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Know our Poet/Storyteller-Sujit Mukerjee

In the following interview, we will try to bring you the different aspects of the multi-dimensional personality of our contributors which has made them the treasure house of unparalleled creativity in the field of literature.

Our heartfelt welcome to the Fire Anthology Family…Hope you would enjoying these association with us 🙂


Well, how has been your day ??? *


To start with, may we have a quick intro of yours, such as name, place and what you do usually for living ? *

I am Sujit Mukherjee, I am from Delhi ,I am senior professional manager with a multinational company

How do you describe yourself – a person of poetry or prose and why ? *

Prose, poetry , photography and cooking are my hobbies . I have authored 6 books , 13 books of poems , one cook book .

What is your favourite theme for story telling or for that matter, for poetry and why ? *

I am a keen observer of nature , humanity and the almighty . I chronicle my observations in my writing ..

Have you experienced ‘creative block’ ? How do you deal with it ? *

I have never faced any creative block .

Coming to the Fire anthology, our readers will like to know what inspired you to contribute in the Fire Anthology, presented by Poetry World Organization ? *

I am ignited by the Fire of creativity most of the time . Thus the title FIRE attracted my attention .

What ‘Fire’ means to you ? How do you see ‘Fire’ in your life ? *

Answered in the previous question .

Your experience as a contributor to the Fire Anthology by PWO ?? *


Few words of your suggestion to the Team Fire Anthology ?? *

Keep bringing out such anthologies . Promote your website , draw more authors ,poets to your site by social media . Define what you stand for ?

Would you recommend among your friends and family to contribute in the upcoming anthologies of PWO ? *

Yes , of course

Lastly but not the least, how best you can describe yourself in three words ?? *


Before we sign off, any last message for your readers ? *

Search for truth in everyday life , demystify life .

It was nice talking with you, have a great day… all the best for your future endeavours …See you soon…Byee…. *


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