The Honest Slave by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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From dawn to dusk
I work for you,
From dusk to dawn
I think for you,
When do I think of them
who are born of me
not through you?

You pay me for
What and how I work
For you and your gains.
I never blame the Sun
In the noon for it’s hot
Nor to the rains.

Althrough the night
My nerves tense for
What the work next lay,
From home to office
I run for you, you call
Be it night or day.

You made me forget Sir
What my children want,
What a spouse needs.
You made me an ant small
To carry fifty times loads,
With your large heart, words.

We shall remain low,
Narrow and rustic minds,
Small and smart slaves,
Till you are so great
Rich and smiling cats,
care us such, we braves.

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