Quantum Of Space You Fill by Subhas Chandra Chakra

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So often today
You have entered me,
Like a cool summer breeze,
Through the Sun-burnt grooves.
Giggles of funny encounters
Between us, ages ago-
Knock often on my eardrums!
Are you so close-
Somewhere nearby, Inside
Somebody I talk to, interact with?
Why does my heart
Feel like sobbing the pain
Out into the sky nearby?
Why do I feel that you would
Come and fill me up as and
When I fall ill? ?
What made you nostalgic
About me and my things,
About my feelings, and
Sufferings en route to death?
I know you would simply say
That you do not know it,
The answer that I cherish for
Over the ages, and the cycles of Lives
That we have lived here on Earth.

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