This Natural Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

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This poem is natural and,
It is flowing through the air to touch your heart;
So, if you read it now,
You will surely understand who we are on this earth!
For every new change needs a new start.

Colour your life with much changes and,
Colour your life with true love!
Then you will understand the muse of this natural poem;
And like the joy of peace in the land of many rivers.

This natural poem,
Said, paid, maid, laid, aid, raid;
In the Twelfth Moon and,
On the twenty-fifth day of the moon!
For i am always found in the city when you need me;
But the military servive was taken over by your neighbour.

A network,
A royal guard,
A bronze top!
Encircling it with the muse of love,
And like the poorest people with close associates;
But the famine in East Africa is so severe! !

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