The Glass Bead (The Saga Of My Sati-6) by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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For a moment or two
It was you

Looking at me with the fluid eyes,
Hooking with me down those fire-lips,
Cracking at a rhythm of strange air,
Missing only the soil of my soul fair,
You entered into
The space I resumed,
The Time I perceived,
The silence of words and
The noise of silence in me.

I dared not stop
Nor look back,
Lest I should miss
A single beat of your heart,
And auspicious presence
You forced inside.

All the elements there
Blazed bright, Shone
With their unique individual smiles-
On their own lips, own eyes,
Everything that they possessed,
Was transforming into a bead-
A bead of glass, as seen
Through the crystal eyes of
Eternal Time and Cosmic Space! !

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