Song Of The Blue Lagoon: – 01: A Honeymoon by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Take me there alone
Oh dear
To a place
On this planet of love.

Where the seas never
Bathed me naked
like my mum in the bath tub.

To a place
Where the forests never
Shaded my bare skin
With their towel of shade.

To a place
Where the buds never
Looked at my face
Envy at their blooming heart.

To a place
Where the winds
never heard my name
with so sweet a tone.

To a place
where the eyes
never saw my face,
full of beauty and elegance.

To a place
Where nobody sees us
Within embraces bared
Nobody hears us
With heartbeats shared
Nobody to dare
Feel us there
Only you, and your heart
me and mine,
and us.

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