Songs Of Discovery: 02 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Who told you so
that I am obedient?
who told you
on my behalf that
I shall be at your beck and call
as and when required
by a girl who once
pretended to be my beloved,
by a boy who often
acted like a brother.
by a man who many often
made me think him a leader.
by a woman who more than thrice
tricked me into pits unknown.
by a beggar who, several times
made me succumb to his wish.
It is not my fault
to have a mind of my own
that loves to explore,
It’s not my fault
to have a soft heart
that melts at a tear.
It’s not my fault
to have an urge within
to abide by the rules.
But what makes you think
that my humility
is my weakness? ?
And my being polite
and sensible is
a free ticket
an easy access? ?

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