye’s Second Set Of Madrigals

92. Vitipuration Falls

93. Sighs

94. Two Rivers

95. As Ye Came From The Holy Land

96. At Liberty I Sit And See

97. A Lyke-Wake Dirge

98. If All The World Were Paper

99. The Means To Attain Happy Life

100. Cradle Song

101. Fair Helen

102. Tears, John Dowland’s Third And Last Book Of Songs Or Airs

103. Since First I Saw Your Face, Thomas Ford’s Music Of Sundry Kinds

104. Devotion, Captain Tobias Hume’s The First Part Of Airs, &C.

105. Of A Rose, A Lovely Rose, Of A Rose Is Al Myn Song.

106. The Rain

107. Love Will Find Out The Way

108. The Twa Corbies

109. Alison

110. Westron Wind, When Wilt Thou Blow?

111. Blow, Northern Wind

112. Edward, Edward

113. The Time When I First Fell In Love

114. Will He No Come Back Again?

115. Fair Annie

116. Sir Patrick Spence

117. Barbara Allen’s Cruelty

118. A Riddle

119. Sister, Awake!, Thomas Bateson’s First Set Of English Madrigals

120. A Hymn To The Virgin

121. Tam Lin

122. Complaint Of The Absence Of Her Lover Being Upon The Sea

123. There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind, Thomas Ford’s Music Of Sundry Kinds

124. Frankie And Johnnie

125. Angelica The Doorkeeper

126. Winter Solstice

127. God And The Soldier

128. Two Little Shadows

129. Advice To A Lover

130. The Three Ravens

131. O Death, O Death, Rock Me Asleep

132. Sir Gowther 

133. Sir Degare

134. Lay le Freine

135. Erle of Tolous

136. Emare

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