This Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

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The love of a muse like Orange Street,
The pen of a writer like Banana Street,
This poem will teach many yet unborn.
From Marcus Garvey to Haile Selassie,
From Haile Selassie to Bob Marley,
From Bob Marley to all;
This poem is from a realm to guide many.

No bones for the dogs,
No fish for the cats,
Like the life in Guantanamo Bay!

Honey for my child,
Chocolates for your children,
Molasses for us all to learn from eachother.
This poem is like the White City Stadium,
This poem is like the Montego Bay,
This poem is like St. William Grant Park,
This poem is like the life in Downtown Kingston,
This poem is like James Bond Beach,
This poem is like one walking through Trench Town,
This poem is the Mustard Seed that grows around you,
This poem is to all mankind,
This poem will teach many yet unborn;
For, life is all about us.

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