Songs Of Wives-01: Draupadi-01 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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I am Draupadi,
The human incarnation
of five great wishes

Wish to partner
the greatest and the best
king on Earth-
One who uphold Dharma and is
a symbol of justice and austerity.

Wish to partner
the bravest and strongest
hero on Earth
One who thrashes every evil will
with his muscles of strength and vigour.

Wish to partner
the greatest ever dreamer
and archer on Earth
One who shoots every target-
be it mundane or celestial
with his ambitions extreme
and aspirations supreme.

Wish to partner
the most handsome person and
warrior on Earth
One who attracts every heart
maiden or jovial,
with his delicacy and elegance.

Wish to partner
the most intelligent and wise
person on Earth
One who solves every riddle of life-
with his unparalleled wit and wisdom.

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