Submission Guidelines For Advanced International Anthologies

Submission guidelines and basic points about this project -

  • You can send poem/short story for submissions in Advanced International Anthologies
  • Poem length - 20 Lines maximum
  • short story length - 3000 words maximum
  • One poet can send maximum of 5 entries (both short stories and poems)
  • Selection will be done by Editorial Team of PWO
  • If selected you will be informed via your email id.
  • If selected you need to process the project fee - 1500 INR/poem And 2500 INR/story
  • If you are Residing out of India, you must may additional charges for delivery of courier to your place.
  • All selected poets will be featured with posters on facebook and google with advertisements
  • The book will be available on in India.
  • Book will be available on for International Distribution.
  • Books will be sent to International libraries with help of our Regional offices and Partner units Abroad.
  • 150 copies for the book will be printed in 1ST Print run in our 6 printing press and 3 Partner press in 8 different countries.
  • The Selected poets get a copy and an International Certicate delivered to Indian Address (For Delivery to address outside india will be paid extra)
  • You get a Chance to be Editor in our Anthologies if you are selected Poet and have Qualified our International Editor Qualification Test (IEQD)

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