Sensitive and romantic at heart – Dr. VANDITA DHARNI

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Know our Poet/Storyteller-Dr.Vandita Dharni

In the following interview, we will try to bring you the different aspects of the multi-dimensional personalty of our contributors which has made them the treasure house of unparalleled creativity in the field of literature.

Our heartfelt welcome to the Fire Anthology Family…Hope you would enjoying these association with us 🙂


Well, how has been your day ??? *


To start with, may we have a quick intro of yours, such as name, place and what you do usually for living ? *

Yes, certainly. It would be an honour.

How do you describe yourself – a person of poetry or prose and why ? *

As a student of English, I was particularly fascinated with poetry. I would spend most of my waking hours reading poems of the Elizabethan and Victorian poets. Modern poets too impressed me like Ted Hughes and Silvia Plath. I embarked on a poetic journey of my own inspired by these stalwarts of poetry. I began to write poems and finally published my first anthology, Quintessential Outpourings last year. I do write short stories, some of which have been published in the GNOSIS journal. But poetry will always be my first love.

What is your favourite theme for story telling or for that matter, for poetry and why ? *

I have written poems on varied social themes but my favourite genre or theme is romance and love. Infact, my second anthology of poems that is on the verge of getting published is based on love in all its diverse shades and forms. I feel that I have a natural flair for writing romance and my poems have been well received. I am sensitive and a romantic at heart which makes me extremely perceptive about human emotions. I have always subscribed to the fact that love makes the world go round.

Have you experienced ‘creative block’ ? How do you deal with it ? *

In my writing career so far I have not experienced a creative block. There are times when I feel more inspired to write and then I go on pouring out my thoughts for hours.

Coming to the Fire anthology, our readers will like to know what inspired you to contribute in the Fire Anthology, presented by Poetry World Organization ? *

I have been a member of this poetry group since a long time. The concept of a Fire anthology intrigued me as I found it was a novel and a unique idea. Therefore, without wasting further time, I composed a poem specially for that theme and sent it.

What ‘Fire’ means to you ? How do you see ‘Fire’ in your life ? *

Fire,according to me is an extremely powerful element of nature. Its purifying power can resurrect many a soul that is dead in spirit. Fire also consumes any kind of negativity prevalent in the cosmos and generates an enthusiasm and passion to pursue and achieve our goals. Fire has been an indispensable part of my life. My dream of attaining success in the literary world came to fruition only because of the fire that burned within me. My parents and teachers were instrumental in reigniting that fire for writing that was always embedded in the core of my heart.

Your experience as a contributor to the Fire Anthology by PWO ?? *

I feel honoured to be a part of this excellent team of literary geniuses. We have been interacting with each other and its been a wonderful and enriching experience.

Few words of your suggestion to the Team Fire Anthology ?? *

My only suggestion would be that they continue coming up with such interesting and thought provoking themes and anthologies in future too. This would inspire us to contribute more of our poems.

Would you recommend among your friends and family to contribute in the upcoming anthologies of PWO ? *

Certainly,I would recommend it to friends and family. It is a very suitable platform for poets to express their thoughts in an unrestrained manner and without any inhibitions.

Lastly but not the least, how best you can describe yourself in three words ?? *

Creative, perceptive and self motivated.

Before we sign off, any last message for your readers ? *

I would encourage the readers to develop a love for reading books rather than spending too much of quality time surfing on the internet.

It was nice talking with you, have a great day… all the best for your future endeavours …See you soon…Byee…. *

Bye and good luck for your future endeavours!

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