Remembering You Sharbari – 01 by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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At this hour of my night
all of a sudden
You knocked mild
on the door of my heart
while I was all alone,
alone with me
and my poems within
deep within my heart
with a surge of emotions
like the tide
on the full moon,
I was in a state
of a ship, submerged
beneath the sea of thoughts.

You knocked again,
This time a bit louder.
My heart lost
a beat or two,
Bewildered with my
Mind indecisive and perplexed
and thedenial mode
within, not to allow
anyone to pervade
into the sands of my soul
at this juncture,
I tried
to listen to my heart.
It smiled mild,
As if a nod
to the question
Taunting me.
And I opened the door.

(to be continued)

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