Seam-Less Dream, Upside-Down Cake by Sandra Feldman

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Things are not what they seem,
No longer words mean what they mean,
A Surrealistic Dream,
Come true.

These are wild Times,
Not worth too many dimes,
Riddles playing Fiddles,
Sanity Screams,
Irresponsibility Beams,
Comes loose at the Seams!

‘Read All About It’
Headline News,
‘The Plate ran away with the Spoon’,
Or was it the Fork?
Did the Cow really jump over the Moon?
If she did, then we know,
The Moon is made of Swiss cheese,
Bon Appetit!

Things are not what they seem,
Could I please go back,
And take a look,
‘Thru the Looking-Glass,
Maybe the things there,
Really came to pass,
It was not just Alice’s Dream,
And this horrible Present,
Could return to the Past,
And things could be what they seem.

But now, what we have is,
A World without Rhyme for no Reason,
That’s how it is, now don’t complain,
I just want to know Who got us there?
And left Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard bare.

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