Songs Of Discovery: 01 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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I must do it
on my own,
In my own way
and style-
Whether it pleases you or not,
Whether it smoothes yours
dreams, desire, plans
and myriad agendas
set by the society or not,
I don’t care,
I dare walk the talk,
with the soul within,
I dare think aloud
I dare talk in silence,
I dare run the remaining miles
Without a horse below,
without a roof above,
without a book along,
without a scripture
preloaded with rules.
I can think without
your help, aid and teaching.
I can wait without
the hope, the faith or reward.
I can retreat without
a remorse, repentance or grief.
I am a seeker, not a seer.
I find me in the quest
I find me in the questions
Never in the nests,
Never in the answers.
For I am myself,
not anyone else.

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