Submission Guidelines for Basic National Anthologies

Submission guidelines and Basic points about this Project -

  • You can send poem/short story for submissions in Basic National Anthologies
  • Poem length - 20 Lines maximum
  • short story length - 3000 words maximum
  • One poet can send only 1 entries (short stories or poem)
  • Selection will be done by Editorial Team of PWO
  • The book will be available on in India.
  • Book will be available on for International Distribution.
  • Book will be published for free which includes everything cover designing, isbn registration, placement, PWO book store placement. Poet only has to pay if he wishes to buy the book or recieve Internation Recognisation Certificate of Achievement from us.
  • 90 copies for the book will be printed in 1ST Print run in our 6 printing press and 3 Partner press in 8 different countries.
  • If selected you will be informed by E MAIL id
  • If you are Residing out of India, and you wish to buy the copy you must may additional charges for delivery of courier to your place.
  • You get a Chance to be Editor in our Anthologies if you are selected Poet and have Qualified our International Editor Qualification Test (IEQD)

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