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Book Title : Queendom Of Dreams

Author : Alisha Adhana

Published By : Blue Rose Publishers

Length : 36 pages

Rate of the book : Rs.125

Book format : Paperback

Reviewed By : Dr.Niveditha BDS.,



Overall Ratings : 3.5/5

Title : 4/5

Cover : 3.5/5

Theme: 4/5

Cost : 4/5

Narration : 3/5



Queendom of Dreams is a collection of 19 poems by a young poet Alisha Adhana. The poems revolves around the theme of love and emotions. Being a 19 year old poet, Alisha has done justice to her book. The readers could decipher all the poems effortlessly. The use of rhyming words blended well in all the places adding beauty to each poem.

The poet has made the right choice of title and the cover design. One could fathom that this book is suitable for the younger populations i.e age of 12-18 years by its design and the poetry’s style. The soul theme of the book is quite good and it would pique the interest of young teens. The artist has done a really great job in the sketches that were in between the poems.

The poems especially “The bewildered endearment”, “The radiant solitude”, “With love:I miss you” are my favourite. Not much errors were found but I felt few words seemed to be a misfit in certain places. And short forms like ‘lil’ and ‘n’ should be avoided.  I suggest the poet to read a lot and improve her writing. But for her age, the poet has written a very good book.

I wish the young poet to reach greater heights in her upcoming books.



                A good book for young teens.

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