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Present day-

Mom: Mihika, wake up it’s already 8am or else you will be late for your office.

Mihika:  oh shit! I was sleeping for so long?

Mom: go fresh up and run

And her mom left the room

Mihika: hold on. I was dreaming but who was he?

After dinner when I was again back in my bed I started thinking what exactly I saw yesterday night.

The dream-

I was going to office and somehow I missed my office pickup car and someone offered me lift in his bike. As I was in a hurry I accepted it and that person dropped me to the office I said him thanks and we exchanged numbers.

Present day-

Oh gosh! I couldn’t remember his name. Then what happened?

The dream-

Next day that person was already waiting and intentionally I again missed the pickup car. And we decided to meet after office.  We went to the Cafeteria near my office.

Present day-

But what conversations did we have?

The dream-

Me: hey, I’m Mihika

That guy: Am Aryan

Present day-

Oh yess!! I remember his name

The dream-

Mihika: thanks for yesterday’s lift. Or else I would be marked late.

Aryan: yeah I can get that. Its fine

Mihika: so the treat will be on me today

Aryan: but I invited you

Mihika: it’s okay we will meet again.

In fact he dropped me home also.

Then we had our long conversations in whatsapp

Again the next day he was waiting for me and as usual we met after the office in the same cafeteria. But that day we came to know about each other’s likes, dislike & hobbies.

Almost for two days this meeting session continued

While he was on the way to drop me home I remember I said: tomorrow is my holiday so don’t wait for me.

Aryan: are you serious?

Mihika: yes. Why?

Aryan: even it’s my holiday. What a co incidence. So tomorrow lets go for a whole day outing.

Mihika: yes. I can go. We are already good friends.

Aryan: time 10.00am in the morning. Venue you decide

Mihika: I really don’t know. Acha lets decide in whatsapp. Bye. Goodnight

In our conversations he said no need to decide the place just be there on time.

Next morning I went before time

Aryan: you look gorgeous in red

Mihika: thank you. By the way where are we going?

Aryan: do you trust me?

Mihika: yes, of course & what kind of a question is this?

Aryan: then stop questioning

We reached the cinema hall

Aryan: our first stop

Mihika: Meri Pyaari Bindu?

Aryan: yes, and then lunch. In the evening for a long walk then dinner & then I will drop you home

Mihika: long plans. Now let’s go.

Present day-

We had discussed a lot about the movie but I don’t remember that as I had already watched the movie a week ago.

The dream-

Then we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and he ordered everything of my favourite

In the evening we went to the riverside for a long walk

After a long walk I was literally tired

Mihika: I’m tired I can’t walk anymore

Aryan: ice cream?

Mihika: of course

Aryan: here you go

Mihika: even you know my favourite ice cream? Wow. What else you know?
 Aryan: I know many things but mihika I want to say you some thing

Mihika: yes say

Aryan: I like you Mihika

Mihika: but

Aryan: I like you the way a boy likes a girl. No need to answer. We are still friends.

Mihika: in fact I like you too

Aryan: finished with the ice cream? Then let’s go for the walk again

This time we started walking holding each other’s hand

After our long conversations while walking we stopped at a point where the whole riverside can be seen. The riverside was well decorated, cool breeze was blowing. The ambience was so good we hugged each other tightly and he was just going to kiss me

Present day-

I heard mom shouting: Mihika, wake up you are again late for your office.

Mihika: yes, mom

I got fresh up and sat to think

When did I slept yesterday? I was dreaming again?

Then what was yesterday’s dream?

Oh god, this time I really need to find what’s happening with me.

The outing was the dream of next night?

I’m dreaming of the same boy since two nights.

I went in front of the mirror

Oh god, I’m blushing.  I’m in love?

Aryan haan? Nice name.

Suddenly I remembered a song “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kabh Ayegi Tu”

I said to myself “Mere Sapno Ka Raja Kabh Ayega Tu”


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  1. Sansthita Chattopadhyay
    October 18, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    woah keep writing dear

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