Songs Of Wives-01: Draupadi-03-The Blessed Life by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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It was easy
to please
the greatest of Gods,
but so difficult
to please the husbands
all human
with aspirations supreme
and ambitions high.

Each moment
seemed like a day,
and the day
appeared like ages
She had to discriminate
between them,
to choose between them
among those aspirants
all her nearest and
her dearest ones.

And now she had
a dilemma to work out-
to accept and allow
one to live with her,
and to keep away others-
so dear to her and her heart,
all wedded to her
to her body and mind and soul,
all her soul mates-
to let others be so much
traumatic without her
at such close proximity
to live by without her.

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