Summer Festival by Gajanan Mishra

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Are you taking the pleasure of summer
Here within this AC chamber
Where there is fifty degree celcious?
Where common people are
Dying in hunger and in thirst/
From where people are
going for bonded labour
for their livelihood?
You have taken the votes
form the common people and
enjoying all luxuries
out of their tax money,
they are not getting
a drop of water to drink,
not getting a meal in a day?
Their children are going to
schools where there is no techer
to teach them in proper way.
You are talking with the common people
In a language that is not theirs’.
You are calling them
brothers and sisters
at the time of election
But telling goodbye after that.
Yes, you are observing summer festival,
go and observe at the cost of
the interest of the common men.
The common men are dead, go
and see and dance on their
dead body.
Only for you the summer has arrived.
Give the poor, laborers, farmers
rice at one rupee
meal with five rupees
That are not availble though.
You have came to enjoy the summer here,
We have no objection, my dear.
We know, we have no power to object also.
You are so powerful un wealth
and in all respect we cannot
raise any voice.

This is a translation of the poem Kharatiaa Maja by gajanan mishra

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